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Develop a Process Flow Diagram for obtaining a Missouri Drivers License(USA). Develop a Data Flow Diagram for obtaining a

Develop a Process Flow Diagram for obtaining a Missouri Drivers License(USA).

Develop a Data Flow Diagram for obtaining a Missouri Divers License.

Is this process automated.

If not could it be.

How could it be improved?

Use standard Symbols for each type of Diagram.

Research a Decision Support System.

What is the product

What decisions are being made?

Geographic Interest

Geographic Interest.

Description Choose ONE area of “geographic interest” (see the Topics Table for suggested ideas). Consider: What is happening to our planet?! What natural or human-caused issue affecting the planet do you consider important, urgent, interesting, dangerous, or imminent? Is it Energy-related? Resource-related? A Pollution issue? An Environmental issue? Ecological? What is the distribution of this issue (WHERE is it happening)? What are the relationships (WHY is it happening)? What variables are important? Can anything be done to remedy or at least mitigate the situation? Is there a global awareness about this issue? Why or why not? Is everyone equally affected? Your report should be concise but comprehensive enough so that an uninformed reader of your project can get a good understanding of your topic and its related issues. The report should total about 15-20 pages, with approximately seven (7) to ten (10) pages of text, plus about seven (7) to ten (10) pages of graphics, in any combination. Your graphical material can be maps, diagrams, charts, tables, photographs, or any other visual/tactical material you choose. At least ½ (50%) of your graphic material must be of your own creative production. This may include photos you take yourself, or graphs, charts or tables you create yourself, or maps, drawings, or other illustrations you sketch, draw, or enhance by hand. You should also include a cover page with your name/course/project title, and a final works cited page (in any format) with your sources. You should take the time necessary to submit a quality effort by preparing a neat, cleanly typed report, be diligent about proper sourcing, perform frequent spell checks and grammar checks, properly label and identify all maps and illustrations, etc. You can format your paper any way you wish with respect to layout, font style, etc., but do not use a font larger than 12-point or line spacing greater than 1.5. At least ONE MAP showing the distribution of your topical item. Two or more maps at different scales is even better. You may download an outline of a map if you wish, and then color/symbolize/customize the map to show what you wish. At least ONE PHOTOGRAPH of any kind which depicts or represents your item/topic. At least ONE Chart/Graph/Table that compares two or more variables of your item/topic. • WHERE in the world is your item/issue/topic area primarily located? o Distributed widely or just in a few places? (countries, continents, land types, etc.) o Is this item/resource/problem increasing/diminishing in quantity? Why? • HOW MUCH of your item is there in the world? o Use specific weights/volumes –numerical values – get the FACTS! o Include the date/source of this information. o How have/will these values change over time (past/present/future)? o Is there a dollar value associated with this item/topic? In what ways? Who bears this cost? • WHO controls the item/resource in question? o Which countries/states/organizations/corporate entities are in control (or claiming to be)? o Is this control status changing – or expected to change in the future? How? Why? • WHAT is happening to this item/resource/topic of interest? o What is the expected IMPACT of changes to this item/resource/area of interest? Why? Be specific. What can be done about it? At what cost/consequence? What do YOU think?

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Essay 2, part 1: Argumentative Essay (The New Jim Crow)

Develop a Process Flow Diagram for obtaining a Missouri Drivers License(USA). Develop a Data Flow Diagram for obtaining a Essay 2, part 1: Argumentative Essay (The New Jim Crow).

English 1301

Your second essay is an argumentative / persuasive piece based on the book The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. The purpose of an argumentative or persuasive essay is to convince your reader that your position on a particular issue is credible.  Argumentation is not about proving that you are right or wrong, but instead about demonstrating that you can support your position with solid evidence, thus presenting a viable perspective.


Topic: After reading The New Jim Crow, write an essay that discusses how Michelle Alexander:

1.      addresses the question of mass incarceration

2.      evaluates the strength or usefulness of her claims.

Defend your position with evidence from the text. Develop your argument by including relevant personal experience, anticipating counterclaims or competing views, and giving at least 2 examples from history or current events.


Dates to Remember:

Monster quiz over The New Jim Crow: Tuesday, 19 March promptly at the beginning of class.

PRG of E2 thesis statements:  Tuesday, 19 March (bring 4 hard copies of thesis to class; drafts must be in-hand, ready to go by the beginning of class to earn credit.)

PRG on E2 drafts:   Tuesday, 26 March (bring 4 typed, complete copies of your paper to class; drafts must be in-hand, ready to go by the beginning of class to earn credit.)

Final Paper Due:   Tuesday, 9 April @ beginning of class. Submit through


Secondary Sources Required:        three, from library resources / databases only

Number of Web (“Open internet”) Sources:  one. You may use information from, but it may not be your main or only secondary source.


Please note that if you choose to use additional internet sources anyway, your paper will be reduced by one letter grade per improperly located source.


Length of Paper:  3-4 pages (works cited may not start until page 4, and the paper must be a minimum of 3 completely full pages)


Getting Started

Try answering the questions below to help you get started.

  • What is my issue?  How can I define it?
  • What readers am I trying to reach with my discussion of this issue?
  • What are some related issues that I may need to address?
  • How can I narrow the issue for an essay-length discussion?
  • What are my views on the issue? What is my position on the issue? How can I state my position?
  • What 2-4 major points will I make in support of my position?
  • What evidence supports my position from The New Jim Crow?
  • Does my argument include a call for action? What do I want readers to do, if anything?
  • Does the issue have a compromise position, or is there no middle ground? 

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Explain how the Culture of summerians displayed in epic of Gilgamesh

Explain how the Culture of summerians displayed in epic of Gilgamesh.

Culture of summerians displayed in epic of Gilgamesh

Paper details reading literature, and especially epic literature, is like looking through a window at the culture from which it emerged. Based on your reading of this ancient text, write an essay in which you discuss what The Epic of Gilgamesh reveals about the values – the moral ideas and standards of behavior – of ancient Sumerians. What ideas were important to the Sumerians? What did they expect of their rulers? What values did they want their heroes to embody? Use specific examples from the epic to support your argument. This assignment requires you to be particularly observant of the values of the world of Gilgamesh. This entails characteristics of human behavior as manifested in the characters’ decisions, actions and interactions. The introduction to the Epic in your book would be of great help to you, as much as the notes you have been keeping in class. Part of this assignment is also answering questions we have been considering: what does it mean to be ancient? To be epic? To be distant from our time? Also, what it means to be a man or a woman in the civilization of ancient Sumeria? To be mortal or immortal? Moreover, how are gender and friendship perceived in that culture? How do people live, love and fight? What do their cities and homes look like? Be curious and investigative. All observations are to be drawn from the poem and poem-related-essays, such as the introduction. *** I need quotes taken from The Epic of Gilgamesh, published by penguin classics, translated by N.K Sanders**

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Climate Changing the Waters in Coral Reef Areas

Climate Changing the Waters in Coral Reef Areas.

Introduction – Climate Changing the Waters in Coral Reef Areas – Problems and Practical Solutions Using the attached information and instructions, referencing the bibliography (also attached), please write the introduction to my capstone

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Abolishing Parole Boards

Abolishing Parole Boards.

Which is more severe: 5 days in jail or two years on probation? Six months house arrest or 15 days in jail? Capital punishment or life in prison without the possibility of parole? A primary challenge facing sentencing bodies is to determine what sentence is appropriate for each crime. The ultimate goal for any sentence is to ensure justice; however, understanding whether a select sanction serves the purpose of justice in relation to the crime is not always easy. Sentencing bodies generally have an idea of what sanctions are more severe than others, although what may seem tough for one offender may be less punitive for others. The following article – “Serving Life, with No Chance of Redemption” (Liptak) – highlights the difficulties associated with a life sentence without the possibility of parole. To some offenders, death is preferable to being imprisoned for the remainder of their life. Why prison without the possibility of parole? To begin, inmates serving life sentences are “less important” to prisoner advocacy groups and attorneys than those sentenced to death, so they receive little attention and support. Appellate courts more closely scrutinize capital cases than the more routine life sentences, and those on death row are granted attorneys at no cost to work on their cases in federal court long after their convictions have been affirmed. It may truly be in the best interests of innocent individuals convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison to request capital punishment because their case will draw greater attention. Consider the mental anguish associated with a life sentence without the possibility for parole. You realize you are never going to leave once you enter the prison. You will die inside that building. Those receiving a 25-year sentence will someday get out. You? You’re here for life. While there are certainly psychological and other difficulties associated with life sentences, many in society are not sympathetic. Why? Perhaps the best answer is that such sentences are reserved for those convicted of the more heinous offense. For some, the psychological challenges associated with a life sentence are the most troublesome aspect of the punishment. Others fit right behind the prison walls, thus a life sentence poses few problems; the structure and resources provided by prison life are preferable to life outside of prison. To these inmates, prison is life and anything else (i.e., life on the outside) provides a struggle. Sentencing bodies use life sentences as a sanction for the most serious crimes; life sentences serve the primary purposes of incapacitation, retribution, and deterrence. While appropriate in certain circumstances, life sentences entail long term concerns for prisons, such as increased heath care costs associated with imprisonment as inmates age. Security issues are also a concern. It is argued that releasing elderly inmates serving life sentences who no longer pose a threat to society would save precious criminal justice resources and give lifers hope that they too may someday be released. In turn, lifers may behave better in prison. Read the following: “Serving Life, With No Chance of Redemption” by Adam Liptak, The New York Times, October 5, 2006. (internet) “Parole Boards Are Worth Saving”. Hughes, Gail. Corrections Today; Lanhan Vol. 69, Its. 4 (Aug 2007). (school library) Life Without Parole by Beth Schwartzzapfel. The Marshall Project, July 10, 2015. (internet) Answer the following questions – each as a separate essay using at least one outside – scholarly – source for each. 1. Why would some offenders choose to receive a sentence of capital punishment in lieu of life in prison without the possibility of parole? 2. Aside from never being permitted to leave prison, what are some of the difficulties associated with a life sentence (examine difficulties not necessarily noted in the readings.)? 3. Discuss why we should or should not impose life sentences without the possibility for parole.

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Human Resources – Training and development

Human Resources – Training and development.


Use the OUTLINE that you wrote – You are writing the first 5 pages of this paper. This in the end will be a 15 page paper. See all attachments. The outline you wrote is labeled Training and development Plan. Please use the attachment labeled Basic academic paper formatting. The outline you did was great write on point. Your task will be to design a training program for the professional and non-professional staff at a Senior Living Facility. The project, in its simplest form, is to design a training and development (T&D) program. The devil is in the details! The project is centered on developing the above T&D program for a senior living facility. The facility involves serving clients of the area in

Independent Living, Assisted Living and 24 hour Skilled Nursing. Go to the following link to become familiar with various Senior Living choices: I am including an attached organization chart of the River & Bluffs Senior Living Corporation (RBSLC). Also, see the corresponding Job Description of some of the duties of the major roles in the RBSLC Organization Chart. Your task is to design a training plan to help train the members of this organization in everything not covered in their detailed state and federal medical compliance training! ( So skip any medical or state and federal compliance training that is related to the medical areas in RBSLC.) Your training program should include the following (see Figure 1.2 page 11 in the text) components. Template for your paper: 1. Title page 2. Abstract page 3. Overview of RBSLC 4. Create a Needs Assessment for RBSCL 5. Assume all employees have the readiness to proceed in a training process = Discuss the type of Learning Environment (detail out at least two types of courses to be offered: Topic of course, delivery method(s), helpful room setups and end of training evaluation. 6. In a more generic discussion, how will the RBSLC deliver its’ training 7. How will employees know what courses they have to take and how will RBSLC track training? 8. What type of evaluation will be used and how will this feedback be used to modify training and training outcomes? 9. Reference page 10.Appendices if needed ***(Again all of the above items must be in your paper and should have all 10 items in it) (HINT)*** Your paper is to be 5 pages (this does not include the title page, abstract, references or and addendums that you include.) Your paper must be APA Compliant in all facets: pay particular to basic paper formatting, citations and corresponding references.

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Explain how the frontier myth that Laurence Shames describes in “The More Factor” shapes our consuming behavior

Explain how the frontier myth that Laurence Shames describes in “The More Factor” shapes our consuming behavior.

Explain how the frontier myth that Laurence Shames describes in “The More Factor” shapes our consuming behavior and the advertising designed to trigger such behavior.

Use some current ads to illustrate these myths. You must use at least 4 critical/secondary sources to support your argument. (Like films and television shows, ads are primary sources, not secondary or critical. They must be included in your works cited, but they don’t count toward the required number of critical sources.) 2-3 from sources I provided, 2-3 from outside

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