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digital orensics

digital orensics.

FINAL PROJECTRead the parts of each section of this project carefully as you are being asked to answer questions assuming different roles.SECTION IIn the course of this investigation you, as the InfoSec Specialist for Greenwood Company, have or will need to interview (or perhaps “interrogate”) several people to provide context for the evidence you have collected as well as the rational for your searches. Greenwood Company management is asking for everything to be documented and would like you to provide them responses to the following pieces of information:Provide a list of people you believe should be interviewed for this investigation. Provide a narrative description of the interview setting and the intended process, before, during, and following the interview.Explain to the management why these stages are important to a successful interview and investigation.SECTION IIFor the purpose of the first part of this Section, you are still the InfoSec Specialist for the Greenwood Company. Consider this project a continuation of the work you performed in Projects 1 and 2.After seeing you search Mr. McBride’s work area and take several pieces of evidence, Ms. Maria Flores who works in the office across the hall, comes forward with an odd story. Ms. Flores states that she is Mr. McBride’s fiancé, but lately things in their relationship had begun to sour. She produces a thumb drive she says Mr. McBride gave her earlier that day. She tells you Mr. McBride told her to “keep it safe” and asked her to bring it home with her at the end of the day. Ms. Flores tells you she really likes her job and has no interest in being wrapped up in whatever Mr. McBride has done to invite negative attention.The laboratory has asked you to write a short summary of what information you want them to look for on the submitted thumb drive. Identify, for the lab, what digital evidence you would like them to look for and explain why that evidence would be important to the case.Because you are the most familiar with the investigation, Mr. Jenkins is asking you to brain storm all the locations outside of Mr. McBride’s immediate work space where pertinent digital evidence might be found to help with your intellectual property theft case. Identify all of these locations, including places where police would have to be involved to search. Identify what places are eligible for company search, and which ones would require police involvement. Support your inclusion of each location with a short description of what type of evidence might be found there.Now, please assume a different character for the purpose of this next segment of the assessment… You are a forensic examiner at the above mentioned Greenwood Company lab. After receiving the package from the InfoSec Specialist in the field, you sign the chain of custody form and get set to begin your examination.After taking the thumb drive out of storage, you, as the digital forensics analyst, sit down to examine the data. (Presume all personal protective equipment is already in place, like gloves, booties, hair covering, overalls and mask.) Prior to looking through the data contained on the device, you have to make a forensic image. Document what step you take prior to making the image and why this step is important to your overall case. Explain your actions and reasoning thoroughly.Write a response to the following email that you have received:To: You, Greenwood Company Digital Forensics ExaminerFrom: H. Jenkins, HR ManagementThis case has made Greenwood Company upper management recognize the importance of forensic readiness. They have asked that you nominate three (3) forensic examination/analysis (software) tools for them to keep in their budget for the following year. They also state that they want to make sure that the tools nominated are ones that would meet criminal justice-level standards and evidentiary requirements under the Daubert Standard. In your response, please list the tool name, manufacturer, the capabilities of the tool, and how the three tools meet the standards of Daubert. (Management specifically wants tools that can examine/analyze the digital data inside the devices and is not interested in your input on additional tools that write protect or image devices at this time.)Fortunately, the InfoSec Specialist was on his/her game, and ALSO sent you copies of several files, reported to be the source code of “Product X”.You, as the digital forensics examiner, used hash values to help locate the source code on the thumb drive. Using verbiage that would be appropriate to communicate to a judge and jury that may not understand computer technology at all, detail the following:What is a hash value?How did you use it in this case to determine that Mr. McBride’s thumb drive contains copies of the source code?Explain an additional use of hash values in the context of digital forensics.You complete your laboratory examination and return the evidence, with your report, back to the InfoSec Specialist at the field office.Now, back at the field office, the InfoSec Specialist (a.k.a., you) receives the report from the Greenwood Lab, which shows that the complete “Product X” source code was found on Mr. McBride’s thumb drive. In addition, while the evidence was at the lab for examination, you determined it is also likely that Mr. McBride emailed copies of the source code to his personal email address.Do you recommend reporting the crime to law enforcement? Why or why not? Are private companies required to report crimes to law enforcement?The decision is ultimately made to report the theft to law enforcement and, using primarily the evidence you developed during your investigation, Mr. McBride is brought to trial for the crime. You (as the forensic examiner from the Greenwood Lab) are qualified as an expert witness at the trial and called to testify.What is the significance of you being qualified as an expert witness? How is it different from being a simple fact witness? Explain thoroughly.The prosecutor in this case calls you and brings up the fact that you write a personal blog about digital forensics in your off-time, from which it appears you are a staunch supporter of law enforcement. She is concerned that it will look like you are biased in support of law enforcement and that you only had your company’s bottom line in mind. She asks you to prepare for trial by practicing answering the following questions – respond to the prosecutor by typing up a transcript for your response.“How do we know you are not biased in this case, choosing to report only what would help law enforcement and your company’s bottom-line? How can I know from your work that your analysis should be accepted?”Project Requirements:Each questions should be answered with a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs, so do your research, be specific, be detailed, and demonstrate your knowledge; submit your project to the assignments folder.Answers to the above questions should be submitted in a single document (.DOC/.DOCX, .RTF, or .PDF), with answers separated and/or numbered in respect to the question, so as to make it clear which question is being answered;The submission should have a cover page, including course number, course title, title of paper, student’s name, date of submission;Format: 12-point font, single-space, one-inch margins;It is mandatory that you do some research, and utilize outside resources! You must have a reference page that is consistent with APA citation style (see for help).
digital orensics

Lalbagh Fort No trip to Dhaka city is fulfilled without a trip to the Lalbagh Fort or also known as the fort of Auranagabad which was built in 1678 AD by Prince Mohammad Azam who was the Viceroy back then. The fort represents the dream of the Mughal Prince which stayed unfinished. So the whole fort has a sense of history and mystery entwined in the very bricks of the foundation. The Lalbagh fort falls under the Dhaka Division/subdivison and Lalbagh thana. What to see there: The fort is structured in three levels with towers donning the south gate. The fort is filled with hidden passages and a massive mosque. It also has a fortified perimeter with a number of magnificent monuments. Among the notable monuments in the fort are the tomb of Pari Bibi and the audience room and bathing room of Nawab Shaista khan which is now being used as a museam. When can you visit the fort: Close Days: Sunday and all other listed government holidays. Visiting Hours: Monday from 1.30pm-5pm; Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm during October-March; 10am-6pm during April-September; During Friday the place remain closed from 12.30pm-2.00pm due to prayer. Entry Fee: tk.10/ Bangladeshi Entrants and tk.50/ Foreign Entrants. Tel: 9673018 Video link of things you can see there: How to go there: Any rickshaw puller in Dhaka city will take you to the destination if you mention you want to go to Lalbagh fort or bus can be taken from local bus stands that will drop you off in either Shahbagh or Nilkhet and from there a rickshaw have to be taken to go to Lalbagh fort (30-40 taka fare from there by rickshaw) Google map link:

Applied Anthropology and Competent Ethnography Essay

Marietta Baba gives a detailed definition of competent ethnography. According to her, competent ethnography must involve comprehensive fieldwork. It should not just be about rumors or what other scholars report (Baba 249). Anthropologists must carry out detailed studies to reveal as much information about topics as possible. She goes further to argue that ethnography must involve many methods including observation, interviews, and videotaping. The involvement of many methods helps collect enough information, which fosters the sense of “being there” (Baba 249). For example, in the description of cooperation of workers, a competent ethnography should make somebody imagine them greeting each other warmly and freely exchanging ideas and experiences. Baba also believes that competent ethnography must reveal unexpected information and conclusion. According to her, the revelations are, usually, in the form of models that help understand why things are the way they are. She goes further to argue that all the revelations ethnographers come up with are, usually, in contexts such as religious, business, societal, environmental, and political (Baba 250). In addition, she argues that ethnographers describe both the verbal actual behaviors of people. For example, they not only state the hatred between the natives of Fort James and the Indian tribes but go further to demonstrate their fights as proof of their enmity. She also insists that ethnographers study the use of language in different fields in order to understand people’s cultures. For example, the vehicle industry has its jargon and understanding it helps understand the culture that surrounds buying certain vehicles. Lastly, she argues that ethnography declares its commitment to protecting people’s rights. Usually, participants volunteer to take part in research (Baba 256). For example, natives taking part in a study about their culture in relation to buying clothes must have all the information about the study before volunteering to participate. Works Cited Baba, Marrietta. “Anthropological Practice in Business and Industry”. Applied Anthropology. Ed. Satish Kedia and John Van Willigen. Santa Barbara, California: Greenwood Publishing Group. 2005. Print.

Week 4 Nursing APRNs in Florida Reflection Post

essay help online free Week 4 Nursing APRNs in Florida Reflection Post.

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Post a reflection that addresses a peer’s post following Week #3 discussion.
– A minimum of 150 words .
– Support all posts with at least 2 cited peer review references within 5 years of publication (references cannot be older than 5 years).
– All posts are to be written in APA 6th edition format as required by the university.                                                                          
Peer Response :
According to Florida state laws, an advanced practice registered nurse refers to an individual who possesses a license from Florida, allowing him or her to practice professional nursing and holds a license in advanced nursing practice (Unruh et al., 2018). The state laws in Florida are amongst the strictest in regards to nursing practice. First and foremost, the law in Florida dictates that physicians should supervise APRNs. For this to happen, an agreement must be outlined in writing between the physician and nurse. In addition to a written agreement, a physician cannot oversee APRNs in more than four locations. According to the state laws in Florida, an APRN is only allowed to prescribe medication to a patient only if he or she has graduated with either a master’s or degree program in a specialty area. 
Although APRNs in Florida can perform activities such as diagnosis, treatment, and prescription under the supervisory protocol, most of them lack recognition as primary caregivers. APRNs in Florida are also not allowed to sign death certificates unless approved for autonomous practice (Florida Board of Nursing, n.d.). Although Florida has recently passed a bill giving Floridian nurses full practice authority, there are still barriers limiting their jurisdiction. For instance, to enjoy full practice authority, nurses have to register and get approval. I would like to change the process of getting approved to make it simpler so that all APRNs can get full practice authority without any long beau acratic process that will only delay increasing patient care. All nurses should become politically active through various nursing associations that advocate unrestricted practice.  
DailyNurse. (2020, March 12). Florida nurse practitioners gain full practice authority.
Florida Board of Nursing. (n.d.). Can an APRN sign death certificates?
Unruh, L., Rutherford, A., Schirle, L., & Brunell, M. L. (2018). Benefits of less restrictive regulation of advance practice registered nurses in Florida. Nursing Outlook, 66(6), 539-550.
Week 4 Nursing APRNs in Florida Reflection Post

BADM 509 Montana State Billings Recommendations for Kodak Presentation

BADM 509 Montana State Billings Recommendations for Kodak Presentation.

yuo are going to be writing a speech and doing a two-three slide part of a powerpoint presentation on the recommendations that you will make from reading the paper that is started (but not finished) the company is kodak these are the questions that need to be answered::::What should be done to fix the incongruences that you identified?What specific steps the company needs to undertake to implement your recommendations?What constraints do they have to take into account? How can they work around these constraints?Who might resist your suggestions and why? What would you suggest to do to overcome this resistance?this is what the person in front of him is presenting
BADM 509 Montana State Billings Recommendations for Kodak Presentation

Parent–Child and Sibling Relationships Thesis

Introduction This section lays a foundation on the subject of sibling relationships. The goal is to give the reader a highlight of the content of the paper. Research on children relationships takes three divergent routes. The research on parent–child relationships focuses on how parents establish and/or maintain relationships with their children. The second approach entails how children form relationships with their peers in different social settings such as schools. The third approach, which is the focus of this thesis, is on children relationships with their siblings. This relationship exists long after the demise of one’s parents and long before one meets his or her spouse. In this sense, it may be regarded as the longest relationship that people form in their lives. It determines children social capabilities and their capacity to resolve conflicts positively. Hence, the connection is critical in their emotional and cognitive developments (Kennedy,

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