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Understand child and young person development 2. 1 Explain how children and young peoples development is influenced by a range of external factors. Health Status A mixture of genetics and other factors can affect a child or young persons health. There maybe conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis (lung disease) sickle cell disease (abnormal red blood cells) diabetes etc that all have an impact, even general things like the common cold or viruses can have an affect on a child. Disability

Conditions such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy have a physical effect on children and their development. In spina bifida the spinal cord doesn’t develop properly during pregnancy, as a result the Childs legs may not be able to be used. They may also have a curvature of the spine they will most probably be in a wheelchair. Physical disabilities can put a child at a disadvantage in lost of ways. If they have restricted movements they may find it difficult joining in things such as sport.

This can affect their confidence and ability to make friends with other children. Sensory impairment-Visual-Hearing If a child has a hearing problem this would have an impact on their development, t can affect speech and communication, they may not want to join in with other children’s games if they can’t communicate. Visual impairment means a child cannot watch and learn from others, they may find it difficulties when in a new environment such as a new pre-school, or school.

A chid with a disability could have delays in all areas of leaving so would need support to minimise delays. Learning Difficulties A child who has learning difficulties can be affected in many ways including emotional/intellectually/socially depending on diagnosis. These children need to be encouraged to develop to the best of their abilities; help should always be sought from professionals. These learning difficulties maybe because of birth difficulties, genetic disease, or they may just have difficulties with reading and writing.

(2018-19) New Venture Creation

(2018-19) New Venture Creation.


1 (2018-19) New Venture Creation

word count: 3000 (Introduction and Conclusion included) other instructions on the Attached file name: Assessment Instructions 1 -Reflective paper

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