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Design a Comprehensive Learning and Development Leadership Program As the executive learning and development director for a midsized global

Design a Comprehensive Learning and Development Leadership Program

As the executive learning and development director for a midsized global petroleum organization, you have been asked by the chief human resources officer (CHRO) to create a report on how you envision the design of a new leadership program for the organization’s 50 management and executives in leadership teams across four different departments: sales, marketing, finance, and engineering. These teams span three countries: the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In your report, please include the elements below.

– Include an introductory paragraph with the name of your fictitious company, where the home office is located (you choose this), how long the company has been in business, and some background information. Do not use the name of or information about a real company.

– Discuss your leadership development strategy, and give a vision to this strategy. For example, what are the outcomes of having a leadership development program for the organization?

– Discuss how you plan to assess leadership capabilities.

– Explain two to three assessment tools that you will use to identify leadership capabilities for each department.

– Explain two to three leadership development methods for each department, taking into consideration cultures in each region—the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

– Then, conclude your report by describing the benefits that a formal leadership development program will have on the organization. For example, explain why a leadership development program is important and how it enhances the organization’s competitiveness.

Your completed scholarly activity must be at least two pages in length and include at least three outside sources. Adhere to APA guidelines when constructing this assignment, and include in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

Research Memo

Research Memo.

 You are a CPA working for ODU Alumni CPAs, LLP. Yesterday, you attended a Columbus Crew soccer match with a client who posed a question to you. The facts are as follows: Your client, Molly Dunphy, just got her realtor’s license. She has been talking to other realtors in the area who have shared with her that since her image is part of her job, she can deduct the following as business expenses on her Schedule C against her commission income from home sales: • Business suits worn only for work and kept in a separate area in her home • Dry cleaning of her business suits • Jewelry worn only for work • Makeup • Haircuts • Manicures • Teeth whitening • Personal trainer • Continuing education classes to maintain realtor’s license • Mileage from office to houses that are being shown and back (but not commuting mileage from Molly’s home to the office and back) Molly is not sure if this is correct, but her new colleagues state they deduct these items every year because these are all ordinary and necessary expenses of being a realtor. Molly wants to file her taxes correctly. What do you advise? 1. Draft a tax memo outlining the deductibility of the items listed on Molly’s Schedule C, where she reports her commission income as a realtor. Follow Exhibit 2-9, Sample Internal Research Memo, in your textbook on page 2-21. Use at least one Internal Revenue Code section and at least one tax court case in your analysis (and list all sources used in the authorities section).

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marketization and social housing policy

Design a Comprehensive Learning and Development Leadership Program As the executive learning and development director for a midsized global marketization and social housing policy.

Word limit: 2,500

“Marketization and Social housing policy in Australia”

In this assignment you will explore the application of market economics to housing policy making.

You will need to select a case study where policy has changed (or is proposed to change) to provide a greater role for market forces in the production or allocation of resources. This should ideally be related to the topic of your last assignment.

Your analysis will need to outline the policy changes and the rationale for the change. Explore the effects (or predicted effects) of the policy change and address arguments both in favour and against the policy change. Must conclude by suggesting ways forward, has the policy been effective and what might make it more effective?

This Assessment Tasks:

· Understand and interpret concepts from political economy

· Understand the historical development of different theoretical traditions in political economy

· Critically apply concepts from political economy to understanding contemporary policy issues

· Explain in verbal and written forms the economic implications of policies clearly to an educated, non-expert audience

· Identify and integrate policy and theoretical information for a specific topic

· Read critically across social scientific disciplines

Plan draft:

1. Introduction; How the marketization change the social sectors such as education, health and housing in Australia.

The result of marketization process in Housing industry and it’s policy—-The most vulnerable part of the society suffer from the growth of market prices.

Social housing policy and it’s implementation in Sydney.

Why needs some changes in the Social housing policy.

2. Body P1: Theory of Marketization and how it’s process is going in Australia.

3. Body P2: The results of it in different sectors, especially in Housing sector.

4. Body P3: Social housing program

5. Why it needs some changes.

6. Conclusion:







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Can sovereign wealth funds help states overcome the resource curse? Discuss with reference to at least two case studies.

Can sovereign wealth funds help states overcome the resource curse? Discuss with reference to at least two case studies..

Can sovereign wealth funds help states overcome the resource curse? Discuss with reference to at least two case studies.

All the requirements I will send you after.

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Diversity & Ethics

Diversity & Ethics.



Introduction (250-300 words) Provide overview with significance of the issue related to field of study Literature Review (1,000-1,500 words) Build upon Scaffold Step #3 Conclude this section with concise statement of the problem based upon the literature

Diversity & Ethics, Cultural perspectives & inequities (1,000-1,200 words) Analyze competing entities including disenfranchised/vulnerable groups Address issues such as ingroup favoritism, intergroup bias, etc. Integrate Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory in analyzing perspectives Summarize cultural perspectives and perceived inequities Ethical implications (1,000-1,200 words) Analyze decision making and actions, social responsibility, applying specific ethical theories Identify possible pathways to equitable solutions Summarize compelling ethical issues Proposed solution (1,000-1,500 words) Advocate most equitable, ethical solution to meet needs of vulnerable, disenfranchised Draw upon scholarly sources & previous sections to substantiate position Provide further support with government reports & studies, NGO reports & studies

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Discuss self-defense as a defense to crime

Discuss self-defense as a defense to crime.

Paper details

Discuss self-defense as a defense to crime. Discuss the laws behind self-defense, and the objective circumstances that justify self-defense. Specifically discuss Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws. Use real-world examples to show how self-defense works in person’s protecting themselves and others. At least four (4) professional and academic references should be used. Due Date November 18th. This assignment is worth 20 points. Assignments will be accepted early if you complete them early. All essays are due in class the date they are due. Late assignments may be accepted at instructor discretion based on reasonable emergencies. Late assignments and assignments that do not follow the instructions will be graded down (see grading rubric). Grading Rubric Essay #3 Grading Rubric.docxPreview the document Essay Instructions: Review the grading rubric for this assignment so that you understand how the assignment will be graded. Papers should be 1000 to 1200 words written (not including references in this count) Papers should be double spaced Papers should follow MLA paper guidelines. If you are uncertain about MLA, there are numerous guidelines on-line that will provide assistance. If you are still uncertain, contact the instructor for assistance. Papers should have a minimum of four academic and peer-reviewed references List all references within the paper per MLA guidelines and on the separate references page of the paper. Tips for Essay Success: (start early, don’t procrastinate) Frame the essay before starting. Determine what areas you need to cover in the essay, sequence the topics and sub-topics, and then build your topic paragraph. Focus on establishing what you are discussing in the first paragraph. Set up the topic paragraph as the guideline for what you will write. Use quality academic and peer-reviewed reference materials. Google Scholar is a free service that will provide a wealth of resources for the essay. Reference all information that comes from other sources. Use correct reference formats per MLA requirements. Use spell check. Also, print out what you have written, and after taking a break re-read it looking for grammatical and syntax errors that affect the flow of the paper. Have other persons read it also. You may also send the instructor a copy of the paper beforehand for feedback in the process (highly recommended).

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Research a coding/billing credential through the AAPC or AHIMA

Research a coding/billing credential through the AAPC or AHIMA.

TOPIC: Research a coding/billing credential through the AAPC or AHIMA (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.) and write a comprehensive 3 page plan on how you would go about taking the credential. You must include: cost, preparation materials, how long it would take to study for, what the certification requirements are, how would you go about studying for the credential while working, what type of CEU’s you will need and why you are interested in taking this credential.

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Reflect on Aldo Leopold’s The Land Ethic,

Reflect on Aldo Leopold’s The Land Ethic,.

This writing assignment asks you to reflect on Aldo Leopold’s The Land Ethic, which you will read in its entirety. The PDF to that reading is attached. -Format: Double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1 inch margins -This writing assignment is going to take the form of a very simple three part essay. It asks you to read Leopold’s Land Ethic and situate it within the perspectives on human-environment relations we learned about in our textbook “Environment and Society, A Critical introduction (Second Edition)” from Chapters 2-8. For each of the three parts, I have defined questions for you to address. Each part should be about one to one and a half pages double spaced, or 500 words. So in total it’s a three to four page writing assignment. Feel free to number each part of your essay. The only sources you should use should be The Land Ethic essay attached here (primarily) as well as your textbook (secondarily). The bulk of your assignment should be written in your own words with only select, limited direct quotes from sources to provide particular examples or emphasis. Part 1) What approach/perspective on human-environment relations from our textbook is Leopold’s The Land Ethic associated with? Where do you find evidence of Leopold discussing this idea in his essay The Land Ethic? How does he make his argument? Part 2) What are some of the other approaches/perspectives on human-environment relationships from our textbook that Leopold is reacting to in this essay? What are some passages from the essay in which Leopold addresses other perspectives? How is his perspective different? Part 3) Explain two ways you see that this seminal work, The Land Ethic, has influenced thinking on the environment since it was first published in 1949. Please Try and Find textbook “Environment and Society, A critical introduction (Second Edition)” online, If having trouble reach out please. Here is “Aldo Leopolds The Land Ethic” The Land Ethic by Aldo Leopold 1949 [ This essay is excerpted from Aldo Leopold’s book A Sand County Almanac. ] When god-like Odysseus returned from the wars in Troy, he hanged all on one rope a dozen slave-girls of his household whom he suspected of misbehavior during his absence. This hanging involved no question of propriety. The girls were property. The disposal of property was then, as now, a matter of expediency, not of right and wrong. Concepts of right and wrong were not lacking from Odysseus’ Greece: witness the fidelity of his wife through the long years before at last his black-prowed galleys clove the wine-dark seas for home. The ethical structure of that day covered wives, but had not yet been extended to human chattels. During the three thousand years which have since elapsed, ethical criteria have been extended to many fields of conduct, with corresponding shrinkages in those judged by expediency only. THE ETHICAL SEQUENCE This extension of ethics, so far studied only by philosophers, is actually a process in ecological evolution. Its sequences may be described in ecological as well as well as in philosophical terms. An ethic, ecologically, is a limitation on freedom of action in the struggle for existence. An ethic, philosophically, is a differentiation of social from anti- social conduct. These are two definitions of one thing. The thing has its origin in the tendency of interdependent individuals or groups to evolve modes of co-operation. The ecologist calls these symbioses. Politics and economics are advanced symbioses in which the original free-for-all competition has been replaced, in part, by co-operative mechanisms with an ethical content. The complexity of co-operative mechanisms has increased with population density, and with the efficiency of tools. It was simpler, for example, to define the anti-social uses of sticks and stones in the days of the mastodons than of bullets and billboards in the age of motors. The first ethics dealt with the relation between individuals; the Mosaic Decalogue is an example. Later accretions dealt with the relation between the individual and society. The Golden Rule tries to integrate the individual to society; democracy to integrate social organization to the individual. There is as yet no ethic dealing with man’s relation to land and to the animals and plants which grow upon it. Land, like Odysseus’ slave-girls, is still property. The land-relation is still strictly economic, entailing privileges but not obligations. The extension of ethics to this third element in human environment is, if I read the evidence correctly, an evolutionary possibility and an ecological necessity. It is the third step in a sequence. The first two have already been taken. Individual thinkers since the days of Ezekiel and Isaiah have asserted that the despoliation of land is not only inexpedient but wrong. Society, however, has not yet affirmed their belief. I regard the present conservation movement as the embryo of such an affirmation. An ethic may be regarded as a mode of guidance for meeting ecological situations so new or intricate, or involving such deferred reactions, that the path of social expediency is not discernible to the average individual. Animal instincts are modes of guidance for the individual in meeting such situations. Ethics are possibly a kind of community instinct in-the-making. THE COMMUNITY CONCEPT All ethics so far evolved rest upon a singl

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Take-Home Exam – New Testament;Answers are to be in essay format. You may use your personal notes, handouts, course videos, class textbook and Bible. If you consult any additional material, makes sure to reference it correctly. (Outside sources not permit

Take-Home Exam – New Testament;Answers are to be in essay format. You may use your personal notes, handouts, course videos, class textbook and Bible. If you consult any additional material, makes sure to reference it correctly. (Outside sources not permit.

Answer two of the following three questions (approx. 3-4 pages per answer; 12pts; Times Romans; 1.5 or 2.0 spacing).

Answers are to be in essay format. You may use your personal notes, handouts, course videos, class textbook and Bible. If you consult any additional material, makes sure to reference it correctly. (Outside sources not permitted)

1. Fully explain the double Johannine Christology and how one is related to the other.

2. Who were the “antichrists” in 1 and 2 John and what were their beliefs? Make sure to
quote specific passages from the New Testament in support of your answer.

3. Compare and contrast the idea of “speaking in tongues” in Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians 14.


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Reflection on my self about the class

Reflection on my self about the class.

Reflection Paper #2 (50 points)This last paper asks you consider your experience in class, and with the course material. Consider where you were at (emotionally, mentally and/or physiologically) when you entered this class, and where you stand now. Are you the same person? Did anything change? Did you change? Have you learned anything new about yourself? Have you learned things about yourself you wish you hadn’t? Did this course have any meaning for you?I am of the opinion that students of interpersonal communication, who have shown up and invested their time in class and in the material, will indubitably be changed from the experience. Remember, a principle of communication is we cannot not communicate. Even if you sat through the entire class and said nothing, you would still have to listen. Listening is an important part of communication. Communication changes people. We cannot not be changed when we interact (be it assertively or passively) with other people. What I am interested in this paper is your willingness to express what you felt about this class and how what we discussed in class and what you read in your textbook, had an impact on – you. Parameters:Minimum requirements: 2 typed, double-spaced, pages with 1-in margins. You are welcome to write more. Any less than 2 pages will result in points being deducted. Please use 12 pt. font such as Times Roman or Arial.

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