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Different Subculture Research Paper

Introduction Sociology is the study of different societies. The goal of this field of study is social welfare and it can be at a personal level or at a systems level. Nowadays, sociology is molded through many channels including the internet, law, health class, religion, and military among many other disciplines. A subculture is a group of individuals characterized by different norms and values that is unique to the rest of the broader society it constitutes. Subcultures are constantly evolving, changing with times to reflect new developments; others die off whereas others reemerge after years of being alienated. It is therefore very difficult to assess exactly how subcultures are divided using a standard means. Some subcultures are specific to a certain geographic location while others are specific to an era. It can therefore be a mistake for a sociologist to generalize and stereotype any subculture. One must delve into the specifics of an individual subculture in order to draw conclusive and accurate information about it. Subcultures are mostly subject to commercialization (Blair, 1993, p. 22) making them loose their specificity. Their styles are adopted by mass culture as fashion and once this happens, they tend to be assimilated into the main cultural practices loosing the title of subcultures. Alternatively, the subculture may be forced to alien itself from mainstream practice in a bid to remain relevant and avoid imminent death. After the hip-hop subculture was adopted by businesses for commercial purposes, others started facing the same threat. It was shocking when the punk subculture’s way was introduced into the mass market because it was characterized by non-conventional ways of dressing and jewelry. Like Duchamp’s ‘ready mades’ – manufactured objects which qualified as art because he chose to call them such, the most unremarkable and inappropriate items – a pin, a plastic clothes peg, a television component, a razor blade, a tampon – could be brought within the province of punk (un)fashion…Objects borrowed from the most sordid of contexts found a place in punks’ ensembles; lavatory chains were draped in graceful arcs across chests in plastic bin liners. Safety pins were taken out of their domestic ‘utility’ context and worn as gruesome ornaments through the cheek, ear or lip…fragments of school uniform (white bri-nylon shirts, school ties) were symbolically defiled (the shirts covered in graffiti, or fake blood; the ties left undone) and juxtaposed against leather drains or shocking pink mohair tops (Guins and Cruz, 2005, p. 361). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The American society is very diverse in race, religion and in class. This makes it one of the most unique cultures with differing opinions and lifestyles. The subcultures of the American society can be classified according to the most popular aspects such as slang, music, arts, politics and clothing. To a large extent these aspects are the ones which almost solely divide the larger culture into smaller ones. You are what you wear Dressing is one of the broadest areas that one can endeavor to determine the constitution of subcultures. With the fashion trends changing constantly, it is hard to determine what is most popular as it inevitably changes. There could be a massive number of subcultures defined by the wardrobe as fashion for yesteryears eventually finds its way back into the mainstream market. There is a group of people especially those celebrities in the music industry who are defined exclusively by what and how they wear. Lowly hanging jeans, long t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers can all be associated with hip-hop culture. Most videos released by these artists are usually characterized by bright clothes that stand out. This subculture is defined by the choice of clothing and footwear although not exclusively. On the contrary, other artists who participate in other genres also have their signature clothing including fashion models. It is not to say that this trend is only common in the US but even in other parts of the world like in Armenia where police are investigating a group of adherents of emo music and clothing. Dancing is our way of life Nowadays, there are a number of competitions that strive to unearth the best dancers everywhere around the world; not just in America. Although most of these competitions are in America, the dance culture is one that is mainly observed by the younger generations everywhere. There is a large number of youth who are so absorbed by the dancing that they hardly do anything else. Hip-hop also influences this subculture as it does that of clothing. Therefore, the conclusion is that hip-hop is not a subculture but rather a culture associated with a large number of people. We are urban These are small groups of people living in urban areas, who share a common ideology. They share a dress code, have the same patterns of behavior and even share the same views about matters of global interest. We will write a custom Research Paper on Different Subculture specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They seem to have an emotional attachment to each other and this gives them the unique characteristics that define them. “Urban tribes are groups of people who have never married between the ages of 25 and 45 who gather in common-interest groups and enjoy an urban lifestyle, which offers an alternative to traditional family structures” (Watters, 2003, p. 68). Our sexual orientation defines us In the 1960’s, there was a countercultural rejection of what society largely viewed as the sexually and gender accepted ways. These set the ground work for proliferation of subcultures that were defined by their sexual orientation and views. The trend was rampant in the urban areas in comparison to other areas where traditional sex and gender norms were still being observed. As with other subcultures, this group also had its own dress code and gestures in a bid to differentiate themselves from the mainstream society. Homosexuals were the largest subculture that expressed itself through the gay culture. However, with its increased adaptation and expression in music and designs in the 21st century, it seems to have outgrown the limits of subcultures and is now widely regarded as mainstream hence a culture on its own. There are however some subcultures among homosexuals and lesbians that stemmed from the queer movement (Gelder, 2007, p. 56) which rejected normal behavior and whose growth has largely been attributed to academic interests in its study and theory. An example of a subculture of homosexuals is that which some African-Americans identify with and define as being on the down-low, characterized by specific attire usually adopted from the hip-hop culture. I’m a nerd These people also largely referred to as geeks. They are characterized by a fascination of reading and technology. They are enthusiastic about science fiction and usually love to role play the most famous science fiction movies or just play games on the computer or other electronic gaming device. Conclusion Studying subcultures primarily involve studying symbolism in many aspects. While clothing and music make up the largest categories associated with different people, there are others that may be as important. Symbolism is studied in comparison to how the wider society views the players (Hebdige, 1979, p. 129), and it is obvious in the discussion above that members of subcultures usually conform to the same norms be it physical outlook or mannerism. As subcultures may go against the grain of certain organizations, there are instances where they have been legislated against. References Blair, M.E. (1993). Commercialization of Rap Music Youth Subculture. Journal of Popular Culture 27(3), 21-33 Not sure if you can write a paper on Different Subculture by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Gelder, K. (2007). Subcultures: cultural histories and social practice. New York: Routledge Guins, R and Cruz, O. Z. (2005). Popular Culture: a reader. London: Sage Publications Ltd. Hebdige, D. (1979). Subculture: The meaning of style. London: Methuen and Co. Ltd Watters, E. (2004).Urban Tribes: Are Friends the New Family? New York: Bloomsbury Publishing
Statistics homework help. Employees can be taught how to be exceptional managers.TrueFalseManagement includes the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively.TrueFalseOrganizations can gain a competitive advantage simply by matching their competition in terms of cutting costs and responsiveness to employees.TrueFalseTaking care of the customer is not as vital for nonprofit organizations compared to for-profit businesses.TrueFalseManagementÿis defined as the pursuit of organizational goals ____.efficiently and effectivelycorrectly and with synergyeconomicallyefficiently and in a detailed-oriented mannerwith passion and effectivenessABC Manufacturing employs some of the top professionals in its field, and because of their skills and experience, ABC is highly efficient and outperforms its competitors. ABC Manufacturing has a ____ over its competition.quality markeffectiveness advantagesynergyleadership dimensioncompetitive advantageEven for nonprofits, sooner or later there will be no organization without ____.ethical standardsgood lawsthe Employee Rulecustomerssynergy focusNew York Timesÿcolumnist Thomas Friedman noted that globalization has leveled the competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging-market countries. This phenomenon proposes that ____.the world is oneglobalism is decreasingthe world is flatworld economies are too narrowone world government is the answerThe principal functions of management are ___.executing, planning, organizing, leadingscheduling, organizing, leading, staffing, monitoringstaffing, planning, motivating, delegatingplanning, organizing, leading, controllingstaffing, planning, leading, delegatingWhen the manager of a local restaurant sets goals and then develops a plan on how to achieve them, she is ____.planningmonitoringdelegatingorganizingstaffingManagers are classified into the four levels of ____.upper, regional, middle, lowerupper, middle, floating, lowertop, middle, first-line managers, team leaderstop, middle, first-line, advisorsupper, board of directors, middle, lowerAccording to management scholar Henry Mintzberg, managers play three roles:interpersonal, analytical, professionalprofessional, leader, informationalinterdependent, monitor, analyticalinterpersonal, informational, decisionalinterpersonal, analytical, monitorConceptual skills consist of ____.the ability to think practicallythe ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole, and to understand how the parts work togetherthe job-specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized fieldthe ability to work well in cooperation with other people to get things donethe ability to think in a logical mannerStatistics homework help
Introduction Hotel Regency is a well-known hospitality business that expanded rapidly in the global market. The hotel has a recognized brand name, and it plans to expand worldwide by acquiring new properties and businesses. In order to seize growth opportunities, it is necessary to connect people by offering them a career path that promises better life and career opportunities for them. Moreover, the company feels that if it builds cordial relations with community members, then it will help the company to accomplish its missions to serve humanity. Mission Statement The mission statement of the company is provided below. The hotel aims to address its clients’ needs in a competent and responsible manner. The hotel strives to deliver impeccable service with a commitment to ensure that every new customer can enjoy his or her stay. The hotel also aims to create a work environment that nurtures the growth and development of its staff. The company has a mission to become a “giving member” of society and improve the lives of people by indulging in ‘corporate social responsibility.’ Corporate Needs The corporate objective of Hotel Regency is to address the issues of people with a diversified background. People from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds use hospitality services for their comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the biased approach and discriminatory behaviors that may occur due to the differences in ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, the company uses the platform of the tis career center to bring people together and foster a good cordial relationship amongst them (Morem, 2009). Moreover, the company feels that most of the young Americans are not able to finish college or university due to the rising costs of education. The company’s corporate objectives are related to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility as it wants to promote its brand name by promoting the personal and professional growth of individuals. In this regard, designing a unique career path for its employees is essential for a company to gain success in the saturated hospitality employment market (Hughey, Nelson, Damminger,

International Development homework help

International Development homework help. Compare and contrast the various billing and coding regulations researched in Module Two to determine which ones apply to prospective payment systems.,Compare and contrast the various billing and coding regulations,4-2 Journal: Payment Systems, Compare and contrast the various billing and coding regulations researched in Module Two to determine which ones apply to prospective payment systems. Reflect on how these regulations affect reimbursement in a healthcare organization. Assess the ,impact of regulations, on reimbursement in a healthcare organization and explain what you think is working and what could be a challenge. If possible, bring in a real-world example either from your life or from something you have read about.,More details;,Prospective Payment for Healthcare Services,In 1983-1984 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) set forth a system of payment for the operating costs for healthcare organizations based on prospectively set rates. Under the Prospective Payment System (PPS), cases are also categorized into diagnosis-related groups (DRG). Each DRG has a payment weight assigned to it, based on the average resources used to treat patients in that DRG.,Healthcare organizations bill CMS for the services it delivers by reporting established codes, known as ICD-10-CM.(International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, and Clinical Modification). ICD-10 is also a system used by healthcare providers to classify and code all diagnoses. Also, symptoms and procedures recorded in conjunction with the services delivered to a patient.,Since providers receive a pre established payment rate based on the assigned DRG for each case. It is to the financial advantage of the provider to deliver quality outcomes with the most effective and efficient use of resources. Providers delivering care for a cost less than the DRG payment rate benefits financially. The challenge arises for providers who deliver care to an elderly population. Or patients who suffer from chronic conditions, such as diabetes, COPD, cancer and chronic pain. In these cases, the cost of care can be significantly greater than the DRG payment. This contributes to significant financial loss.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,International Development homework help

Arc Welding Concept and Process

essay writing service free Arc welding is a process of the fusion welding processes which contains:- 1 – Arc – welding processes (non consumable electrodes) Gas tungsten – arc welding Plasma – arc welding Atomic – hydrogen welding 2 – Arc – welding processes (consumable electrodes) Shielded metal arc welding Submerged – arc welding Gas metal arc welding Flux cored arc welding Electro gas welding Electro slag welding 3 – Electron – beam welding 4 – Laser – beam welding The main concept of fusion welding is the partial melting and fusion of the joint between two members and a filler metals may be used. In the arc welding process, the heat required is obtained from electrical energy. An arc is produced between the tip of the electrode and work piece to be welded, by using an AC or a DC power supply. Shield metal arc welding (SMAW) is one of the oldest, simplest, and most versatile joining processes. About 50% of all industrial and maintenance welding currently is performed by this process. The electric arc is generated by touching the tip of a coated electrode against the work piece and withdrawing it quickly to a distance sufficient to maintain the arc. The heat generated melts a portion of the electrode tip, its coating and the base metal in the immediate arc area and this mixture forms the weld when it solidifies. Classification Of Arc Welding The arc welding classified into many types used in the industrial field each one have advantages and defects different from the other type, So that the user select the required type according to the requirements and the economy aspects. In the below figure we show for the classification of arc welding which appear in the industrial (3.1) Chart key SMAW: shield metal arc welding SAW: submerged arc welding TIG: tungsten inert gas arc welding MIG: metal inert gas welding PAW: plasma arc welding ESW: electro slag welding The above chart list for the types of the arc welding which used in the industrial fields. Advantages of arc welding There are some characteristic for the arc welding rather than the another methods to joining metals which it represent the advantages of the arc welding listed as below Strong and tight joining Cost effectiveness ( arc welding have low capital and running costs) Simplicity of welded structure design Figure 3.2: arc welding usage in the industry (

Racism in Rankine’s “Citizen” and Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad” Essay

Apart from high levels of tolerance, racism is under vehement discussion in the modern world. Many authors address this problem in their works, and Rankine and Whitehead are not exceptions. In her book, Citizen, Rankine presented a poetic story by using metaphors, examples of racism from her life, and narration in the second person to attract even more attention to racial segregation. Meanwhile, Whitehead told a story of two slaves, Cora and Caesar, and their way to freedom through the Underground Railroad with the help of a traditional genre-based approach. Both of them focused on similar problems but used entirely different methods to deliver their ideas while having clear benefits and disadvantages of their choices. *One the one hand, novels like Citizen help build an emotional bond with readers by making them experience the struggles of being black, but on the other side, a strong position of defendant and a distinction between “you” and “I” may create misunderstandings, and, as a consequence, despite the lack of persuasive tone, relying on traditional approach as in The Underground Railroad may deem as the most appropriate one to address the modern issues of racism.* As it was mentioned previously, Rankine discovered racism from an entirely different perspective and attempted to connect poetics with the tragedy of the real world. She used pronoun “you” to make readers feel the problems of racism and discover them from the viewpoint of discriminated individuals. For example, “Do you feel hurt because it’s ‘all the black people look the same’ moment, or because you are being confused with another after being so close to other?” clearly demonstrated author’s intentions while drawing attention to reader’s emotions (Rankine 12). At the same time, to find a link with poetics, she referred to describing trees, joy, and rain and blended it with the everyday cases of racism such as Hennessy’s suggestions of being a successful tennis player (“be ambiguous, be white”), cheating, rude conversation on the phone, and a disturbing situation with a police officer (Rankine 31). A combination of these expressive tools complied with the author’s desire to bring the attention of the society to the problem of racism, as its main features were being transferred from the past. Using this lyric approach could be considered as beneficial since it showed the presence of racism in pop-culture (tennis) and attempted to change readers’ attitudes while being more tolerant to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Apart from relying on a traditional genre, Whitehead was able to tell a story of Cora and her desire to escape and pursue her “dream of white sea” (Whitehead 21). With the help of figurative language, the author described Cora’s life and challenges that she had to face when being a slave. For example, “soon after her long march to the plantation, the plot was a rumble of dirt and scrub behind her cabin, at the line of slave quarters” presented a profound and detailed image of the slavery of the past (Whitehead 21). At the same time, with the assistance of the examples of advertisements described in the book, it was possible to recreate attitudes towards slaves. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, “30 Dollar Reward will be given to any person who will deliver me…a likely yellow NEGRO GIRL 18 years of age” showed that black people were mostly viewed as goods for sale rather than people with recognized freedoms, and their high monetary value was reflected by capitalization (Whitehead 105). In this case, the primary advantage of this narration style was the ability of the author to deliver the problems before the Civil War and write a story that would be interesting to read and follow. Nonetheless, on the other side, Whitehead’s novel tended to be more historical while clearly lacking connection with reality and current problems. At the same time, its intentions to persuade readers were not as strong as in Citizen, and it explained its neutral tone and traditional genre. In turn, Rankine’s book entirely filled these gaps by its emotionality and its emphasis on current problems. Nonetheless, apart from its positive intentions, the means of figurative language might be found controversial due to a well-defined distinction between races and people (black and white; You and I). It might seem that the author played the role of defendant by asking “Why do you feel comfortable saying this to me?” (Rankine 14). The statements like these could be discovered as triggers of conflicts and create even more tensions in the society than before. In the end, the selected novels addressed the issues of racism, but they used entirely different approaches to express their opinions. Nonetheless, apart from the similar goals, their choices deemed rational. Rankine in her book Citizen relied on poetics to have an emotional influence of readers and help them see a connection between the racial segregation of the past and acts of discrimination reflected in the modern society and pop-culture. Nonetheless, some people might find this tone more aggressive rather than convincing, as the author strongly defended her position by clearly claiming a difference between “you” and “I”. This aspect might be considered as a trigger for misunderstandings. As for The Underground Railroad, the authors used a traditional approach since it helped him tell the story of the past and attract the attention of readers to the problem by having a clear historical reference. Apart from the lack of emotionality, using unbiased tone could be viewed as more appropriate in this case, as it could help avoid conflicts and clearly deliver the idea to the audience. Works Cited Rankine, Claudia. Citizen: An American Lyric. Graywolf Press, 2014. Whitehead, Colson. The Underground Railroad. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2016. We will write a custom Essay on Racism in Rankine’s “Citizen” and Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More

Bethel University Retail Management And the Market Questions

Bethel University Retail Management And the Market Questions.

Each question should be 250 words with 2 sources APA format1. Why should retailers be concerned about selecting the right target market? How are target market selection and location related?2. Promotional objectives can be established to help improve both long- and short-term financial performance. What do you think is the most important short-term objective for a retailer: increase patronage from existing customers or attracting new customers? Explain the reasoning behind your answer.3. The method of merchandise presentation can have a dramatic impact on image and space productivity. What is the psychology of merchandise presentation, and how is it used? Can it be used by e-tailers?
Bethel University Retail Management And the Market Questions

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