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Developmental Milestones

Consideration of typical development and achievement of developmental milestones can help staff determine if a student needs a referral for a special education evaluation. This information is often used to select assessments and identify the effects of a possible disability. If eligibility is determined, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed. IEP teams describe an individual’s strengths, interests, preferences, and needs, while considering the characteristics of a given disability and its effect on a student. The IEP defines the specially designed instruction, accommodations, related services, and supplementary aids and services that will best support a student in accessing and achieving goals aligned with the general education curriculum. When teachers understand the effect of a disability on learning, they are able to prepare the classroom environment and use specially designed instructions to support students with disabilities.Imagine that your principal has asked you to conduct a professional development session for staff members about developmental milestones for students. Referring to the topic Resources and your research, use the “Developmental Milestones In-Service Template” to create a 15-20 slide digital presentation that describes the typical cognitive, linguistic, physical, social, and emotional developmental milestones of children in the grade levels associated with your field of study.The presentation should address the following:Describe developmental milestones and explain why they are important.For each disability category, describe typical cognitive, linguistic, physical, social, and emotional development and the atypical development of a student with the specified disability. Include examples of how the milestones may present differently for students with and without each disability.For each disability category, explain at least one specially designed instructional strategy that could be used to enhance academic achievement.For each disability category, explain at least one environmental strategy (how you would change the classroom environment) to increase success in the classroom setting.Title slide, reference slide, and speaker notes.Support the assignment with a minimum of three scholarly resources.Refer to “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style. While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Criminal justice on aboriginal justice

Criminal justice on aboriginal justice.

Criminal justice on aboriginal justice

This is an annotated bibliography assignment and please make sure this should be free from plagiarism. And this is a part of larger assignment so please make sure to make it good and i’ll ask for help for the other assignments also.

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Conduct a genetic family history ON A PATIENT WITH the initials “AH” and the TRAIT .

Developmental Milestones Conduct a genetic family history ON A PATIENT WITH the initials “AH” and the TRAIT ..

Conduct a genetic family history ON A PATIENT “AH” WITH TRAIT of WRITER’s CHOICE. To approach genetic family history assignment,please refer to power point slides week 9-10. Chose a proband ( the person serving as the starting point for the family genetic study ) who could be your yourself,or **your patient**. ** THIS WILL BE ON A FICTITIOUS PATIENT with initials “AH” . THE TRAIT CAN BE THE WRITER’s CHOICE** Chose the trait that you will be tracking and discussing, for instance:HT,DM,cancer,asthma,…..etc Please DON’T disclose any personal information . Use the initials for the names . Write the age and other chronic diseases PedigreeSample.pdf The link will help you organize the pedigree: to an external site. Please discuss the trait as a statement of the problem ,including,not limited to,the risk factors,genetic testing/counseling and ethics /legal issues **Family tree sample.pdf** Please use the rubric published in the Syllabus as a guidance as well 1. Conduct a genetic family history (including an appropriate multi-generational family history) 33% Grading Rubric Assignment 1: Family tree is Comprehensive 10% Cause of Death is documented for family members 10% Statement of Problem 20% Review of Related Literature 10% Clinical ethical/legal issues 10% Citations 10% Inheritance of trait and risk is discussed. 10% Writing style 10% Writing Mechanics 10% Total 100% 100% REQUIRED READINGS: Texts: Schaefer, G. B., & Thompson, Jr., J. N. (2014). Medical genetics, 1st edition, Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Education.

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Sustainability in Charity Investments in Hong Kong: a possible way forward

Sustainability in Charity Investments in Hong Kong: a possible way forward.


Paper Details:-

1. Please read the full document of attachment A. Analysis paper writing instructions and marking criteria on page 5. Most importantly, the description of the sections required AND the marking criteria (highlighted yellow). Please write and match the criteria of achieving A or B+ as I am targeting a grade A or B+ for this project hence writing skills are of utmost importance. 2. Please use the following 3 papers and I have also attached another 6 papers for your reference – for literature review section and references Kreander, N., Beattie, V. and McPhail, K. (2006). UK charity ethical investment. London: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Hellsten, S. and Mallin, C. (2006). Are ‘Ethical’ or ‘Socially Responsible’ Investments Socially Responsible?. Journal of Business Ethics, 66(4), pp.393-406. Kreander, N., Beattie, V. and McPhail, K. (2009). Putting our money where their mouth is: Alignment of charitable aims with charity investments – Tensions in policy and practice. The British Accounting Review, 41(3), pp.154-168. 3. You may feel free to quote any other papers as well. 4. Please use as many charts or graphic as possible. I have also attached two “A” grade example papers for your reference and please skim throught and make sure this product (Analysis Paper) align with the format with the Example paper 5. Total words of the papers will be 3000 words (plus 300 words for Bibliography, please use Harvard

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Current Examples Of Market Structure.

Current Examples Of Market Structure..

Identify an article on any one of the following management decisions commonly made in an organization: Cutting costs Enhancing business operations Increasing productive capacity using technology You can consult sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times,Bloomberg Markets, the Economist, US News and World Report, and the Argosy University online library resources. After reading the article, respond to the following: Identify the unifying theme in the article. Does the theme pertain to economics and the reasoning for cutting costs, enhancing business operations, or increasing productive capacity using technology? How? Evaluate the situation that you think proposes the most significant consequences for society. What are the consequences that you foresee? If you were the regulator of the industry analyzed in the article, how would you decide the validity of the company policy in the article and why?

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Writing Question

In a prior assignment, you considered some controversial treatments that were not evidence based. Controversial treatments can also be evidence based. There is debate in the field of ABA surrounding treatments involving guided compliance and extinction, particularly attention extinction and escape extinction. Some behavior analysts are quick to jump to these interventions, not fully considering how the side effects will impact the client. These interventions can be aversive and arguably considered punishment.
Conduct a search for information on one of the following aversive procedures: guided (forced) compliance, attention extinction, and escape extinction. Cite the source and describe the treatment.
Prepare 3–4 pro statements that might be given to support the use of the treatment. Also, prepare 3–4 con statements that might be given to oppose the treatment.
Evaluate your findings. Discuss at least four relevant ethics codes that you have learned in this course thus far.
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: References and citations are formatted according to current APA style guidelines. Review the Evidence and APA section of the Writing Center for more information on how to cite your sources.
Resources: 2–4 recent scholarly or professional resources.
Length: 3–4 double-spaced pages, in addition to a title page and a references page.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Evaluation of Technical Quality

Evaluation of Technical Quality.

For this assessment, you will conduct a deeper analysis of the technical quality of the selected test against the fifth element of the Joint Committee on Testing Practices’ (2004) Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education, which states that the test user will “evaluate evidence of the technical quality of the test provided by the test developer and any independent reviews.”


Assume the role in the following scenario:


The setting in which you work has just experienced severe budget cuts, and the director intends to reduce the number of available tests from three to one. However, you are not convinced that the selected test is reliable or valid.

After you raised your concerns in a meeting, your supervisor asked you to evaluate the technical quality of the test being recommended by the director and prepare a document that analyzes its psychometric properties of reliability and validity. Coincidentally, your selected test is the same one that the director is recommending for the setting.â??

This assessment requires the completion of a template which includes an executive summary that synthesizes the psychometric properties of the test and provides a final conclusion about its use at that setting.

Use the Assessment 2 Template: Evaluation of Technical Quality provided in the Required Resources to record your analysis of reliability and validity.

Use the test you selected for Assessment 1 for this second assessment in the course.
Executive Summary

Executive summaries are real-world deliverables used across disciplines, government, and corporations, designed to convey essential information at a glance. It states the problem or topic and summarizes the results, conclusions, or recommendations. There are many examples of executive summaries on the Internet adapted for many purposes and audiences.

Your executive summary should have three parts. The scoring guide criteria are italicized below.

Part 1: Purpose

Use Section One on the template to complete this section.

Identify the test and briefly describe the publisher’s stated purpose for its use.

Identify the standardized test and describe briefly the publisher’s stated purpose for its use.

Identify briefly a population or psychological condition that is within the standardization of the test.
Part 2: Technical Review

Use Sections Two and Three on the template to complete this part of the summary.

Analyze the technical review conducted for the selected test’s reliability.â??

Analyze the technical review conducted for the selected test’s validity.

Conduct a technical review of the psychometrics of the selected test from peer-reviewed journal articles.

Three of the articles must focus on reliability and three on validity.
Each article must be directly related to your chosen test and one aspect of its technical quality.
Part 3: Synthesis and Conclusion

Evaluate the current state of the test’s technical quality and its status as an appropriate quality tool in the field.

Support conclusions about a test’s appropriateness for use in the field and with the population to be served with peer-reviewed research.

Synthesize the information from all the articles you reviewed about validity.

Evaluate if your test continues to be deemed as appropriate for your planned use in the field and with the population to be served as suggested by the director in your setting
Provide your references that you utilized for the technical review and summary to your director.
Additional Requirements

Number of pages: 3–4, including the technical review. Do not count the title page or references.

A minimum of six peer-reviewed journal articles (textbooks, Web pages, literature reviews, and the MMY book reviews do not count for these references). Three of the articles must focus on reliability and three must focus on validity.
APA format.
Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

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This exercise asks you to gather various types of research to solve a local problem. For this exercise, you need to find and summarize.
You need to choose three different types of research from the list below:
Newspapers (local, university, national)
Reports or websites from government agencies, universities, and/or NGOs
Scholarly research (reports or websites on a topic rather than academic articles)
Facts and statistics compiled by government agencies and/or NGOs
Interviews with experts and/or impacted individuals
Surveys (social media makes doing surveys easy)
Once you select three pieces of research that can help you solve your problem, you need to summarize one piece.
Your summaries should contain:
What is the purpose of the article or source?
Identify three pieces of evidence (quotes, statistics, percentages, etc.) that explain, relate to, or support your problem
Provide an overview of how you can use the research to explain or solve the problem
Explain how you know the research is trustworthy or reputable

A critique on Embraced by the Needle: by Gabor Mate

A critique on Embraced by the Needle: by Gabor Mate.

 The critique needs to take the form of an essay of at least 1000 words. No cover page, Data in top left corner. MlA citation and list of works cited, etc. It needs to contain an intro, a thesis, a body featuring evidence, an argument and a conclusion. If you are an opponent of the authors position, assess strengths first and then weakness. If you are a proponent if the authors position, assess weakness first and then strengths. Text or call me for any other inquiries: 780 913 0395

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Chemistry Question

Hi need assistance with a practice test that is weighted more than the final. it’s a practice test that is timed but i will send pictures. the zip file has the concepts that will most likely be covered. there will be 20 questions: multiple choice and a some drawn structures. you also have to be quite quick since there is a strict limit of time. Thank you ^^