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Do not remove the questions. Save your answers, then submit this file on D2L.please answer the questions and show the steps how you got the answers.

Teaching – Bringing back civics to the classroom.

Teaching – Bringing back civics to the classroom..

Description After watching the video, TEDx San Diego 2011 – Richard Dreyfuss – Bring Back Civics to the Classroom, write a 1 – 1 1/2 page essay telling me your opinion on whether Civics is important in Education. Is it being taught and addressed now or do we need to bring it back? Defend you opinion with research based information to persuade your reader that your ideas are correct. Video: TEDxSanDiego 2011 – Richard Dreyfuss – Bring Back Civics to the Classroom

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Multicausality: Confounding Assignment

digital media Multicausality: Confounding Assignment.

These estimates include the influence of other extraneous variables, such as confounders. Confounding is often considered a type of bias, but it is a real relationship that requires an adjustment in the study design or analysis. Understanding how to identify confounding is important as most associations have multiple causal factors. Recognizing if a study adjusted for the appropriate confounding variables is important to determine the validity of the association. To assist your proficiency with the concept of confounding, and how it ultimately affects public health, this practice assignment has been provided. Complete Problems 1 to 4 from the “Multicausality: Confounding – Assignment” by Schoenbach, located in your Topic Materials. Check your answers against the solutions presented in the “Multicausality: Confounding – Assignment Solutions” Topic Material. While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines

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Investment Decision

Investment Decision.

Question 1:

Your client wants you to produce a minimum variance frontier/efficient frontier with and without short selling restriction, using any 20 stocks you choose. 

Collect the closing monthly share prices for 61 month for 20 companies of your choice (from Datastream or Bloomberg for example). Derive the minimum variance frontier for various levels of expected returns: one without short-selling of risky assets and one with restricted short-selling of risky assets allowed. Explain the rationale behind the short-selling restriction you have chosen to apply. Plot those two minimum variance frontiers. Mark efficient frontiers on the graph. Produce a client report explaining composition of portfolios used to construct the frontiers and your main findings. Explain to the client the problems associated with short-selling equity.

Question 2:

Use the share price data for 20 companies you have collected for Question 1. Collect the market capitalisation for those companies for the 61st month only in your sample period. Additionally, collect the closing monthly prices for 61 months for benchmark index relevant for your dataset and answer the following:

a) Explain the choice of your benchmark index
b) Produce the correlation matrix for 20 securities and comment on diversification possibilities using your selected securities.
c) Assuming market capitalisation weighted portfolio construction process, construct 5 portfolios of your choice to show how diversification changes the value of R2 obtained when regressing portfolio returns on the selected benchmark. What are the expected returns of each of your 5 portfolios? What is the level of systematic and unsystematic risk of each of your 5 portfolios and what is their proportion in the total risk?
d) Use the change in the UK interest rates and the change in £/$ exchange rates for 60 months as well as the returns of the market portfolio and assess how well those factors explain the returns of the portfolio you’ve identified as the most diversified in section c).

Write a report which comments on and presents all your results in b), c), and d) in particular.

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Key debates about modern crime prevention

Key debates about modern crime prevention.


For guidance about layout, structure and style of writing used for an academic poster you should refer to the study materials in the ‘Academic Writing Skills’ unit. You will need to carefully plan the layout of your poster to ensure that you have space to include all of the required elements. Remember that you will need to use images within your poster to support your written commentary. All sources used within the poster, including any images or diagrams, must be cited and referenced appropriately. You must submit a references list with your poster. You can provide this in a separate document to your poster for ease. The poster should contain no more than 2,000 words. This word limit is the absolute maximum you are permitted. If you are over the word limit for this assignment in any way you will receive your assignment back without further comment or feedback. 

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Cost effective, innovative models of care delivery

Cost effective, innovative models of care delivery.

 As an advanced registered nurse leader, you have an opportunity to be a catalyst for change and lend your voice to important health care issues. One of the ways you can do this is through lobbying and engaging with the legislative process as both participant and patient advocate. In this assignment, you will work in a group to identify a current health care legislative issue and prepare a PowerPoint presentation with slide notes. This health care issue can impact your role, the setting, the scope of practice, or the population in the community you serve. Refer to the website of your state legislature to research current legislative issues and identify appropriate steps. Include the following in a 12-15 slide PowerPoint submission: A description of the health care issue, and how it relates to your role, setting, scope of practice, or community population. A description of the proposed legislation and your group’s stance on whether it should be passed. Methods to track a bill and participate in lobbying efforts. An outline of lobbying remarks, appropriate for the target audience, bill’s intent, and goal of supporting or not supporting its passage. Implications if lobbying efforts do not succeed. Make sure to include slide notes of 100-250 words for each slide. You are required to cite three to five sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

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Gender Influence on Health

Gender Influence on Health.

Gender Influence on Health


Paper details:

Societies give different cultural meanings to being male and being female. This gender differentiation functions as an organizing principle for communities. An example is the division of labor between men & women. This clear division is seen both in the homes and in the wider communities. “While the specific nature of gender relations varies among societies, the general pattern is that women have less personal autonomy, fewer resources at their disposal, and limited influence over the decision-making processes that shape their societies and their own lives. That said, women have lower mortality rates than men, longer life expectancy and greater morbidity.

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A specific metabolic disorder such as type 2 diabetes.

A specific metabolic disorder such as type 2 diabetes..

For this assessment, you may take one of two approaches: The first is to build upon the clinical issue that was the focus of your Change Strategy and Implementation assessment, and turn it into a full, organization- or community-wide quality improvement initiative. The second is to identify a new issue related to a biopsychosocial (BPS) clinical issue, or a clinical issue related to one of the items from the list of conditions, diseases, and disorders presented in the Resources section for the Concept Map assessment. The focus should be on a community rather than on a specific patient or health care setting. As a master’s level nurse, your specific focus is on reviewing the implications of the data relevant to the clinical issue you are trying to address. Once you research this, review the aggregate data, and understand the BPS considerations relevant to the clinical issue, you can suggest strategies for improving the quality, equitability, and safety of care around the issue. You should act as an advocate for the value and need to pursue quality improvements to leadership and executives, as well as be able to present potential projects to a wide range of colleagues and community stakeholders. Instructions Create an abstract and a poster for a presentation to executive-level leadership of the organization, to the community, or to your colleagues that will sell them on your quality improvement plan. Abstract Requirements Your abstract should be 100–250 words. It should summarize the key information in your poster. Do not put your abstract on your poster itself; submit it as a separate document. Or, if you are using PowerPoint to help create your poster, create a new slide that is clearly labeled as your abstract. Poster Requirements Your poster should include the following sections: Quality Improvement Methods. Evidence Supporting QI Methods. Change Strategy Foundation. Interprofessional Team Benefits. Overall Project Benefits. There are templates in PowerPoint or on the Internet that can help you get a start designing your poster. The bullet points below correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your presentation addresses all of them. You may also want to read the Quality Improvement Presentation Poster scoring guide and the Guiding Questions: Quality Improvement Presentation Poster document to better understand how each grading criterion will be assessed. Propose quality improvement methods to promote continuous improvement related to a specific biopsychosocial consideration. Evaluate specific evidence that supports the quality improvement methods proposed. Explain how the project is grounded in successful change strategies. Analyze the way in which interprofessional teamwork will improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the quality improvement project. Communicate quality improvement considerations to relevant stakeholders in a way that is clear, concise, and compelling for the audience. Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style. Additional Requirements Length of submission: Abstract: 100–250 words. Your abstract should be succinct and precise. Poster: Make sure your poster fits entirely onto a single poster template page (or slide) and contains all of the sections described in the assessment instructions. Number of references: Cite a minimum of 5–7 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your considerations and plans. Resources should be no more than five years old. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style.

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Violence/Bullying in the LBGT Community,WRITE a research essay done regarding the title for a college English course. -Must be 6-8 pages -Must have an annotated bibliography by Nov. 24 -Can focus primarily on students but can extend to adults with job

Violence/Bullying in the LBGT Community,WRITE a research essay done regarding the title for a college English course. -Must be 6-8 pages -Must have an annotated bibliography by Nov. 24 -Can focus primarily on students but can extend to adults with job.

Need a research essay done regarding the title for a college English course.

-Must be 6-8 pages

-Must have an annotated bibliography by Nov. 24

-Can focus primarily on students but can extend to adults with job discrimination.

-Must have 6 citations [1 web based ONLY source, 1 book source (if you use an anthology that can count for 3 ‘in print’ sources), rest can be web based sources as long as they have been printed before (like a newspaper article that was uploaded to an online database)]

(Please make sure sources are correct and credible, the annotated bib is worth 15% of the entire course grade)

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