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CYB130 Phoenix Celsius to Fahrenheit Functional Programming Assignment

CYB130 Phoenix Celsius to Fahrenheit Functional Programming Assignment.

Write a 2-part program as follows:Part 1: Write a function to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.Part 2: Write a function to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.Both of the functions (Celsius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Celsius) are the exact inverses of one another.Test the program by converting 32 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius and then the product of that function back to Fahrenheit.Zip your Python .py file and submit file so the code can be validated.Additionally, write a 1/2-page response to the following:When you converted 32 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius and back to Fahrenheit, did you get 32 again? Try different numbers, and state when it does work and when it does not work. Explain why.Due Apr 22, 11:59 PM
CYB130 Phoenix Celsius to Fahrenheit Functional Programming Assignment

University of The Cumberlands Information Technology Project Research Essay.

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the components of a research article and help you identify guidelines for conducting critical analyses of published works. The knowledge gained should be applied when completing your weeks 3 and 5 research assignments. As you complete assignments it is a good idea to proof read your work or use the University writing center to help with APA formatting. Both are great avenues for assistance in minimizing grammatical errors and conducting research. Please use the attached “Guidelines for Evaluating a Research Article” to answer the below questions: What is an Information Technology Project? Identify & explain the major parts of a research paper.Explain the difference(s) between qualitative vs quantitative research methods.Why use Peer Reviewed journals?Why are keywords used during the Literature Review process?Why are project deliverables, limitations & deadlines an important aspect of project development?Why use/apply APA Basic Citation Stiles in your writing assignments/research?Why is Academic Integrity important (see syllabus)?Explain the difference between plagiarism vs self-plagiarism?Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Use at least three – five (3 – 5 ) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page do not count toward the page count.
University of The Cumberlands Information Technology Project Research Essay

Immigration in Ontario Essay

Abstract The prevalence of highly skilled Canadian immigrants doing jobs that do not make use of their skills is high. This means that their credentials are not adequately and accurately evaluated. These individuals are valued in their countries of origin. Many other qualified individuals are denied entry into the country. Surprisingly, several provinces, including Ontario perennially experience workforce shortages annually. Various reasons explain why many people migrate to Ontario, ranging from employment to increased opportunities available to the immigrants. Though immigrants have been associated with adverse effects on social amenities, the benefits settlers bring in Ontario surpass the pressures they put in social services. As such, immigration policies should be re-evaluated to accommodate the needs of the immigrants and put in place measures that ensure Ontario exploit the economic benefits immigrants bring into the town. Policies such as entry modes, employment status, and award of citizenship criteria should be re-examined to regulate the entry of the immigrants that would promote the economic wellbeing of Ontario. Introduction For decades, the Ontario administration had little to do with immigrants in terms of employment. Individuals from diverse locations outside Ontario were alive and would migrate to the province and get lucrative jobs. The immigration transpired, even though the majority of the immigrants speak little English. Despite the implementation of Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship in 2010 that sought to attract professional immigrants to the country (Black, 2013). However, the arbitrary rejection of more than a hundred thousand applications augmented due to fear of the government incurring extra costs on issues like health that relate to the asylums’. How Ontario as a province recognizes newcomers’ skills In the human resource migration concept, immigration is viewed as one of the multiple methods of investment in human capital (Boman, 2011). Immigration should hence happen only if the returns are anticipated to be higher than the costs. The Ontario administration is aware of this concept. There is a need for more skilled individuals in the labor force. Other provinces have recognized the enormous value of skilled immigrants. To mitigate large-scale labor force shortage, Ontario has also implemented diverse strategies to attract and retain an expert labor force. The policies are legally entrenched in the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement. The strategies include the evaluation of immigrant skills. The immigrants with the necessary skills, expertise, and talents are offered jobs according to their qualifications. Initially, any immigrant would migrate to Ontario, get employed in the factories, and earn a living irrespective of their requirements. By ranking the immigrants according to their skills, more physicians, engineers, and other professionals are settling in the province. Ontario draws a clear line between the skilled class and those hosted by families. The experienced group is better educated and significantly contributes to the Ontario economy compared to the refugee claimants (Corak, 2012). What attracts the immigrants to Ontario The province enjoys a robust and diversified economy. It has many categories of jobs and diverse industries. Majority of immigrants move to Ontario due to the employment prospects offered there. There is rapid growth in the business services industry. These include information technology, financial sector, the leisure industry, and the cultural industry. In northern Ontario, the economy is mostly centered on natural wealth such as woodlands and nature reserves. The southern part of the province is the country’s industrial hub. Previously, Ottawa had pledged respite for immigrants. However, it could not provide what it promised to offer. In 2002, the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) announced that it would assist the province in growing its economy. The CSI is the core of Toronto’s increasing community enterprise division. The CSI reaches out to jobless immigrants who possess credentials but are unable to have credentials recognized by potential employers. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Regardless of the willingness to assist the immigrants, the CSI, for instance, is unable to offer full-time waged employment. It provides the immigrants a Canadian setting in which to apply their expertise while fine-tuning to a new business setting. Thus the diverse government programs are not paper-obsessed. The programs do not consider an individual’s race, beliefs, or background. The implementation of multi-governmental programs that offer the immigrants without a job the opportunity to use its facility in searching for employment has had a positive impact on the economy. The Canadian and Ontario administration is intensifying the OBTP (Ontario Bridge Training Programs) that benefits thousands of experienced immigrants in acquiring licenses to embrace contracts that suit their skills. The immigrants are also attracted to Ontario by the fact that once they get a job in whichever capacity, they get decent wages. Individuals without credentials move to the province in the hope of making a living from the multiple industries in the province (Goar, 2012). Benefits immigrants are given in Ontario Advantage Canada, which is the national economic strategy, presented the Ontario administration with an opportunity to develop businesses with other provinces that adds to its growth. The development was aimed at ensuring that immigrants were assisted in becoming complete members of the Canadian community. The immigrants receive better access to linguistic training, particularly for immigrants who speak little English. Interpreting and translating is part of this linguistic training. Immigrants are experiencing language barriers, yet they have the needed skills to receive interpretation and translation services. The program implemented by the Ontario administration offers employment services to immigrants with credentials. Over 100,000 new arrivals annually gain from the federal government-funded assistance. This is achieved through two hundred immigrant-aiding associations traversing Ontario. The federal government funds the program with annual supplementary funding of $290 million for new immigrants. Additionally, new immigrants are assisted in settling in the Ontario province. The administration continuously improves admission to settlement services. It locates the services in parts presently visited by new immigrants, including employment centers and libraries (Lhalungpa et al., 2006). Job opportunities for immigrants in Ontario Currently, the government and many organizations have realized the potential of immigrants in growing the economy. Several strategies have been employed in attracting new immigrants to Ontario. Advantage Canada is one of the federal programs that not only attract new immigrants to Ontario but also assist the inappropriate placement of skilled immigrants. The CSI also plays a central role, including creating networks for immigrants through entrepreneurs. Conversely, the entrepreneurs either employ the immigrants or refer them to other contacts. In recent years, industrialists have been having not invested heavily in the manufacturing industries due to the loss of thousands of jobs in the country (Goar, 2012). Most of the work that does not require expertise is taken up by homegrown Canadians. The increase in the aging Canadian population (baby-boomers) is leaving more room for unskilled immigrants to take up the blue collar jobs. What should determine immigrants’ citizenship status The doors to Canada for immigrants opened long in the colonial days. Previously, Canadians had resisted immigration based on racism. However, the growing need for more labor to augment the increasing business needs of the thriving after-war economy is imminent. Several pieces of legislation have been passed. The Pearson changes in the 1960s eliminated racial discrimination, but the Conservative changes recently have been criticized for reintroducing criteria that lead to racial discrimination. Not all immigrants are welcome to the country as a result of this move. Preference when granting citizenship is given to experts and professionals when consideration for citizenship is being done. Family members and skilled merchants are also given priority (Goar, 2012). Proposals are also given to the live-in caregivers as well as supported spouses. The number of considerations given in granting citizenship should vary depending on the needs of the country but not based on racism. We will write a custom Essay on Immigration in Ontario specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Difficulties immigrants face For decades, Canadian immigrants faced resistance from the government and the public. The opposition was based on racism. For instance, immigrants faced xenophobia from the residents. They were viewed as competing for the available employment opportunities with the residents. Despite multiple legislation attempts after World War II (WW2) to eliminate discrimination, immigrants continue to face numerous challenges. The challenges are particularly elevated for unskilled immigrants. The agencies responsible for granting a visa and work permits reject the applications of qualified immigrants basing the argument on the limited number of immigrants allowed into the country annually. Immigrants granted entries into Canada are faced with the challenge of securing employment. The credentials and abilities of each are not the only hindrances. The state of the economy is also a challenge, particularly for those who are unable to secure employment. It is not strange to find a doctor or an engineer driving trucks or engaging in odd jobs. Those who cannot speak or who speak little English or French face more challenges. Despite the removal of discriminatory policies, employers continue to discriminate against immigrants based on ethnic names (Corak, 2012). Different approaches to entrance requirements of family members by government The Ontario government is typically interested in skilled individuals who can help boost the economy. The authorities are often reluctant in admitting family members or spouse without credentials. The result is that professionals who are determined to live with their families usually avoid applying for jobs in Ontario. The government should grant entrance to family members of persons working in the country. It should consider allowing relatives to be citizens. Working immigrants who do not live with their families in the country often send financial assistance to families abroad. Instead, when family members are granted entry, the immigrants will spend money within the economy. Additionally, when members are granted citizenship, they will provide labor in the future. Additionally, working immigrants will invest in the province hence boosting the economy. Immigrants’ credentials assessment Academic requirements vary for every job and career. In Ontario, several establishments evaluate an individual’s education to certify that they meet the province’s standards. Every regulatory agency in the province chooses the criteria for evaluating an immigrant’s academic qualifications. Academic institutions and professional monitoring bodies have their own-developed evaluation criteria. Others utilize the services of a CAS. For example, the World Education Services – Canada transforms overseas high school and post-high school academic credentials into their own Ontario equals. Certificate-by-certificate, training-by-training or tailored documents are accessible for educational, settlement, certifying or occupation commitments. The evaluation documents are obtainable in English and French. The Comparative Education Service (CES) of the University of Toronto affords the evaluation of transnational educational credentials. The CES matches them to those afforded nationally. This supports companies and establishments to comprehend the employee’s qualifications appropriately. The CES specifically assesses qualifications for occupational purposes only. The International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) assesses all papers at any academic level for help with occupational, academic, or professional development. Comprehensive and tailored reports are obtainable to fulfill all necessities. Government role in solving the problem of recognizing newcomers’ credentials The Ontario government since 2006 has been playing a central role in ensuring that new immigrants succeed. This objective is achieved through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. The ministry ensures that employment makers are brought together throughout the province to certify that the expertise of immigrants aligns with the prerequisites of employers. To ensure that more immigrants get employment opportunities through recognition of their credentials, Ontario unveiled the Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigration Employment (Callahan and Sylvis, 2013). The award distinguishes proprietors who embrace diversity in companies and businesses. Organizations that demonstrate headship in the recruitment and mentorship of immigrants or validate the following commercial effect of employing immigrants are also recognized. This means that employers must initially recognize the credentials of immigrants before hiring them. Not sure if you can write a paper on Immigration in Ontario by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion The number of immigrants in Ontario has been increasing. The province’s Immigration Strategy is targeted at increasing the economy by utilizing immigrants’ expertise. Various reasons explain why many people migrate to Ontario, ranging from employment to increased opportunities available to the immigrants. Though immigrants have been associated with adverse effects on social amenities, the benefits settlers bring in Ontario surpass the pressures they put in social services. As such, the government must reevaluate the immigration policies to accommodate the needs of the immigrants and put in place measures that ensure exploitation of the economic benefits. The provincial administration should change the policies such as entry modes, employment status, and award of citizenship to regulate the entry of the immigrants for sustained economic comfort. References Black, D. (2013). Canada’s immigration history one of discrimination and exclusion. Toronto Star 1(1), 369-370. Web. Boman, A. (2011). The Mobility of Immigrants and Natives: Evidence from Internal Migration Following Job Displacement. Regional Studies, 45(3), 283–297. Web. Callahan, K.

Ultra Wideband (UWB) Innovation

online dissertation writing Dynamic UWB is another fascinating innovation for remote correspondences. It can supplant generally bearer based radio transmission by heartbeat based transmission utilizing ultra wide band recurrence yet at a low vitality. A vital part of examination in this space is to discover a heartbeat with an ideal shape, whose force unearthly thickness regards and best fits emanation restriction cover forced by FCC. In this venture we audit regular utilized Gaussian beats and its subordinates and the impact of shape variable, discovering an ideal particular worth for every subordinate. Next, we inquiry to acquire conceivable better heartbeat shapes as straight blends of Gaussian subsidiaries. More established studies allude for one situation to the same shape component for all subsidiaries and in other case to higher variable for first subsidiary and littler shape elements for ensuing subordinates. Our new thought is to utilize Gaussian subordinates, each with its particular ideal shape Variable and to utilize an “experimentation” calculation to acquire a straight blend beat with better execution. Overview of UWB innovation Ultra wideband (UWB) innovation is right now being examined as a promising answer for transfer speed, expense, power utilization, and physical size prerequisites of the cutting edge short range remote correspondences frameworks. As a rule, it is characterized as any remote transmission conspire in which the fragmentary data transfer capacity is more noteworthy than 0.25 or the data transmission (as characterized by the -10 dB focuses) possesses 1500 MHz or a greater amount of the range. The fragmentary transmission capacity is characterized as B_f=2 (f_h-f_l)/(f_h f_l ) … ( 1.1) Where f_haref_lare the upper and lower -10 dB emanation purposes of the sign range, separately. The inside recurrence of the transmission is characterized as the normal of the upper and bring down 10 dB focuses, i.e. ã€-(fã€-_h f_l)/2. Not at all like ordinary remote correspondences frameworks, UWB frameworks transmit data utilizing tight time-span (regularly a couple of several picoseconds to a couple of nanoseconds) heartbeats that spread the vitality from close DC to a couple giga hertz without utilizing a recurrence transporter. On February 14, 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) determined that the UWB frameworks must work with their -10 dB data transfer capacity inside of the recurrence [3.1-10.6] GHz for indoor correspondences and their -20 dB transmission capacity inside of the [3.1-10.6] GHz range for outside interchanges. The wide range permits gadgets to get high information rate. The FCC likewise forced strict show power limitations on UWB. The transmitted force range thickness (PSD) is restricted to -41dBm/MHz taking after the regulation, UWB gadgets can make utilization of a to a great degree wide recurrence band (7.5 gigahertz) while not emanating a lot of vitality. Consequently, obstruction with existing remote gadgets can be minimized. The low vitality thickness in range additionally gets a Low Probability of Detection (LPD) trademark, which is noteworthy for both military and business applications. Since UWB is a bearer less strategy, the framework unpredictability and expense will be extraordinarily lessened. UWB frameworks can be made about “all-computerized”, with negligible RF or microwave hardware. This element dodges impedance with existing administrations, while completely using the accessible range. With the attributes of wide transmission capacity, low power, minimal effort, and high information rates at constrained extent, UWB is a promising possibility for future short range remote interchanges. A brief history of UWB Ultra wideband (UWB) radio is the current rebirth of an exceptionally old sort of Communication. The primary cross-Atlantic remote transmission by Guglielmo Marconi utilized flash attachment transmitters that can be considered as motivation based UWB transmission. The cutting edge period in UWB began in the mid 1960s from work in time space electromagnetic to depict the transient conduct of a certain class of microwave systems through their trademark drive reaction. The developments in UWB improvement are the appearance of the testing oscilloscope by both Tektronix and Hewlett-Packard in the mid 1960s and the achievement of systems for sub-nanosecond beat era, that is, giving suitable close estimations to a motivation excitation, the drive reaction of microwave systems could be specifically watched and measured. In 1972, Ross at Sperry Rand Corporation designed a delicate baseband beat recipient that replaces the inspecting oscilloscope which prompted the initially licensed outline of a UWB correspondences framework. In the meantime, broad examination was led in the previous Soviet Union. In the mid 1970s the essential outlines for UWB frameworks got to be accessible. Both radar and correspondence frameworks could be built by fundamental parts, for example, heartbeat train generators, heartbeat train modulators, exchanging heartbeat train generators, identification beneficiaries and wideband recieving wires. The primary ground-infiltrating radar in light of UWB was popularized in 1974 by Morey at the Geophysical Survey Systems Corporation. Through the 1980s, this innovation was alluded to as baseband, bearer free or drive radio. The expression “ultra wideband” was not utilized until 1989 by the U.S. Division of Defense. From that point forward, with the progression in equipment outline, UWB innovation has been utilized as a part of numerous applications, for example, correspondences, and altimetry. Inside of the scholastic connection, Professor Scholtz and his gathering in the University of Southern California spearheaded UWB examinations since the mid 1990s. In1993, Scholtz distributed a historic point paper that exhibited a numerous entrance procedure for UWB correspondence frameworks. This strategy apportions every client a novel spreading code that decides particular examples in time when the client is permitted to transmit. This permits UWB to backing not just radar and point To point correspondences, additionally remote systems. Being a promisingi possibility for remote systems, more iresearchers started to examine on UWB in the late 1990s and mid 2000s. These studies incorporate heartbeat shape outline, various access plans, channel imodel investigation, radio wire reaction portrayal, and transmitter and ireceiver plan in UWB frameworks. In the meantime, there has been a quick iexpansion of the quantity of organizations and government offices included in iUWB, which incorporate Multispectral Solutions, Time Domain, Aether Wire, and iFantasma Networks. These organizations and the FCC, National iTelecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Defense iAdvanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), have spent numerous years iinvestigating the impact of UWB emanations on existing inarrowband frameworks. UWB favorable circumstances There are a few favorable circumstances in UWB itechnology contrasted with customary remote advances. The 802.15.3 physical layer paradigm irequires outlines to accomplish 110 Mb/s for a collector at a separation of 10m iand 200Mb/sat 4 m, with choices for showing marketability to higher rates of up ito 480 Mb/s at separations under 4 m. The rule for the high information rate is ibased on the Shannon channel limit Hypothesis, iwhich is given by C=W-log_2 (1 SNR) ..… .(1.2) where C is most extreme channel limit, W is channel transmission capacity, and SNR is signal to clamor power proportion in Gaussian Channel. Shannon’s mathematical statement shows that channel limit becomes directly with the transmission capacity. However, it obliges exponential increments in energy to accomplish the same result if the transmission capacity and clamor level is altered. Those achievable rates for UWB and two other short-extend remote systems administration advances strikingly the 802.11a in the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (UNII) radio band (5 GHz) which is isolated into three sub-groups, and Bluetooth in the 2.4 GHz modern, exploratory and medical(ISM) radio groups are demonstrated. We can see that UWB gives much higher potential connection rates than alternate remote advancements at shorter separations (ordinarily less than10m). The photo demonstrates that UWB innovation is most suitable for short-go (under 10m) applications. Long range adaptability can be served by WLAN applications for correspondence connection plan, two measurements are much of the time utilized; to be specific, transmission capacity effectiveness, which is measured in b/s/Hz and spatial limit, which is given by b/s/m2 that catches the accumulated information power in time and space. As indicated by the accompanying illustration we can plainly see the upsides of UWB over different advancements. The 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band contains 80 MHz of usable range which infers that three 22 MHz IEEE 802.11b frameworks can work on a non-meddling premise. Every framework can give a top rate of 11 Mb/s to accomplish an aggregate accumulated pace of 33 Mb/s. For a working scope of 100 m, this yields a spatial limit of give or take 1 Kb/s/m2. Bluetooth in its low-control mode can achieve 10 m go and can accomplish a crest rate of 1 Mb/s. Studies have demonstrated that Pretty nearly ten Bluetooth groups can work all the while inside of this reach with negligible corruption. This yields a total pace of 10 Mb/s and a spatial Limit of Approximately 30 Kb/s/m2. UWB frameworks are intended for 110Mb/s at 10 m range with four assembled bunches, which yields a spatial limit of around 1.3 Mb/s/m2. Consequently, the information power UWB can conceivably backing is a few requests of extent bigger than those of the current WLANs/WPANs. In this way, UWB speaks to a tradeoff between lower phantom effectiveness for expanded force proficiency to accomplish a given rate/reach working point with constrained transmitting force. In conventional UWB frameworks, the expansive data transfer capacity was accomplished by utilizing extremely slender time-term baseband beats

WRT 201 Ramapo College of New Jersey Antigone and the Liberty Theory Paper

WRT 201 Ramapo College of New Jersey Antigone and the Liberty Theory Paper.

“Plan, draft, and polish an essay in which you consider the ways in which Antigone connects to Rousseau’s theory about Liberty and how the author uses elements of fiction to accomplish this connection. You should use your own words to describe the fiction and philosophical texts. You should also use carefully chosen textual references and quotations from both the play and the philosophical material to support your assertions. You are not required to consult secondary sources, but if you choose to do so, you must cite your sources both in the text of your essay and include a works cited page.”Minimum length: 2-4 pages (not including works cited page).MLA Format: 12-point font, double spaced, one-inch margins, parenthetical citations, and works cited page.In-text citations and Works Cited using MLA style.The maximum grade for any paper that includes more than one run-on, fragment, or subject-verb agreement error is a B, no matter how insightful the analysis.A planner is uploaded below.
WRT 201 Ramapo College of New Jersey Antigone and the Liberty Theory Paper

HCIS 420 University of Phoenix Systems Data Analysis Smart App Presentation

HCIS 420 University of Phoenix Systems Data Analysis Smart App Presentation.

Assignment ContentIn your fourth meeting with the CIO, she tells you she is considering outsourcing several critical IT functions.Select 1 of the following critical IT functions for your presentation:Storage of medical imagesCreate at least a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for your stakeholders that includes the following: Remember that the basic introductory and reference slides do not count toward the required slides. Include speaker notes. Your presentation should focus on the chosen critical IT function in relation to:
The role of information technology in facilitating interdisciplinary communication in a health care organization.The information technology organizational structures and functions for various types and levels of health care organizations.The process that is considered when working with vendors.Cite at least 3 reputable references. One reference must be your textbook, Managing Risk in Information Systems. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality. Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, detailed speaker notes, and a references page.
HCIS 420 University of Phoenix Systems Data Analysis Smart App Presentation

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