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CXU Week 3 Advanced Qualitative Reasoning And Analysis

CXU Week 3 Advanced Qualitative Reasoning And Analysis.

Discussion: Literature Search, Part II In this Discussion, you will conduct a literature review of your topic area, focusing on a research study that uses one of the qualitative approaches covered this week. To prepare for this Discussion: Review the reading materials about the different approaches in this week’s Learning Resources. Conduct your own literature search to find a published study that represents one of the Week 3 approaches. Remember, you may have to broaden your search terms to find an appropriate study. Review the following resources before proceeding with your own article review Write a 3-paragraph Discussion post in which you respond to the following: Summarize the characteristics of the approach of the research article you chose during your literature search. Summarize the research article, including the citation and sufficient information for your classmates and Instructor to locate the article. Present a short critique of that article based on the “R8360 Guidelines for Reading and Evaluating Qualitative Research Articles” document. CXU_WK3_Wksp: Revisit your topic as a research problem which you began with and add to or refine your research problem and purpose statement process. Add other comments that summarize the development of your research ideas. CXU_WK3_Ass: Assignment: Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix, Part II In order for you to select the qualitative research approach that best fits your research question, you will need to develop a deeper familiarity with the approaches available to you. This week’s Assignment is the second of a two-part activity designed to broaden and deepen your base of knowledge of qualitative research approaches. In Week 2, you began completing a Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix Template with four qualitative research approaches. For this week’s Assignment, you will add to that matrix by including four more research approaches. To prepare for this Assignment: Review this week’s readings, focusing on the differences among the following four qualitative research approaches: Social constructionism and narrative inquiry Systems theory Ethnography/autoethnography Interactive and participatory qualitative applications Locate the Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix Template you completed from last week’s Assignment submission. Complete the Qualitative Research Approaches Matrix Template for the four approaches highlighted this week. Some of the cells have been pre-populated with sample entries or with prompts to help you focus your comparisons. CXU_Wk3_Jour: For this week’s Journal entry, consider and respond to all three of the following prompts: Progress: What has been happening in the course since the previous entry? Problems: What obstacles/challenges have you faced with regard to the course and with regard to developing your research question and approach for your Final Project? Plans: Look toward the next week. What challenges are you considering to resolve? Consider how your idea for your research project is evolving.
CXU Week 3 Advanced Qualitative Reasoning And Analysis

UCLA Loans for Consumption Among College Students Discussion.

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Essay: Whether college student should apply loans to satisfy their consumption needs.Currently, the loan industry become thriving. There exist college students choosing to use loans to satisfy their needs. For my point of view, although money is necessary for life, students shouldn’t apply for loans.Immature mental lead to bad result. When we are in college as a student, we may not have enough discrimination because we haven’t step into society yet. The news which made me absolutely shock is that a female university student choose to naked loan. On the other hand, those students who have taste sweet of loans, will continue to chose loans, and the amount is getting bigger and bigger until the loan not be repaid.Internet is unsafe. Now, it is a world of technology, maybe everything can be found in Web and be published. If we want to apply for loans to reduce our economic, we must provide our privacy information to institution. However, we don’t know whether or not the company will leak it ,such as ID card number or family address, without our permit witch will seriously influence our real life.Fraud by loan institution. There seems some loans company making a decision without authorization to increase money rate so that we have to comply with it. Further more, some small loans company do no give you the full of money which you apply for, because maybe they obtain money and then be going to escape.All things considerate, before we have accurate resolving ability, the loans, satisfy our consumption need, can not be applied by ours. It is known of us that nobody wants to get into risk that we can almost avoid by ourselves. What really matter is that government is supposed to strengthen supervision and parents need to take measure to educate child about loans.please help me revise my essay. find my grammer mistakes and rewrite the essay more organized. this essay shoud be no more 450 words.
UCLA Loans for Consumption Among College Students Discussion

All athletes try to increase their performance and very often they subscribe to ergogenic aids. Dietary nutritional supplementation for a long time has been a method of performance improvement. Huge amounts of money are spent annually on the so called performance enhancing products. It seems that when athletes and their trainers try to experiment with the cutting edge dietary supplement, it is the job of the scientists to support or deny their claims of performance enhancing. In this research paper I will introduce some performance enhancement products, describe their mechanisms of action, and reveal their positive and negative aspects concerning the general effect on the human body. There are several ways of gaining weight and muscles, as well as there are several dietary supplementations that claim to enhance the performance, and build the optimal muscle mass in the shortest amount of time. In this essay I will concentrate attention on creatine monohydrate, which is a nitrogenous acid that naturally occurs in the skeletal muscles of the vertebrates, as well as Centrum, which is a complex of polyvitamins, and minerals. I will also draw a parallel between the effects of these two performance enhancing methods and regular diet. The term muscle candy is widely used as a noun that describes a dietary supplement that increases energy and strength of athletes. These sports supplements help gain body mass due to muscle mass and their other name is performance enhancers. The most popular dietary supplement on todays marked is creatine monohydrate. Creatine is the substance that is responsible for storing the high energy phosphates that are required for muscular contractions, and it occurs naturally in the liver and kidneys. It increases muscle mass, just like steroids, and athletes who use creatine monohydrate consider it to be their legal alternative. It is a nitrogenous acid, discovered in 1832 by Michel Eugene Chevereul as a part of a skeletal muscle, and named after the Greek Kreas, which means flesh. This substance converts back and forth from phosphocreatine and can be found in all vertebrates, and even in some invertebrates along with an enzyme called creatine kinase, which induces this conversion. A similar system consists of arginine kinase, and is based upon arginine/phosphoarginine conversion. Creatine/phosphocreatine is in a way considered an energy buffer, the task of which is to keep high ATP/ADP ratios at various subcellular places in need of ATP. This ensures the high level of free ATP energy and minimal adenosine nucleotide loss that can lead to cellular dysfunction. The described phosphocreatine/creatine, and phosphoarginine/arginine energy buffers are called phosphagens. The creatine kinase enzyme serves as a system of energy transport, as due to its subcompartmentalized isoforms at different sites, this enzyme transfers ATP from mitochondria to places in need of energy (myofibrils, sarcoplasmic reticulum, etc…). In humans, most of the creatine is stored in the skeletal muscle cells, and some in the heart, brain, testes, and other organs. The main source of creatine is synthesis from three amino acids: arginine, methionine, and glycine. An enzyme called guanidinoacetate N-methyltransferase (GAMT), also known as L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase (AGAT) is a mitochondrial enzyme expressed mainly in the kidneys. Its job is to catalyze the first rate-limiting step in creatine’s biosynthesis. According to Burke, Chilibeck, Parise, Candow, Mahoney, and Tarnopolsky (2003) there are several neurological defects which are caused by genetic creatine deficiencies. The most common form of creatine among athletes is creatine monohydrate, which consists of a creatine molecule connected with a water molecule. Another popular form of this supplement is creatine ethyl ester. There are also several methods for ingestion. The additive may be in form of a powder mixed that is mixed with a drink, as well as caplet or a capsule. After entering the human body creatine becomes highly bioavailable, regardless of whether it was ingested in the form of crystalline monohydrate, in solution as a free form, or in meat. When dissolved in water solutions, the salts of creatine are transformed into a free form. According to a study done by Steenge, Simpson, and Greenhaff (2000), it is recommended that creatine is consumed by athletes along with carbohydrates of high glycemic index, as such combination is considered beneficial. Right now there is evidence that supports taking creatine dietary supplements, as they effectively increase the performance during anaerobic cycling sprints, although concerning runners and swimmers, it is does not have as much effect. Probably this is explained by athlete’s weight gain. A study performed by Engelhardt, Neumann, Berbalk, and Reuter (1998) proved that creatine monohydrate increases the aerobic exercise power, although it has no essential aerobic endurance effect. Other similar studies have proved that creatine dietary supplementation elevates the fat-free body mass, although it is difficult to determine how much of this fat-free muscle mass are gained through athletic training. Several studies suggest that the body mass gain is occurring due to the muscle cells retaining water under the influence of creatine monohydrate. However it has been determined that the total body water increase is directly proportional to the weight gains. This implies to the fact that during creatine monohydrate intake the percentage of body water does not change significantly. Therefore there are currently two theories explaining the effects of creatine – one of them focuses on water retention, while the other measures the weight gain magnitude during a period of few weeks. It was proven that creatine causes a rise of satellite cells activity. This enables muscle hypertrophy, increasing the total body mass. Intake of creatine monohydrate increases the amount of myonuclei donated to damaged muscular fibers by the satellite cells. This mechanism increases the potential amount of growth for these muscle fibers. According to a research performed by Hespel, Eijnde, Derave,

Affirmative Action Essay

The initiative for an affirmative action was to ensure equality in educational, contracting, and employment opportunities across all races and gender. Therefore, it was a means through which minority groups and women would gain equal chances to compete in the aforementioned opportunities. As a result of this, the affirmative action has played a key role in ridding America of discrimination against minority groups. However, its converse effect, “reverse discrimination” against the white has led to the development of alternative forms to address racial discrimination and ensure that all individuals are treated fairly. The affirmative action used in Executive Order 10295 (1961) for the first time in the United States and was a wakeup call for federal contractors to treat all job seekers equally notwithstanding colour, sex, race, national origin, or religion (Dhami, Squires,

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java assignment help Mathematics homework help. This is an urgent assignment due in 12 hours from now. Here are the tasks and requirments:Task 1 (Mini Essay)Briefly examine the law of contract, its creation and interpretation of a contact law. 350 words, APA format, 2+ ReferencesTask 2 (Exercise Q&A)Answer the below questions accordingly.1.ÿÿÿ A contract to buy a used truck for $30,000 provided for a down payment of $6000 and the buyer agreed ??to pay the balance of $24,000 over 5 years with interest at 5%.? After 6 months, the truck began to require major repairs and the buyer refused to pay any more money.a.ÿÿÿ ÿWhat remedy does the seller have? b.ÿÿÿ What defences might the buyer raise?c.ÿÿÿ What is a court liable to decide?2.ÿÿÿ An agreement to sell land for $75,000 provided for a deposit of $5,000, ?subject to forfeiture if the buyer defaults in completing the purchase?. a.ÿÿÿ If the buyer changes his mind, can he get his deposit back? Discuss.b.ÿÿÿ If the deposit was $70,000, would your answer be different. Why?3.ÿÿÿ An elderly, illiterate widow, Evelyn Machnick, wished to sell her farm. She put an advertisement in the local paper. The ad was silent on price as she had no idea what the land was worth. Several real estate agents came to see her to suggest the farm value was around $125,000. She then went to see the only lawyer in town, (who incidentally also acted for town council and the real estate agents), to discuss her intended wish to sell. The lawyer was aware the town planned to expand its boundaries, which would greatly increase the value of the farm. The lawyer verbally offered to buy the farm for $125,000, which Mrs. Machnick verbally agreed to. The lawyer drew up the paperwork and had her sign, signifying her agreement. The Transfer was registered and the monies paid. When Mrs. Machnick called her nephew, a real estate lawyer in a nearby city, to seek advice on how to invest the money, he immediately saw the implications and sought to set the sale aside.a.ÿÿÿ Discuss the issues liable to be raised by both parties.AGREEMENT Follow all instruction requiredNO PLAGARISMAPA FORMATDUE DATE: 12 Hours from nowPrice: $ 20.00Mathematics homework help

Stereotyping and Social Identity Theory

Stereotyping and Social Identity Theory. Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here. Stereotyping is the basis of the social identity theory. Stereotyping can be characterized as the way to assign qualities to people in light of their investment in a social theory (McShane, 2010, p. 72). When you further investigate stereotypes, we find two different types. Prescriptive stereotypes and descriptive stereotypes. Prescriptive stereotypes depict the specific behavioral norms that individuals must uphold to avoid derogation or punishment by others (Gill, 2004). Descriptive stereotypes are perceivers’ beliefs about the characteristics of a social group and indicate the attributes, roles, and behaviors that describe that group (Gill, 2004). Collectively, stereotyping lays the groundwork for prejudice and discrimination. The social identity theory states that the “in-group” will discriminate against the “out-group” to enhance their own self image. It also clarifies how we perceive people through differentiation, homogenization and categorization. It is crucial to remember that “in-groups” are the groups you are apart of and that you associate with and “out-groups” are the groups that we don’t normally identify with and my discriminate against. It was clear on in the case of Rochelle Beauport that she appreciated being an assistant brand manager. The position appeared to be more challenging and had a greater affected on the organization’s profits than the new position, market resource coordinator. The market resource coordinator position was more classified as a “behind the scenes” job. Rochelle had the feeling that the new position was not the route to top administration in most organizations. Because of her skin colour she had also built up a perception that she was placed on “reserve” and felt that Syd Gilman thought she didn’t deserve her previous position. What went wrong was that Syd Gilman thought that Rochelle would enjoy and appreciate the new position that had brought him to the high position he holds at the company. He felt as if offering the new position to her, would help her widen her experience and enhance her career at Hy Dairies, Inc. Mr. Gilman thought that his journey up the corporate latter through market resource coordinator would benefit Rochelle the same way. He believed that his experiences he would be able to share with Rochelle in the future. From Rochelle’s point of view she was confused that the job offered to her was at the same level or even a downgrade for he previous position. Since she had such a great year boosting the company sales, Rochelle was anticipating a promotion to a higher position. Hearing that Mr. Gilman offered her market resource coordinator she was shocked to say the least. She thought that the position was a downgrade and that Mr. Gilman didn’t want her to get promoted because of her skin colour or even her gender. Rochelle wasn’t aware that the new position had been given with positive implications that she’d advance in the company the same way Mr. Gilman did as well. What other perceptual error is apparent in this case study? While reading the case study I noticed that the Halo effect, and others is apparent as well. The Halo effect is when you immediately form an impression on someone just from one trait/behaviour. Since you are blinded by the one trait/behaviour its hard for you to be able to see their other traits because you are so focused on one. For Rochelle when Syd Gilman offered her the new position she immediately thought he was trying to downgrade her because the market resource coordinator was known to be a sideline job. Just based on this interaction she felt as if she was being betrayed because of her differences, her thought was that Syd Gilman didn’t want her to reach top management so he gave her market resource coordinator trying to make her think she was getting a promotion. Through the lack of communication What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situations? In conflict situations, avoiding misunderstanding takes a lot of time and effort. Some considerations that the organizations or Mr. Gilman can do are: A.) The first is active listening. The goal of active listening is to understand the receivers as well as you understand yourself (McShane, 2010, pg 81). A message cannot be interpreted by the listener if he/she does not pay attention to what the speaker says. In this case, Syd Gilman should pay close attention to what Rochelle Beauport is saying. If need be, he should have the eagerness to discuss, clarify, or repeat anything that is unclear or seems unreasonable. It is possible that Syd is thinking that he understands Rochelle very well, but this is mere a confusion of interpretation and understanding. Because Syd’s goal is to give Rochelle the position where he started, he should first hear her side of story. A major problem is that Rochelle Beauport is interpreting Mr. Gilman’s actions in a different way. You could go as far as saying she felt that she was underestimated. Because of the misunderstanding, there was an error in the communication between the two. To avoid this Syd Gilman should attempt to repeat back her case just as she has presented it to him. This will show that Mr. Gilman is listening (which suggests that Gilman cares about what Rochelle has to say) and that Syd Gilman understands what she has said or feels. It does not indicate that Gilman agrees with what she said, nor does Gilman have to agree. Mr. Gilman just needs to indicate that he does understand her perspective. Stereotyping and Social Identity Theory

Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions.

each need to be 200 wordsRegulation of BusinessExplain the rationale for government regulations on businesses in your own words. Identify a federal or state regulation that you support or oppose. Explain your support or opposition to the regulation.Ethics in the WorkplaceIdentify and discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace. What do you think the business world would be like without them? Why?Consumer Protection LawsExplain the purpose of consumer protection laws in your own words. Based on your personal experiences, do you think that consumer protection laws are effective? Why or why not?Benefits of Strategic PhilanthropyDescribe strategic philanthropy in your own words.Does strategic philanthropy influence your brand loyalty? Why or why not?Impact of Technology on SocietyChoose two points from either “Technology Levels the Business Playing Field” or “The Social Impact of Technology” in the W6 Weekly Related Articles.Explain both points in your own words. What experiences or reasons caused you to select and agree or disagree with the two points?Nature of Sustainability As It Relates to Social ResponsibilityOrganizations around the globe are being challenged to take more responsibility for how their operations impact local communities, society as a whole, and the environment.Do you agree or disagree with these increasing challenges? Why or why not? Also, share one example of an organization that has risen to the challenge. Include one reference that will allow your peers to learn more about your example.
Discussion Questions