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Once in a while you get to watch a movie that moves your heart, well, what? s for sure, is that Cyberbully is included in that list. It? s no wonder why: As we follow Taylor Hillridge’s fall from grace throughout the movie, we learn a valuable message, how badly bullying really is. Taylor finds herself trapped in a world full of hatred, where none of whom she trusts seems to understand. She feels asphyxiated by the pain of being constantly chased by aggressive comments about the false image her acquaintances created.

It gets worst when she discovers her best friend is the cause of all of her problems: She stabbed Taylor? s back just so she could prove a point about guys. I don? t think that it is resolved in the end, because there was no changes in the attitude of her classmates. Even though Taylor confronted Lindsay, one of the girls who harassed her, nobody did anything to fix all the damage they did, they only limited to make fun of her.

To make things worst the situation reverted: the bullied was set free and the bully suffered the consequences of her decision (was bullied back). In my opinion bullying, as it occurred in the movie, could happen in any part of the world; in fact it? s been happening for years, but we didn? t realize until we gave this kind of psychological abuse a specific name. Teens at my community are not that cruel or insensible as the ones we saw on the movie, but still they do tease some of the weakest students who don’t defend their selves.

From my point of view the conflict could have been avoided if the school talked about it with the students, before everything happened, to make them aware of the potential dangers they might face someday. And this was completely possible due to the fact that it was not the first time someone reported abuse from one of their classmates (been cyber bullied) . To sum up, bullying, doesn? t matter what kind of level is unacceptable. It hurts human beings in a tremendous way which cannot be compensated. It is our job to protect others and raise awareness about this problem.

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