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DeVry Wk 5 Unemployment Rate Among Young College Graduates Discussion

DeVry Wk 5 Unemployment Rate Among Young College Graduates Discussion.

Week 5 Case Study: Unemployment
People need income in order to consume, and consumption leads to production, and production leads to higher demand for labor (employment), so unemployment is a crucial macroeconomic issue that confronts all modern economies. A lower unemployment rate, however, is not the end of the problem. The type of employment and the price of labor (wages) have to be sufficient for consumption (which is the major component of GDP) for the economy to be healthy. If wages are low or if the prices in the economy are high, consumption would be low and thus, production and demand for labor would be low as well. So high unemployment rate, high part-time employment rate for economic reasons, and low wages could have negative effects on economic growth.
Assignment Description
In this assignment, you need to analyze unemployment-related issues. You need to analyze only one issue (topic).
You are going to study the past trends, provide an overview of the current status, and provide solutions to overcome any problems related to the issue you are studying. You will use data, articles, and government reports to draw a clear picture of the current unemployment issues.
Some unemployment-related topics that you could choose from (choose only one topic) include the following.
Part-time employment rates for economic reasons
Unemployment rates among young college graduates
Unemployment rates by gender
Unemployment rates among Black and Hispanic communities
Low supply of labor (professionals) in certain industries
High supply of labor in education
Low wages by profession and their causes
Low demand for labor in some industry (you could choose whatever industry you wish)
Low wages in some parts of the country
High unemployment rate among workers with high school diploma or less
Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear thoughts. It also needs to be supported by facts and data. Your results need to be based on solid facts. Your conclusion and recommended solution need to be thorough and based on your findings and understanding of unemployment and GDP.
Writing Style and Page Number Requirements
Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial
Font Size: 12
Spacing: Double
Number of Pages: Six to seven pages, along with a separate Title page and a separate References page
Outside Sources and TurnItIn Report
Using External Sources: When you use information, facts, or data from external source (articles, news, facts, etc.) in your case study, you must properly cite the sources you obtain the information from using the APA format. A link to APA writing style resources is provided at the bottom of this page.
Content Originality and TurnItIn: The majority of the text in your case study must be your own words, thoughts, opinion, interpretation, and/or viewpoints. The rule is that no more than 20% of the text in your case study can be from outside sources. Make sure you review the TurnItIn score next to your submitted document to verify that it meets the 20% (or less) requirements.
If your submitted case study receives a TurnItIn score (percentage) more than 20% on the report, this means that more than 20% of the content of your case study matches other’s work and is not original. In this situation, you will need to revise the matching text (or a portion of it) in your case study and then resubmit your assignment. Then recheck the new TurnItIn score.
To summarize, 80% or more of your final case study submission should be your own words and 20% or less can include properly cited outside sources. The TurnItIn originality report highlights the portions of the paper that are not original and closely matches another source.
Structure and Requirements
Title Page
Title of the paper
Name of the author
E-mail address of the author
Class name
Professor’s name
Include the following in your introduction.
A clear definition of unemployment and how and why it rises and declines in the economy
Briefly provide your understanding of the relationship between economic growth (GDP growth), high/low unemployment, high/low wages, and the way they impact one another.
An overview of the current unemployment rates in the economy using facts and statistics (tables or graphs)
A brief description of the unemployment-related issue (topic) that you are going to address in this paper
Obtain data from at least two credible sources (not Wikipedia) to provide facts about unemployment and wages and their growth pattern and their current statuses.
Obtain data about changes in unemployment rates for a period of 10 years.
Obtain historical data (10 years or more) about GDP growth rate (percentage) and Real GDP volume (in dollar value).
Obtain historical data (10 years or more) about the issue (topic) you are going to study in this paper, as well as data about its current status.
Use tables, graphs, and figures to support your argument. You can find the latest unemployment data at (Links to an external site.) (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
This section needs to contain the following discussions based on the data that was gathered and your understanding of unemployment and GDP.
Unemployment Rates: Discuss the trends of unemployment rates over the past 10 years and provide your objective analysis of the changes in unemployment and the current rates. Place extra emphasis on the periods where unemployment was either too high or too low (higher or lower than the natural rate of unemployment).
Issues (your choice): Discuss the unemployment-related issue. Provide an overview of the trends and use facts to highlight the major changes in the trends and the current status. State the reasons why you believe the issue you are analyzing represents a challenge for the economy.
Conclusion and Solution
This section needs to cover the following areas.
Highlight the causes of the issue that you selected and how it impacts the economy negatively and why it needs to be addressed by policy makers.
State your own solution. Basically, answer the following question.
What would you do to solve the issue you addressed if you were in charge of the U.S. economy? State why.
Reference List
Use at least three professional sources to support your argument. The references need to be in APA format. To learn more about APA format, click on the link below.
DeVry Wk 5 Unemployment Rate Among Young College Graduates Discussion

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. This is an assignment that describes the criminal procedure principles in relation to Officer Smith scenario. Additionally, the paper identifies the legal basis that were for the action.,Criminal procedure principles in relation to Officer Smith scenario,Please write a 3 to 5 page (in total), double-spaced paper on the following two questions:, 1.    Officer Smith is on routine patrol when he sees a car driving with a broken tail light.  Officer Smith activates his emergency equipment and pulls the car over.  As Officer Smith approaches the car, he realizes that the tail light is not broken.  However, he notices that the car is a four door blue Ford Focus with a dent on the rear driver’s side of the car and that the only occupant is the white male driver.  Officer Smith realizes that the car matches the description of a car used in an armed robbery that had occurred minutes earlier.  The officer had heard the description broadcast over his police radio.,Officer Smith orders the driver, Peter Parker, to step out of the car.  Officer Smith conducts a pat down of Parker, and feels what he believes to be a gun in Parker’s pants pocket.  Parker suddenly runs away from Officer Smith.  Officer Smith chases Parker and catches him.  Officer Smith handcuffs Parker and searches his pockets.  The officer finds a loaded 9 mm handgun in his pocket.  Subsequently, officer Smith returns to Parker’s car and searches it.  During the search, Officer Smith finds a diamond ring and a ruby necklace in the trunk.  Subsequent investigation reveals that these items were taken during the armed robbery., Taking his actions, step by step, analyze whether Officer Smith’s actions were reasonable under the ,Fourth Amendment,.  Start with the initial traffic stop and end with the arrest.,Was there a legal basis for each of his actions? Explain the legal principles involved.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help
Ashford University Explaining Management Decision Report.

I’m working on a sports management writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Imagine that you are a peer to the vice president of Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, the makers of Ping golf products. He comes to you, angry because of a decision made by the president of the organization. The president of Karsten has decided to contract with someone outside of the company to restructure the division that the vice president oversees. The vice president does not understand why he hasn’t been asked to restructure his own department. He has no management training or education, but he has been with Karsten for 20 years. Considering the sports and recreation industry, his lack of training, and the implications of his 20 year tenure with the company, help him by illustrating why contracting with someone outside of the organization will benefit him and the division that he manages: Explain why the vice president will benefit from having an outsider restructure his department by combining information that you have learned and relating it to the scenario. Integrate concepts from your research with what you have learned in this course, SRM 320, as well as in other courses. Provide research on both the company and the sports and recreation industry that demonstrates management concepts and industry trends as they apply to the scenario. Draw from the course text as well as other scholarly sources, such as other course texts and articles from academic journals. Use practical examples to illustrate the management concepts in the sports and recreation industry as they are relevant to the scenario. Use critical thinking in choosing and applying the examples.
Ashford University Explaining Management Decision Report

Cleopatra and Her Influence on the Ptolemaic Dynasty Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Biography Inspiration to Women Conclusion References Introduction Cleopatra is certainly one of the successful and respected queens in the history of ancient Egypt since she brought huge influence on the society, governance, politics, and even on women. Her romantic stories and death are always celebrated throughout Egypt and she governed Egypt and created it relatively influential during her regime. Cleopatra was a third born daughter, born in Alexandria in 69 B.C and her father was Ptolemy XII. Ptolemy XIII, her younger brother, got engaged in the kingdom governance with Cleopatra. Her life history is among the greatest stories in history, not only due to her exceptional romance, but since she was greatly in love of Egypt (Grochowski, 2005). While in power, Cleopatra influenced most women through her education, love, governance, and invasions. Her role in the society is felt in the modern society of Egypt and her encouragements and achievements serve as an inspiration to all women. Biography Cleopatra is recognized by most historians as the last Pharaoh of Egypt and started her journey to the throne after her elder sisters and father died. Her father was much hated all over Egypt and he went to Rome for exile many years before his death. Throughout the two centuries after the death of Cleopatra’s father, Ptolemy XII, the Ptolemies were in cooperation with Romans, but the powers of Ptolemies were declining and the Roman Empire was growing since they were attempting to overpower Ptolemies. There was a need to regain their strength and Cleopatra took power in 51 B.C when she was only 17 years old. She understood the religion which existed in Egypt and she was very bright. She was an insightful politician with an exceptional charisma, but was not good-looking and possessed mannish qualities (Bianchi, 2011). Ptolemy XII, the father of Cleopatra, died in 51 B.C and he left the will that he allowed Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII, her younger brother, to rule the kingdom and Cleopatra was directed to wed her brother and deputy ruler because of the Egyptians’ traditions and customs. These customs directed that all female leaders should have a partner who may be either son or brother and her younger brother was just 12 years of age during that transition. Cleopatra excluded the name of her brother from all managerial records and created her personal name and portrait included in all legal tender, discarding Ptolemy XIII’s existing powers. Cleopatra governed alone for almost three years, but the guiders of Ptolemy XIII cheered by Pothinus started working against Cleopatra. In 48 B.C, they overpowered Cleopatra and took over power and she ran for refuge in Syria together with her other sister, Arsinone IV (Bianchi, 2011). However, she did not surrender her throne effortlessly and she started building an army on the border of Egypt to be equipped to attack and overrule her brother. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Cleopatra formulated a strategy to meet Julius Caesar on her personal conditions looking for a political coalition and a way of going back to the throne. She planned to be covered inside a carpet that was intended to be delivered to Julius Caesar. When the carpet was unwrapped, she came out and directly charmed him and during the same day, Caesar was seduced by Cleopatra, although he was married. They eventually became lovers and Cleopatra was connected with the Roman Empire. The death of Cleopatra is among the most celebrated and well-known ever and after she prepared burial for Antony, she was captured as prisoners with her children, but they were taken care by the authority. She did not want to be embarrassed and this led her take her life. The Roman Emperors began to govern Egypt and Cleopatra is considered the last Pharaoh because after passing away, Egypt was changed and became Roman province (Harold, Anton, and Duca, 2010). Inspiration to Women Queen Cleopatra created huge impact on the Roman Empire and acted as an inspiration to all women in Egypt and other parts of the world. She also left huge impression of the Roman Empire since she portrayed an ineradicable representation of women as reliable, shrewd, and strong-minded. Additionally, she further inspired different interests in the society and strong impact remained in art history. Cleopatra played a great part in the production of a new art culture and practices. Queen Cleopatra’s life and influence will remain permanently in the area of art history and women’s leadership in Roman Empire and her influence as spread to some parts of the world (Harrella, 2011). Cleopatra possessed different royal and feminine influence all over the Ptolemaic era that embraced society, invasions, authority, women, leadership, and role modelling. She portrayed several excellent characteristics of a role model that embraced, but not limited to, her objective, aptitude, personality, and royalty. Her role model features particularly included shining academically, politically, romantically, and understood different languages. It is obvious that Cleopatra was a relatively role model for all women during the Ptolemaic era and even in this generation. Cleopatra also portrayed special characteristics that were respected and inspired traits of the position of women in the community of which included promoting schooling, independence, and hierarchy position of women during the Ptolemaic dynasty and in the current world. Egyptian traditions greatly treasured education of which the Ptolemy era highly valued and reinforced this custom. Women were inspired by Cleopatra to create courage and importance of schooling (Harrella, 2011). We will write a custom Essay on Cleopatra and Her Influence on the Ptolemaic Dynasty specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Cleopatra possessed different effects on society of which included her personal change, the manner in which she was represented in the society, and a religious ceremony. The Queen was recognized as a woman with objective, dynamic, influential, and a mother of positive strength of power. She had also exceptional ability and knowledge that helped her as a woman to be portrayed by society as an outstanding person. Colourful traits of Cleopatra had a major influence on the women’s role in the traditional society and the current women’s position. She obtained high standard as a respected, motivated, and dedicated women of her monarchies to be strong-minded and determined as they go after their objectives in life through their schooling, professions, affection, and talent. Cleopatra obtained the same educational status like male Pharaoh that emphasizes comprehensive ‘enkukleios paideia’ that signifies encyclopaedia and this Cleopatra’s status allowed women to realize their importance in their society. She also inspired women in field of mathematics, geometry, and science which took her in significance and interest in the group of well-known learned individuals consisting of Sosigenes (astronome), a physician, and Dioscorides that motivated most women to take part in these fields (Gascoigne, 2011). She showed the abilities of women after inflicting an effect on the government when she brought strategies along with Antony to offer greatly reliable, optimistic, and constructive policy, along with his intelligence in several administrative positions and decisions. She also had an impact on the government through her straightforward approaches of ruling because she had certain inborn abilities of a Ptolemy, reliable governing, resolution, and adequate resistance, and these helped to motivate the powerful queens of that time and upcoming leaders. Cleopatra possessed different royal influence on women and society, for instance creating her personal coin, engaging herself in a religious ceremony, and the manner in which she was represented in the society. Cleopatra had a distinct portrait coin that represented her personality and individualism. She also got involved in a religious ceremony which allowed her to receive respect and honour from her kingdom. Bearing in mind all Cleopatra’s accomplishments and encouragements, most societies took her as an outstanding person since she influenced women to realize and participate in the society. Not sure if you can write a paper on Cleopatra and Her Influence on the Ptolemaic Dynasty by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion Queen Cleopatra had a significance royal and womanly influence on women in the past and in Ptolemaic era. She possessed encouragements and achievements as a role model on the role of women and even women’s romance of which motivated the scripts of her romantic stories. Cleopatra as well had a royal influence on the fields of governance, war, and invasions, together with the manner in which the society portrayed her. Cleopatra remains as a major female historical representation that significantly had an impact on the Ptolemaic dynasty through acting as a representation of women, role model, romantic figure, governance, education, and her role in the society, and was an intelligent Queen which adequate skills and knowledge in challenging role in politics, a woman’s leadership with the sensuality to draw the outstanding traits of heroes, and the ability to understand and apply it. References Bianchi, R. (2011). Interpreting the Uninterpretable: Cleopatra and Biography. Journal of Historical Biography, 9: 77-89. Gascoigne, B. (2011). History of Cleopatra. Web. Grochowski, J. (2005). Cleopatra VII. Web. Harold, L., Anton, K.,

MKTG 331 Harvard University Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Retail Management Case Study

assignment writing services MKTG 331 Harvard University Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Retail Management Case Study.

Answer each of the following in narrative form.Create one essay.
Include marketing terminology. Be mindful of formal business writing, proper grammar, punctuation and sentence formation.Include in-text citations.
A.Begin with a paragraph synopsis.
B. What is your assessment of the product offered – the Chase Sapphire Reserve card?Is this a good product for JPMorgan Chase (JPMC)?For the Sapphire brand?
Analyze product strategy (the product’s design, features and benefits) as well as the company’s promotional strategy (the use of social media and its virality, the use of influencers
Relative Advantage?Compatibility? Complexity? Trialability, Observability?
Why has Chase Sapphire Reserve been so successful in acquiring customers?
The behavior of individual adopters of the card will vary in how much individuals spend, whether all charges are paid in full each month, and whether consumers churn (i.e., whether they renew cards annually).As noted in the case (see page 3) three customer architypes are presented – transactors, revolvers and dormants.Assuming the following for each type of customer, how can the Chase Sapphire team best design its product and brand to attract customers?
Is Chase Sapphire Reserve a cult brand?What if any changes are suggested to the marketing strategy of the card (product)?

MKTG 331 Harvard University Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Retail Management Case Study

Montana University Merits of the Operation Upmarket Strategy Paper & Media Letter

Montana University Merits of the Operation Upmarket Strategy Paper & Media Letter.

Play for ProfitFor this writing task, you”ll need to respond to the following scenario:Who are you?You are the vice president of operations at Exquisite Entertainment, an entertainment company that owns and operates 19 seasonal and year-round amusement parks (Worlds of Play) located throughout the U.S. You are responsible for providing overall direction and guidance with regard to the operational activities of the organization.What”s the current situation?The company”s amusement parks have always been popular, but recently they haven”t been very profitable. Operating costs have been rising, and every dollar of extra revenue has been hard won. At the company”s annual management offsite meeting held that morning at Worlds of Play-Seattle, Alex Harrington, a business strategy consultant from Ernst & Young LLP, unveiled “Operation Upmarket,” a business strategy proposal aimed at addressing the issue of profitability for Worlds of Play. This plan proposed that Worlds of Play offer its customers the option of a “preferred guest” card. Cardholders would pay more, but they would get first crack at the rides and would get seated immediately at any of the park”s restaurants. According to Alex, the plan would help Worlds of Play finances because it would target the “mass affluents”–wealthy but time-pressed people who might visit the park more often and spend more time while there, were it not for long lines at the rides.You think back to that morning’s meeting. You respect Alex’s plan, but what about the initiatives you had implemented to tap into that same segment? In fact, you have already had some successes. Roughly 20% of Worlds of Play souvenir shops have been upgraded to gift boutiques with more appealing displays and higher-priced merchandise, and some snack concessions have been converted to seated dining. The most upscale of the restaurants are already earning almost double the profit per square foot of the other food-service facilities.Alex had done an impressive amount of work developing the idea, commissioning surveys and focus groups, and getting finance to run the numbers. Her presentation had been persuasive, you admit. Her tactic had been to get people arguing the details–should the pass cost $20 more than general admission or $30 more?–while ignoring the question of whether it was a good idea at all. At first, this approach seemed to be working. But Grace Jones, Exquisite Entertainment’s vice president of human resources said, “Clearly, there’s revenue to be gained from offering these differentiated service levels. But it just doesn’t seem like us. The founder of Worlds of Play created a place where families could come together for a day to forget about their cares.” Alex said, “Our history is great, but if things don’t turn around fast, we are going to be history. The company has to make changes quickly to avoid cash-crunch-driven bankruptcy or a hostile takeover.”It was no secret to anyone in the meeting that theme parks have only three ways to bring in more revenue: (1) increase visits per customer, (2) increase average spending per visit, or (3) attract new customers. Alex argued that the guest card would address the last two items by attracting a different type of customer–time-starved, high-income professionals and their families–who might otherwise avoid the whole experience.Adam Goodwin, the VP of marketing said, “It strikes me as a very shortsighted strategy. I mean, sure we could make a lot of money on those cards in the first couple of seasons. But just think about what it does to the overall customer experience. The average Joe with his wife and three kids is not going to shell out for five upgrades. So they are going to be sweating through even longer lines and just steaming when they see some yuppie waltz ahead of them. I don’t even think it’s a great experience for the preferred guests. Who wants to feel all the anger directed at them? The key to this business is that the customers feel good while they are here. A couple of ugly glances, a nasty remark, and the day is spoiled for everybody. Neither side’s coming back.””I should have explained,” Alex said. “We would definitely separate the lines so the preferred cardholders wouldn’t be in people’s faces and we’d limit the percentage of special tickets issued on any given day. But I don’t think you are giving your customers enough credit. People have a lot more awareness and appreciation of the fact that time is money. This program lets them choose which they want to save.”What are you supposed to do?You have been charged by CEO Len Becker to summarize the merits of the option presented at the meeting in his absence. Craft the body of a document for Mr. Becker.Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.———————————————–Restaurant MishapImagine that you are the customer service manager for a restaurant. Recently, several of your customers became ill, some seriously, from an ingredient that was mishandled by your supplier. Write a letter to the media to communicate your company’s position on this matter and restore the public’s confidence in your restaurant. In your letter, be sure to describe the source of the problem and your company’s response.Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.
Montana University Merits of the Operation Upmarket Strategy Paper & Media Letter

The Impact of English as a Tool of Global Communication Analytical Essay

The Impact of English as a Tool of Global Communication Analytical Essay. Introduction For several decades already English has been used for international communication. It allows the representatives from different countries to communicate easily without knowing their native languages. Thus, it is used for formal interactions and non-formal ones. This language is taught in numerous countries so that today more people speak English as a second or a foreign language rather than the first one. It is believed that the reason for such expansion was the business. As many American organizations became prosperous, they started to spread to other countries and brought the language with them. That is why today we have a global language, which allows us to manage the business, gain the education, share ideas and develop. Many scientists tried to create an artificial language for such purposes, but these languages failed to become widely used. So we consider that English has a positive impact on intercultural communication and different spheres of life, as it enhances understanding between different people, even though teaching English occurs to be a controversial issue. English in Saudi Arabia The English language has greatly influenced different spheres of life and business in Saudi Arabia. The influence of the English-speaking countries became visible at the beginning of the 20th century. At the time of the First World War, it became a British protectorate. Soon by dint of the diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabia started to cooperate with the US. Thus, Saudi Arabia and these countries became allies. Due to such relations, English entered the sphere of business. So it is not surprising that in 1924 it was first taught at school. Today English is considered to be the main foreign language. Lots of studying programmes are increasing the interest of the population. They were not only private, so about 50 years ago the Women’s Renaissance Charity Society helped more than 200 women to learn English (Al-Hazmi, 2007). Nowadays the number of private schools where children can learn English has greatly increased. It happened due to the fact that many workers who came from foreign countries earn well. Their children gain an opportunity to leave a public school and transfer to a private one where more attention is paid to English. Such approach is important, as knowing the language they can easily enter a multicultural environment and enter Western universities. English departments are establishing throughout the country, which proves that English has greatly influenced education, which affects many other spheres. Umm Al-Qura, King Saud universities and many others are to graduate professionals for jobs that need good English skills. One more advantage of English is that it allows to get to know and utilize Western technologies and scientific achievements to secure the development within Saudi Arabia. The politics support the spread of English, as “A Saudi capable of speaking English can teach native English speakers (citizens of Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.) the message of Allah without going through: a) a tiresome process of translation which might eliminate certain nuances of meaning; or b) the need to learn or teach an intermediate language (such as Urdu or Persian) In order to transmit crucial Islamic knowledge” (Al-Hazmi, 2007, p. 134). Business sphere benefits from English because it allows the organizations to cooperate, increase the number of customers and expand abroad. For example, the law firm of Khaled Al-Basseet always makes sure that its employees are able to speak, read and write in English. Their owner graduated from the mentioned earlier King Saud University, which allows him to check the staff’s proficiency (USA International Business Publications, 2005). Their skills enable the organization to use the best practices of foreign companies and serve native speakers. The necessity of knowing English is seen within the framework of the airline industry. Of course, the personnel are to communicate with the people who are coming to their country. Without English, they would have to learn a lot of various languages to be able to maintain their duties. It is a good way to attract tourists and to serve them to increase the profit of the organization. English can even save lives. A Saudi Arabian Airlines jet once collided, which caused the death of more than 300 people. Then the accident has happened because of the Kazakh pilots’ English (Tan, 2011). They failed to understand the air traffic controllers, which proves that at least the basic English needed to communicate with professionals in this sphere is to be mastered by the representatives of all countries. Thus, in Saudi Arabia, English is considered to be a foreign language taught for gaining a better education, understanding other cultures and communication for personal and business purposes. It does not substitute Arabic language but allows the population to develop, achieve more success and gain profit. English as a Lingua Franca Today the survival of a language does not depend on the speakers’ attitudes towards it. It is more important whether this language can meet the needs of the speakers referring to the fact that they tend to enter the global area (MauranenThe Impact of English as a Tool of Global Communication Analytical Essay