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Descriiption Chapters 4-7 (attached) exposes the students to various means and metrics to measure the performance of various parts Essay

Chapters 4-7 (attached) exposes the students to various means and metrics to measure the performance of various parts of the supply chain
· Learn the importance of collecting the “right” metrics us to manage a given supply chain
· Analyze supply chain performance using various metrics and scorecards
· Become familiar with proper data collection and usage
***Assignment deliverables***
1. Write an essay comparing/contrasting performance metrics used in the reading
2. Construct a table for level 1 and for level 2 controls. Be sure to include the metric name, definition, frequency, value definition, expected range. (2 tables)
***Please use the attached reference and may also use other legitimate references to expand on the topic. Must cite all references.*****

Health Care: Organizational Change

Health Care: Organizational Change.

Today’s healthcare business environment requires organizations to undergo changes almost constantly if they are to remain competitive. Factors such as globalization of markets and rapidly evolving technology force businesses to respond in order to survive. Such changes may be relatively minor as in the case of installing a new software program or quite major as in the case of refocusing an overall marketing strategy, fighting off a hostile takeover, or transforming a company in the face of persistent foreign competition. In some cases, however, companies change under the impetus of enlightened leaders who first recognize and then exploit new potentials dormant in the organization or its circumstances. Some observers, more soberly, label this a “performance gap” which management is inspired to close. Your paper should be on Organizational Change. There should be 4 parts to your paper. The paper should be at least 7 pages including refrences.

Part 1- Theories about how and why organizations, groups and individuals change. Make sure you include the initial theorists as well as contemporary authors. Make sure Kurt Lewin and Sigmund Freud are included in your literature review.

Part 2- Is about a change you have been a part of. You will need to tell a complete story about some change event in your life. It could be at work, in a social group you belong to, or a personal change where someone you know or yourself has gone through a change. This should be a description of what, why and when of some change event. It should be an ethnographic account. Part 3 is a set of recommendations that you will make based on theory and experience. What could have been done differently to make the change effort you were involved in more efficient and effective? Part 4 is a summary description of candidates who recommended changes for the Affordable Care Act and includes what the changes will accomplish. For each political party, after you have identified the intended changes identify 3 major steps that each change for each party (Democrat and Republican) will require. In this section apply what you have learned from the change effort you were involved in in Sections 2 and 3 of this paper. The paper should follow APA format and must have at least 10 references.

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 Adult Stroke

Descriiption Chapters 4-7 (attached) exposes the students to various means and metrics to measure the performance of various parts Essay  Adult Stroke.

 Description Order of Paper: I have the approved Article for the research paper, you may use up to 2 more ,must be American Nursing journals less than 4 years old for references. 1.Clearly and thoroughly introduces the topic and the purpose of the paper. 2.Thoroughly details the Nursing assessment data needed for this health issue. 3.Discusses thoroughly how age, gender, AND genetic makeup impacts the care of this patient/family. 4.Discusses thoroughly the potential cultural, ethical AND psychosocial aspects that impact care of this patient/family. 5.Thoroughly summarizes/evaluates an evidence-based NURSING article AND discusses how it can be used to make nursing care decisions for this patient/family. 6. Thoroughly discusses how the NURSE can promote health and recovery – focusing on education and learning needs. 7.Discusses all pertinent aspects of required community resources for this patient/family. 8. Summarizes the paper in a thorough manner without introducing new material. 9.Uses proper grammar, paper length within 7 pages of content (not including title and reference pages) and less than 25% usage of pronouns.

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For this assignment please note the following expectations: • APA title page, reference page, and formatting. • Use at least four academic/scholarly sources. • Use properly cited quotes and paraphrases when necessary. • Complete, polished, and error-free cohesive sentences. • Contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. 1. Sensory Response – When analyzing the viewer’s sensory response to a particular visual, it is important to consider the visual elements that attract the eyes. Close your eyes when considering a visual. When you open your eyes, what are the first visual elements that you see? When analyzing a viewer’s Sensory Response, you may consider analyzing at least two of the following effects: a. Colors b. Lines c. Shapes d. Balance e. Contrast 2. Perceptual Response – When analyzing a viewer’s perception of visuals, it is important to consider the audience. Consider who is or is not attracted to this type of visual communication. When analyzing a viewer’s Perceptual Response, consider at least two of the following effects: a. Target audience specifics (age, profession, gender, financial status, etc.) b. Cultural familiarity elements (ethnicity, religious preference, social groups, etc) c. Cognitive visuals (viewer’s memories, experiences, values, beliefs, etc.) 3. Technical Response – When analyzing a viewer’s response to certain visuals, we need to consider the technical visual aspects that may affect perception. Describe how visuals affect the interpretation of the intended media communication message. Address specific technological elements that impact perception. When analyzing the Technical Response, consider the Laws of Perceptual Organization (similarity, proximity, continuity, common fate, etc), and at least two of the following types of visuals: a. Drop-down menus b. Hover-over highlighting c. Animations d. Quality of visuals 4. Emotional Response – When analyzing a viewer’s Emotional Response, it is important to consider the targeted audience preferences and emotional intelligence. Discuss what the viewer might want to see and what type of visual presentation will set the tone for that response. When analyzing the Emotional Response, consider the effects of at least two of the following types of visuals: a. Mood setting colors b. Mood setting lighting c. Persuasive images d. Positioning of search or purchase buttons e. Social media icons and share options 5. Ethical Response – When analyzing a viewer’s Ethical Response, it is important to consider the targeted audience values and beliefs. Identify any negative messages about certain ideas, groups, or cultures. Describe and pinpoint images that may be inappropriate for a variety of viewers. Keep in mind that your website can be accessed by all ages and groups. When analyzing the Ethical Response, consider at least two of the following types of visuals: a. Visual stereotypes b. Limitations in diversity c. Inappropriate images for all audiences d. Digital alterations e. False representation or advertising Be sure to substantiate your analysis ideas with quotes and information from at least four academic sources. These four academic sources may include any of the following: • Robin Landa’s etextbook, • Additional readings located under each module, and/or articles you find in our LLS – for additional help finding research articles click here to set an appointment. • ** The final paper will need to be at least six pages of textual analysis; this will not include the images nor the APA title/reference pages. 

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Powerpoint – global learning – on navajo nations FOOD

I need a powerpoint draft around navajo nations food THE PROMPT is attached below
– i need atleast 7 slides
this is the advise i got told when i submited my draft but please dont take much from it as it is very bland
this feels pretty straightforwar are there any controversies here? Does the diet they now have reflect colonizing forces? ie, how has meat dependence changed since they Navajo were sequestered on the reservation? When did coffee happen? I would love to see reasons for certain food entries and developments tied to a time line of other events in the Navajo culture. (is there a way to create a dynamic relationship of foods to events or symbolism? this would make for a more interesting presentation, and more interesting research…you would need to consult different sources, more comparative cultural journals and books)

Evaluate the corpus of children’s literature

Evaluate the corpus of children’s literature.

Purpose: To analyse and evaluate the corpus of children’s literature with explicit reference to:

-Traditional tales

-Postmodern picture books including ebooks.

-Multicultural narratives – Indigenous literature – Poetry – Historical Fiction You will need at least 10 references (not including your text books).

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Oil heat burner operations including flame detection and providing saeties , also proper venting strategies and heat exchanger design for oil burners.

Oil heat burner operations including flame detection and providing saeties , also proper venting strategies and heat exchanger design for oil burners..

 Papers are to be typed with double spacing using Times New Roman font size 12 and five to 8 pages in length.  At least three well respected HVAC/R research resources other than your class text should be used to support the paper and, all citations and quotes should be properly footnoted and cited whenever quoting resources using the APA method.  Each resource must be cited at least once and one source must be cited at least twice.  You may cite your course text no more than twice and only if you have cited your other sources as indicated above.  You may include a title page but, it does not count toward the 5 page  You may include drawings and diagrams but, it does not count toward the 5 page minimum.  You must include a works cited page. It also does not count toward the 5 page minimum.  The works cited page is not your annotated bibliography.  The works cited is just the list of references from your AB without the commentary or write up from the AB.

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Concepts in Abstract Mathemayics, Answer three questions

1.Suppose that a,b∈Z are coprimes.
1)Show that gcd(a b,a−b)∈{1,2}.
2)Show that gcd(a b,a⋅b)=1.
2.I have 4.45 dollars in my pocket composed entirely of dimes (0.1 dollars) and quarters (0.25 dollars). What are the maximal and minimal number of coins that I can have? Can I have an equal amount of quarters and dimes?
3.Let n∈N
1)Show that ϕ(n^2)=nϕ(n)
2)Show that ϕ(n)≠n/4

Accounting Question

Assignment Question(s):(Marks 10)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Answer in your own words, DO NOT COPY from slides, fellow student, or internet source without proper citation.
Assignment Question(s):
Q1. What are the advantage and disadvantage of using Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? (2 marks)
(2 Mark)
Q2. Some individuals argue that accountants should focus on producing financial statements and leave the design and production of managerial reports to information systems specialists.What are the advantages and disadvantages of following this advice?To what extent should accountants be involved in producing reports that include more than just financial measures of performance?Why?
(2 Mark)

Q3. Do you agree that the most effective way to obtain adequate system security is to rely on the integrity of company employees? Why or why not? Does this seem ironic? What should a company do to ensure the integrity of its employees?
(2 Mark)
Q4. What motives do people have for hacking?Why has hacking become so popular in recent years?Do you regard it as a crime?Explain your position.
(2 Mark)
Q5. What is the difference between data and information, and discuss the characteristics of useful information? (2 marks)