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The English government had increased taxes on goods and also made new acts, this anger the colonies and Increased a sense of unity, which helped form, what is now the united States of America. The French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War, was the first time the colonies united against a common enemy. In 1754 Benjamin Franklin proposed the Albany Plan of Union, his plan was to unite and place the colonies under a more centralized government.

Even though the plan was not carried out, it was a step closer to the unification of the colonies.In fact, a famous political cartoon was publish y the Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper known as “Join, or Die. ” This cartoon emphasizes that the colonies need to unite to survive; a snake cut up Into pieces and each piece being a different colony Illustrates the need for unification (Document A). After the end of the Seven Years War in 1763 Britain started increasing taxes and creating new acts in order to pay for the war damage; the Stamp Act in 1765, Tax Imports, the Tea Act In 1773 and the Intolerable Acts In 1774 are great examples.As a result the colonies boycotted, protested, and wrote protests to the king, this helped to unify the colonies even more than before. On February 1774 Richard Henry Lee declared the colonies as united and to have the right to defend their freedom and liberties from the English parliament (Document C). Additionally, on September 1774 the colonies formed the First Continental Congress In Philadelphia.

They wrote the “Declaration for the Causes of Taking up Arms” to England that expressed that the colonies are prepared to fight for their freedom and liberty at any cost (Document E).Shortly after the first shot of the revolution was fire on April 18th, 1775 in Lexington ND Concord, and a year later the Second Continental Congress wrote the Declaration of Independence. These two major events show how the colonies were so strongly unify and had a sense of belonging. What also increased the need for independence and unity was that most of the colonists TLD identify with the British anymore, Hector SST. John Occurred wrote In Letters from an American Farmer that an American is someone who has left most of its European ancestry behind and learns new manners. Occurred believes that 1 OFF (Document H).Also, by 1775 most of the colonists wanted to rebel mostly do to Thomas Pained “Common Sense” pamphlet that convinced people to Join the Revolution.

Later next year Edmund Burke wrote “Notes for Speech in Parliament”, which express similar ideas a Pannier’s “Common Sense”, Burke expressed that Britain could not rule the colonies because it was physically impossible do to the great distance that the ocean puts between them (Document B). Do to the great distance between the American colonies and England it made it easy for the colonies to create their own culture and leave European traditions behind.Even though most of the colonists were in favor of the revolution there were still some that were against it, the loyalists, or those who were neutral about it. Matter Bales states that politics is the same as always, false talk (promises), and that to choose what’s better a ruler under their noses or one miles away (Document D). While Peter Oliver, a loyalist, refers to the revolution as an act of pride, ambition, and resentment towards the English parliament that has only been good to the colonist (Document F).Even though most of the colonist were united and were in favored of he revolution, their were still a few that were loyal to the mother country. Throughout the years of 1750 and 1776, the colonies established the Continental Congress, declare independence, fought and protested for their freedoms and liberties, and created their own identity as Americans.

Even though they still have more to come on their way the colonist managed to do great things. Overall, the colonies were able to unite against their common enemy, England, and gain independence from the strongest nation in the world at the time to form the United States of America.

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