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Devil in the White City Essay

Evaluate the characters of Daniel Burnham and H. H. Holmes and the era itself and explain how they demonstrate the conflict between good and evil by answering the following: Compare and contrast the characters Daniel Burnham and Henry H. Holmes? How are they different?  Are they alike in any way? Compare and contrast the juxtaposition between the grand architecture of the world’s fair and Holmes’s deadly hotel. What is the total picture of late nineteenth-century America that emerges from The Devil in the White City?  In that society’s view toward wealth?  In that society’s views and treatment of women at the timeMake sure you provide specific quotes from Devil in the White City and and either your lectures or textbook to back up your assertions.  5-7 pages, 12 font, standard margins

Responding to Funder Feedback

Responding to Funder Feedback.

 For this assisgnment, consider how you might respond if your grant is approved, or if your application is rejected. With this in mind, address the following: Explain strategies and best practices you might apply if you do/do not get funded. How would you respond to funder feedback? Now, imagine that you do get funded. Please explain how you will respond to the administrative matters (i.e., reporting, managing staff, project management, etc.). Briefly describe record-keeping strategies for your project. Suggest a resource that a colleague might use to develop a record-keeping strategy for their project.

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Integrated Concept-based Learning Segment Plan

Devil in the White City Essay Integrated Concept-based Learning Segment Plan.

As your culminating project you will design a short instructional mini-unit of 3-5 lessons (Learning Segment, in the language of edTPA), which, while teaching Social Studies content, also teaches one literacy strategy. To create your Learning Segment, you will complete the Planning Commentary Document as per the edTPA Learning Activity 1: Planning for Literacy Instruction and Assessment. See pages 12 – 21 of the edTPA Elementary Education Handbook; especially the Planning Commentary (pp. 14, 15) and Rubrics 1 – 5 (pp. 17 – 21). The Planning Commentary Document is posted in Module 6, along with a GUIDELINES document. Also see Learning Activities 1 information in Making Good Choices (pp. 5, 6, 9 – 15). Lesson plan sample will be presented

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Discuss the concentrated vs. decentralised production in the context of chosen industry/countries.

Discuss the concentrated vs. decentralised production in the context of chosen industry/countries..

 (the industry is furniture industry, countries Brazil and Mexico). Identify a channel of distribution (retail concentration and channel length, exclusivity, and quality), an appropriate communication strategy (push vs pull promotions, global vs. local advertising), and discuss the possibility of price discrimination. (the industry is furniture industry, countries Brazil and Mexico)

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