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Describe the role of the crime analyst in solving crimes and identify various crime analysis strategies they may utilize. In addition, define the concepts of Intelligence Applications in Law Enforceme

In addition, define the concepts of Intelligence Applications in Law Enforcement. Using double spaced, 12 pt font size, and common font style (Times New Roman). APA format (most recent edition) is required of all Summary Paper assignments, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a full reference list. If tables, charts or images are used an Appendix is required. 2-3 pages of content maximum (minimum 700-1000 words – not including your Title page and References page).
Miami Dade College Healthcare Services to the Psychiatric Department Patients Essay.

DirectionsPlease review the infographic as way to guide you in getting started with your assignment: Developing an Assignment with Integrity (Links to an external site.)View a short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment: iCARE Paper Tutorial (Links to an external site.)Getting Started: Interprofessional teams are part of practice trends we see developing in all aspects of care delivery. Consider you own work environment (or recent clinical setting).For this assignment, consider the concept of interprofessional teamwork and patient outcomes.Look to your current workplace as an example. (If you are not currently employed, look to a past workplace or clinical practice area.)Apply the components of the iCARE concept to interprofessional teams in a short paper. (Body of the paper to be 3 pages, excluding the title page and references page)iCARE components are:C ompassionA dvocacyR esilienceE vidence-Based Practice (EBP)How could you contribute to an interprofessional team and patient outcomes through nursing actions of: compassion, advocacy, resilience, and evidence-based practice?Select one scholarly nursing article from CINAHL as a resource for your paper.Additional scholarly sources can be used but are optional.When searching in the CINAHL database, please limit your search word to one component of the paper you wish to emphasize, such as ‘Resilience’. Searching for the term iCARE will not produce the results you need.Elements of iCARE paperTitle pageBelow are the headings to be used for this assignment.Introduction: (No heading needed here in APA) Explain the type of work setting you are discussing and whether interprofessional teams are currently present. If interprofessional teams are present, indicate a team function that could be improved. If interprofessional teams are NOT present, indicate what type of team you think might be possible in the setting.Describe a nursing action item for each component below that could contribute to: interprofessional team support; how this might impact the culture of your unit or organization; and possible impact on patient outcomes.CompassionAdvocacyResilienceEvidence-Based PracticeSummary: Include a summary statement of how iCARE components can support interprofessional teams and patient outcomes. Address how you may be able to influence this process of support for interprofessional teams overall in your unit or organization.References: List any references used in APA format.TemplatesThe prepared paper template is RECOMMENDED for this assignment.iCare Assignment Template – APA 7th editionBest Practices  Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page.The template provided is recommended.Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission. Use the rubric as a final check prior to submission to ensure all content is clearly addressed. Scholarly Sources and Citations Use APA format for citations and references.Please paraphrase throughout. One short quote is permitted.
Miami Dade College Healthcare Services to the Psychiatric Department Patients Essay

UCB Animal Babies Interactive Writing & Learning in Kindergarten Journal Entry.

A journal entry (400 words, single spaced) is required for assigned fieldwork videos. Observations of fieldwork videos should be described in sufficient detail and, should specifically identify and analyze any strategies that were observed to support learning of content. Challenges, successes, insights, or other observations should be recorded. Connections to assigned readings and tools from manual should be evidenced in each entry.To obtain the maximum points, refer to the online rubric for this assignment and the following guiding questions to further guide your analysis of these fieldwork videos-What was the goal of the lesson? If not stated, what do you think the target learning goal was for students? What strategies were used to make content accessible? Does the teacher support student learning by asking open-ended questions, guiding the learning process, and providing objective constructive feedback? How so? How did the teacher engage students? What were they doing, making, writing and/or discussing to make their thinking visible? How were the strategies implemented? How was student learning measured? Were students successful or not? Why? Did you make explicit connections to assigned readings for the week and tools from manual? If you had the opportunity to tutor a child in this classroom on the same content, what strategies would you utilize, adapt or change and why?Watch Designated Fieldwork VideoclipsRubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBrief Description of CriteriaVideoclip is described succinctly and includes the beginning, middle and end of clip. In addition, the goal of the lesson and its result(s) were identified and included in this introductory paragraph.3.0 to >0.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks3.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis of VideoclipAnalysis is described in sufficient detail and makes clear connections to assigned reading from designated module or a combination of assigned article(s) and tools manual. Answers most of the guiding questions that examine strategies teacher used to support student learning (e.g., strategies used, modes of assessment, active engagement, types of questions used to prompt discussion). Also includes if students were successful in the lesson or not by providing rationale.4.0 to >0.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReflectionIncludes a paragraph that describes what you would do as a tutor in this classroom. (e.g., If you had the opportunity to tutor a child in this classroom on the same content, what strategies would you utilize, adapt or change and why? If there is a child you observed in the videoclip that seems to be struggling, how would you help him/her?)3.0 to >0.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks3.0 ptsTotal Points: 10.0
UCB Animal Babies Interactive Writing & Learning in Kindergarten Journal Entry

AMU Wk 4 Psychological Historical Research Human Behavior Discussion.

The study of how ideas developed over time is a type of conceptual or psychological historical research. Complete these tasks:Identify a key concept within the field of psychology and describe in detail the types of primary sources you could use to understand its history, explaining what each source might add to the study.Then, explain why conducting rigorous historical research involves more than reading historical documents, taking notes, and organizing those notes. Provide two examples to illustrate your point. Sources #1 (150 words +)As a continuously evolving field of science, psychology has required new research methods to further expand human understanding. While psychology encompasses several aspects of life, human behavior is a key and core component in the field. The central focus of this vital component enabled the establishment of the behavioral psychology subfield and its focus on understanding the motivations of human behavior and action. Most importantly, human behavior encouraged the study of psychology in a way that it can be objectively observed and measured via the scientific method. These accomplishments were due to the influence and work of figures such as John B. Watson, B.F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov who helped researchers understand and comprehend what shapes human behavior (Cherry, 2020). Given the comprehensive and organized collection of their work, researchers in human behavior can better understand their methods, success, and limitations through firsthand publications of Watson, Skinner and Pavlov. As a result, these publications serve as excellent primary sources of information for study and future research.While the work of early behavioral scientists continues to be an important topic in psychology, their status as historical research is in part to some considerable advantages. Most of their research was accomplished during the early 20th century when public perception of science was tolerant, especially when compared to previous centuries. Not only was their work free of influence, but it was also documented and disseminated at a quicker rate due to advances in printing and emerging globalization. However, there are some drawbacks to using historical research. First, the research in question may have obtained its findings by utilizing unethical and/or obsolete methods. This may require researchers to seek newer forms of information elsewhere. For example, while Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychosexual development was revolutionary and readily embraced during his era, it has been debunked and discredited due to the methods (or lack of) of obtaining his results.Secondly, the reliability of historical research comes into question when the material is based off incomplete, fragmentary, or secondhand information. In addition to lacking sufficient and relevant information, what is available may be glossed over, seen in a favorable light, or even condemned due to biases of the content. The Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei was condemned by the Church as a heretic for adopting the theory of the Earth revolving around the Sun. For running counter to the Church’s scripture and beliefs, Galileo’s work was banned by the organization and he was forced to spend the rest of his life imprisoned (Van Helden, 2020).While there are benefits to utilizing historical studies and documentation in research, they must be treated in the similar fashion as references for an assignment. A researcher must evaluate the veracity of the material and whether a significant bias to the scientific method is present. Usually, this results in the researcher examination and testing the argument. This boils down to the essence of research: To comprehend commonly held beliefs and examine them for the truth. JuanReferencesCherry, K. (2020, Jun 25). The Origins of Psychology. verywellmind. Helden, A. (2020, Mar 11). Galileo. Encyclopedia Britannica. #2 Learning and memory is an interesting field of psychology related to the brain and how humans are able to memorize and therefore learn a subject or activity. Looking at how learning and memory relates to brain disabilities like Dyslexia would call for studies in learning in the brain. For example there are certain parts of the brain that are affected this learning disability and any primary sources from research methods, doctors, learning articles, would all be helpful in the research of dyslexia.Research requires more than note taking simply because there is more know-how to research. Research can be somewhat of an art to master. Finding the correct sources that are unbiased, correct, fact checked, and so on is the first hard task. Then being able to sort through the information in a way that can benefit your study is also something that can be difficult, which leads to making sure you have a good hypothesis and outline so you know what information is best for your specific study. An example of a primary source is a study of children with dyslexia and how it affects their learning, memory, and brain. -AbbyResponse #3Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving,Psychology is scientific field that touches on many aspects of our lives, one key concept that I find interesting is the nature vs nurture debate. Nature is the genetic framework that each individual has when they are born. Nurture is the environment in which we grow in and it is a wide and complex debate on how these two relate. Nature can be sequenced and determined yet nurture is intangible and makes it hard to study or even realize its influence without careful consideration. An interesting documentary immediately comes to mind when I think about nature versus nurture. A year or so ago I watched a documentary which told the story of triplets that were intentionally separated at birth so that they could be observed for scientific purposes. Although this experiment did raise extreme ethical violations, it was interesting to see the results of the experiment. Basically, the triplets were adopted out to three families all from varying socioeconomic and education levels. Here is the trailer if anyone is interested . It’s a pretty interesting watch and certainly indicates that many are interested in studying the idea of nature versus nurture. The documentary is a testament to the power of both nature and nurture. Primary source include published case studies on twin studies and siblings who grew up in similar environment. A good overview and historical understanding of how scientists have researched this topic and what progress has been established in this topic can be found within historical published articles and notes, recordings. When research is conducted and published there are aspects of the studied topic that may be left out or assumed to be common knowledge and therefore relying only on historical research and published documents may not allow you to know this. An example would be conducting an interview with parents of twins whose case study has been published in journals based on the interesting way their personalities/behavior defer though they share genetics. By interviewing them you get to experience their feelings by observing them and taking that into account as you review their answers. Interviewing or interacting with the researcher may also be a secondary way to incline more on the subject you are studying to know what things they might have left out of their polished articles, notes and materials. This will inform your research methods and practice. -AnnbritahWorks Citednature-nurture issue. (2006). In G. Davey, Encyclopaedic dictionary of psychology. Routledge. Credo Reference: (2017, April 11). The battle between nature and nurture [Video].
AMU Wk 4 Psychological Historical Research Human Behavior Discussion

Interpreting Graphical Representations of Data in Articles or Reports (POWERPOINT)

Interpreting Graphical Representations of Data in Articles or Reports (POWERPOINT). I’m studying for my Powerpoint class and need an explanation.

Locate any report or periodical article that contains at least two different graphical representations of data or use one of the supplied articles. Interpret the graphs and present your findings in a brief PowerPoint presentation (6 slides). You may choose to explain the points in your 5-8 minute presentation with a recorded voice-over or include detailed presenter’s notes in the PowerPoint slides.Business administrators and managers are often called upon to interpret data that analysts have provided to them. This requires an understanding of the data sources (when, where, and how data is collected; formatted or stored; and used), as well as what that data looks like and how it can be summarized. In this first assessment, you are asked to locate any report or periodical article used in a business context of interest to you that contains at least two different graphical representations of data. You will interpret the graphical data representations and present your findings in a brief PowerPoint deck, as if you were presenting during a company meeting.In this assessment you will learn about the collection, formatting, and use of raw data, as well as graphical and tabular methods for summarizing it. You will also get started with the technology that you will use in this course: Microsoft Excel (including the Data Analysis ToolPak add-in).ScenarioYou are an analyst in a business. You may choose a real or fictional business of interest. Any business that has practical meaning for you is an appropriate choice for this assessment.You have been given you a report containing some graphs and charts and must interpret and explain two of them at a department meeting.Your RoleYou have been invited to be one of many presenters at a departmental meeting that employees of all levels will attend. You have been allotted 5–8 minutes, and the purpose of your speech is to explain the two charts or tables that your analyst has given you.Instructions

Select two graphical representations of data, such as pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots and trend lines, or tables.

You may use published articles, annual report graphics from publicly traded companies, or any published business report.
A list of appropriate articles has been compiled for this assessment. You may select one of the articles from the list in Resources or find your own article that meets the criteria.
If you cannot find any published data graphics, you may create them.

Identify the business context, such as an online store, a brick-and-mortar business, year-end review, product kickoff, recently merged or new IPO company, or a family-owned business.

This company background information should help explain why the data is relevant.

Interpret your chosen data representation in the context of the business situation. The following are typical questions an analyst would use to interpret the data:

What is being measured (the variables)?
What are the relationships among the variables?
What are the trends in the data?
How can the data be applied in the business context?

Create an effective 6-slide PowerPoint presentation that could be presented at a departmental meeting.

An effective PowerPoint presentation for this purpose typically includes:

1 title slide, APA formatted.
1 introduction slide explaining the business context.
1 slide for each of the two graphics in your report.

You may insert or paste the charts and include an appropriate citation (2 total slides for this portion of the presentation).
Explain the meaning of each graphical data representation.

1 conclusion slide in which you explain how the data may affect the business context or how each graph may be applied in your business context to inform decision making.
1 slide with APA-formatted references, including the source of each graph.

Prepare a short speech that presents your analysis so that it is relevant to people of all levels of the company.
Example Assessment: You may use the following to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like:

Assessment 1 Example 1 [PPTX].
Additional Requirements

For each bullet point, use concise but complete sentences that are clear, easily understood, and jargon-free. Remember: you will be speaking to people of all levels within the company.
Do not include too many bullet points on each slide (a maximum of 3 bullets per slide is a good guideline to follow).
Include an APA-formatted references slide at the end of the presentation as well as APA-formatted in-text citations where appropriate.
You may use a recorded voice-over of no longer than 5 minutes using Kaltura or detailed speaker’s notes to add necessary details to your presentation. Refer to the Campus tutorial Using Kaltura (linked in MBA Program Resources) as needed.
Your written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Interpreting Graphical Representations of Data in Articles or Reports (POWERPOINT)

Batting Information of American & National League Baseball Visualization Lab Report

cheap assignment writing service Batting Information of American & National League Baseball Visualization Lab Report.

I’m working on a excel multi-part question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Create one visualization for each of the questions below. Add each visualization to a new page and rename the page to the question number.1What is the 3-year total for home runs(HR) for each team? What was the 3-year total for home runs(HR) for each team in the American League (AL)?Create ONE CHART and ONE SLICER that can be used to answer both of the above questions.2aWhat is the 3-year average batting average (BA) for each team?What is the 3-year average batting average (BA) for each team in the National League (NL)?Create ONE CHART and ONE SLICER that can be used to answer both of the above questions.2bWho were the top 5 teams that had the highest BA average in the NL?Create ONE CHART that would display the above.3How do the yearly batting averages of National League (NL) and American League (AL) change and compare against each other over 3 years?How do the yearly batting averages of National League West Division and American League West Division change and compare against each other over 3 years?Create ONE CHART and ONE SLICER that can be used to answer both of the above questions.4What is the relationship between the average Runs scored and the average OPS of each team in the dataset?Create ONE CHART with a trendline.Add the trendline under the Analytics menu.Be sure to use your starter file and submit the final .PBIX file
Batting Information of American & National League Baseball Visualization Lab Report

Crisis In Eurozone Its Impact On Indian Economy Economics Essay

The study is about the euro debt crisis and how it impacts the Indian economy. The crisis of European Union 2010 is the result of overindulgence at the expense of caution, greed, due diligence and regulation. The crisis was mainly felt in the PIIGS, members of the European Union which included Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. These members of the European Union faced sovereign debt crisis and resulted in large current account deficits. These led to the loss of confidence in the European economy between these countries. These countries had to face a bailout. Like a “stone dropped in a pond would lead to ripples”, similarly the Euro crisis would impact other economy and hence the Indian economy as well. LITERATURE REVIEW: Overview of Euro Zone Economy: The economy of the European Union generates a GDP of over €11,805.66 billion according to the International Monetary Fund. It is the largest economy in the world. Crisis in Euro Zone: The major reason for the crisis in the Euro Zone was that the countries in the European members have breached the imposed rules on them. According to the economic and monetary union of the European Union, the government debt must not exceed 60% of GDP at the end of the fiscal year and the government deficit must not exceed 3% of the GDP. But only two countries in the Euro Zone area have followed these norms set by the European Union. These two countries include Luxemburg and Finland. The national debt as a percentage of GDP in the year 2009 is shown in the map below as follows: The above data also indicates that Greece shows a high debt of 115.1% of GDP and a deficit of 13.6% of GDP. Italy shows a debt higher than Greece as a percentage of GDP and Spain with a deficit of 11.2% of GDP. The government deficit as a percentage of GDP is given below in the figure: Sovereign debt crisis: All the major economies have felt a global meltdown because of the sovereign debt crisis. Debt is an integral component of any economy but it has to be limited to a certain extent. Financial or public debt is essential in order to fund various growth and development projects namely to run public welfare schemes and other infrastructural projects. Sovereign debt crisis arises when the debt is payable in a different currency other than the debtor’s currency. According to Standard and Poor (S

GC American Wasteland Food Wastage Disgrace of Plenty & Culture of Waste Essay

GC American Wasteland Food Wastage Disgrace of Plenty & Culture of Waste Essay.

TASK: Read the following chapters from American Wasteland:Chapter 3: The Disgrace of Plenty: The Coexistence of Hunger & Food WasteChapter 4: A Culture of Waste: Our Fall from Thrift & Our Imminent Return You will notice that the author, Jonathan Bloom has used the following phrases in order to get his message across to the insecurityredistributionguerrilla givingcultural shiftculture of wasteculture of thriftReflect on how the author uses the phrases to discuss/argue his message. Is he successful in getting his message across? Is he not? Why or why not? I want you to focus on any 3 of the phrases above when you write your reflection.- Remember these tips Relate ideas from the textbook, and link the information together to your personal experience. Use key phrases, such as “for example,” “as a result of,” “another idea that supports my view is,” “an opposite view is,” and “a different perspective is.” These are all good transitional phrases that signal the introduction of specifics as well as shifts in the argument.-Focus your feelings Before writing a reflection paper, stop and decide what it is that you are going to write about. By establishing a theme, you will be able to write in a clear and concise manner. Develop observations and feelings Observations and feelings are an essential component of a reflection paper; however, in order for these components to be properly conveyed to the reader, they must be developed.Identify specific aspects or components of the situation you have observedontentThere is evidence that the student reflected extensively on the issue. Opinions and ideas are thoughtful, comprehensive, creative, and/or insightful. The inclusion of humor is effective.The student provides depth to the paper by providing specific examples, multiple points of view, opposing points of view, analogies, quotes from various sources, comparisons, lists of ideas, etc. Outside material is cited correctly.The student organizes content so that ideas are grouped and sequenced logically. The student uses phrases to organize ideas (example: “I have always believed that…For example…Evidence for this idea is found…”)
GC American Wasteland Food Wastage Disgrace of Plenty & Culture of Waste Essay