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Definition of Political Liberalism Essay

The world has developed from the old age to the new technological and civilized advancements. Several things have developed in governance and leadership. There is more of liberation, democracy, and freedom both socially and in the political arena (Cartel, 2007). There are still many people in our communities who are still keeping the old methods of dealing with situations and issues. These are conservatives who are still holding on their traditions, cultures, leadership and religion (Cartel, 2007). Human beings have evolved from various aspects of living both politically and socially. They have freedom to do anything at their will or according to the guidelines they have set which is liberty (Cartel, 2007). In politics, people have the right to elect whoever they feel like electing without any bias. They do it in their own will and decide on whom to support in his or her candidacy. In some cases, people hold on to their political parties and support the members fully without any external force compelling them to do it (Cartel, 2007). Some people will vote for a person in order to protect their interests while another group will elect someone in order to fill the vacant position and have no good reason as to why they chose one for the other. In general this is termed as political liberalism where a lot of freedom is noticed in the political arena (Rawls, 2005). In our sociology and philosophy, we will realize two aspects of liberty; the positive and negative liberty. Positive liberty allows a person to perform whatever he or she feels like doing without being inhibited by any external forces from the society as a result of racism, sexuality, religion background, gender, social class or political grounds (Cartel, 2007). Every human being has the freedom to carry out his or her activities without any interference from any other person or authority due to his belief or political opinion in relation to positive liberty. People have the capacity, ability and opportunity to do what they want to do despite the obstacles ahead of them. In negative liberty, a person has the freedom to carry out activities to the extent that no person or authority that interferes with whatever he or she does (Cartel, 2007). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The negative concept tries to define what extent is a person or crowd can exercise their freedom without external interference (Cartel, 2007). An example of positive and negative liberty is considering a person who is driving a car and on his way meets a junction where he might either turn right or left, the driver might decide to turn either side without any force compelling him (Cartel, 2007). In the second case take a driver who gets to the junction and decides to turn right in order to pick a bottle of wine despite the meeting he as on the other left turn he has left. one driver deicide to take a turn out of his free will while the other take a turn because of his urge to have wine and has the freedom to it (Cartel, 2007). Many scholars have researched on political liberalism and developed various theories in relation to liberty (Cartel, 2007). We have several texts from Modus and Rawl that try to discuss the topic on political liberalism. Rawl’s text is rich in ideas and suggestion on the policies to develop in preparing a good society structure (Rawls, 2005). There is no big difference between freedom and liberty and in some situations the words may be used interchangeably. (Cartel, 2007)The word freedom refers to a person being free to do whatever he fells or wants to do without any restrictions from the agent, self and other obstructions. This makes the word freedom to have close relationship with liberty (Cartel, 2007). References Cartel, I. (2007, October 8). Positive and Negative Liberty. Retrieved from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Rawls, J. (2005). Political Liberation. New York: Columbia University Press.
Moorpark College Wk 9 The Difficulty of Explaining Long Poems Discussion.

The difficulty of explaining long poems is that there’s so much to explain! The best way to approach a long poem is to divide it into several sections or movements (in some instances, the poet does this for us). Rather than trying to explain the entire poem, I would like you to focus on one major section or stanza of the poem. As you do this, isolate the most significant lines or images in that section and explain these thoroughly. Conclude your response by discussing how this particular section of the poem contributes to the poem’s overall meaning.Choose one long poem from those assigned and write a response analyzing an important section/stanza (300 words minimum).”Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood” (Links to an external site.)”Ode to the West Wind” (Links to an external site.)”Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” (Links to an external site.)”The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (Links to an external site.)”Home Burial” (Links to an external site.)
Moorpark College Wk 9 The Difficulty of Explaining Long Poems Discussion

Anthropology homework help. You are a public health official at the NJDHHS and you have been asked to come up with an intervention to address a public health issue.  In a 4 to 6-page essay paper, apply the P.E.R.I. approach to address the problem.,You are a public health official at the NJDHHS and you,You are a public health official at the NJDHHS and you have been asked to come up with an intervention to address a public health issue.  In a 4 to 6-page essay paper, apply the P.E.R.I. approach to address the problem.  Identify, analyze, and address a public health issue of your choosing.  You must provide a reason for choosing this health issue and why it is important to address it. Now, using data from the CDC, peer-reviewed articles, or other credible sources (and cite them), describe the PROBLEM in general (ie. How prevalent is a health issue? What is the incidence? What population(s) are affect?, Is one population affect more or at higher risk than others? Are there major consequences of the health issue?  (Why is this something public health should address?),Discuss the  ETIOLOGY  of the health issue  ,(i.e. causes,  associations),  identify which health determinants  (BIG  GEMS)  are responsible for the health problem,  and/or make it worse using at least one scientific peer-reviewed journal article  (cite article).    Identify at least four scientific peer-reviewed journal articles evaluating a   specific intervention/program   (i.e. IMPLEMENTATION and EVALUATION) that attempts to fix the health problem using either engineering, enforcement, or education* (cite the articles).,Describe the approaches each program uses to reduce the problem.,Was it primary, secondary, or tertiary intervention?, Firstly, what were the methods use?,Secondly, what were the populations studied and why were they chosen?,Thirdly, what were the outcomes of the interventions (i.e. were they successful)?,Fourthly, what did the articles identify as  future  research,  or  steps  to  be  take  to  address  the  problem?,(Use  the  suggestions  in  the articles,  but  also  try  to  think  of  additional  solutions  and  questions  that  need  to  be  answered).  Based on your research (eg. etiology, interventions methods, the populations, the outcomes, and the strengths and weaknesses of the studies) how successful do you think these interventions how successful  do  you  think  these  interventions  would  be  for  the  populations  you  are  targeting?,Using  your  research  as  justification  (eg.  the  description  of  the  problem,  the  etiology,  the intervention  programs  you  reviewed  taking  into  consideration  the  population  studied,  the outcomes, and the strengths and weaknesses of the studies), make a RECOMMENDATION for a future course of action on how to reduce the health issue in your target population. Describe the type   of   programming   you   recommend   and   why?,You   must   be   able   to   justify   your recommendation with your research (*Note:  If research is sparse,  use, and apply articles about a similar health problem or similar populations.  If research is really scarce,  you can base your recommendation on  ETIOLOGY studies. Regardless, you must be able to justify your recommendation.),Attachments,Click Here To Download,Anthropology homework help
Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Organization Structure Teams and Team Working Measures of Teamwork Impacts of Existing Structures Improvements Conclusion References Executive Summary This report focuses on Watson Engine Company. Located in Eastern England, Watson Engine Company is one of the leading car engine manufacturers in the region. The company has a centralized form of organization structure and embraces teamwork in its operations. As a result of the entrance of new companies into the industry coupled with changes in production technologies, the company has been facing a lot of challenges in meeting the needs of their customers. However, with the change in its organization structure and production technologies, the company stands a high change of retaining its customers and attracting new ones hence having a competitive edge over its rivals. Introduction This report shall focus on Watson Engine Company. Watson Engine Company is a leading car engine manufacturing in Eastern England. Started out as a family business, the company now has a staff of over 200 employees made up of 125 semi-skilled workers, 54 skilled workers and 27 employees at the managerial level. This report shall focus on the organization structure of the company, teams and teamwork and finally come up with recommendations on means through which the company will improve on its operations. Organization Structure Watson Engine Company uses the centralized form of organization structure in the process of running and managing its operations. The organization structure of the company is old fashioned and hierarchical in nature that minimizes the influence of the employees in the running of the organization. They therefore do not feel as part and parcel of the organization (Sign, 2009). All of the decisions are made at the top level. The manager, Mr. Gordon Watson rarely visits the operation floor leaving this responsibility to the operations manager. Below the operation manager is the production manager, a young enthusiastic man who has had a bright career in companies based in Germany and England. Despite the efforts he has put across in his position to ensure that the company’s operation are efficient, he feels like the company need to incorporate the use of information technology in its running. The company thus needs to adapt and use new technology in the production and manufacturing of its products to keep up with the pace of other companies. However, the management has not put up any effort to implement his ideas. Considering the information above, Watson Company does not involve the workers at lower levels in decision-making nor does it they utilize their ideas. The current theories on management postulate that it is the workers at the low levels who have first hand information about the internal and external matters that affect the affairs of a company (Marchewka, 2006). They are therefore the best people to make decisions for the company. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Watson Company however does not consider this fact. The flow of information in this company is one way; from top managerial level to the bottom. This is not good for the company because there are high chances that the information will be distorted as it moves from one level to another. On the other hand, the voice of the people at the lower levels is not heard. These people do not feel free to talk about their problems to their superiors. In the end, their performance becomes poor which in turn pulls down the production of the company. Teams and Team Working It is important for an organization to involve employees its affairs (PMBOK, 2000). The best approach to do this is through the establishment of teams among the workers (Human Resources, 2011). Different teams perform different tasks that the organization is involved in. Through teamwork these different groups work together to ensure that the goals and objectives which have been set up by the organization. Watson Engine Company is made of a network of teams who work together to ensure that the entire consumer needs are met. These teams work hand in hand with each other. The individuals who are in these teams are skilled in their relevant skills. The company also allows for the rotation of individuals from one department to the other thus workers develop even new skills while they work at the firm (Sign, 2009). The company, through its policies, allows its workers to further their education and skills to improve the excellence of their work. The company is normally involved in a serious of projects all over eastern part of England. Each project is conducted by a specific team. On its completion, the team is disbanded and rearranged in preparation of a new project. Watson Engine Company therefore encourages teams and team working, a factor that has contributed greatly to the success of the company over the years (PMBOK, 2000). Measures of Teamwork A measure that can be used to determine the level of teamwork in the organization is the quality of the goods that the company has been producing and the ease at which it is able to meet its deadline. For the last several decades, Watson Engine Company has been credited as one of the best companies that manufacture various parts and components of car engines. Despite the low utilization of Information Technology, modern production methods and entry of new production companies, Watson Engine Company still has a large market share over its rivals. This can only be credited to the high quality work that is provided by its employees. Impacts of Existing Structures Watson Engine Company still embraces an old-fashioned organization structure that is hierarchical. This has impacted the organization culture of the firm in a negative way. Low levels employees are not involved in the process of decision-making, they are not well represented due to lack of a formal trade union and information only flows in one direction. We will write a custom Essay on Watson Engine Company Organization Structure and Teamwork specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This creates a poor working environment for the employees and in turn reduces their level and quality of production. However, through embracing the concept of teamwork, the company has managed to motivate employees to collectively meet their targets and maintain the quality of their work at a desirable level. Improvements In order for the firm to operate in an effective and efficient manner, a number of changes need to be implemented in its operations. First, the company needs to adopt a decentralized organization structure that requires the participation of all employees in the running and management of the firm. This will improve decision making within the company and communication as the views of employees of all levels shall be heard and put into consideration. This will in turn motivate employees of all levels and boost production. The company should also embrace the use of modern production techniques and incorporate fully IT in its operations. This will further improve on their production efficiency. Conclusion Watson Engine Company is one of the leading engine production companies in England. However, its operations have been shunned due to its poor organization structure and its resistance to change. However, the company has managed to maintain its market share by maintaining its quality of production as a result of teamwork from its employees. Therefore, for the organization to be sustainable in the short run and in the long run, the company should adopt a decentralized organization structure and embrace change. References Human Resources. (2011). Team Building and Empowerment. Human Resources. Retrieved from Marchewka, J. (2006). Information Technology Project Management. New Delhi: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., 2006. PMBOK (2000). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute. Sign, K. (2009). Organizational Behavior: Text and Cases. Mumbai: Pearson Education. Not sure if you can write a paper on Watson Engine Company Organization Structure and Teamwork by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More

University of California How Much Americans Trust Science Discussion

University of California How Much Americans Trust Science Discussion.

PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS IN ONE PARAGRAPHAre you wondering how much Americans trust science? how much Americans will follow policies or lifestyle choices based on science? The article Mixed messages about public trust in science (Links to an external site.) from the Pew Research Center contains some important polling information that may help you answer those questions. Feel free to read other articles for more information on this topic.Then, as part of this discussion forum, add a new discussion post by 11 pm Wed night, Sept 2 (to do so, just click the “reply” button below). In your post please include the following: 3 scientific ideas the public appears to question the mostyour own view on why some members of the public may distrust scientific informationBy Friday night, Sept 4 at 11 pm, please reply to at least two of your peer’s posts. In each reply, share your thoughts or feelings about each other’s views.Check out the rubric for this assignment by clicking the menu button at the upper right hand corner (3 vertical dots), then selecting “Show Rubric”.…
University of California How Much Americans Trust Science Discussion

# Resume and Cover letter

essay order # Resume and Cover letter. Can you help me understand this Business question?

Resume / Cover letter AssignmentResume (100 points)Create and submit a Resume with a Cover Letter.Use your Text and “Resume Template” provided by Microsoft Word and other resources. Set up a “Resume” file on your computer as you want to tailor your template resume to employment opportunities. Then refer to the Personal Data worksheet that you created. Use your personal information to complete the Resume. Be complete, realistic, and HONEST on your resume.The following section headings are included on the Resume Templates; you must complete all sections that apply to you. If you do not have any information to put in a section, then delete that section. You never want to have an empty section on your resume…just leave it out.Sections:• Objective• Education• Skills• Work Experience• Volunteer Experience• Personal• References – Available Upon RequestWhen you have completed your resume make sure you proofread it and make all necessary corrections. Submit your Resume as a separate PDF doc from your Cover Letter to CANVAS Resume / Cover Letter Assignment Module.Cover Letter, (100)
Note: Cover letter must address the job description by title, company and Requisition ID to receive credit.
Cover Letter1. Make a “Job Worksheet” by deconstruction a job description and plug in your skills2. Open a blank Microsoft Word document and save in your files as “Cover Letter.”3. Type your cover letter including the following information:• Current Date• Return address (your address)• Letter addressee (who you are sending letter to)• Salutation / Greeting with punctuation• Body of the Letter: 1. First Paragraph (state the job you are applying for, how you learned about the job, and how interested you are in the position)2. Second Paragraph (description of education, work experience, skills, etc.)3. Third Paragraph (closing remarks, contact information, restate interest in job)• Complimentary Closing (Sincerely Yours,)• Signature block (sign your name and type your name right below)• Use Block style (all paragraphs and text aligned left, no indenting)• Spacing Requirements:• 4 spaces after the date• 2 spaces after the return address• 2 spaces after the letter address• 2 spaces after the salutation / greeting• 1 space between each paragraph• 2 spaces after third paragraph• 4 spaces after Sincerely Yours• Print the cover letter, sign your name in the 4 spaces provided for the signature block.When you have completed the Cover Letter make sure you proofread and make all necessary corrections. Submit your Cover Letter as separate PDF document from the resume to CANVAS Resume / Cover Letter Assignment Module as a PDF.
The JobYou will be applying for a Administrative Intern with General Atomics. Deconstruct and use following job description as a reference for your “Cover Letter” and “Resume”.Administrative Intern Requisition ID: 1898 (should be included in both documents)Location(s): General Atomics, United States, California, El CajonBusiness Sector: Drone DevelopmentUS Citizenship Required for this Position: Yes or proof legal residenceRelocation Assistance: Relocation assistance will be availableDescriptionPerforms variety of status activities in support of program areas such as proposals, strategy, schedule and cost execution for the program manager. Gathers, collects, records, tracks and verifies data and information from multiple sources. Compiles, reviews and analyzes data. Generate reports, statistics, timelines, tables, graphs, correspondence and presentations for General Atomics Drone Division. Provides data and information to others on functional unit processes and procedures.QualificationsBasic Qualifications: Currently pursuing AA/BS degree from an accredited institution in Business or related field. Summer 2020 Internship, full time, 10 weeks. Must be full time student into Fall 2020.Preferred Qualifications: Business management college coursework and interest in exposure to management of cost and schedule execution, team leadership, and government acquisitions.
# Resume and Cover letter

Renmin University of China The Reflection Bay Remote Communities Case Study

Renmin University of China The Reflection Bay Remote Communities Case Study.

Length: 1000 Words (~4 pages)Delivery Time : 4 DaysTime for requesting changes : Standard 7 daysPaper instructions : Case study about the below file. Must have:The introduction: should include a clear description of the project and scope, why it is important to the local community. The stakeholder analysis: should identify important stakeholders and their interest in the issue and project. Other organizations working on this or a similar issue should be identified.Identification of alternatives: Reasonable alternatives should be identified. Innovative (but reasonable) alternatives are encouraged.Analysis of alternatives: Alternatives must be analyzed using appropriate quantitative and qualitative analyses. Detailed analyses should be included in the optional appendices, not in the body of the report.Conclusion and recommendation: The report should provide an overall conclusion on the project and a recommended alternative. Next steps and hurdles should be included.
Renmin University of China The Reflection Bay Remote Communities Case Study

MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University The Impacts of Market Economies Questions

MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University The Impacts of Market Economies Questions.

I’m working on a management multi-part question and need support to help me study.

1- Action Plan1-Free market economies stimulate greater economic growth, whereas state-directed economies stifle growth. Discuss2-What effect is creation of a single market and a single currency within the EU likely to have on competition within the EU? Why?3-We discussed about floating and fixed exchange rates in this chapter. According to you, which exchange system is more suitable and why?4-Why has the global capital market grown so rapidly in recent decades? Do you think its growth will continue throughout the next decade? Why?Read the question given above. Give your opinion on the topic. You need to answer based on your own understanding of the situation. Copy-paste answers from online and other sources will not be accepted.(NO PALGRASIMThere is no word limit for your response
MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University The Impacts of Market Economies Questions