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Design of Cross Country Pipeline buy essay help Algebra coursework help

Abstract As we know, Pipelines are the important part of any country as it plays major role in transportation of petroleum products and helps in meeting the energy requirement of any country. So pipeline construction is a major activity accounting for almost 40% of the total cost. Like any other major activity, this is multi-disciplinary subject as it involves many steps from pipeline route selection ,different surveys to the final construction.

In this pipeline construction process, Designing of the pipeline is a very critical process as it includes many steps as diameter selection , number of pumping stations required, power requirement, losses in the pipeline, thermal stress analysis, calculation of MAOP etc. In our major project “A Study of Multi-Product Cross Country Pipeline” , we are trying to do a study on designing part of a pipeline i. e. diameter selection , number of pumping stations required, power requirement, losses in the pipeline, thermal stress analysis, calculation of MAOP etc under the guidance of our mentor A.

K. Arya. Literature study A Cross country pipeline is generally laid across cross country locations in addition to Pipeline Operator’s own premises, mostly passing thru agricultural and waste lands and crossing various roads, railways, canals, rivers and other utility lines reroute. The pipeline stations like pumping stations etc. will be developed in the lands under the Pipeline Owner’s possession for respective purposes. Cross country pipelines are generally laid underground maintaining a minimum top cover of 1 metre duly following relevant statutory and technical specifications.

A corridor of appropriate width, say 18 metres is required for pipeline laying activity all along the pipeline route for movement of construction equipments deployed during construction. This corridor is acquired under Petroleum & Mineral Pipeline (Acquisition of Right of User in Lands) Act, 1962 and its amendments. As per the act, after due publication of gazette notifications (called 3(1), 5(1), 6(1) notifications) under the above act thru Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, the pipeline owner acquires Right of Use (ROU) for laying and maintenance of the pipeline along the desired corridor.

computer network project

Part 1:
1. Download the following repository to Delenn: Familiarize yourself with the code.3. Run it.4. Turn in a Screen shot like Figure 1.Figure 1: Sample screenshot for Part1Helpful Hints: To run the graphics on a Linux machine see How do I run graphical programs remotely from a Linux server?  The mail should be in a file called under /var/spool/mail

Part2:1. Display a better-looking GUI: Some examplesa. Use Swing b. Remove localhost field and the From field. Your program should be able to find out this information. You can add an authentication phase firstc. Add a CC field2. Send emails with both text and images.3. Test using Stetson or Yahoo, Gmail…etc. (see Figures 2 and 3 for examples)4. Turn in:o your source code. Please indicate the sections that you added.o Screenshots showing that your client can receive e-mail messages with text and images securely.Helpful Hints: Java Mail can make your life a lot easier  Create an email account with very low security setting for testing You are free to: Enhance the GUI as you see fit Add the image as an attachment or in the body of the email. Use any other language of your choice.Figure 2: Sample Screenshot for Part2