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Discusion Question

Discusion Question. Can you help me understand this Nursing question?

APA format and minimum 3 references due in 2 days.
Diversity in the Nursing Workforce
A group of nurse educators are having a discussion about the minority student nurses. The nurse educators believe that there are numerous barriers to minority student success in nursing education. The nurse educators want to develop strategies to increase the success rate in graduation of these students.
1. The nurse educators make a list of the barriers that exist for minority student success. What are common barriers for minority student success?
2. The group of nurse educators is acutely aware that different generations are represented in nursing today. These different generations have different attitudes and value systems, which greatly affect the settings in which they work. What are the key characteristics of the four generational groups that are present in today’s workforce?
3. Analyze and describe how the different generations present in nursing today affect nursing care and the nursing workplace.
Discusion Question

South University Online Violent Games Should Be Prohibited Annotated Bibliography.

Assignment GuidelinesAfter deciding on the topic for your researched argumentative essay,(topic is Violent games should be prohibited and Social media destroys real life relationships) locate at least three credible sources in the South University Online Library. (You may include more if you like.) Take notes on your sources, following the methods outlined in the Week 3 lecture about note-taking. For each source, note the main idea, evaluate the credibility of the author, and consider how the text relates to your topic. Remember to create your references as you search for use in the bibliography and locating the articles again when you begin writing the essay.Steps to TakeDraft a references page in APA format.Include at least three sources.After each reference entry, provide a paragraph about the source, including the following:Summarize relevant information from the source.Evaluate the credibility of the author.Explain how the source relates to the position you plan to argue in your research paper.View some annotated bibliography examples.Here is help for Creating Annotated Bibliographies.
South University Online Violent Games Should Be Prohibited Annotated Bibliography

Florida Atlantic University Operation Decision Making Essay.

Respond with 250 words – As a manufacturer of athletic shoes whose image—indeed performance—is widely regarded as socially responsible, you find your costs increasing. Traditionally, your athletic shoes have been made in Indonesia and South Korea. Although the ease of doing business in those countries has been improving, wage rates have also been increasing. The labor-cost differential between your current suppliers and a contractor who will get the shoes made in China now exceeds $1 per pair. Your sales next year are projected to be 10 million pairs, and your analysis suggests that this costdifferential is not offset by any other tangible costs; you face only the political risk and potential damage to your commitment to social responsibility. Thus, this $1 per pair savings should flow directly to your bottom line. There is no doubt that the Chinese government engages in censorship, remains repressive, and is a long way from a democracy. Moreover, you will have little or no control over working conditions, sexual harassment, and pollution. What do you do, and on what basis do you make your decision.
Florida Atlantic University Operation Decision Making Essay



The context, data, analysis and conclusions of the students’ research are to be presented
for assessment in a dissertation that should not exceed 20,000 words in length
(excluding the bibliography and appendices).The Thesis should Dissertation manual for writing this work i uploaded bellowI also have Prospectus 4000 words (uploaded also bellow) and it’s allow to use half of it for first part of thesis ,you can use it or write your ownIt’s will be good if we will be in touch and follow this stepsFirstly you sent me the plan of the thesis and i will accept it with my supervisor Thesis consist with around 20.000 words and its will be good if you send me by three or four part that i could accept it with my supervisor and make changes if it needed

UNH Characteristics of Communication in Families of Alcoholics Annotated Bibliography

assignment writer UNH Characteristics of Communication in Families of Alcoholics Annotated Bibliography.

This assignment requires you to create an annotation of one academic research article about relational communication. I will give you the article. Your annotation will summarize, evaluate, and reflect upon the article, and it should also include a full citation using APA format.In your summary, please make sure to include:topic and importance of the topicresearch question/s (don’t include hypotheses)sample (who was studied) and method of sample selection (how they were chosen)research methodhow the data was analyzedthe results of the studyconclusions of the studyIn your evaluation, please make sure to critically assess the study. Do you think this is a good study? Why or why not? You should include the limitations of the study.In the reflection section, please offer your own thoughts about the article. Would this research be helpful or not for someone studying this topic? DO NOT REPEAT COMMENTS FROM THE EVALUATION SECTION.Your annotation must be one single-spaced page in length with the APA citation at the top. I will stop reading after one page. You should have a cover page in APA format.Please use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins, and submit the assignment on Canvas. We will discuss the details of the assignment in class.The article is Characteristics of Communication in Families of Alcoholics Marie C. Haverfield, Jennifer A. Theiss, and John Leustek. I will upload it if you are interested.
UNH Characteristics of Communication in Families of Alcoholics Annotated Bibliography

Why These Leaders Are Role Models Business Essay

My Leadership style is delegative. My Leadership style is the same as the Laissez Faire Style. It is a leadership style in which the manager provides small or no direction and gives workers as much freedom as possible. All power is given to the workers and they must set goals, make decisions, and fix problems on their own. I suggest this leadership style for those leaders that have highly experienced staff under their leadership, because in this leadership style the manager is not always skilled on the certain job they are managing. Task-Oriented theory Another Leadership style of mine is Task-Focused. I have found that my leadership style’s correct name is Task-Oriented Leadership. The Leaders that follow this style only focus on getting their certain jobs done and they sometimes can be autocratic. I have researched and found that, leaders who follow this style are good at delegating tasks, which I believe is strength for me. What I found the weak points are of this leadership style are: motivation and retention problems, leader doesn’t think too much about teams’ well-being, and sometimes the leader acts too fast without full information. Transformational theory The Transformational leadership style is the style that I look forward to use. The main reason for it being my favourite is that my biggest leadership Role-Model (Bill Gates) applies it. The Transformational theory states that, the leadership is the method in which an individual engages with others and is able to produce a bond that results in increased motivation and morality. What I believe is that, the key in transformational leadership is for the leader is to be helpful to the requirements and objectives of followers in an effort to help them reach their utmost potential. In addition, transformational leadership typically explains how leaders can begin, expand, and apply important changes in an organization. Transformational Transactional High aiming moral standards and ideas Objectives of the leader reach the targets and rewards Practical supervision No particular supervision Individual therapy Exception handling The motive is to promote understanding of the interests of the group The Motive is to achieve personal interests by encouraging Change management strategies- When it comes to Change in Management, transactional and transformational leadership styles contrast largely. In Transformational Leadership, the Leader goes ahead of managing day to day processes and crafts tactics for taking his department to the next level of performance and success. He always looks for good Opportunities, for possible changes in Management. In Transactional Leadership, Leaders are more anxious with maintaining the standard flow of actions. It can also be described as “keeping the ship afloat” style. They are not interested in any change in management. 1.3 Leadership Role Models 1.3a leadership profiles Steve Jobs-Complex management style … Steve Jobs. Steve Paul Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., which is now the world’s second largest Informational Technology Company by income. Steve Jobs was born on the 24th of February, 1955. I have discovered that Jobs follows the Autocratic Leadership style. I have found that, very few leaders use this leadership style and succeed. Steve Jobs is one of them. I’ve heard many people criticising his leadership style, but I disagree to those people because apple wouldn’t be what it is today, if he applied a different style. I’ve learnt that Steve Jobs was always deeply focused when committed, confident enough to take risky actions, and charismatic enough to enrol large numbers of employees and customers in the constant quest of his goals. Steve Jobs Famously said that “customers don’t know what they want until we’ve shown them”. Without a doubt, he produced such products that, after being launched were every persons want. Under his leadership Apples’ income raised from US $5 billion to US $351 billion! Hardly any top leaders show as much interest to product and design detail as Jobs did. He always considered simplicity, functionality, and consumer demands before; cost effectiveness, sales amount, or even income. Even though he had immeasurable talent, he always made the employees work just as hard as himself. I observed Jobs stating in an interview that “We have an environment where excellence is really expected”. I have read many blogs and books, accusing Jobs for being immature, stubborn, and even cruel. But however, Jobs seemingly harsh behaviours sparked peak performance, as much as they undermined it. Steve Jobs died of pancreas cancer, a day after the launch of the latest iphone. He was missed by all of the Apple inc. Workers and Consumers. Bill Gates- William (Bill) H. Gates III is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, the world’s leading provider of software for computers. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955. I have researched and found that he follows a Transformational leadership style, which shows in his achievements throughout his career. I believe that he has so many great achievements that even a book can be written about them. Here are a few of his achievements that I found- Bill Gates got knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005, for his contribution to the British community. From various universities and institutes like Harvard University and The Royal Institute of Technology, Bill Gates has received Doctorates! Because of Bill Gates and his wife doing many generous works for the welfare of the society, they received the award of ‘Order of the Aztec Eagle’ in Mexico. Forbes Magazine listed his name in ‘The World’s Richest People’ from the year 1995 to 2007. I believe that the main reason that Microsoft succeeded was because of this man. “A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer he will continue to stomp out the competition until he dies. Every business and household must have a computer and must run Microsoft software”, was the basic guiding vision of Bill Gates. I’ve heard that Bill Gates found the most comfortable place where the positional power for him was high as he had most authorities in the firm. That means Bill Gates is more likely a transformational leader who wants performance from his subordinates/followers to achieve the goal/objective of the company. But I’m certain that he is not only one who relies on the employees, he is one when needed who can do the employees jobs much better than them. Gates always had that smart brain for technology, as he was god gifted. He had once said that if you are gifted an extraordinary talent, then you should use it in a good way. I believe that his leadership skills have set an example for the young businessmen and businesswoman, as his tactics were so efficient that both Microsoft and Bill Gates had blown their rooftops off with money. Bill was a type of autocratic leader but he never made rash threats

Why International Relations Should Study Pop Culture an Essay

Why International Relations Should Study Pop Culture an Essay.

(850-1200 word count) The paper requires you to first explain to me what the primary reason is that International Relations should study Pop Culture. This brief explanation should be your introductory paragraph and lead into the primary purpose of the paper. That primary purpose is to choose one theoretical perspective (realism, liberalism, constructivism, rational choice, or critical theories), explain at least three fundamental components or assumptions for your chosen theory, then compare and contrast how those three fundamental components are displayed in the both the land of Zombies and LOTR (Lord of the Rings). In doing so you should also pay particular attention to what role the Level of Analysis plays in the presentation of your chosen theory and with your highlighted components. All done in effort to support a central argument as to whether Zombies or LOTR does a better and more complete job of presenting your chosen theory. Because you are making an argument you must have a thesis statement. A thesis is a single sentence that is an arguable point, with causal justification. It is not just a simple statement of fact but instead takes on the form of an X + Y = Z type format. This is a debatable statement that you could now defend in a paper. For this paper your thesis must be marked with a *. Include and cite at least two quotes from the readings!Also, some things that must be avoided…no personal pronoun usage, no rhetorical questions, no colloquial sayings or language, no slang, no contractions, make sure you proofread and do so out loud, and please no spelling errors. All of these will carry deductions in the grading process.
Why International Relations Should Study Pop Culture an Essay