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Descriiption of Assignment: For this assignment, you will be assigned a federally recognized tribe about which to write. The

Descriiption of Assignment: For this assignment, you will be assigned a federally recognized tribe about which to write. The paper should be focused on a current event or topic from that tribe that interests you, which could be anything from economic development to education, politics to health and wellness. GUIDELINES Paper should be FOUR AND A HALF pages, Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, with one inch margins. This does not mean hit the top of page three and that is four pages–you must hit the bottom of page four. Any papers that do not meet the length requirement will start at an 89% and go down from there based upon the paper’s content. You will need a separate title page (NOT to be included in your page count, sorry), which reflects the tribe studied and the topical area on which you concentrated (e.g. Comanche: Economic Development) as well as your name, the date, and the class section. There should be an extra page of your paper at the end (a “Works Cited/Endnotes” page, also not to be included in your page count) which consists of the title of each of the articles you consulted and cited internally with ENDNOTES. Example 1. “Tribal Casino Brings in Big Bucks” Muscogee Nation News, page 4, December 2014 The main source for this paper will be articles taken from the assigned tribe’s online newspaper or newsletter (which you will be provided a link to). You will need to find a minimum of EIGHT articles, but may need more depending on the length of articles chosen. These articles need to be drawn from at least four different dates of the newsletter/newspaper, so you may need to look through an entire year of the publication to obtain the requisite articles. Other sources (such as books or journals, magazines, tribal websites, non-tribal newspapers, or even online videos) should be used only to provide background information for an introduction, which should consist of no more than a SINGLE paragraph. The point of this exercise is to tell me about contemporary life in a certain tribal community relating to a SINGLE FOCUSED TOPIC. Make sure all articles you select fit logically under the topic covered, because if they do not, you will lose substantial points. For instance, if your topic is Seminole Nation Education and you include article summaries about Seminole smoke shops, your grade will suffer. Also, avoid overly general topics such as “Community Development” since virtually any article in any tribal newspaper could fall under such an overly broad topic. Direct quotations need to be avoided at the risk of losing considerable points. One or two short quotes may be used if you are citing a speech by an individual, but in most cases, they should be avoided given the brevity of this paper. You need to summarize the information in your own words, not cut and paste from a website or copy verbatim from printed sources. This is my assigned tribe. POARCH BAND CREEK—Poarch Creek News (Links to an external site.)