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Data Warehouse: The Hewlett Packard Company Over Expenditure Essay

Table of Contents Problem identification and description Contributory factors to the problem Possible solutions and experiences implemented by HP “Neoview” System Steps to take in developing a wide data warehouse Technological challenges Problem identification and description The Hewlett Packard Company faces the problem of over expenditure and therefore it is trying to cut down on the yearly expenses especially in the information and Communication Technology department. The focus mainly is the experts IT expenditures, Information Systems Applications and the over exaggerated information computer hubs. The amount of server’s infrastructure also contributes hugely to the expenses and thus the need for reducing them. The issue of over expenditure focuses on the management of the databases. Contributory factors to the problem There are numerous predicaments regarding collecting, analyzing and presenting data or information across various parts of the business. The crisis mainly come about as a result of differences in processing of data for instance tracking and processing of sales and marketing data occurs on different servers totally independent of the server whose tasks involve tracking sales information across geographical boundaries. For instance, the most essential process is that of analyzing and processing common monetary information such as gross margins to assess the company’s profit status, whose solution entails different business operational units. The company also experienced dragged sales due to data inconsistency. It takes a lot of time to compile information from various business sites thus affecting decision making procedures or forcing managers to make judgments based on stale information. With such inconsistency, it is difficult to make predicaments regarding the size of sales and services teams and analyzing their spending. Possible solutions and experiences implemented by HP The companies’ turning point focuses upon the building of a mega data warehouse to server the whole enterprise. The aim is to get rid of unnecessary database technologies, which are in use and integrate some of the technologies to single units. Many companies have faced the complexity involved in the implementation of data warehouses and majority failed to achieve the goal. The mega warehouse ought to offer real time access to data or information regardless of geographical, structural or departmental boundaries. With a data mart covering the entire enterprise, consistency of data would be achievable. Data is processed and monitored in real time meaning that it would never get stale or incomplete. Such a data warehouse enables access to financial records necessary for important economic decisions. HP emphasizes on flexibility and time factors. The hardware implemented can server other correlated needs thus the ability to incorporate 100 percent analysis of the company’s data. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the HP’s strategies is to configure a system that cuts down on the implementation workload and reduce the complexity, which is achievable with the help of experts. “Neoview” System The success of the HP data warehouse catalyzes its need among other companies and as a result, it forced the HP Company to come up with “Neoview”, which is a product for enhancing multi-tasking procedures involved in processing of data. Ability to perform real time analysis and management of data concurrently is a big stepping-stone for most enterprises. The versatility of the Intel processors used in the Neoview systems promises almost a hundred percent availability of time. According to the users of the “Neoview” System such as “Bon-Ton” and “Wal-Mart”, it provides a data warehouse that exceeds most expectations. Steps to take in developing a wide data warehouse An efficient warehouse ought to be different in cost, technology and integration. The focus should be amalgamating all data processing points to one area as opposed to integrating processing points. A true warehouse includes all business entities such as employees’ details, marketing information, financial reports and customer’s data under one central system where analysis takes place. Integration of such a wide data warehouse ought to occur in phases as opposed to direct change over. Concurrent running of business systems enables the owners to note various weaknesses and improve the system accordingly. It must undergo intensive assessment and testing to ensure accuracy. Technological challenges The system requires numerous works to organize and integrate all subsystems into one single unit. There is need for database knowledge and technology among implementers, designers and users of the system as well. The current corporate mergers are also a hindrance to immediate implementation of such database management systems because a merger can outdate an implementation within a short lifespan. Not all application suits the centralization of data processing procedures. The organization policies, rules and culture determine the kind of system to use. It is important to consider the industrially manufactured hardware to cut on the implementation costs. It is equally crucial to consider expertise in installation as well as running the system. Industries should understand that running multiple warehouses might be more expensive that a single mega centrally managed warehouse. We will write a custom Essay on Data Warehouse: The Hewlett Packard Company Over Expenditure specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More
Chapter 11 – The Illusion of Privacy?. I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

For this chapter, I offer you the choice of a quick read or a quick listen: (Links to an external site.)
I can comfortably say that anything you do on the internet is tracked, recorded, stored, and available to some person, corporation, entity, or government somewhere. No matter how much you use incognito browsing (that only hides your actions from your internet history – your ISP knows you went to that porn site as does the porn site), a VPN (your VPN knows where you went and so does the site you visited; some VPNs sell your data, too), or services on the Dark Web (Onion / TOR browser, etc.), the sites you visit may places tracking beacons in your browser to verify your identity or, if a Dark Web site has been seized by a government agency or organized crime group, they will do more to track and identify you. Of course, your routine web surfing is tracked by every marketing company that successfully places a tracking beacon or cookie in your browser data and is using that to generate data to profile and market their advertisements to you.
For this chapter’s discussion, comment about your observations of your loss of privacy and the benefits you derive from the willing surrender of that privacy. When you go to Amazon, do you have to log in? If not, Amazon has stored a cookie identifying you and your browser may also have stored your password. It’s great to have easy access and it may be worth the loss of privacy, but had you considered that Amazon tracks and sells that data (as does every other website, especially Facebook) and identifies you based on information provided and your browser fingerprint?
Post one comment about the privacy you have surrendered to obtain the benefits of shopping, easy access to social media, news services, or similar sites and your perception of whether you felt any choice in sharing that data, losing that privacy, and making your life that much easier. Once again, as with the chapters of this week, you only need to post once BUT, look ahead to the last chapter for the written assignment that spans this week’s set of chapters.
Chapter 11 – The Illusion of Privacy?

Vittoria Rybak American culture has undergone great change throughout its history, specifically through challenges brought about by countercultures to the traditional values of the larger society. By definition, a counterculture is a group that rejects the major values, norms, and practices of the larger society, replacing them with a new set of cultural patterns (Thomas). During the 1920’s, Americans saw the rise of one particular counterculture that would challenge the traditional values of women in a significantly modest society. Flappers, they were nicknamed, consisted of northern, urban, middle-class women who defied the traditional Victorian gender roles of the era wherein women were expected to act and behave in a modest, conservative way. The once feminine ideal of staying at home and out of the workforce would drastically change socially and politically as Flappers began a life of smoking, drinking, dancing, and voting. They defied traditionalist values by cutting their hair, wearing makeup, and taking risks (Rosenberg). In an attempt to liberate themselves and eliminate social double standards, the Flappers created a new role for women in society to play. With World War I underway, young men were being sent off to fight for the ideals and mistakes of the older generation, while young women took over their jobs and entered the workforce (Rosenberg). During the war, nearly an entire generation of young men had died, leaving nearly an entire generation of young women who became significantly independent and steered away from the conventional marriage norms of finding a sufficient suitor and starting a family (Rosenberg). The return home from the war proved that settling back into normalcy would be difficult for the young men AND women after each had already broken out of the structure of society (Rosenberg). These liberated young women had emerged from the aftermath of World War I and jumped right into the Jazz Age and an era of Prohibition. They adopted their carefree attitudes specifically in this era of alcohol, jazz music, dancing, and, of course, rebellion. The Jazz Age inspired a change in style and dress that ultimately became the scandalous Flapper look, diverging greatly from the traditional style and dress of early American women. A key contributor to the Flapper culture was Cara Bow, the single most famous Flapper of the era, starring in films and inspiring the younger generations to adopt the carefree manner and style of the new women’s era. Perhaps the most significant historical event that encouraged Flappers to promote their cause of eliminating social double standards was the passing of the 19th Amendment, which ended women’s suffrage and gave women the right to vote (Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia). In order to develop a better understanding of the mentality of the Flappers, it is important to view the behavior of the group in a systematic way, or through a sociological perspective (Thomas 4). Specifically through the interactionist perspective, Max Weber asserts that individuals act according to their interpretations of the meaning of their world through symbolic interaction (Thomas 17). And then, using sociological imaginations, those individuals have the ability to see the connection between the larger world and their personal lives (Thomas 5). During World War I, young women began interpreting the world slightly different from before. Flappers basically realized that life was too short to live a confined life and wait for a husband who might never come home; flappers felt rightfully entitled to make their own decisions regarding how to live their lives (Celania). Serving as a symbol of freedom, the invention of the automobile is an example of how Flappers were given the liberation to go and do anything they pleased (Rosenberg). However, automobiles were not only used for travel and escape, and the flapper was less hesitant to experiment sexually than previous generations. Flappers began to realize that the larger world was holding them back, so they rebelled and brought attention to themselves which helped bring about major cultural change. America underwent major cultural changes because of the Flappers attitudes and completely redefined the role of women in society at large. In addition to their defiance of traditionalist values, Flappers also adopted a new sexual frankness that widened the eyes of the older generation. Many older generation traditionalists were the ones who developed ethnocentric views towards the shocking erotic and sexually alluring behavior of the Flappers (Kennedy and Cohen, Lizabeth). By definition, ethnocentrism is the tendency to view one’s own culture and group as superior to all other cultures and groups (Thomas 35). The older generations considered themselves guardians of respectability and morality, thus they looked negatively on and were baffled by the dress and antics of the Flappers (Kennedy and Cohen, Lizabeth 710). In fact, traditional moralists were offended by their actions and attitudes. Their feelings of ethnocentrism came from the idea that a single kiss had once been the equivalent of a marriage proposal, and now Flappers were flaunting and exploiting their bodies like never before (Kennedy and Cohen, Lizabeth 709). Stuffy traditionalists continued to defend the modest and conventional way of life that they believed women were supposed to lead. For example, the Flappers began sporting the one piece bathing suit on beaches during the summers; however, they were disrupted in their leisure and measured from the knee up to ensure that not too much leg was showing (Kennedy and Cohen, Lizabeth 710). Out of pure rebellion against stuffy moralists, flappers adopted the short hair style, leaving the long, curly, traditional locks on the floors of barber shops everywhere (Celania). Just as women do today, women of the 1920’s felt confined to act and behave a certain way. Their freedoms to express themselves had been diminished all of their lives by a traditional upbringing. Cultural relativism is the belief that cultures should be judged by their own standards, and not by the standards of others (Thomas 36). Through cultural relativism, the larger society can understand why flappers behaved in the manner in which they did. Sigmund Freud claims that the libido was one of the most natural of human needs that allowed Flappers to explore and experiment sexually (Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia). He believed that a variety of nervous and emotional ills came directly as a result of sexual repression, concluding that Flappers were not acting out of the norm for mere pleasure alone, but for health reasons as well. (Kennedy and Cohen, Lizabeth 708). By the Flappers standards, they had been denied sexual gratification and liberation all their lives. Once they received that small taste of individualism and excitement that came with the aftermath of World War I, these women could not undo themselves and decided to completely defy gender norms, thus creating the undeniably flamboyant Flapper culture. Although I am not a hardcore feminist, I definitely agree with the Flapper philosophy of expressing individualism and putting an end to social double standards. Women deserve to express themselves, not only at home, but in the workforce as well. Flappers did not necessarily protest or actively participate in women’s movements that gave rise to important milestones; however, the Flapper was a symbol of empowerment and liberation that changed the course of a woman’s role in America. In fact, I might not have the freedoms I do today if flappers had decided to remain silent and stick to the status quo. I greatly admire them taking the first steps to break out of the mold that women had been shaped into. As a person who buries herself in schoolwork, I especially admire the carefree and fun attitude of the Flapper and I like to think of their motto as living life to the fullest which definitely makes life more exciting if followed as the flappers had. I also agree that repression causes rebellion, and, in this way, the Flapper had a right to experiment and find a life for herself, according to her own standards. Although women still have a long way to go, the Flapper culture most definitely inspired generations of women to come out of the wood work and express themselves as empowering individuals. References Celania, Miss. “The Society Pages.” 25 March 2013. The Rise of the Flapper. Web. 11 March 2017. Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia. U.S. History – Precolumbian to the New Millenium. 2016. Web. 11 March 2017. Kennedy, David M. and Cohen, Lizabeth. “The American Pageant.” Boston: Cengage Learning, 2016. 708. Textbook. Rosenberg, Jennifer. “thoughtco.” 2 February 2017. Flappers in the Roaring Twenties. Web. 11 March 2017. Thomas, W. LaVerne. “Sociology- The Study of Human Relationships.” Austin: Holt, Rinehart,
Columbia College Fiction Short Novella Sonnys Blues Essay.

Choose one of the shorter novellas from this week’s reading list, and explain how the author uses the plot, the setting, the characterization, the tone/style, and the point of view to create meaning in the theme(s) of the novella. Be sure to identify the theme(s) in a Thesis Statement. How do the elements work together to help the author create meaning?This essay will require analysis. Don’t bother retelling the novella: your readers have read it. Instead, take the novella apart to see how the pieces interact. Show us cause-and-effect relationships. The causes are the elements; the effects are the issues that the author wishes the readers to think about. You will need to make frequent references to the story (and perhaps information in other parts of readings) in order to support your thesis. These references will need to be cited and documented. (See the “Document and Citing Sources” page in the Start Here area). The references themselves will not be sufficient: you have to draw the connections for us.
Columbia College Fiction Short Novella Sonnys Blues Essay

Southern Tiwa Language and Its Syntactic Restrictions Essay (Critical Writing)

The syntactic restriction on the passive in Southern Tiwa is that it cannot be formed if the subject of the sentence is not represented by a noun. For example, the sentence I saw the man cannot be changed into a passive construction The man was seen by me, as the latter will be ungrammatical. This takes place because in Southern Tiwa the categories of person and number are expressed by affixes which are added to verbs. According to Tallerman there are two “properties” of passive which are similar in many languages: it presupposes promotion of the object and demotion of the subject (21). Basically, no pronouns are used: the phrase You saw me in English (the subject and the object are expressed by pronouns) is expressed by a verb with corresponding affixes in Southern Tiwa. These affixes represent both the subject and the object, so the object (expressed by an affix) cannot be put into the demoted position as an affixe cannot become a separate part of a sentence. Apparently, if the subject and the object are not expressed by nouns, the subject and the object are expressed by affixes added to the verb in Southern Tiwa. The form of the verb signals about the doer of the action, and the object of this action. Therefore, the object cannot be in passive position as in cases of (4), (6), (10) it is expressed by affixes. So, it is ungrammatical to say by me or by you in Southern Tiwa. This is why examples in (4), (6) and (10) are ungrammatical. The Southern Tiwa has certain restrictions on the passive. This can be due to peculiarity of the verb in this language. The verbs have affixes which denote the person (doer of the action and the object of the action). Logically, there are not all pronouns which exist in other languages as they appear to be superfluous (as the verb possesses the necessary aspects of person and number). Thus, it becomes impossible (or rather ungrammatical) to form the passive structures in sentences where the subjects and the objects are not expressed by nouns. Therefore, the object expressed by pronouns cannot be put in the demoted position. Work Cited Tallerman, Maggie. Understanding Syntax (Second Edition). Oxford: University Press, 2005.

SDSU Why Immigration is both Problem and a Blessing to the US Essay

essay helper free SDSU Why Immigration is both Problem and a Blessing to the US Essay.

To begin this assignment, compose your Essay 3 by addressing the following requirements:Set the shape of your essay to be a Proposal Argument.Choose to talk about either Immigration as your Proposal Essay.See the attached file below for instructions on how to format a proper proposal essayWrite a Thesis Statement that states a stance (Position) or offers a solution (Proposal).Offer clear, fully-developed body paragraphs, making sure that compelling and convincing evidence is used.Acknowledge the opposition and address it via refutation or concession.Make use of transitions.Ensure that all borrowed material, quotes and summaries, from the source essays or outside sources is parenthetically cited to avoid plagiarism.Using proper MLA citation rules, offer bibliographic citations for any material you choose to use (it is not required that you use any) in the Works Cited at the end of the paper (Sources have to br both credible and recent).Write 800+ words.
SDSU Why Immigration is both Problem and a Blessing to the US Essay

discussion and also reply to 2 peers questions

discussion and also reply to 2 peers questions. I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

When we approach discussions about wellness, we each come to conclusions with our own perspectives that have been shaped by our experiences. As we begin our first discussion, take a moment to consider what has influenced your ideas of wellness and compare those ideas with what you read in this module’s readings. Then, address the following:

In your own words, define the term wellness and discuss how it is used or impacts your daily life. How does your definition compare and contrast with those that were presented in the readings?
What is the influence of wellness on your chosen field of study or future profession? How can you use your understanding of wellness in your professional career?

In response to your peers, provide feedback about their definition of wellness. Compare and contrast your answers and consider the following:

What are the similarities and differences between your peer’s response and yours?
How do the two definitions of wellness help to illustrate how wellness and society are intertwined? How can a perspective through the four lenses help to provide a greater understanding of wellness?

Make sure you support your response with the readings from this module and any additional resources, as needed.
To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Peer 1
Hello all,
My name is Travell Wright most people just call me “T” ( easier for people to pronounce) I am currently pursuing my degree in Sports Management. I live in Columbus, Ohio but im not an Ohio State Fan. I know right whats wrong with me, I am a Spartan Fan. I work in recreation and fitness for the City of Dublin. When it think of wellness I normally thing of being healthy. I normally group them together Health and Wellness which is what my Job promotes everyday. so to me my definition of wellness is trying to be a better version of your self each day. I believe that my idea of wellness is very similar to the ones in the article. The article just brakes it down into mind and body. The profession that i work in and also want to further prusure is very influential on the Wellness because we are in the health and wellness field right now at my current job we ask each other the question everyday; ” what did you do to make your self better today”?

Peer 2
Hello all! My name is Kassey and I am from South Carolina and I have 3 beautiful children. I have 2 girls (12 and 9) and 1 son (6) who mean the world to me. My major is Business Health and Administration. My son who is medically fragile and has autism has been my inspiration on my major to better help hospitals and family relations. We have not pets yet but an axolotl will be joining our family soon (my 12 year old).
Wellness to me is how one is as a whole not just physically good but emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Feeling good physically is great but if you are constantly stressed it brings down your whole body. Sure diet and exercise plays a big part in that as well, I have a friend (as most of us probably do) that suffers from anxiety and depression and she swears that since she has started working out regularly she has fewer “down days” then before, which is awesome. I know I thoroughly enjoy my morning walks and I feel better for the rest of the day.
Working as a healthcare administrator it would be my goal to develop and implement polices and procedures not only for the staff but for patients and families alike to have better overall health and wellness. Looking at the body as more than just one part but several and helping them fit together perfectly would be an ideal situation for everyone.
discussion and also reply to 2 peers questions

George Mason Week 1 Company Description & Mission Statement Discussion

George Mason Week 1 Company Description & Mission Statement Discussion.

Company Description and Mission Statement Introduce yourself to your peers by sharing something unique about your background. Explain how you expect this course will help you move forward in your current or future career.Throughout this course, you will develop assignments that you will later combine into a complete business plan for your chosen company. That final assignment is due in Week 10.You have a choice between writing a business plan for:A snack food company.A startup company of your choice (instructor approval required).Read the guidelines for each option. Once you select an option, you will work on that company during this entire course.Snack Food Company Guidelines [DOCX].Company of Your Choice Guidelines [DOCX].All discussions and assignments in this class will focus on the company you select and describe in the Week 1 discussion.Your faculty member will approve your selection in a reply to your Week 1 discussion post.This Week’s Discussion PostFor this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:Create your company name and explain its significance. Describe the product or service you will produce or sell. If you are focusing on the snack food company, clarify the key ingredients and any flavors you plan to offer. If you choose your own company, and it is a service company, clarify the service options you plan to offer.If you choose your own company and product, specify the options (flavors, versions of the product, et cetera) you will offer to consumers. Develop your company’s mission statement.Enclose your mission statement within quotation marks.Reminder: After submitting your post, watch for your faculty member’s approval in a reply to your post. You must have this approval to proceed.Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.NotesUse headings for each section of this posting. Textbook Chapter 5, “Company Description,” pages 67–86, provides additional detail about this topic.You will revise this week’s discussion posting as part of your Week 3 assignment, Company Description and SWOT Matrix.
George Mason Week 1 Company Description & Mission Statement Discussion

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