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A paper which introduces and discusses cultural interaction for a foreign exchange student who will spend two years in Denmark.

The paper is written as the personal report of a foreign exchange student who will spend two years in Denmark, as an introduction to cultural interaction. Subjects covered are cultural interaction at home and at school, history and stereotypes and the advantages of living in Denmark.
“I read before I left that ;The Danish education system has a tradition of focusing not only on academic accomplishments, but also on the students; personal development and contributing to making them committed community members. Democracy and shared experiences are given a high priority, and the students critical sense is sharpened; (Way of life). It is true, the teacher seems much more interested in us as people, not just students. We have to learn English in school, and most of the classes are in Danish. So far, I haven’t had much problem understanding the instructors, but I find the homework is much harder. We often work together in groups, and Jens and I spend several hours each night working on projects for class. I think the classes here seem harder, and the students seem more serious, even though they are certainly less formal than we were at home. I’m not the only international student here, there are several of us, and we meet together once a week or so to support each other, and trade experiences. ”

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 1986

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident 1986.

 Structure: your essay should be written in three parts  ● Background (provide context and background to your topic) ● Summary (explain in detail what happened and why) ● Evaluation (evaluate the impact, significance, and legacy of your topic) Formatting ● Your essay must be submitted in PDF form; ● Double spaced; ● Written in APA format with running header; ● Times Roman or Arial font, pt. 11 or 12; ● Indented paragraphs; ● Text aligned left (NOT justified) ● Structured paragraphs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Essay thesis should be start with lateral thinking (What actually happened. Then goes with Analytical thinking And Ends with Critical thinking Compare it with Russia Incident that happened.

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