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De Anza Human Females Tend Have Lower Levels of Testosterone Other Species Ques

De Anza Human Females Tend Have Lower Levels of Testosterone Other Species Ques.

I’m working on a gender studies question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

1 Which statement about the Red Queen hypothesis is TRUE?Asexual reproduction can easily eliminate harmful genes from the genome.Predators and prey species do not need to compete with one another.Sexual reproduction evolved to maximize success in changing environments.Asexual reproduction increases genetic variation.Question 2Which of the following is an example of repression?Parents strongly disapprove of same-sex relationships and disapprove of their son’s lifestyle.An individual who grew up in a traditionally conservative household tries to rid her thoughts and desires for same-sex relationships.A man attempts to control how he is perceived by others. He attempts to act “masculine,” and he consistently dates women, even though he is attracted to men.Someone with a transgender identity is harassed on the bus.Question 3Which of the following statements about gestation is TRUE? Group of answer choicesThe term zygote refers to the embryo and placenta.The term embryo refers to a fertilized egg.A fetus is only categorized as such after the 11th week of development.The term blastula refers to the stage in development up to the 10th week.Flag question: Question 4Question 45 ptsWhich of the following statements about identity is TRUE? (Human Sexuality, Exam 2, Spring 2021)Group of answer choicesIntersex refers to the use of corrective surgery to match gender identity with biological sex.Transgender refers to an identity where gender identity does not match biological sex.Intersex refers to wearing clothes conventionally worn by another gender.Transsexual refers to a condition where someone is born with ambiguous genitalia.Question 55 Which of the following statements is TRUE of paraphilias? All paraphilias are nonconsensual.By definition, paraphilias are harmful behaviors toward others.Paraphilias are usually extreme and debilitating.All paraphilias are practiced in private.Question 6Which of these is TRUE of a matrilineal system? Families tend to be closer to the mother’s side than the father’s, since he is seen as leaving his family to join hers.Lineage is traced through the father’s side of the family.Lineage is traced through the mother’s side of the family.The families of the mother and father are equally important sources of the lineage.Question 7Committing incest would mostly likely be considered an infringement against ______. ExogamyEndogamyIsogamyAnisogamyQuestion 8In this type of social structure, females mate with multiple males. PolygynandryMonogamyPolyandryPolygynyQuestion 9A patient undergoes her annual physical as a condition of her employment and upcoming wedding. When her results are returned, she is devastated to learn that she has gonorrhea. What can we conclude about the patient’s condition? Group of answer choicesThe patient cannot treat gonorrhea with antibiotics.The patient most likely contracted gonorrhea from shared clothing or bedding.The patient has not been vaccinated against gonorrhea.The patient might be asymptomatic.Question 10Which of the following contraception methods are correctly matched with the traits listed below? I. Provides protection against many STI’sII. Prevents sperm from being deposited into the vaginaIII. Acts primarily as a spermicide (destroys sperm)A. Hormonal intrauterine device (IUD)B. Emergency contraceptionC. VasectomyD. CondomGroup of answer choicesI: B only; II: C and D; III: A onlyI: D only; II: C and D; III: B onlyI: C and D; II: A, B, and D; III: A onlyI: A only; II: A, C, and D; III: B onlyQuestion 11A patient undergoes his annual checkup. During the visit, he indicates that he is experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. He states that he is unable to have sexual intercourse; however, he still experiences nocturnal emissions. What can we conclude about the patient’s condition? Group of answer choicesThe patient is likely experiencing a significant drop in testosterone.Erectile dysfunction in this patient is likely caused by an opportunistic infection.The patient’s symptoms are more characteristic of premature ejaculation than erectile dysfunction.Erectile dysfunction in this patient is likely a psychological or emotional response.Question 12_____ is responsible for 80% of women’s tubal infertility and includes symptoms of discharge, fever, back pain, and pain during intercourse. Group of answer choicesHuman papillomavirus (HPV)GonorrheaHerpesChlamydiaThis is due in 1 hour 30 minutesQuestion 13Humans do not “go into heat” or have specific time periods where conception is possible. Which of the following statements is likely the best explanation of this phenomenon? Group of answer choices“Going into heat” is triggered by testosterone, and human females tend to have lower levels of testosterone than females of other species.Natural selection does not affect human sexuality, and, therefore, there is no biological need to “go into heat.”The lack of paternity certainty that comes with concealed ovulation might make males more likely to help raise offspring (rather than risk their offspring being disadvantaged).Because there is no sexual dimorphism between human females and males, sexual selection does not affect reproductive cycles
De Anza Human Females Tend Have Lower Levels of Testosterone Other Species Ques

PHIL 150 Upper Iowa University Descartes Analogy of Human Beings Discussion Questions.

Your initial responses should be between 250-350 words. Since the discussion board is a formal academic environment for conversational give and take, formal academic writing standards apply in the same way they apply to any other writing assignments. APA formatting is requiredDQ 1″Gilbert Ryle, a contemporary analytic philosopher, has called Descartes’s mind-body construction a “ghost in a machine.” How is this an appropriate analogy”(Mitchell, 2019, p. 246), if it is? In other words, was Descartes right to conceive human beings in this way?DQ 2Compare Descartes’ skepticism with Hume’s. In what ways are they alike? In what ways are they different” (Mitchell, 2019, p. 245).
PHIL 150 Upper Iowa University Descartes Analogy of Human Beings Discussion Questions

Establishment a binding price ceiling The basic agenda of an administration establishing price ceiling is to shield consumers from changes in prices. Housing is a basic requirement for all the citizenry hence, if housing becomes unaffordable due to the sky rocketing of prices then the government can take several measures to address the above situation. One of the solutions is the institution of a price ceiling that will limit the shift in prices and make accommodation affordable. However, the government should make a proper diagnosis of the market before instituting such a measure since there may be other ways to resolve the changes in market prices means such as boosting supply (Perloff 1999, p. 179). Non-binding price ceiling Description of the market Before the price ceiling, the price culminates from the interaction of demand and supply. Consequently, the cost of residential property results from the equilibrium of market forces. However, the introduction of pricing ceiling will have a considerable impact on the sector. If the price control exceeds the equilibrium price, it will have no impact on the market since consumers will purchase property at the equilibrium value while the supplier will supply at the same price. Conversely, if the cost is set lower than the equilibrium level then the ceiling will have significant implications. The reduced price will raise demand. Additionally, the reduced price will culminate in reduced supply resulting in a shortage in the entire property market. Therefore, non-binding controls have no impacts on the market since they are higher than the equilibrium cost. Conversely, binding prices have a significant impact on the market since they are below the equilibrium price (Browning
Reflection Paper. I’m studying for my Nursing class and need an explanation.

The IOM published report, “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” makes recommendations for lifelong learning and achieving higher levels of education.
In 1,000-1,250 words, examine the importance of nursing education and discuss your overall educational goals.
Include the following:

Discuss your options in the job market based on your educational level.
Review the IOM Future of Nursing Recommendations for achieving higher levels of education. Describe what professional certification and advanced degrees (MSN, DNP, etc.) you want to pursue and explain your reasons for wanting to attain the education. Discuss your timeline for accomplishing these goals.
Discuss how increasing your level of education would affect how your competitiveness in the current job market and your role in the future of nursing.
Discuss the relationship of continuing nursing education to competency, attitudes, knowledge, and the ANA Scope and Standards for Practice and Code of Ethics.
Discuss whether continuing nursing education should be mandatory. Provide support for your response.

You are required to cite to a minimum of three sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and relevant to nursing practice.
Reflection Paper

Statistics please help me out.

Statistics please help me out..

An insurance
company checks police records on 564 accidents selected at random and notes
that teenagers were at the wheel in 85 of them.  Null and Alternative Hypothesis?H0:p?HA:p?

Statistics please help me out.

NUR 3805 UCF Collaboration in Healthcare Personal Collaborative Experience Discussion

assignment helper NUR 3805 UCF Collaboration in Healthcare Personal Collaborative Experience Discussion.

Answer the following questions. Supply APA CITATION (IN-TEXT AND REFERENCE). Each question needs to be answer in a minimum of two paragraph. Remember to use the rubric when developing your work. CHAPTERS 3 and 12.1. Describe a collaborative experience you have had with another health care professional (no names please). Identify and discuss key factors involved in this collaborative effort and the outcomes. How is collaboration different from cooperation and/or compromise? Support your position with examples and references.2. Think of a person (no names please) with whom you have experienced difficult communication. Identify the barriers to successful communication that were present in both you and the other person. Analyze your responses to that person. How could those barriers be overcome? Explain why nonverbal communication may be more revealing than verbal communication.
NUR 3805 UCF Collaboration in Healthcare Personal Collaborative Experience Discussion

Computer Games and Instruction Essay

Playing computer games has always been the thing for all the people who were born in the XX-XXI century; and even though there might be someone who knows nothing about the true delight of playing a PC/video game, most people within that 50-year sphere surrounding video/computer games industry know what I am talking about. And, even though I have never been the one for spending nights to win a virtual prize, I was pretty surprised to find myself actually being captured into the virtual reality of one of the most famous computer games in entre world – the famous The Sims saga. Even though it is only now that I can interpret the effects of playing the game for hours, The Sims 3 has definitely proven its value as a great way to train some important skills. I must admit that in my own sandbox, the world seemed incredibly colorful and attractive; filled with adventures and a real exercise for the brain, it had the same effect as a good movie has on the spectators – it is truly impossible to leave the movie theater until you finally see the climax. Even though the designs of the people in the game left much to be desired and most of the characters looked like the Pixar movie rejects, it was still a lot of fun to create my own world and playing God. However, I soon realized that my new “pets” needed a lot of attention. I was spending hours trying to create a character and help it build its career so hard that I had completely forgotten about mine. To fight the given problem, I started spending more time in the “sandbox,” which was actually the last thing to do – as a result, I desperately wanted to sleep, but I finally got the Maid’s character right. Moreover, I started looking for online cheats, which took all the fun out of the game. Nevertheless, it would be unfair to claim that in my own sandbox, there were only unpleasant things to dig up. To my great surprise, I soon realized that The Sims taught me quite a bit about strategic thinking. In a couple of weeks, I understood that I could plan my actions and predict their consequences better. In addition, I felt more self-assured; indeed, being a god of one’s own universe does add some self-esteem. However, just when I started to feel bored with all those characters that I was in charge of, I found out that the game was finished. There was nothing else to do with The Sims. Indeed, according to what Forbus says, the functions of the self-proclaimed “god” in The Sims are quite restricted: Each Sim contains behavior calls for each of the possible social interactions (flirt, kiss, etc). When SimSam decides to run the kiss behavior (which is in SimMary) an invisible social interaction object is created. The execution of SimSam’s thread is then passed into this object (as is SimMary’s if she’s not busy). (Access to the parameters of the chosen Sim is provided through a pointer in the Social Interaction object.). (2) Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More With a toy that simple and that time-consuming, it was rather weird that this game took over me completely. Anyway, it was a narrow escape for me – even though the threats of game addiction are considered to be greatly exaggerated, as Vorderer and Bryant explained (Vorderer and Bryant, 332), I would not want to test how addictive they are. Thus, like all good things, my adventure with The Sims finally came to an end. And, taking account of this travel, I must admit that it did have its pros and cons. On the one hand, is it has been mentioned previously, the game did teach me a lot of important skills, especially the ones concerning motor function and memorizing essential things, as well as keeping in mind a lot of crucial information. In addition, I have acquired strategic thinking and the capability of thinking fast and efficiently. To add up, I got pretty interested in the way all these characters work, which probable served as the final argument for learning a couple of things about compute design. According to Tobias and Fletcher, computer games can help even surgeons, developing their skills and offering a decent simulation for real surgery (Tobias and Fletcher, 54), which makes the chances of everyone playing simulation games to train the corresponding skills. However, it is also worth mentioning that the game did take a great lot of time which I could have spent in a more useful way. Moreover, constant playing the game could have made me dependable on playing computer games; luckily enough, I do not have any desire to start another computer adventure (unless Maxis offers the next part of the Saga instead of the despised spin-offs, which very unlikely). Thus, I am quite even with the Maxis and have escaped the sandbox without suffering great losses. Works Cited Forbus, Kenneth D. 2001, Some Notes on Programming Objects in The Sims. Web. Tobias, Sigmund, and J. D. Fletcher. Computer Games and Instruction, Charlotte, NC: IAP, 2011. Print. Vorderer, Peter, and J. Bryant. Playing Videogames: Motives, Responses and Consequences, New York, NY: Routledge, 2006. Print. We will write a custom Essay on Computer Games and Instruction specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More

New York University A Sales Plan for Sheraton New York Time Square Research Paper

New York University A Sales Plan for Sheraton New York Time Square Research Paper.

MANAGING THE HOTEL SALES PROCESSOUTLINE FOR FINAL PROJECT“THE SALES PLAN”I. Executive Summary:a. Property History, Address, Year Constructed/Openedb. Introduction of Key Hotel Shareholdersc. Overview of findings in the following sectionsII. Property AnalysisIII. Competitive Set AnalysisIV. Marketplace AnalysisV. SWOT Analysisa. Strengths & Weaknesses (related to hotel)b. Opportunities & Threats (related to the marketplace)VI. Key Information for Each of the Following Market Segments:a. Business Transient: retail customers? Corporate travel? Who are the customers use that hotel?what drive theirb. Groupc. Tour & TravelI. Review of Anticipated Performance, by Month, by Key Market SegmentFirst two monthsII. Recommendations for Strategies and Actions by Month, by Market SegmentIII. ConclusionsReferences and BibliographyOur hotel is Sheraton New York Time Square Hotel.MLA Format,
New York University A Sales Plan for Sheraton New York Time Square Research Paper