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Cuyamaca College Self Assessment Paper

Cuyamaca College Self Assessment Paper.

1. What did you learn about yourself through this project? 2. What are your strengths and weaknesses (i.e., provide an interpretation of what the results mean to you)? 3. What were your blind spots (i.e., results/findings that surprised you; traits where you over/under-estimated yourself)? 4. How can your strengths and weaknesses influence your ability to succeed in life/your career? 5.
How do you plan on overcoming any weaknesses/blind spots uncovered in
this exercise? Please be specific (e.g., find and read an academic
article and/or a book on being more proactive and use their
findings/suggestions to generate specific ideas for improving your
initiative or whatever your weakness may be). Describe how and why such
actions will help you in your development. (I have attached part 1 of the assignment and I also completed a survey on the school website related) You can just mentioned that a survey was done.
Cuyamaca College Self Assessment Paper

Art 110 MTSU The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh Essay.

he purpose of this assignment is to apply the language of the visual arts regarding form (such as the type of representation, and a description of artwork using the art elements and principles of design) and content (the story that an artwork communicates). Please visit one of the online virtual museum tours posted below and select one work on view from the museum of your choosing. Write an analysis of this work following the Visual Analysis assignment instructions. I attached 1 documents which is instructions and details for the work. PLEASE MEET THE REQUIREMENT the 3 links down here are the topics that you should choose one of them to talk about.……
Art 110 MTSU The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh Essay

HRMN 467 UMGC Global Human Resource Management Paper.

Please separate each part by tilting it “PART 1” “PART 2” “PART 3”.Each Part requires a minimum of THREE REFERENCES. ONLY use the resources I provide and I will identify for which part to use them. Please use in-text citations (APA 6th or 7th edition). Include reference list after each part.Background: Fit 4 Life is a fitness chain throughout the United States. They recently decided to open up four new gyms in London, with the objective of growing the organization globally and establishing an international presence. The premise of Fit 4 Life’s strategy is that clients use gyms as a social event. They promote clubs, small groups and large events throughout the month to encourage clients to come together socially as well as to work out. Each club has a general manager and 3-5 fitness instructors who provide support for the clients and the events. The organization has decided to use this expansion as a pilot project and if all goes well, they will consider spreading out across Europe and South America. This is a strategic endeavor, so it is important that the organization finds an effective formula to operate successfully in the global arena. The organization has hired you to provide consultation on how they should proceed. Part 1 (Minimum 800 words)This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes 3 and 4: • Identify the key challenges and trends in the changing globalized workforce in order to implement effective human resource practices • Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture You are part of the HR department. You supervisor asks you to write a memo to management that explains recruiting, selecting and staffing employees for the new clubs. Some of the questions they would like to see addressed are: 1. What are the different sources of staffing and which one would be recommended for these new clubs? (Both the general manager and the instructors) 2. How should recruiting be carried out? 3. What kind of selection process should be used? Respond to the management with a memo. Respond to each question and give a suggestion on how the club should proceed. Be sure to support your suggestions with both the literature and current facts or statistics that you research for this task, as well as information from the course. You should use at least three sources from the class materials. Part 2 (Minimum 900 words)This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of course outcomes 2 and 4: • Distinguish national and global culture and the impact they have on the globalized workforce in order to contribute to human resource practices across countries and cultures • Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture The management team has now hired 4 managers, who are PCNs (parent country nationals). Now they need to figure out how to develop a compensation plan that is aligned with the company’s compensation but also takes into consideration the host country’s financial situation. You are asked to: a. Put together a compensation plan along with a balanced scorecard. Assume that the base salary of a manager in the U.S. is $5500 a month. You may need to do some additional research to find out what taxes are in London, what is a typical housing allowance, and cost of living. b. List the top three benefits that should be offered to the expatriate. Explain why you chose these as the most important. Review the Balance Sheet Approach to Compensation in the course file “Global Compensation” in week 5. Use at least three course resources for this assignment. Part 3 (Minimum 900 words)This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes 1 and 4: • Demonstrate the inter-cultural competencies of an effective citizen • Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture The organization has hired four general managers. The success of these managers is vital to ensure the success of the expansion into the international market. You are asked to propose the content and format of a 5 day training program for the new managers. Typically, this will consist of some pre-departure training, as well as some in country training upon arrival. Your task is to put together a proposal for the training program. Your proposal should include three sections: a. Importance of Training. Explain why training is such a critical factor in expatriate success. Present an argument for this, using literature and statistics. See: “Learn to support your arguments” in week 7 readings. b. Importance of Intercultural Competency. Describe intercultural competency and why it is important for these managers. How are you going to assess intercultural competency? How are you going to include this in the training? c. Proposal for 5 day training. Create an agenda for three days of training. Include topics to be addressed and rationale. See example:





Introduction to Fit 4 Life

Managers need to know background and history of organization in order to create organizational culture in the new clubs (Shumer, 2019).

Use at least three course resources for this assignment.
HRMN 467 UMGC Global Human Resource Management Paper

units four and unit five

units four and unit five.

Which of the following is NOT a step of claims management?Question 1 options:COMPARISON OF LITIGATION CASES WITH OTHER FACILITIESMANAGEMENT OF LITIGATIONINITIAL INVESTIGATION OF CLAIMSNEGOTIATION OF SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS OUT OF COURTSaveQUESTION 2 (2.5 POINTS)Amounts that are owed, but not yet paid are:Question 2 options:EXPENSES.ASSETS.LIABILITIES.BILLS.SaveQUESTION 3 (2.5 POINTS)Any incident or circumstance that might result in a loss is called a(n):Question 3 options:DANGER.HAZARD.RISK.THREAT.SaveQUESTION 4 (2.5 POINTS)Which of the following statements is NOT true of an accounts payable system?Question 4 options:IT PROVIDES AN OVERVIEW OF MONEY DUE IN DIFFERENT CATEGORIES.IT CONTROLS THE OUTFLOW OF MONEY FOR EXPENSES.IT IS USED TO MANAGE PAYMENTS FOR RECURRING EXPENSES.IT CAN PRINT CHECKS OR AUTHORIZE EFTS TO PAY BILLS.SaveQUESTION 5 (2.5 POINTS)The ________ is used to produce financial statements and monitor the overall financial health of the organization.Question 5 options:PAYROLL ACCOUNTING SYSTEMPAYROLL ADMINISTRATION SYSTEMFINANCIAL LEDGERGENERAL LEDGERBUDGETSaveQUESTION 6 (2.5 POINTS)Setting a minimum quantity threshold on supplies in an inventory system prevents:Question 6 options:GETTING TOO MANY SUPPLIES.RUNNING OUT OF SUPPLIES.ORDERING DUPLICATE SUPPLIES.ORDERING OF SUPPLIES.SaveQUESTION 7 (2.5 POINTS)Systems used to order supplies, drugs, and equipment are called:Question 7 options:ORDERING SYSTEMS.PURCHASING SYSTEMS.STOCKING SYSTEMS.INVENTORY SYSTEMS.SaveQUESTION 8 (2.5 POINTS)An example of a direct cost is:Question 8 options:INSURANCE.A MANAGER’S SALARY.DEPARTMENT SUPPLIES.RENT.SaveQUESTION 9 (2.5 POINTS)All of the following statements are true of appointment schedulers EXCEPT:Question 9 options:HE OR SHE MUST UNDERSTAND THE PROVIDER’S SCHEDULING WISHES.HE OR SHE MUST BE A SKILLED MANAGER.HE OR SHE MUST BE ABLE TO WORK UNDER PRESSURE.HE OR SHE MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF APPOINTMENTS.SaveQUESTION 10 (2.5 POINTS)A/R and billing data are used, reported, and analyzed by:Question 10 options:SUPERVISORS.EXECUTIVES.MANAGERS.ALL OF THE ABOVESaveQUESTION 11 (2.5 POINTS)Which of the following is an organization’s principal tool for financial planning that usually forecasts revenue and expenses for the next fiscal year?Question 11 options:FINANCIAL REPORTPROFIT AND LOSS REPORTFINANCIAL LEDGERBUDGETSaveQUESTION 12 (2.5 POINTS)________ management evaluates cases using standard criteria and then seeking authorization from the payer.Question 12 options:QUALITYUTILIZATIONCLAIMSCASESaveQUESTION 13 (2.5 POINTS)Financial information systems include all of the following EXCEPT:Question 13 options:PURCHASING.PAYROLL.REGISTRATION AND RECORDS.BUDGETING.SaveQUESTION 14 (2.5 POINTS)Incidents that can result in financial loss or lead to litigation are called:Question 14 options:POTENTIALLY COMPENSABLE RISKS.POTENTIALLY COMPENSABLE MEASURES.POTENTIALLY COMPENSABLE ACTIONS.POTENTIALLY COMPENSABLE EVENTS.SaveQUESTION 15 (2.5 POINTS)Infections are tracked and monitored by:Question 15 options:UTILIZATION REVIEW.QUALITY MANAGEMENTHEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.REGISTRATION AND RECORDS.SaveQUESTION 16 (2.5 POINTS)The ________ department reviews each patient complaint to improve care and patient satisfaction and identify patterns or cases that could present a risk to the patient or hospital.Question 16 options:HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENTREGISTRATION AND RECORDSQUALITY MANAGEMENTINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYSaveQUESTION 17 (2.5 POINTS)The managerial aspects of maintaining a payroll is referred to as:Question 17 options:BUDGETING.PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION.PAYROLL ACCOUNTING.ACCOUNTS PAYABLE.SaveQUESTION 18 (2.5 POINTS)Payroll administration includes which of the following activities?Question 18 options:GENERATING REPORTS PAYROLL ACTIVITIES.COMPLYING WITH FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL EMPLOYMENT LAWSKEEPING RECORDSALL OF THE ABOVE ARE INCLUDED IN PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION.SaveQUESTION 19 (2.5 POINTS)Which of the following situations should be reported on an incident report?Question 19 options:PATIENT FALLMEDICATION ERRORVISITOR FALLALL OF THE ABOVESaveQUESTION 20 (2.5 POINTS)Computing an employee’s taxable wages is part of:Question 20 options:PAYROLL ACCOUNTING.PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION.ACCOUNTS PAYABLE.BOTH A AND BSaveQUESTION 21 (2.5 POINTS)An up-to-date list of both acute and chronic conditions affecting the patient’s care is a(n):Question 21 options:HISTORY AND PHYSICAL.ADMISSION LIST.PROBLEM LIST.REVIEW OF SYSTEMS.SaveQUESTION 22 (2.5 POINTS)The acronym SOAP stands for:Question 22 options:SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT, PLAN.SUBJECTIVE, OCCUPATIONAL, ASSESSMENT, PLAN.SUBJECTIVE, OPERATIVE, AILMENTS, PLAN.SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, AILMENTS, PATIENT.SaveQUESTION 23 (2.5 POINTS)Home health agencies use the OASIS standard to document data that is sent electronically to the state and CMS every ________ days.Question 23 options:10142860SaveQUESTION 24 (2.5 POINTS)An attending physician’s request for a consult is called a(n):Question 24 options:PATIENT REQUEST.MEDICAL REQUEST.REFERRAL.CONSULTATION.SaveQUESTION 25 (2.5 POINTS)Which of the following would NOT be found on a discharge summary?Question 25 options:SUMMARY OF LABORATORY RESULTSA BRIEF HISTORY JUSTIFYING THE NEED FOR HOSPITALIZATIONFAMILY HISTORYPATIENT CONDITION AT TIME OF DISCHARGESaveQUESTION 26 (2.5 POINTS)Communication technology used to deliver medical care to a patient in another location is called:Question 26 options:REMOTE CLINICAL TECHNOLOGY.TELEMEDICINE.RURAL HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY.TELOCARE TECHNOLOGY.SaveQUESTION 27 (2.5 POINTS)Who owns the patient health record?Question 27 options:THE FACILITY OR PRACTICETHE PATIENTTHE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTTHE STATESaveQUESTION 28 (2.5 POINTS)All of the following documentation guidelines have been developed by AHIMA EXCEPT:Question 28 options:THE HEALTH RECORD SHOULD BE ORGANIZED SYSTEMATICALLY.ONLY AUTHORIZED INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ENTER DOCUMENTATION IN THE HEALTH RECORD.ALL ENTRIES IN THE HEALTH RECORD SHOULD NOT BE PERMANENT.AUTHORS OF ENTRIES SHOULD BE CLEARLY IDENTIFIED IN THE HEALTH RECORD.SaveQUESTION 29 (2.5 POINTS)Health information professionals use which of the following to ensure quality patient records?Question 29 options:DATA SETSDATA ELEMENTSHIM POLICIESALL OF THE ABOVESaveQUESTION 30 (2.5 POINTS)An inpatient admission requires a history and physical within ________ days prior to admission or 24 hours after admission.Question 30 options:5101430SaveQUESTION 31 (2.5 POINTS)All of the following are documented by nurses in an inpatient facility EXCEPT:Question 31 options:PATIENT’S SOCIAL HISTORY.ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATIONS.TREATMENTS ORDERED BY THE PHYSICIAN.INSURANCE INFORMATION.SaveQUESTION 32 (2.5 POINTS)Previous illnesses, operations, injuries, diseases, allergies, and immunizations are all part of the:Question 32 options:PAST MEDICAL HISTORY.SOCIAL HISTORY.FAMILY HISTORY.REVIEW OF SYSTEMS.SaveQUESTION 33 (2.5 POINTS)A(n) ________ is required in all cases of death.Question 33 options:SOCIAL HISTORYFAMILY HISTORYDISCHARGE SUMMARYREVIEW OF CARESaveQUESTION 34 (2.5 POINTS)Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the PHR?Question 34 options:PATIENTS ENTER THE INFORMATION THEMSELVES.PATIENTS CAN RETRIEVE THEIR OWN RECORDS.THE RECORD CAN BE RETRIEVED USING THE INTERNET.IT CAN INTEGRATE INFORMATION FROM MANY DIFFERENT PROVIDERS.SaveQUESTION 35 (2.5 POINTS)The birth of a baby requires a document recording the birth to be signed and sent to the:Question 35 options:ADMISSION OFFICE.PARENTS.ATTENDING PHYSICIAN.STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT.SaveQUESTION 36 (2.5 POINTS)The principle reason for a visit is the:Question 36 options:HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS.REVIEW OF SYSTEMS.CHIEF COMPLAINT.SOCIAL HISTORY.SaveQUESTION 37 (2.5 POINTS)Surgical procedures require which of the following?Question 37 options:ANESTHESIA RECORDSINTRAOPERATIVE RECORDSINFORMED CONSENT FOR THE PROCEDUREALL OF THE ABOVESaveQUESTION 38 (2.5 POINTS)All orders, including medications, lab tests, and diagnostic tests, must be:Question 38 options:DATED.SIGNED.VERBALLY ORDERED.BOTH A AND BSaveQUESTION 39 (2.5 POINTS)Which of the following data sets are used in acute care hospitals and required by CMS?Question 39 options:UNIFORM AMBULATORY CARE DATA SETUNIFORM CLINICAL DATA SETMINIMUM DATA SETUNIFORM HOSPITAL DISCHARGE DATA SETSaveQUESTION 40 (2.5 POINTS)The acronym PHR stands for:Question 40 options:PROVIDER HEALTH RECORD.PERSONAL HEALTH RECORD.PATIENT HEALTH RECORD.PRIVATE HEATH RECORD.
units four and unit five

University of the Cumberlands Project Manager Website Question

essay help online free University of the Cumberlands Project Manager Website Question.

1. Go online and find at least two sites with definitions of fast tracking and crashing a project schedule. a.Prepare proper reference citations for the sites you located, using APA style. b.In your own words, write definitions for project fast tracking and project crashing. c.Consider the plan you prepared for the software system testing project in question 1 above. If you were informed by management that you must reduce the planned duration of the project by five days, describe how you, as a project manager, could crash or fast track this project. Be specific in identifying exactly what could be changed in the project plan for each option. d.(continuation of question 2.3) If the request to speed up the project occurs after day 25 of the original schedule, what is the only option available?2. Go online and research the difference between total slack and free slack. a.Prepare proper reference citations for the sites you located, using APA style. b.Write definitions of total slack and free slack in your own words. c.Why would the distinction between different forms of slack be important to a project manager?3. A project to put on a major international sporting competition has the following major deliverables: Sports Venues, Athlete Accommodation, Volunteer Organization, Security, Events, and Publicity (which has already been broken down into pre-event publicity and post-event publicity.) Prepare a WBS for any single major deliverable on the list. Remember the 100 percent rule, and number your objectives.APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced).Please refer to this textbox: Watt, A. (2019). Project Management (2nd Edition). BCcampus Open Education.Note : no plagiarism please
University of the Cumberlands Project Manager Website Question

Research Evaluation Paper

Research Evaluation Paper. I’m trying to learn for my Social Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

1. Identify at least one example for EACH of the following topics 75 words each

Formative research
Proximal goal
Long-term goal

2. Respond to both of the following in a minimum of 175 words each:
a) Describe hypothesis testing and how it is form of inferential statistics. How does hypothesis testing contribute to the scientific knowledge base?
b) What are the differences between proximal goals and long-term goals of evaluation research? Provide one example for each that is related to human services research
Research Evaluation Paper

Walden University ?differentiating Job Involvement from Job Satisfaction Discussion

Walden University ?differentiating Job Involvement from Job Satisfaction Discussion.

Differentiating Job Involvement from Job SatisfactionJob involvement is the extent to which individuals enjoy, look forward to, and/or identify with their jobs. Job involvement is related to, but is not the same as, the constructs of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. They share some characteristics and relate to important outcome variables such as turnover and absenteeism. However, job involvement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment also differ in some specific ways. Role conflict, or the lack of compatibility between different job responsibilities, also can affect job involvement.In this Discussion, you will differentiate job involvement, job satisfaction and organizational commitment and then explain the influence of role conflict on job involvement.To prepare for this Discussion:Read the article “The Impact of Expatriates’ Cross-Cultural Adjustment on Work Stress and Job Involvement in the High-Tech Industry.” Consider job involvement and how it differs from job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Read the article “Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement: The Mediating Role of Job Involvement.” Consider the role of job involvement as a mediating factor in job satisfaction and organizational commitment.Read the article “The Role of Self-Efficacy in Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Motivation and Job Involvement.” Think about how self-efficacy can influence job involvement, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.Read the article “Breach of Psychological Contract and Job Involvement: Does Organizational Cynicism Mediate the Relationship?” Explore the association between breach of psychological contract and job involvement and how that could in turn affect job satisfaction and organizational commitment.Read the article “The Effects of Role Conflict and Work-Life Conflict on the Turnover Intention of Academic Employees.” Think about how role conflict influences turnover intention and how that, in turn, may affect job involvement.By Day 3Post a response to the following:Provide an explanation of how job involvement differs from job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Then explain how role conflict affects job involvement. Provide examples from the resources to illustrate your points. APA 7th Edition.Resources:Chen, M. (2019). The impact of expatriates’ cross-cultural adjustment on work stress and job involvement in the high-tech industry. Frontiers of Psychology, 10, 2228 , 1–10., S. (2020). The role of self-efficacy in job satisfaction, organizational commitment, motivation and job involvement. Eurasian Journal of Educational Research, 85, 205–224., M., Fatima, S., Aroos, S., & Hafeez, M. H. (2019). Breach of psychological contract and job involvement: Does organizational cynicism mediate the relationship? Journal of Managerial Sciences, 13(3), 98–104.
Walden University ?differentiating Job Involvement from Job Satisfaction Discussion