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Describe the limitations of using Access database as a way to tally how many customers a company is servicing Essay

Describe the limitations of using Access database as a way to tally how many customers a company is servicing with the use of Access at many sites, describe the pros and cons of using a single enterprise-scale relational database management system (RDBMS) instead. As you describe the benefits of an RDBMS, also discuss its features and components. Finally, describe the differences between the two terms database and DBMS, and how they work together.
The paper should include the following details:
-A descriiption of Access and its limitations in a distributed business model
-The features and components of an RDBMS
-The pros and cons of an RDBMS
-The difference between a database and DBMS

“how has technology changed our life “Apply the CRAAP Model (Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, and Perspective)

“how has technology changed our life “Apply the CRAAP Model (Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, and Perspective).

 Description Steps: 1.Choose a topic and research question. All research begins with a smart question. 2.Find a peer reviewed, academic article using Academic Search Premier. Try for an article around 10 pages. 3.Apply the CRAAP Model (Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, and Perspective) in choosing your article 4.Use the analysis questions below. Choose questions from each category and answer them in your essay. Generally, you should dedicate a paragraph to each question.

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Describe the limitations of using Access database as a way to tally how many customers a company is servicing Essay IMAGE OF GOD PAPER.


Objective: Identify our purpose as being created in the image of God. Instructions “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” That’s what Snow White’s evil stepmother pridefully asked her magical mirror every morning in order to confirm her sinister identity. However, as Christians, we do not need a mirror, (or magic for that matter), to establish our identity. Rather, our sense of purpose and very reason for existence is confirmed by the word of God, not our natural image. For example, Genesis 1:28 states that humankind’s creativity and dominion are direct blessings from God; resulting from being created in His image. What a gift it is to not have to search for our purpose. It is right before us, generally speaking, contained within the word of God.  Read Chapter 6 of your Lennox textbook.  In 250-300 words describe what it means to be made in the image of God.  In 250-300 words, discuss what you believe is God’s purpose for you based upon the reading and scripture.  Include scripture and at least one scholarly reference beyond the textbook.  Use the Paper Writing rubric provided in the syllabus to guide your writing. THREE: IT’S NOT ABOUT ME DISCUSSION Objective: Explain how creation focuses on the God we serve. Instructions It’s not about us! It’s really not about us! I mean, as much as we find about us in the first three chapters of Genesis especially, there still remains a focus upon God and what distinguished Him from the rest of humanity, and the gods of other nearby nations. Our course textbook on p. 70 details some of these unique qualities of the God that we serve. They include the way that He created out of nothing and the fact that He created humans who reproduced, which set Him apart from creation. Now, these few characteristics may not seem like much, but just imagine serving a god that functioned just like your neighbor’s idol. Or, think about what it would mean to worship a god that “rained down life-giving semen.” I know it sounds weird, but the implications are further reaching. You see, God is holy and He is high and lifted up. He is wholly other. We must think big about our God because He is. As a result, the entirety of Scripture is concerned with proclaiming the holiness of God. From the image that humankind was formed in, to the formation of the nation of Israel, to the Great Commission in the New Testament, it’s not about us, it’s about God. He is holy!  Now that you know that life was not all about you, from the very beginning, discuss what that means for you personally, for your family, and for your chosen career path.  In other words, how does that apply to you now? How does it impact your thinking? Planning? Parenting?  Use the Discussion rubric provided in the syllabus to guide your posted response and responses to other posts. FOUR: DIFFICULT CONVERSATION SUMMARY Objective: Summarize why there is evil and suffering in the world. Instructions Honestly, this could be our least and at the same time most favorite objective to engage in. Why? Because I think we’d all rather talk about Good News. I mean come on, let’s break out into the chorus of, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High.” However, there is also value in discussing and trying to answer the question about the existence of evil and suffering in our world. After all, a lack of sufficient understanding in this area has and could continue to cause people to reject the loving God that we know. Be that as it may, I think our course textbook does an excellent job of handling this topic on p. 72-73. For example, Lennox (2009) states that, “the reason for sin was pride and that the results extend to every human being” (p. 72). Also, according to Lennox (2009), the first sin set in motion a long line of catastrophes that included disharmony in the world, disharmony in relationships, and ultimately guilt and a lack of peace with themselves and in their relationship with God. Most importantly, Lennox (2009) stated that, “the writer of Genesis explained that the world’s pain was not God’s doing, but the result of humanity’s rebellion against God” (p. 72).  For this assignment, it’s required that you engage in a conversation with someone in your family or at work about the existence of evil and suffering. Conversation starters could include: o Ask them where they think evil and suffering came from and how God could “do” or “allow” something like that? o Ask them if they have ever read Genesis 3 and heard what the Bible says about evil and suffering? o In your response to the individual, provide a positive answer to the question according to your understanding from reading God’s word and what the author had to say in the course textbook.  In a 500-750 word summary, provide the name of the person and a detailed summary of the questions you asked and the resulting conversation you had with the individual about evil and suffering.  The summary is not required to have an APA title page. However, citations should be presented in APA format and a reference list should be included as a separate page at the end of the summary.

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Experiential Approach to Organization Development

Experiential Approach to Organization Development.

Read “Case TGIF” in An Experiential Approach to Organization Development by Brown, pages 27-29. Complete in depth responses for p. 29 TGIF Case Analysis Form for each of the sections: I. A. Macro, B. Micro, II. Causes, III. Systems affected, IV. Alternatives, and V. Recommendations. (Provide a min. of two pages of in depth response to Recommendations Section). *A minimum of four peer-reviewed journals should be included in each paper as outside sources

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Assess Augustine’s doctrine of original sin and discuss how it might be still relevant today.

Assess Augustine’s doctrine of original sin and discuss how it might be still relevant today..

These are my professor’s instructions for this paper. Your paper should be no less than 6 pages in length. It should make use of at least 4 sources in addition to the textbooks. The sources must include at least two books (monographs) on the topic and two journal articles. Ask a librarian for assistance in locating the appropriate resources. The rest of the sources may include more books, journal articles, sermons, and other scholarly sources. You are not allowed to use Wikipedia or any other online source whose credibility cannot be verified. Don’t forget about vocabulary and punctuation. Also, make sure to provide citations(Works Cited) for all the information that you use. You should also attend to textbooks which I am going to send you tomorrow.

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Sociology perspectives

Sociology perspectives.

 For this assignment you will need to compare the three main Sociological Perspectives (Structural Functionalist, Social Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionist) as well as researching one the main theorists (Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Karl Marx, and Talcott Parsons). The first portion of your essay should focus on one of the theorists listed above or you may choose another theorist if you like as long as a majority of their work was/is based in Sociology. The second portion of the essay should focus on the comparison of the three theories listed above. 1 page of text minimum per portion (meaning 1 page for theorist and 1 page for the theoretical comparison), no maximum. The only information I need is your name in the top left corner. One full page of text is approximately 600-650 words single spaced in Word or its equivalent. Your total submission should be at least 1200 words. Please make sure to submit as 1 essay with both portions included. References and citations required for outside information. 1 Page per topic – 1 page for the theory portion and 1 page of the theorist portion. 2 pages minimum with a combined 1200 word minimum requirement. You can upload both as a single document rather than two separate items. It is typically easier to create the document in Word and then copy and paste it into the text box when submitting the assignment. Please make sure to always save a copy of the document on your personal computer or flash drive for retrieval if need be. In conclusion, you will need to submit a 2 page essay with half of focusing on the comparison of the three theories and the other half focusing on the theorist of your choice.

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Hong Kong Disney Land Project & Loan. Project Background & Context.

Hong Kong Disney Land Project & Loan. Project Background & Context..

 By looking at the fact sheet which will be attached, please provide the following: 1. Project Background & Context: a. Reason for doing Project Financing b. Scope for creative financing c. Timetable d. Risk Indentification i. Construction Risk ii. Operation Risk iii. Commercial Risk iv. Political Risks v. Other Relevant Risks e. Risk Mitigation Strategies f. Venture Structure g. List of Acots h. Sponsor support of commitments i. (Maybe) Sponsor fallback plan & tactics in reserve.

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