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Beauty What is beauty? There are many different thoughts regarding beauty. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No matter how plain a woman may be, of truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful” (Confucius, Roosevelt, and Poe). Edgar Allen Poe, regarding beauty stated, “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion” (Confucius, Roosevelt, and Poe). Confucius tells us, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” (Confucius, Roosevelt, and Poe). There are many opinions about what beauty is.

A general definition of beauty is, a ombination of qualities present in a thing or person that pleases the aesthetic senses or brings about deep satisfaction. However, what may please the aesthetic senses will be different for every individual. There are many types of beauty; some people define beauty through physical characteristics, others by the inner beauty of the soul, or beauty can also be found in nature and the arts. An old proverb states, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; which means, there can not be such a thing as objective beauty.

What one person may define as beautiful may be considerably different from what somebody else thinks is beautiful. The determination of beauty varies greatly by the culture of the people Judging what beauty is. For example, heavy people in India are considered beautiful because you can tell these people eat well and have money. In America however, heavy people are not thought to be beautiful, our culture values being thin. Cultures may be very influenced by media. Media often tells the viewers what is to be considered beautiful.

The press, magazines, and television try to convey that a certain height, weight, hair color, or eye color are far more beautiful than others. If you do not fit the designated description, you are onsidered ugly. Beauty has also changed greatly throughout time. In the 1600’s, a Flemish painter, Ruebens, painted big, round women as the ideal beauty. Heavvy women are not portrayed as the ideal beauty in American or European cultures in the year 2013. A person may have certain physical traits but many people feel that beauty should not be Judged by physical characteristics.

Some people believe that inner goodness is what makes someone beautiful. There are many different types of inner beauty, but the most recognized is seeing the beauty of a person through their actions. Actions such as serving someone in need can make one see the beauty in the person being served. We often love those that we help, and when looking through eyes of love others appear beautiful. I worked in India at a leper colony and though the physical appearance of many of the people whom I helped was not good, they were beautiful people to me.

Also, a simple act of kindness is a great way to look beautiful. A person doing something that is kind can suddenly seem more attractive than Just being Judged by their physical characteristics. Confidence in oneself is another form of inner beauty. When a person carries themselves in a confident anner simply by walking tall and with elegance, that person will come across as beautiful and refined. Smiling can also conveys confidence, because when a smile demonstrates that a person is strong and sure of themselves.

Being confident in yourself is accepting yourself for how you are; and then people are able to see the other things in the world that are considered to be beautiful. Nature is a great example of beauty, though what people feel is the most beautiful thing in nature varies by opinion. Some people may believe mountains to be the most beautiful thing found in nature, but for others beauty may be found in the oceans, forests, or eserts. Nature provides all sorts of beauty through landscapes, plants, flowers, weather, and animals.

Great beauty can be found in the natural world. Another source of beauty is that which is created through the Arts. The Arts provide us beauty through sculpture, paintings, poetry, architecture, and music. For example, there are many types of music; some people may consider a concerto to be the most beautiful sound, while others may think beauty is found in voice of an opera singer. Likewise with painting, poetry or other art forms; people may vary on what style or type they ind to be the most beautiful, but beauty can always be found through the arts.

Beauty is defined differently by everyone; whether people define beauty as physical beauty, inner beauty, or beauty in nature or art. People agree that there is beauty and beautiful things in the world, but many people disagree on what specifically is beautiful. Trying to define what beauty is may be impossible. The definition of beauty will change with each person that Judges beauty. To truly define the word beauty you would need a different definition for every individual person. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.




The Trump Tariffs


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The Debate on the Trump Tariffs


Tariffs are taxes levied on products made overseas. They are used for a reason or two. The first one is to make money while the second one is to give local industry protection from competition. Theoretically; imposing tariffs on imports implies that people are likely to resort to buying homemade products instead of imported products which become expensive upon taxing. President Donald Trump of the United States of America declared that tariffs are one of the simple ways of restoring American Industry to its previous glory. He further imposed 25% tariff on imported steel while aluminum tariffs are 10%. Currently, the only countries he exempted from paying the tariffs are Mexico and Canada. However, he has given room to other countries to get tariffs exceptions as well. According to Julia Horowitz (2018), Trump said that America is open to negotiation with each individual nation on removing or modifying the tariffs terms as long as the nation can give assurance that its products will not be a security threat to the U.S. A. Trump’s reason for imposing the tariffs is protecting domestic industry by supporting the American local aluminum and steel manufacturers. He hopes that when aluminum and steel imports gets expensive as a result of the tariffs, more American business entities will resort to manufacturing aluminum and steel locally to meet demand. In theory, this means that the industries that have suffered for many years will rise again. Also, the Trump tariffs are meant to address the issue of dumping steel in American market. Trump is targeting China is the on the issue of dumping its Aluminum and steel products in the American market.

Antagonists of Trump Tariffs

After President Donald Trump’s administration released a list of products from China that will be subjected to tariffs worth $200bn, antagonists of this move gave various reasons for not supporting the trump administration on the tariffs. According to BBC news (2018) the former Trade Representative of the United States of America, Mr. Froman Michael is of opinion that imposing Trump Tariffs on Chinese goods is not a wise decision because eventually a tax levied on consumers and also cause disruption to companies. He further maintains that the best outcome would be a negotiated solution. Mr. Foreman also asserts that the tariffs are causing uncertainty in terms of manufacturers would price their products.

The former trade advisor to President Barack Obama says “the tariffs are creating uncertainty because firms need to know that the products used in their manufacturing processes are going to come at a certain price.” Finally he is curious to know what Trump intends to achieve from the American Chinese trade war.

According to USA today (2008), Phil Bredesen, the former governor of Tennessee said ,“These tariffs will hurt us” Also, Some Republicans, who are from the party that supported free trade prior to Trump’s entry into Whitehouse came are also disturbed by the far reaching impact the tariffs would cause at voting booths. A Republican political consultant Kevin Madden, said, “There is significant risk that the benefits of tax reform and the overall good feelings about the economy could all be negated by the actions on tariffs.”

Sohel Sareshwala who own a Californian company called Accu-Swiss exclaimed” How am I going to compete?’ (USA Today, 2008). His company manufactures customized parts of cars and semiconductors. The Trump’s tariffs on aluminum and steel, both of which are his inputs are taking a big chunk of his profit margins and also making his orders delay. On the other hand, his competitors overseas who are not affected can undercut him on this basis.

Protagonist of Trump Tariffs

Trump administration is not alone in the issue of Tariffs imposed on Chinese goods. Some U.S based companies welcomes the measure. Such company is US Steel which has announced its plan to widen its operation, increasing the number of workers by hundreds. Another company is Roadtec which is an evolving Tennessee based company which manufactures asphalt paving machines. Eric Baker, the director says (BBC, 2018)” The move will help our companies expand though at now there is still some uncertainty” When the U.S senate was discussing a motion aimed at curtailing Trump’s powers to meddle on issues of trade especially tariffs, Senator David Perdue who is a republican representative of Georgia and one of the most trusted allies of criticized the Senate on the floor of the senate that the motion was meant to undermine Trump while engaging in future trade talks. “I don’t understand why this body tries time and again to tie the hands of this president” (Time, 2018)

Personal opinion on Trump’s tariffs

My personal view is that Trump’s tariff on Chinese goods as well as other countries’ goods is not a bad move. Each and every country must take care of its economic interests by ensuring there is a sound balance of trade. However, I don’t support the way Trump administration is executing the matter. I believe that China and its trading allies may as well retaliate by imposing tariffs on the American products or banning them totally in their market thus affect the American producers in terms of high duties levied on their exports to such markets thus reducing their profit margin. Therefore, I would wish that the Trump administration embraces negotiation with china on policies that touches on imports and exports.

Effects of Trump Tariffs

Trump’s tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods were effected on September 14, 2018. This has set the stage for possible increase in products as well as increase in the price of goods consumed by the Americans. American companies which are affected by tariffs can end up incurring the extra expense, inflating prices or relocating their companies to other countries or all of the three. For now, the direct effect of the tariffs is unnoticeable among consumers. The 25 percent tariff imposed on Chinese products will make Some American manufacturers relying on Chinese products for production to cell their output expensively. China’s immediate retaliation on U.S.A could have a far reaching negative impact on consumers in future if no negotiation between the two trade giants fails. According to U.S.A Today (2018), Investment Strategy analyst for Wells Fargo wrote to investors on September 14, 2018 stating that prices are likely to increase in the recent future since tariffs makes the cost of imports to go up hence some companies would have to transfer the rising cost to the consumers or close down their businesses. The trade war between US and China may attract allies and generally consumers would be affected along the two different trade allies. Furthermore, it may also water down diplomatic relations between the US and China thus tougher diplomatic sanctions may follow.


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