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Dear Writer, Kindly find attached, all now requirements You should : 1) answer all questions in a word file.

Dear Writer,
Kindly find attached, all now requirements

You should :
1) answer all questions in a word file. ( analysis the result that you have in excel, ( decrease or increase all items)

2) all calculations make it in an excel file ( I attached ).

3) Growth of sales is an average for the last five years, I already calculated. check it and insure if the company has an expansion project you should add it on the average. ( can find that on the Board report).
4) add the growth rate for in perpetuity based on the company vision.

Thank you.

IT 403 4 Questions

You must submit two separate copies (one Word file and one PDF file) using the Assignment Template on
Blackboard via the allocated folder. These files must not be in compressed format.
 It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you have uploaded both the correct files.
 Zero mark will be given if you try to bypass the SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between
words, hide characters, use different character sets, convert text into image or languages other than English
or any kind of manipulation).
 Email submission will not be accepted.
 You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented. This includes filling your information on the
cover page.
 You must use this template, failing which will result in zero mark.

ISO 9000 discussion thread

Dear Writer, Kindly find attached, all now requirements You should : 1) answer all questions in a word file. DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSDiscussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, you are required to create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Each thread must be 500–750 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. In addition to the thread, you are required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be 450–600 words. Each thread and each reply must include at least 2 scholarly sources in addition to the textbook and relevant scriptural integration. All citations and references must be in current APA format.

Business Question

Use the Text book mentioned below and review Chapter 4, and draft 500 words post in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced) and also answer the questions below
Explain each of the following steps in risk evaluation and remediation.
Risk identification
Risk evaluation for chance of occurrence
Risk evaluation for impact if the risk takes place.
The four types of risk remediation,
What is a project risk owner,
What is a risk threshold.
What is a risk matrix.
[Your post must be substantive and demonstrate insight gained from the course material. Postings must be in the student’s own words – do not provide quotes!]
Text book details:
Title: Managing Project Risks
ISBN: 9781119489733
Authors: Peter J. Edwards, Paulo Vaz Serra, Michael Edwards
Publisher: John Wiley

INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 7 Running Head: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 1 International Economics Name Institutional



International Economics


Institutional Affiliation

Explain how advocates of strategic trade policy differ from the classical free market advocates in their treatment of externalities. Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

Advocates of strategic trade policies recognize that the classical free trade arguments consider externalities at length. They maintain the difference that the classical theory was based on a perfect competition and did not appropriately appreciate the most likely externality forces. However, the modern theories based on imperfect competition can. Here, the externality is the abilities of an organization to capture the expensive innovation based fruits. Based on perfect completion, classical theory neglected the factor due to the large fixed costs which are involved in the innovation, research and the development, and this cost ensures that the number of competitors will be smaller in an industry.

Discuss the justifications and the tenets of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the successor, World Trade Organization (WTO).Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

World Trade Organization, an international organization was established to liberate and supervise the world trade. Being the successor of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, created in 1947 in expectations that soon it would get replaced by United Nation’s specialized agency to be referred to as International Trade Organization which was never materialized, the GATT remarkably proved successful.

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and its successor, the World Trade Organization, generally are seen as the world’s most successful economic organizations created after First World War era. With their most significant achievements being the accomplishment of reduction on the level of tariffs including non-tariff barriers on trade which had emerged throughout the great depression era in 1930s.

Their second major achievement was the establishment of a reasonably successful self-enforcing system on dispute settling among members through set measures and principles by trade expert panels and more recently, appellate body. Members adhering to both basic principles of GATT/WTO, that is, in absence of society unions and free trade agreement the most favorable tariff extended to a single nation and also which must be extended to other nations and foreigners should be handled the same as other domestic citizens which also proved success in reduction of tensions among trading nations.

Respond to the following statement: “Anti-dumping laws are good for a nation.”Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Existence of anti-dumping agreement within World Trade Organization which allows affected nations to take required action for compensation due to injuries caused by foreign exporters who dump their commodities in the domestic market. Dumping is where a country exports products at prices lower than the price it normally charges in its home market. Many countries impose stiff laws to guard themselves from commodities they deem are being dumped in their domestic market. The WTO allows governments to take action where there is genuine injury to the competing industry domestically.

Anti-dumping law is a protectionist tariff which a domestic government may impose on foreign imports that it believes is being sold under the just market value. For example in the United States, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has imposed anti-dumping duties which bases on the investigation and recommendation from the department of commerce. The ITC is an independent government agency and duties many times exceed 100% of the value of the goods. They apply in the event when a foreign company sells an item significantly below its production cost. The logic behind such laws is to save domestic jobs, but also may lead to domestic consumers paying higher prices thus reducing international competition of domestic companies which produces similar goods.

A nation’s balance-of-payment can be grouped into several categories. List and describe these categories. Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

The balance of payments (BOP) is the methods which countries use in monitoring all international monetary transactions in a specific time period. It is usually calculated in every quarter and every calendar year where all trades conducted both publicly and privately are accounted for in order to determine the amount of money flowing in to and outside the country.

Balance of Payments categories may include; Current Account, which involves trade, Capital Account which includes sales and purchase of assets, and Financial Account which includes government-owned assets such as foreign reserves.

Concerning the balance of international indebtedness, when is a country a net creditor or a net debtor? Your response should be at least 75 words in length

The 1970s is remembered as the era of considerably growing international capital movements and course where fundamental change of financing deficits in current account for developing countries took place. Grants, direct investments and grant-like flows, and which during the mid 1960s, it accounted well, for over half of net flow of the developing counties net flows of resources financially.

A creditor nation has cumulative balance of payment surplus. A creditor nation has positive net investment after it has recorded all financial transactions which are complete between the country and the entire world.

Is it possible to trade foreign exchanges in the future markets? How does such trading differ from the forward market? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Foreign exchange market encompasses the purchasing power conversion from a currency to another, credit extension dominated in a foreign currency, bank deposits of foreign currency, foreign trade financing and foreign currency trading options and future contracts.

The foreign exchange market participants are categorized in to bank customers, international banks, non-bank dealers, foreign exchange brokers, and central banks. The international banks provide the basis of foreign exchange market. Central banks at times they get involved in the foreign exchange market aimed to influence the currency price against that of major trading partner, or a nation that it “pegs” or “fixes” its currency against.

Future market is a central financial exchange where standardized futures contracts, which is the contract which involves buying specific quantities of financial instrument or quantities at a specific price with the delivery set at a future specified time.

Currency future contracts are market to market daily and investors may exit their obligation to sell or buy the currency prior to the delivery date of the contract and this may be done through closing out the position. The currency futures prices are determined after the contract is signed, as it is in the forex market, only and the currency pair is exchanged on the date of delivery, normally sometime in the distance future.

Using an example to explain your response, describe how exchange rates are determined in a free market. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Exchange rate is one of the most crucial determinants of a nation’s relative level of economic health. They play a very important role in the nation’s level of trade which is very critical almost in every free market economy around the globe. However, exchange rates are among the most analyzed watched and governmentally manipulated economic measures. They matter on a little scale as well and affect the real return of an investor portfolio.

In a free market, the exchange rate between currencies is determined by demand and supply. Assuming that only two currencies are there, a dollar and a pound, and there is one aspect shaping the exchange rate, trade in commodities. Now if a person wants to begin selling classic American vehicles, to British clients, the cars being bought from an American dealer who will receive payment dollars not pounds; and thus it will be necessary to exchange the pounds in to dollars. Pounds will therefore be supplied and demand dollars on the foreign forex market.

Normally, fit will not be necessary to arrange the exchange. One will only get the bank to relocate the cash to and the American bank will work out the issue of exchange rate (Carbaugh, 2013).


Carbaugh, R. J. (2013). International economics (14th ed.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western.

Impact of Marijuana use on African-American males: Implications of its legalization in the criminal justice system.

Impact of Marijuana use on African-American males: Implications of its legalization in the criminal justice system..

 Assignment Description In this assignment, write a research plan that includes a precise yet succinct discussion about the research problem. Include in your plan a section that includes the following: Assignment Instructions 1. Explain the process of refining a research problem into a measurable research question and attendant sub-questions. 2. Describe the literature that you located for your annotated bibliography and present it in an integrated manner, in narrative form. a. Summarize and evaluate the content of the articles that you have read. b. Explain what contributions, if any, they could make to your study 3. Discuss the methods you would use in your proposed study—include your methods of data collection and data analysis. 4. Explain the methods of data collection and analysis for your study. 5. Apply assessment, prevention, intervention, and evaluation to the selected study. 6. Describe the primary audience for presenting the results of the study. 7. Provide concluding remarks in which you summarize the proposed study and evaluate the potential for further study of the research problem. Requirements: • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message. • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards. Any statements used are to be cited, and at least two citations in each paragraph. Each topic addressed must have a heading related to the question you are responding to. • Parts of the paper: Include a title page, body of paper, references, and running headers. • Cited resources: Minimum of five scholarly sources. All literature cited should be current, with publication dates within the past five years. Any statements used are to be cited, and at least two citations in each paragraph. • Length of paper: 3 double-spaced, typed pages. • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Spinal Cord Injury Patients.

Article: Fehlings, M. G., Tetreault, L. A., Wilson, J. R., Kwon, B. K., Burns, A. S., Martin, A. R., … & Harrop, J. S. (2017). A clinical practice guideline for the management of acute spinal cord injury: Introduction, rationale, and scope [PDF]. Reference the rubric for grading details. To complete the assignment: Answer the following two questions on the chosen population of patients: What are the best practices in caring for this patient population? Summarize the guidelines. ( Note you must use one of the three articles listed above.) Chose three interventions from the guideline and examine the level of evidence( for example, is this expert opinion or is it a randomized case study)? Does the level of evidence impact the likelihood of use in practice? Each answer must be a minimum of 300-400 words using APA in-text citation. ( Total 600-800 words excluding references and citations) No images or tables are counted into the word count. If an image or table is used there must be permission from the publisher to use. Create an APA title page and follow APA format for in-text citations and reference list. In-text citations must be used. No more than one direct quote within the submission. Paraphrase and cite the source. Use at least 5 references that are current for the last 3 years. Answer each question completely with correct word count Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 60 (60.00%) 30 Points each APA in text citations, number of reference, reference page,, references within the last 3 years Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 20 (20.00%) Style and grammar, Title page and uses no more than one direct quotation in the entire submission. Points Range: 0 (0.00%) – 10 (10.00%) Uses one of the three supplied clinical practice guidelines. Includes a definition of a clinical practice guideline within the narrative.

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NURS540 Week 3 Questions

Topic for questions 1

controlling the spread of microbes

Exercise 1:Once you have identified the microbes in the field you will need to be able to establish plans and practices to control the spread and educate the public. You will need to know about and use both physical and chemical methods of control. What will you need to know to be prepared to control outbreaks? Where could you find the information you need?
Exercise 2

Play Video
Go to a drug store or other store that sells different types of sanitizers. Investigate what microbes each states it controls or kills. Find at least 5 different types (not all hand sanitizers!)
Bring the list with you to the Lesson.
Design and submit a concept map on what you have learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts including:
1. Factors affecting microbe death
2. Antimicrobial agents and how they work
3. Physical methods of control
4. Chemical methods of control

Exercise 3:
Activity 1: Controlling Microbes Video
Based on what you have learned during the Task, design a 2 minute video to teach a selected audience about a physical or chemical method of controlling microbes. Your audience may be children, adults, peers, etc.
Activity 2: Virtual Lab
Complete the virtual lab, What Kills Germs
Activity 3: Destroying Bacteria Lab
Using the directions from Week 4, make gelatin to grow bacteria. Once you have a good growth of bacteria on the gelation:
Put a drop of hand sanitizer or other chemical microbe inhibitor on the gelatin where the bacteria is growing.
Leave for a day and see if the bacteria are killed. If they are you will see a clear ring in the area where you dropped the sanitizer.
Try different types of sanitizers such as Clorox, hand sanitizer, Listerine, or other household cleaners.
Activity 4: Case Study
Complete the case, ELVIS Meltdown! Microbiology Concepts of Culture, Growth, and Metabolism
First, Download the case study.
Second, Work through the case, answering all questions.
Submit video, report of the sanitizer lab, and case study to Moodle

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy



  1. selection of the small business to be studied.
  2. analyze the small business and develop a Social Media Strategy for the firm using the approach to be discussed by our guest speaker on January 24th.
  3. The weekly case discussions each week will assist teams in the application of social media marketing principles.
  4. deliverable is due at the end of the term and will typically contain the following:
    1. Description of the business, what they do, who they do it for, what is their brand promise.
    2. Understanding the business goals and what management is doing to promote the business today.
    3. Identify the level of management’s understanding and use of Internet marketing and social media marketing today.
    4. Perform analysis of their industry and competitor’s use of social media marketing.
    5. Provide a recommendation for which social media networks should be used by the business and the rationale for each of the network choice.
    6. Provide a recommendation for what content should be used and the rationale for each of the content bucket choices. This should be appropriate to each social media network and respective audience.
    7. Provide details and justification for special promotions (ads) that might be recommended.
    8. Describe the implementation details such as roles and responsibilities of those involved, timing and frequency of posting, and fit with other marketing programs.
    9. Identify measurement details such as key metrics to be tracked and progress toward marketing goals.

Description of the small business

The business company is called Vapor Trail which is situated at Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, Canada. The firm is specialized through their experienced members of staff it educates their consumers on the advantages of several smoking substitute products. They pride their selves on their selection of juice for which it offers to the customers.

It has over 150 flavors, and the targeted customers can select any of their preference based on their needs and wants from their juice store. The employees of the company will walk the consumers through everything they want to know till they are confident and can make their decisions. They want the customers to have the right gear, nicotine levels and the best flavors of their choice.

The link of the the small business I have selected ( )


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Book reviews of three separate books; To have an have not, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Zooey and Franny

Book reviews of three separate books; To have an have not, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Zooey and Franny.

Description The three assigned readings for this assignment, To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway, Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, and Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger, are each situated about a decade apart, spanning around forty years of the early to middle 20th century. While there are important female characters in each literary work, they don’t always play the main characters, but they are nevertheless quite important to what goes on within each literary work. Without a doubt, each of these authors has money and the status which goes along with it in each literary work, as a character’s financial status does play a role in what ends up happening to each female character. In Hemingway’s work, for instance, it’s not just.

Marie Morgan whose life is affected by having or not having money. There are other female characters, Helene Bradley and Helen Gordon as well as other female figures like Albert’s wife and women on the yachts whose lives are partially portrayed. In Capote’s novella, of course, there’s the central character, Holly Golightly, but she isn’t the only female character in his novella. Salinger’s literary work features Franny Glass but also her mother, Bessy Glass. How the female characters are portrayed in these three literary works will be what the focus of your analysis will be, but your analysis should not just be restricted to how gender is portrayed, as sexual preference might also play part of the drama. Based on these three literary works, for this assignment, write an essay which whether or to what extent the three authors situate the female characters in their literary works in sexist ways that leave them dependent on males for their imagined lives. Since these authors were living and writing during times when male heterosexist dominance was the norm, your reading and analysis should indicate whether you find how they situate their female characters ahead of their times and progressive. Clearly, even today, whether or not women have independent lives remains a point of contention. Even worse is how gay folk are still judged and treated today. So literary works can have an impact on shaping the values readers will hold. As you analyze these literary works for aspects of gender relations and sexual preference, keep in mind how Americans’ perspectives have changed. Paper Formatting Guidelines: Your paper should have one-inch margins all around (top, bottom, right, left), double-spaced (no extra spacing between paragraphs); use the Times New Roman font plus 12-point print size throughout, including the header/footer. Your header should be half an inch (.5). Paginate each page, except the first, at the top right, and double-check that the font and print size of your page numbers are the same as the rest of your paper. Handwrite your name, my name, English 3336.02, and the date on the back of the last page. Your original title should be centered as the first line at the top of the first page (don’t bold print, italicize, place it under quotation marks, or underline it—no cover page required). Required Length and Citation/Documentation Requirements: (If you fail to follow the length and citation/documentation requirements, your paper will not be accepted.) Your paper should be at least 2000 words long, excluding the title and bibliography. Your paper should also be at least five full pages but can certainly be longer, excluding the bibliography. Finally, if you use secondary sources, include a Works Cited page(s) using MLA.

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