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Debate Instructions for Week 5

You will need to have at least 400 words in this Debate post plus full references. You must reference using one of the three formats and following your major’s designated style: APA 7 (I am Group A) (I am Group A)Group A (last name starts with A-M) will support gradual emancipation position.Group B (last name starts with N-Z) will support immediate emancipation.To participate in the debate, you need to research both positions.Please remember this debate take place during the 1850s.  Before the Civil War, before Emancipation Proclamation and after Jefferson has been dead for more than 35 years.The required work will help you. Who will you be in the debate? Your character does not have to be an actual historical figure. You can be, for example, journalist, politician, teacher, a domestic servant or a sharecropper. Just make sure that you ground your analysis in academic sources and you demonstrate you have done all the required work by integrating it into your debate positions. Stay in character for your responses means if you say you are a certain name than each response should have this person’s name or that of the person your are corresponding with in each response is part of the debating. Also no modern day history facts should be used…in this debate Lincoln is still alive…meaning discussing the Emancipation Proclamation is not appropriate but the rumor of it can be discussed…remember the Emancipation Proclamation was a gradual emancipation document because it only freed slaves in the Confederate states but allowed Union states to still continue slavery.Whatever you write should be in character. Be creative! Remember that everything you argue, although in character, must be grounded in academic research and must demonstrate you have done the required work.

Strategic alignment factors that influence an organization.

Strategic alignment factors that influence an organization..

For this task, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on strategic alignment factors that influence an organization. Focus on at least two organizations, and identify appropriate strategic alignment factors that affect the use of data warehouses within the organization. Identify at least three factors related to the conceptual model.
Presentation Tips

Use a simple font: no less than 12 point (footnotes should be no smaller than 9 point).
Use the same font throughout your pamphlet.
Use color, underlining, and italics sparingly and for emphasis only.
Use white space effectively. If text is squeezed together, it is difficult to read. Take time to edit your information to ensure key concepts are clearly and simply presented.
Length: 12-14 slide

References: Include a minimum of six scholarly resources.

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Programming Question

Debate Instructions for Week 5 Simple computer science live assignment tomorrow at any time. There are between 40-80 MCQ questions and 2 hours to complete the live assignment. Students usually complete the live assignment in about a hour but there are 2 hours of time to finish the live assignment.
I will have 7 live assignments similar to this and is looking for a long term tutor for all 7.
This link provides extensive review material for the live assignment:
I have also attached study material as well.

Forecasting in Healthcare.

Forecasting in Healthcare..

Forecast the billing department or an organization(group practice) for the next 12 months. Will there be an increase, a decrease, or maintenance of the status quo? Look at these areas: Services, Revenue, Expenses, and Staffing needs. How did you arrive at this information?

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Modern contractual practice

Modern contractual practice.

The modern contractual practice between foreign investors and host states often resorts to clauses aimed at limiting the risks of the investor associated with the unexpected exercise of sovereign legislative or administrative prerogatives. At the same time, investor-state contracts are linked to international law and the regime of investment protection under bilateral and multilateral investment treaties.

In the context of the most recurring clauses in investor-state contracts, critically review two of them, in terms of their efficacy to protect foreign investments. You must do this by referring to relevant jurisprudence, international legal instruments and scholarly material.

Is there a specific focus to your assignment?

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Problem Investigation

Problem Investigation.


This is a statement of the problem you are investigating and its significance, with enough background information to understand the next two sections of the paper. It is not a long section; most of the background information that needs to be included in the paper can be saved for the Discussion. Your main objective in the introduction is to get the readers to understand what you were asking and why you bothered to ask it. You want, very concisely and effectively, and provide the meaning of your work, showing them how it fits into the bigger scheme of things. You must include the reason why Zebra fish is use as a model in developmental studies. .

 Materials and Methods

 Do not write anything on this section…


 This is a just-the-facts section. It is created from the “Summary of Results” section from your laboratory notes as described above, and also using the photographs provided. Data are presented in digested form, summarized in charts, graphs, photographs or descriptions. You do not conjecture as to what these data are telling you, you just simply present them. For your results section, you must create a detailed fish developmental stages report that include all the following points: a. Using the photographs provided, you need to chronologically organize them by using the different developmental traits. Please pay attention to the fact that Zebra fish development is divided into six distinctive periods, and that within each stage you might find different developmental stages. b. The photographs provided and to be included in your report, may not cover the whole developmental periods. So, once you have organized those pictures in chronological order, you must draw sketches of the missing periods and stages within those periods until the 25 somites stage, which marks the end of your work for this lab. Please remember that you should not steal photos from internet, but you must cite the source you used to sketch the missing stages. c. On the first developmental stages (cell cleavages), please describe the cleavage planes. d. On each photograph used for the establishment of each developmental stage, you must identify the structures that allowed you to classify that photograph in a particular stage. e. You must use arrows and letters on the photograph to identify each structure. Do not forget to write a figure caption at the bottom of each photograph. f. For the developmental stages for which you did not obtained a photograph, and for which you are doing your own sketches, you also have to identify the structures and give a caption


Discussion & Conclusion

A discussion is usually divided into two parts: first a statement of your conclusions (the “Conclusions” section from your notes and photographs provided), then a discussion of the significance of these conclusions as they relate to other s t u d i e s published in the literature. You must state how your results corroborate or disagree with previous work. In a normal paper for publication, you need to have done an exhaustive literature search before writing this section. When you cite another person’s work, you need to provide the source or information (Author, year). Readers then can find the full citation of this work in your literature cited section. For the discussion of your report, provide a brief description of the developmental biology behind each of the stages of development (cell communication, signalling pathways, transcription factors, etc…)., through the article discussions, lectures and lab materials, you should have acquired the necessary background to accomplish this part.

Literature cited

This is your bibliography. It is a listing of all the literature you cited throughout your paper. The format for this is rigid and each journal will have its own rules. Whatever format you use, you must be consistent.

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– Presenting your rationale for how your website tackles particular needs in your given community. Explain also how your website will help your community achieve their goals. You might consider having an introductory page, or ‘manifesto’ that explains this rationale.

– The way your website communicates information to your community and on its behalf (ie., the intellectual ‘pitch’, the tone, the language you use to convey ideas, specific terminology used in the comOverview Having identified the needs and challenges facing a community of your choice (Assessment 2), create a website that meets those needs and helps to alleviate those challenges.

 In the process of creating your website, consider:


 – The types of information that are useful to your chosen communty. Knowledge is power, so what sort of knowledge will you include to establish positive power relations?

 – Ethical considerations such as what topics is is appropriate to discuss, or not, and what images it is acceptable to use.

– Links to organisations and institutions that your chosen community could benefit from knowing more about. – Ways of empowering the identity of your chosen community.

 – Methods of interactive communication and education that can create an effective digital social space. – App technologies (many free in Wix) that can be used to meet community needs, and develop positive social changes.

Assessment 2 and 3 are linked. Assessment 2 is the ‘professional back -end’ report that identifies the specific challenges faced by a particular community and identifies what that community needs in order to be supported/strengthened.

 Assessment 3 is a solution-oriented website where you will create an online resource to help tackle those needs. The results of your analysis in Assessment 2 should directly y inform the online solutions you create in Assessment 3.

NOTE that your website SHOULD NOT be just an information page about your chosen community, or simply present the results of your needs assessment. It should tackle one or more of the challenges your identified with SPECIFIC and PRACTICAL solutions, as those designed in week 12 tutorial.


Marking Criteria Marking Criteria and Standards

Assessment 3 is designed to measure the extent to which students have met the following learning outcomes

: LO3: Collect and analyse relevant information about an example community from scholarly and professional perspectives.

 LO5: Explain the importance of community empowerment, capacity-building, community diversity and social justice, to society and the individual.

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Nutrition report based on your own nutrient analysis.

Nutrition report based on your own nutrient analysis..


You are required write a 3000 word nutrition report based on your own nutrient analysis. The report will be based on a full nutrition analysis that will be performed over 7 seminar sessions. Each seminar will be a step towards completing your assignment. (Therefore attendance to all seminars is very important).




Assignment cover sheet

Copy and paste the SSES cover sheet into your word document as the first page of your assignment so we can identify you and fill in the comments section when we have marked your assignment. You can find the assignment cover sheet in the assignment documents folder


Client summary sheet

This is a table which summarises your dietary analysis findings and some of the additional measures you will perform in your seminars. The template can be found in the assignment documents folder


Sum of skinfolds radar graph

In one of the seminars you will perform a 7 site skin fold analysis (in pairs). The data will be presented as a radar graph and this is to be placed directly following the client summary sheet above


Section 1.  Athlete needs analysis

(500 words)

This section should outline your sport discipline (if you don’t do sport make one up and base the assignment on your chosen sport), the physiological demands of that sport and a summary of what the main nutritional challenges and requirements are for the specific athlete in question. (This must be supported with relevant literature)


Section 2.  Average Macronutrient and fluid Intake 

(800 words)

The athlete’s daily average macronutrient and fluid intake (amount of each nutrient they consume per day) will be discussed in this section. This will apply to the following nutrients:

·         Carbohydrate

·         Lipids

·         Protein

·         Fluid (consider total fluid from food and drinks)

You will to firstly briefly describe the importance of each nutrient with reference to the sports person your assignment is based on. Then discuss how much of the nutrient they should be consuming daily for their given sport and training level (again using primary research evidence to support this). Then compare the athlete’s intake per day of each nutrient to the research recommendations to determine if the athlete’s average daily intake is adequate.


Section 3. Timing of Nutrient intake

(1200 words)

By selecting one day of the athlete’s diet and activity record and the corresponding day’s analysis from nutritics. Critically look at the athletes timing of food and fluid intake and amounts for the following:

·         Pre exercise nutrients and Fluid (Carbohydrate loading, the pre exercise meal, fluid intake)

·         During Exercise Nutrients and Fluid (Mainy Fluid/electrolytes and carbohydrate)

·         Post Exercise Nutrients and fluid (recovery fluid replacement protein and carbohydrate)

NOTE only include sections that are relevant to your athlete e.g carbohydrate loading might not be applicable etc.

For each of the above sections, discuss why it’s important to have the correct amount of nutrients at the right time. Then for the athlete in question, discuss the relevant research recommendations for amounts and timing of nutrient and fluid intake for the specific athlete in question. Then critically discuss what the athlete’s actual diet is like in comparison to this. Is it adequate?


Section 4.  A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of data collection methods used

(500 words)

Throughout this course you will become familiar with strengths and weaknesses of every step of nutritional analysis. In this section you will need to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of some of the data collection techniques you have used in the seminars. The data collection techniques will include

·         3 day diet and activity record

·         Skinfold analysis

·         The use of Nutritics a computer based analysis system to analyse dietary intake


Section 5. References


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Family Policy

Family Policy.

Prior to reading any of the course materials, begin by discussing what you currently know about family policy. Then, review the list of resources on Family Policy provided for you in the Lessons section of the course. Explore at least 5 of the resources provided. Then, tell us in your own words your understanding of family policy (definition) and also outline 5 things you learned from your review of these resources that you feel are most important and how they clearly define family policy.

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Week 4 Biomedical Ethics