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Differences in the Communication Style of Both Genders buy essay help History essay help

Differences in communication style between men and women are visible physically, mentally and behaviorally. These two genders are different at the way how they act, sense, think and speak. Furthermore, one of the major dissimilarity between the sexes is the way they communicate. Therefore, the major common of dissimilarity in communication affects both sexes in every perspective. Men always seem to have conflict when they asked for help but this circumstance could not really be understood by most of the women.

They often think that the women are working hard in order to influence and conquer them. Therefore, men always think that doing what they are asked to do by women represents that they have lost position in that relationship. Men communication style is more to explore in order to create, control and preserve status, while women’s communications is more open or rule by agreement. Women will actually request for participation of the other women which present during the communications and they will construct a conclusion based on the desire of all.

People may get the feeling that the way of women communicating style is much better than the way men communicates. From the time when the emergence of women movement, a lot of people stated that sometimes men do not know how to converse correctly. Women must always learn that all the intimate chatter which they are having with their girlfriends should always remain just that. Working hard to change the man into a girlfriend will not succeed because men do not have the thoughts of intimacy in that way.

Men, too can realize that when woman is talking, she is trying to attach to him. When women are talking, it does not mean that she is attempting to adjust the condition of their relationship. In summary, it is simple to observe that major sources of fuel for the conflict between genders is this very much dissimilar way of communicating. Possibly if both genders stop expecting each other to communicate just the way they were, then we would have sufficient power left to appreciate how gender praises each other in a fantastic way.

An organization to minimize communication barriers and difficulties An organization with a constant external environment and where changes are minor or time-consuming and essential decision making is made by the top is more suitable with a tall organization structures. In this tall structure occur communication barriers and difficulties while in the lines of authority among supervisors and subordinates. In this organization the decision making may slow down as the agreement may need by each of the layers of authority.

In this tall organization structure those staff which working in it where as their experiences are low, while they working in this organization their external environment are stable. Process of communications for staffs in this organization may be slow because the communications has to undergo each and every layers of the top management. Furthermore, this tall organization structure is narrow internal working and tall also known as autocratic, for this organization structure workers who are working inside are narrow working and they are autocratic.

On the other hand, staffs in an organization that needed immediate answers and responses from the top management team without waiting too long are more suitable with the flat organizational structure. Flat organizational structure is better compare to the tall organizational structure and eventually flat organizational structure involved human resources with high potentials to control and manage workers, and also the communication between management and workers are more. In this flat organization, staff’s bureaucracy and easier decision making are less and also their team works are better.

Other than that, staff which working in this organization where as their experience are high, while they working in this organization their external environment are dynamic. Besides that staff which working in this organization their communication are faster because the communication has fewer levels through layers of management. As so, this particular flat organization is wide internal working and flat also known as democratic, and for this organization structure where as workers who are working inside are having wide working environment and democratic.

Transferring from a tall structure to a flat structure in an organization can play a part in minimizing the communication barriers and difficulties between the gender differences. Men and women are to be interested in different ways, after that also can be manifesting itself in conflict over the way we talk to one another. Firstly, is information overload known as having too much of information while communicating with each other will decrease the listeners’ capability on concentrating efficiently on those important messages that were being transmitted by the speaker.

In order to overcome this barrier is to realize the information which is not necessary and to analyze and change it necessary information to easily available. Secondly is message complexity also one of the communication barriers are when formulating business messages, and when communicating with both as a person and as spokesperson of an association. In fact, while communicating individual may be asked to state certain important message that actually he/she does not agree with.

To lessen this barrier of communicating is to keep them to be clear and easily to be understood by using strong organization and informing them what to expect with precise words and keep emphasize to main point, and also request for comment for improving them more. Building trust in an organization is very complicated. Communication is successfully blocked when there is no trust in between each of the employees. In order to overcome the trust barriers, always be noticeable and reachable. Sharing information and communicating honestly with the employees in an organization can help to make communications be successful.

Employees are not the only one who is responsible for making a communication works, organizations too must play a part in working these barriers together by creating a fair and trust mood in the organizations. Besides that, another communication barrier that are based on the gender differences which is differing status, such as employees with lower status may stay alert when they send messages to their supervisor and they possibly will just mention about the issues which they assume that the supervisor is attracted in.

Correspondingly, employees who are at higher status may sometime deform those messages by declining it to talk about it which tends to damage their power in the association. In addition, employees which belong to a department for particular duty can narrow their opinion so that it is different. To trim down this barrier during the communication is to keep colleagues and managers are in well informed. Persuade employees who were at lower status to keep an individual informed by being reasonable and considerate to the others also of their opinions.

Next, in inadequate of communication structure occurs as a communication barrier also, organizational communication which get effected by the formal of restrictions on who is communicating with by making decisions. Strongly centralized organizations as like that high level formalization actually trim down the communication capability and the tendency to communicate it straightly, and tall organizations may be likely to offer vertical communication relations and messages will happen to be unclear when they shift throughout the levels of the organizations.

By lessen this barrier is to offer some opportunities for communicating horizontally, upward and downward and increase coordination between the departments and recommend them in a two way communication. Employees and staffs may get affected from the manager which causes from the managing style, and in fact this is known as the closed communication climate which is controlled by the organization style, and instruction. Authoritarian style blocks open trade of information that distinguish of good communication in contrast, just spend more time to listen then giving out orders can cut down the communication barrier.

Follow by unethical communication is having not confirming standards of agree standards of moral behavior, this barrier is occur when an association could not create unlawful mails and still reliable and doing well in the long run. The relations of outside the organization are depending on faith and justice, by making sure of that information is relevant to the situation can overcome the barrier. Last but not least, is inefficient communication which is also a communication barrier by employees creating insignificant messages which misuses resources, time and energy, and this also contributes information to excess which are already mentioned.

Thinking twice before sending a message can help to reduce the inefficiency. Be clear about the formats and materials that are involved in the communications and messages must be clear and correct before transmitting out. Communication barriers that involve bad relationship, poor audio and unreadable copy are known as physical distractions. Although physical distractions may seem irrelevant in communications, but it can completely cut off an important messages. Physical distractions can involve poor lightings, sound of a table or chair being push, and also on a bad weather conditions.

All these factors will definitely distract the receiver, on certain cases, barrier may relevant to receiver’s physical condition. Reception of a message can be distracted by image impairment and listening and even headache. All these circumstances do not block the whole communication, but receiver’s concentration will decrease and get distracted easily. By preparing written notes which are clear, short and summarized, oral presentations that are loud and clear can easily conquer the barriers of communications. References • ‘Improving Communication between the Sexes’ [Online]. August 2005.

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