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Dear Writer, As we have discussed, you will be working on my thesis as per the paper you prepared

Dear Writer,

As we have discussed, you will be working on my thesis as per the paper you prepared 3 weeks ago.
Below the content prepared and i fixed:
This thesis will investigate what motivates people to invest in cryptocurrencies and why others do not consider the investment. The study aims to determine the incentives and restrictions for cryptocurrency investing among people from different generations. My four main research questions are:
1. What are the motivating factors regarding the purchase of cryptocurrencies?
2. What is the current status regarding the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies?
3. What are some of the factors that hinder the use of cryptocurrencies among individuals?
4. What was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals’ opinions about crypto investments?
The sample size will be a minimum of 250 participants. The study will be conducted in different locations and rely on quota sampling. The survey will be conducted during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and as a result, it will capture the effects of the pandemic and its economic consequences. The research explores the relationship between individual motivational
To the Attention of the Supervisor: Please submit this form signed by the student and yourself to
the Dean of the program.
qualities and obstacles regarding risk tendency (as measured by the risk tendency scale), sex, and representation of different generations as well as the willingness to own cryptocurrencies.

Therefore i want you to prepare the literature review which includes introduction research question and the full research (the topic and its content don’t write a lot about crypto in general but concentrate on the topic). also the methodology that we will use for the thesis and i need you to prepare a table of figures and also table of abbreviations.
We will work on the survey questions and analysis at a later stage after we finish this pare.
Also please add a list of references in the last page.

Please write it very carefully.

Tis the Season for Planting case study

Read the case first, analyze the Christmas Tree Operation in this case.
Maximum 10 pages, double-spaced, preferably 12 font
In this case study, you need to analyze the Christmas Tree Operation then conclusions from your analysis
Instruction for the analysis:
Analysis (Broad and Inclusive)
The analysis provides a balanced discussion of any quantitative and qualitative factors