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Through marketing intelligence, the Hotel Comfort has discovered a new type of clientele arriving in the Maasai Mara National reserve in huge numbers. Generally, statistics from Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) indicates that guest arrivals in Reserve have increased tremendously! This is an opportunity that the management cannot afford to lose amidst the challenges and threats its facing. The hotel leadership has had purchased a parcel of land in Maasai Mara National reserve together with a Lodge called Destination Lodge and has called upon the Marketing department to come up with a proposal on how these resources can be utilized.

The proposal plan clearly explains the development of the project from the 1st stage to the 3rd stage which is the last stage of the project. The project is expected to take 7 ? months for it to be completed. Absolute description of the project activities have been outlined, resources required explained to detail and the project budget estimation given out. At the end of the project completion, the Lodge is expected to have begun immediate revenue generation. This is a project worth undertaking as it will position Hotel Comfort at a competitive advantage and enhancing its growth.

Narok County is the heart of tourism and hospitality industry in Kenya, only the second after costal Kenya. Over the recent past, major developments in this industry have been numerous resulting to the county being number one in the country in terms of revenue generation. These developments have been in various dimensions such as technologically, economically (in terms of the increased number of consumers demanding tourism and hospitality products and services) among others.

Due to these developments, various firms offering both tourism and hospitality products have emerged resulting in un-leveled competition amongst them. Through market research and other techniques, every supplier in this service industry is trying to embrace anything adequate to make them be at a competitive edge. For instance, through market intelligence survey, our marketing department has learned that the major competitor of the Hotel Comfort, the Swina Place, has done a great investment in the purchase of Reservation technologies and expansion of their restaurant to a capacity of 500 people.

Over the last 3 months, Leisure hotel has developed a system of employee training in order to enhance and increase their capability to offer high quality products and services. These are just but few examples! Market share leadership and dominance in the market place is a critical factor that determines the stability of a hotel. Research shows that as a result of competition, every hotel in the Narok County is fighting to be the leader in the market. This is due to the fact that this will ensure high rate of business growth and flourishing even during unfavorable seasons.

Tourism statistics from the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), a body that markets Kenya as tourist destination internationally, shows that over the last 2 years, tourist arrivals in the country have increased by 30 % and 90% of the arrivals heading to Maasai Mara National Reserve as their ultimate destination. The reserve has been rejuvenated due to its improved positive image internationally and its fame as the 7th wonder of the world. Due to the increment of guest arrivals in the reserve, the demand for accommodation has sky-rocketed. The demand has exceeded the supply.

The lodges in the reserve are not capable to match the demand with supply of capacity. In addition, some conclusions from government through the ministry of Tourism states that the quality of facilities in the destination has been diminishing gradually over the last years. This suggests that the increase in the arrivals in the destination is not as a result of high quality services but due to a sported new attraction or a new form of clientele.

In the recent years, competitive firms have been established. For eight years we have enjoyed market share dominance and being at a competitive advantage over our adversaries. In the past two years, our firm grounds have been shaken! Competitive firms have cached-up and we are almost in the same level if not at the verge of being thrown out of the business! The main goal of every establishment is maximization of profits and growth. To realize this, they need to come up with strategies of staying at a competitive edge, dominating in the market, positive image positioning, and expansion.

When they are threatened, new opportunities are sought to enhance survival and thriving in the market. The mission of Hotel comfort is: enhancing un-leveled growth through offering the best and high quality products in the hospitality industry. Our goal is creating customer loyalty, preference and retention through quality offerings and our guiding light is our vision which is making hotel comfort the center of quality hospitality and the only preferred alternative in the industry. For years, our mission, goal and vision has been well adhered and results have been realized.

However, things have gone wrong! We are currently facing a lot of competition, we are almost being overtaken in terms of market share leadership, our growth has almost reached maturity stage and our revenues are in the phase of declining! Something must be done! In order to stay ahead of competition, maintain market share leadership and dominance in the Narok County and expand in terms of growth, a new product development would be the answer for The Comfort Hotel as suggested by the management of Hotel Comfort.

In conjunction to this, the management has purchased a big parcel of land in the Maasai mara and acquired a lodge called the Destination Lodge. The choice for acquisition is as a result of intensive and extensive market research by the research and development department of Hotel comfort, so that the threats the organization is facing can be resolved. The current owners of the hotel have been unable to develop it further and the high level of competition has forced them out of business. Some of the motivators to acquire and develop the lodge is the fact that it is cheap to acquire than to begin its construction from grass root.

The lodge is strategically located at an area where game viewing is an exciting adventure, whereby guests can view as the great wildlife migration from Maasai mara to Serengeti in Tanzania takes place. Besides this, the Maasai Mara National Reserve within which the lodge is located seems to have been rejuvenated. Tourism arrivals in the zone have increased and reason behind is that a new type of clientele has emerged, heavily demanding the tourism and hospitality product. This clientele is the child visitor/ guest who have led to the development of a niche target market which needs to be served with unique services.

Therefore this sported new opportunity can result in the hotel realizing its growth objectives if taken advantage of. The management has requested for a proposal from the Marketing department on how the acquired lodge can be developed. Therefore this proposal is a detailed plan on how Destination lodge can be developed. Definitely some renovations and developments will have to be done to the new lodge to make it modern and competitive enough. Readjustments will have to be done so that the needs of the new guest, who has emerged recently, can be catered for. The needs summary

From the problem stated above, hotel comfort needs; – To maintain and enhance market share leadership and dominance in the Narok County – To realize its growth objective From these needs the Hotel Comfort would need: • Develop the destination lodge to be achieve its growth objective • Strategizing in order to be at a competitive edge over competitors, to maintain and enhance dominance an market share leadership in Narok county • Take advantage of the increment of the number of tourist arrivals in the Maasai Mara National Reserve and the new type of clientele.

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