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Decision Support Systems

Q1: In a meal trial comparing two types of infant formula X and Y, we found the following results of weight gain in 10 infants.
formula X 5.8 6.4 5.1 3.2 5.1 6.4 4.2 6.9 5.8
formula Y 6.4 6.4 5.6 3.3 5.6 7.0 4.5 7.5 5.8
Examine the significance of the infants’ weight gain due to formula Y at 0.05 alpha level.
You need to:
1. Provide a screenshot for your work. [0.5 Mark]
2. Explain your chosen function’s type/tool to examine the significance. [0.5 Mark]
3. Explain your answer. [1 Mark]
Q2: Using the below link select one of the dashboard examples and answer the following question.
1- Provide a screenshot of your selected dashboard and briefly state what it presented. [0.5 Mark]
2- Describe the types of metrics found on your selected dashboard. [0.25 Mark]
3- What types of displays are used to provide the information? [0.5 Mark]
4- Using what you know about common characteristics of dashboards, list three examples about how your selected dashboard applied those characteristics. [0.75 Mark]
Q3: According to customer satisfaction survey of service provider X, the percentage of customers stopped using company’s products and services at a certain time frame were influenced by cost, network, and service quality. The survey report found out that 30 out of 300 customers left the service provider X in the first quarter of last year. Using a quantitative model-based decision-making method, answer the following:
1. Suggest your hypothesis.
2. Suggest a hypothesis testing method.
Q4: Table below shows a heart disease risk dataset:
Manually calculate the following and show your calculation:
1. Entropy of the whole dataset.
2. Entropy of male dataset.
3. Entropy of female dataset.