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Cuyamaca College Memento Mori Remember Death will Come Summary Paper

Cuyamaca College Memento Mori Remember Death will Come Summary Paper.

Memento Mori, Remember Death will come For this topic, let’s imagine how we’d like to “leave this mortal coil,” to “make our exit,” or to “start pushing up the daisies.” The chapter reading for this week gives us ample examples and suggestions, a kind of blueprint, for how we could image this. These range from the personally eccentric examples laid out in the “Going out BIG” section, to the monumental markers on an architectural scale laid out in the section on “Ego,” or would you prefer to be physically preserved forever for all to see?These are just some starting points to get you inspired- you don’t have to answer these questions, they are meant to fire up some ideas within your brainstorming.Are there special items that you’d like to accompany your corpse? Maybe it’s that favorite light saber, lucky hat, wedding ring, your baseball card collection, an important religious object, or that 1967 Chevy Camero with white leather interior?Do you want to share your (cremated) remains among your loved ones? What should they do with them—put them in amulets on chains, in an urn on the mantle, or resting in more traditional place like a cemetery?Or would you select a burial, in your favorite car perhaps, in a custom Kane Kwei-style coffin shaped like a chicken, or in a giant crypt with your favorite 60” television, with a full bar and a butler, or with any of the other things you need in the afterlife?Do you want a ritualized celebration honor with fireworks, dancing, or the Pope, or any other religious figure’s, blessing?These examples are all rooted in ancient traditions. The arts of which is covered in this chapter; predating our contemporary traditions. Keep in mind that your scenarios are imaginary, so be as creative as possible!For this assignment, please reference Chapter 8 of the textbook on Mortality and Immortality.RequirementsDescribe your idea of how you would like to orchestrate your end of life ceremony.List a minimum of 3 (may use more) specific ideas that are personal and individually tailored to the person you are.Provide specific examples of how your ideas are related to the art of this specific section of the textbook.All of your ideas must be related to an example from the week’s chapter reading (Ch 8). Describe how something you learned this week relates to the three personalized ideas listed above remember to be specific.Provide the image embedded within your discussion.Your summary must use this template below: Include all points below in your summaryPlease use the numbered format in your summary. Thank you :)This is a very personal topic, so feel free to use personal images from outside the textbook- as long as you are linking three ideas back to the text book. For extra guidance, please see the example below titled: Mili.1. Your ideas, describe how this practice/idea is relevant to YOU. Personalize it as much as you would like, and exercise creative freedom.a. The example/image from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.b. Your Image2. Your ideas, describe how this practice/idea is relevant to YOU. Personalize it as much as you would like, and exercise creative freedom.a. The example/image from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.b. Your Image3. Your ideas, describe how this practice/idea is relevant to YOU. Personalize it as much as you would like, and exercise creative freedom.a. The example/image from the textbook that relates to this idea, describe how it relates.b. Your ImageExample: MilliHere is an example from a recently deceased pet in my family. Milli, our basset hound was 15 years old when she died a year ago. (For your summary, make sure to provide images).1. She is buried in the back yard, where family can visit anytime. It’s a quiet space, with other pets that have passed, which is a “community” gathering place, like a traditional cemetery. a. Traditional cemetery (Image from the textbook)2. We buried her wrapped in a favorite dog blanket, with a bacon chew toy, and sage. These are things she may need in the afterlife and objects that she enjoyed in life. a. Ancient Egyptians/ Qin Shi Huang’s tomb (terra cotta warriors, image from the textbook)3. There is a memorial on my bookshelf, with ofrendas: a toy, a flower, some treats a. Day of the Dead remembrances (Image from the textbook)4. We have an annual memorials planned for the future. a. Dogon dama funeral; anniversary rituals (Image from the textbook)5. We saved some dog hair and placed it in a special container to hold onto a physical part of Milli to maintain a sense continued connection. a. Reliquary that houses a physical part of the deceased (Image from the textbook)Please make sure all of these requirements are fulfilledPlease make sure all of these requirements are fulfilled before submitting:Provide the information in the numbered format above.CITE sources, if you use them (it is not necessary to use another source other than your text book). Your submission will be scanned through for originality. I will use this data to inform your grade. If you do not cite, it will “appear” that plagiarism is taking place. Try to limit your Summary to one page.Must be submitted as a pdf file. RubricWritten Work Rubric_100ptWritten Work Rubric_100ptCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWritten Communication28.0 to >24.7 ptsAbove AverageWell organized. Creative and very clear use of language and no grammatical or technical errors. Citations provided if applicable.24.7 to >13.18 ptsAverageEssay had organizational issues, grammatical, or technical errors. Less attention to clarity of language.13.18 to >0 ptsBelow AverageHighly unorganized written work with many grammatical and technical errors. Confusing or erroneous language.28.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical Analysis36.0 to >32.72 ptsAbove AverageWritten work shows a high level of contemplation and insight. Attention to key concepts associated with the related material and use of associated vocabulary and terminology. Vocabulary and terminology are used correctly as dictated in the assignment details. Citations provided if applicable.32.72 to >13.1 ptsAverageWritten work contains less than the required amount of insight and few references to related material with some use of related vocabulary or reference to reading materials. Misuse of some of the terminology and vocabulary associated with the assignment.13.1 to >0 ptsBelow AverageShows little to no signs of insight or understanding. Lacks attention to key concepts and no applied use of related terminology or vocabulary.36.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFulfills RequirementsAll requirements are outlined under the specific assignment in Canvas.36.0 to >32.58 ptsAbove Average_Completed assignment with the required format (numbered), length, file type, and image selections from required sites or chapters. Followed all directions completely. Citations provided, if applicable.32.58 to >13.72 ptsAverageFollowed some of the directions, but did not complete the full amount of written content, and/or visual source images, including source requirements.13.72 to >0 ptsBelow AverageDid not follow the directions at all, and did not complete the full amount of written content, and/or visual source images, including source requirements.36.0 ptsTotal Points: 100.0
Cuyamaca College Memento Mori Remember Death will Come Summary Paper

Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

On an automated teller machine (ATM), the customer is identified by inserting a plastic ATM card with a magnetic stripe or a plastic smart card with a chip that contains a unique card number and some security information such as an expiration date or card verification value code (CVVC). When using an ATM on networked banks, customers can access their personal or business bank accounts in order to make cash withdrawals and check their account balances. For this assignment, consider cash withdrawal transactions from your favorite ATM machine.Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:Delimit the ATM problem by creating a problem diagram using Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. The diagram must show system components that are relevant to the problem of withdrawing cash. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.Write one (1) paragraph that describes the use and meaning of the problem diagram components.Create two (2) Structured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT) diagrams to document the activities and data involved in the transactions stated above using Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.Write one (1) paragraph that describes the use and meaning of the SADT diagram components.Provide three (3) possible scenarios of interaction between you and the ATM through a few message sequence charts.Create one (1) UML diagram for each scenario, from Question 5, to show the interactions. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.Create one (1) state machine diagram for the ATM that covers the scenarios you have identified in Question 5 using Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.Write one (1) paragraph that describes the use and meaning of the state machine diagram components.Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Organizational Problem or Opportunity. I’m studying for my Management class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

This is your opportunity to present the solution you have devised from the research discovered in an effort to address the problem or opportunity.
Problem or opportunity: Most of the organizations are moving to devops concept or agile methodology, should the methodology or the concept be chosen based on the nature of the project or should the organization implement all the projects and programs under the chosen methodology.
Develop your recommendations and plan of action to address your problem or opportunity.
Include the following:

Interpretive views about results
Recommendations, options, action plans, or practical applications for decision makers to use
Correlation to investigative findings for all recommendations
One page, at the minimum, dedicated to the conclusion of this research project, to include future recommendations for areas of opportunity and research that was not addressed due to the time limitations of this Capstone.

Your well-written Section IV must be 4-5 pages total in length, in addition to title, table of contents, and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the You must cite at least six scholarly references.
The paper includes all of the required components, as specified in the assignment.
Demonstrates strong or adequate knowledge of the materials; correctly represents knowledge from the readings and sources reference key concepts from the module with in-text citations to support answers.
Provides a strong critical analysis and interpretation of the information given.
Sources or examples meet required criteria and are well chosen to provide substance and perspectives on the case study.
Project is clearly organized, well written, and in proper format as outlined in the assignment. Strong sentence and paragraph structure; few errors in grammar and spelling.
Project contains proper APA formatting, with no more than one significant error
Organizational Problem or Opportunity

CAREER EPISODE 2 2.1 INTRODUCTION My second career episode describes my project that is called ‘Evaluation of balancing circuits used in battery system’. This project was completed as a part of my minor thesis in the fulfilment of my master’s degree program from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia in December 2016. I completed my master’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering science. It was completed under the supervision of Prof. Weixing Shen, senior lecturer at the university. And was also supported by Prof. George Banky. 2.2 BACKGROUND Electric vehicle which operates on battery doesn’t operate on a single battery as sufficient energy is not supplied through it. Thus, many batteries that are either connected in series or parallel are required for the generation of required voltage and current for the system to function. The difference in the cell voltage of the stack reduces the string capacity and hence a system is required that will be able to achieve and maintain the voltage and current that is required by the system along with considering the issue of reliability and performance. For this purpose, a BMS is used. Battery Management System (BMS), which can oversee the voltage and the current level and can also charge the battery. 2.3 The main aim and goal behind implementing this project was to design a 48V battery stack power system that consists of 12 lithium ion battery cells. The monitoring and supervision of each cell operation and voltage level and its charging status can be done with the help of LTC3300-1/LTC6803-2 bidirectional cell balancer along with the BMS system. It also considers the safety concern of the batteries that are used. And the other objective behind implementing this project was to understand LTC330-1/LTC6803-2 bidirectional cell balance kit’s performance along with checking its results based on QuikEval software and DC590B USB serial controller when connected to the computer. 2.4 The idea is to balance the voltage supply of the cells so that it provides constant battery voltage to the shelter of the electric vehicle. The overcharging of the battery results in voltage battery degradation and can have consequences like it may catch fire or explosion. Whereas undercharging of the cell or having voltage under the required level may affect the life of the cells. So, I have made use of lithium ion batteries which are then further connected to LTC3300-1/LTC6803-2 bidirectional cell balancer that would assist in achieving the required voltage level of the cell and it can also help in increasing the life of the cell or battery long with providing the supply voltage of EV. 2.5 The project was completed in a group of two. And I took the opportunity to become the team leader. I first involved with my supervisor in planning the topic and how to start working on the project. Based on that I prepared a flow chart in which all the major task was divided and assigned among team member along with a deadline so that the final project gets completed in time and there will be time for troubleshooting. After deciding the topic and assigning task, I made myself busy with researching and with literature review of the topic by referring various journal, books, and internet material. The later part was designing and implementing the hardware structure along with its software part for its functioning. I had to weekly report to the Professor about my project update and took feedback on my project which helped me improve a lot. Weekly meetings with the supervisor was either done through emails or small presentations. 2.6 PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITY I started my project with literature review on cell balancing where cell balancing is a process that involves adjusting the cell voltages to same level i.e. where the battery cells are not over charged or over discharged. Also, its internal parameters are the reason for its unbalance like its time of manufacturing, internal resistance etc. It also depends on some of the external resources like thermal difference between battery cells. The process of battery balancing in lithium ion batteries is an easy process due to its property of charge-discharge capability. It also provides increased life span and the right voltage for its application. After understanding the concepts that were going to be used in my project I started performing research on the components that could be used for my system. It took lot of survey and suggestions were taken from seniors and lecturer about it. and later I finalized the following hardware components that suited best for the project. 2.7 1. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries – this battery was used due to its high-energy efficiency and has relatively longer battery cycle life which is an important feature for my system as the electric vehicle requires battery than can store more as well as can frequently recharge. Basically, there are two parameters that affect the overall performance of the battery. They are power and the battery diving range. 2. LTC3300-1/LTC6803-2 bidirectional cell balancer – for cell balancing and monitoring purpose I made use of two ICs that are functioning as bidirectional cell balancer. Active balancing principle is used by BMS. The two ICs are LTC3300-1, which can balance 6 cells whereas the LTC6803-2 microcontroller IC can support 12 cells when connected to each other in series connection. The function of LTC3300-1 is to equalize the SoC i.e. state of charge when the battery modules are connected in series manner. It can charge the battery stack faster and extent the runtime and enhancing the overall performance by cell balancing and charging. Moreover, this IC can balance 6 cells connected to each other in series when it functions as transformer based on bidirectional active balancing system that has synchronous fly back topology. Looking at the other IC i.e. LTC6803-2 is also a microcontroller IC that can support up-to 12 batteries connected in series connection. It uses different chemical material than the other IC for monitoring the batteries. It gives more accurate results and low error rate, as low as 0.25% of total. It generally operates in three modes: measure, shutdown and standby. 3. DC590B USB serial controller – it is a kind of controller that is specially designed using QuikEval software for display and demonstration of the results and for technologies involving linear family circuits. It is a controller that is based on USB. It is generally isolated or separate from the host computer. So therefore, no external or additional power supply is needed to drive the controller. 4. Power supply – GPS18500 instrument is one of a kind device which is used in my system as for this project a DC power supply of 5V is required externally to drive the unit. This power supply has many different configurations that include variable voltage and fixed voltage. It has the feature of supplying 2 different power supply which can work and be used independently. In this device, a slot that gives out fixed supply of 5V DC is provided to the LTC3300-1 bidirectional PCB. 2.8 After having finalized the hardware components, they were implemented on the evaluation board. The diagram attached shows the circuit and hardware connection for this project. It can be observed that a DC2064A GUI evaluation board, 14 conductor ribbon cables, computer that has QuikEval software installed and USB/serial port cable along with DB590B USB series controller is been used and a power supply of 5V is supplied externally using the GPS18500 device discussed earlier. Various precaution and safety measure was considered while connecting all the different components to the evaluation board. This was done precisely and carefully as any wrong connection made, it can damage the whole circuitry and the cost of application will increase indirectly. The two ICs LTC3300-1 and LTC6803-2 are soldered or wired to the evaluation board DC2064A GUI along with the capacitors, MOSFET and transformers. The voltage level and the temperate can be monitored with this circuit board and has the capability to balance the cell voltage. This board also has a special feature of advance fault detector that helps to secure the performance of the board in case of any spark or short circuit. 3.7V and 2600mAH configured lithium ion battery is used in my system. Thus 6 batteries giving a output voltage of 22.8V when connected in series are used on the board as the board can withstand a maximum of 12 batteries for balancing. 2.9 After successful implementation of the hardware, testing and trouble shooting was performed. For that a QuikEval software was used to monitor the battery stack. To use the software, it had to be configured accordingly for both the microcontroller ICs that were used in the system. After proper implementation, the screen looked as below. From that it can be depicted that the when we press the button called START CONTINUES READ CELL, voltage level can be retained and measured from each battery connected in the battery stack. From performing the test run, I found the cell voltage for each cell was almost 3.7V. But if there is any minor change in the voltage level of any cell it can be equalized by transferring cell voltage manually for 5sec and charge the required cell by discharging other cells with high voltage to get an equilibrium stage. All the charging/discharging or any error situation status can be seen on the screen as that status will be highlighted. 2.10 The struggle in implementing this project was getting the expected outcome. It different the actual outcome. It took many efforts, there were issues like the hardware didn’t receive any signals from the software. The problem was solved by reconnecting few hardware wires. Also, it required changing the voltage level of the components by choosing higher level components. After the final configuration, the hardware received the signal and the voltage level of each cells were determined. The later challenge was the important task and the main idea of our project i.e. cell balancing by voltage levels. The output was taken and written down at each time for charging/discharging function and the experiment was carried out until the satisfied result was attained. There were times when I didn’t get the desired result even after performing the experiment several times. During this phase, my faculty members and supervisors helped me a lot and gave me steps or hints on how I can solve the error. 2.11 SUMMARY To conclude, my project used 3.7V lithium ion battery that has 2600mAH of capacity for active cell balancing technique while making use of two microcontroller ICs configured on evaluation board. The transfer of charging from one cell to another is done using the six lithium ion batteries that are connected in series on the evaluation board. Along with that the software QuikEval was used to trace the output. The project has an open window in terms for expansion for future project work based on this system. This project can be used for self-controlling function to detect faulty or imbalance situation in the system along with capability for temperature measurement unit. Though I could only achieve partial results from my experiment as it varied from expected outcome. But this experiment helped me in many other ways. It taught me to handle complex circuits and outcomes, though I didn’t partially achieve what I expected from this but it gave me the strength and knowledge on how to overcome such situations. It was a new learning experience by working in groups and team mates. It involved managing different views and coming to one conclusion before implementing the idea. Also, I had the opportunity to apply my previous engineering knowledge into this project.

Wikipedia edite

Wikipedia edite.

Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, and as such it is an interesting opportunity to participate in practices that materialize and sediment knowledge.For this extra credit project, you will become AN EDITOR ON WIKIPEDIA! Based on your new expertise on situated personhood, and the eight articles we read in class, this projects asks you to expand or create a wikipedia page for any of the authors or topics we discussed. So, for example, you could find the Wiki page for Schutz and expand its discussion of his piece “The Stranger.” Or, you could create a page for Schutz in a language other than English, if it doesn’t yet exist. Remember, anything on Wikipedia needs to have a reference, so the info you add must come from a published source (not from my oral lectures). To hand in this project: 1. Take a screenshot of the Wiki page before you edit it, 2. Edit the page, including appropriate references. For instructions on how to do that, see here. 3. Take a screenshot of the page, with your newly published edits highlighted in yellow. It is fine if your page is in a language other than English. 4. Send these screenshots to your TA by Monday Sept. 2 at 11:59pm
Wikipedia edite

ETHC 232 DeVry Accidental Exposure of Information Ethical Dilemma Essay

help me with my homework ETHC 232 DeVry Accidental Exposure of Information Ethical Dilemma Essay.

This assignment is straight forward on the directions. Make sure you do not plagiarize and cite your source. Only paying for good quality writing. This assignment is due Sunday before 10pm pacific time.Your writing assignment this week is to complete the final section, Decision, and compile all of the elements from the previous weeks into a coherent seven-page paper analyzing an ethical dilemma in the workplace. This assignment is due at the end of Week 7.Decision: Make a decision and state it clearly, including why it is best. Justify it and defend it against criticism. How will you carry it out? Who will object to the decision? What are the weaknesses of the decision? How will you defend the decision? Explain how you would solve the problem and whether your solution is ethical and legal. This section should be at least two pages.The paper must contain all of the sections from previous weeks and have these section headings.IntroductionBackground of the Real Case: Provide an example regarding how the dilemma exists in a real-life situation.Ethical Dilemma(s)Application of Ethical TheoryApplication of the LawPotential Solutions and Impacts: Analyze the efforts being made by those in the profession to resolve the dilemmas (rules, standards, etc.). Describe the possible consequences if one behaves unethically in the situation.DecisionReferences: Sources must be cited and documented using APA style.The paper should include all of the areas above. It should be written in your own words and be well researched, well reasoned, and well documented. Your assignment will be graded on your demonstrated understanding and application of course material, your critical thinking and creative solutions, and your organization and grammar. Please refer to the Ethical Dilemma Project Overview in the Introduction and Resources Module for details. Please use the template Week 7: Ethical Dilemma Project: Final Paper (Links to an external site.) to complete this assignment.Please review the rubric and don’t forget to submit your assignment.
ETHC 232 DeVry Accidental Exposure of Information Ethical Dilemma Essay

1D Q3 Grand Canyon University Social Media and Nursing Conduct Discussion

1D Q3 Grand Canyon University Social Media and Nursing Conduct Discussion.

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of nurses in both their professional and personal lives. Additionally, social media is now considered a mainstream part of the process for recruiting and hiring candidates. Inappropriate or unethical conduct on social media can create legal problems for nurses as well as the field of nursing.Login to all social media sites in which you engage. Review your profile, pictures and posts. Based on the professional standards of nursing, identify items that would be considered unprofessional and potentially detrimental to your career and that negatively impact the reputation of the nursing field.In 500-750 words, summarize the findings of your review. Include the following:Describe the posts or conversations in which you have engaged that might be considered inappropriate based on the professional standards of nursing.Discuss why nurses have a responsibility to uphold a standard of conduct consistent with the standards governing the profession of nursing at work and in their personal lives. Include discussion of how personal conduct can violate HIPAA or be considered unethical or unprofessional. Provide an example of each to support your answer.Based on the analysis of your social media, discuss what areas of your social media activity reflect Christian values as they relate to respecting human value and dignity for all individuals. Describe areas of your social media activity that could be improved.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.
1D Q3 Grand Canyon University Social Media and Nursing Conduct Discussion

Growing Population Can Be Adequately Controlled Sociology Essay

Population according to Encarta world English dictionary is defined as the total amount of people who inhabit an area, region, or country.Population can therefore be seen as the number of individuals or people who inhabits an area, region, or country at a particular time. The population of a country is mainly determined by a periodic “head count” of people within a nation, this periodic count is also known as census. Census thus is a systematically survey intended to discover the whole population of a state at that time, given specific characteristic of such people, characteristics such as; age, gender, marital status. The study of population is referred to as demography, while expert who count and analyse such figures are referred to as demographers. Before 1925 the total world population was less than 3billion, however as at 2007 demographers estimated the world population to 6.6billion and 6.8billion in 2009; this illustrates that the world population is increasing geometrically as postulated by British writer Thomas Malthus 200years ago. It is suspected that the rate at which population is growing, demographers estimate that in 500 years to come the world population would reach 25quadrillion. The major factors responsible for this high growing population are as a result of high birth rate and low death rate, high immigration and low emigration. Thus many nations have adopted various population control measures and to some extent has helped reduce their populated growth rate, but not to the expected level of reduction. These adopted measures taken by states to control their vast growing population are viewed below; One of such control measure is the one child family adopted by china in 1980s, in this policy couples were encouraged and were sometimes oblige to have only one child. In this policy families with one child were given incentives by the government such as; tax holiday, payment of school fees by the government, while families with more than one child were not favoured or assisted by the government, for example families with 3 children could result into a cut of wages for the parents by the government. This policy has been able to reduce the birth rate in china to a large extent, which obviously led to the reduction of population in china especially during the period it was practised. This above fact is proved by demographers who believe the Chinese population could have risen up to 1.78billion in 2007 as against the present 1.3billion of their present population. Another method adopted by many countries of the world to control birth rate is the use of contraceptives. Contraceptives are devices used in order to prevent fertilization of a female egg, for example the use of a condom either worn by the male or female during sexual intercourse or pills taken frequently by females. This method is mostly adopted by few educated individuals who believe in birth control; also countries like china and India have adopted this method; however India were recorded to have succeeded with only relative small successes, while in china contraceptives were given for free. According to Joshua .S, this contributed to the fall of China’s fertility from 6 children per woman to about 2.5 per woman. Abortion is another method of controlling birth; abortion is defined by the Encarta English dictionary as an operation or other intervention to end a pregnancy by removing an embryo from the womb. In some countries such as the U.S, abortion has been legalised. In china which has the largest population in the world, abortion is not only legalised but also free to citizens of china. According William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library abortion is now the most widely practiced form of birth control in the world and is legal in 172 countries. There were approximately 50 million abortions in the world in 1994.Therefore to an extremely great level abortion has been used to reduce or control unwanted pregnancy and unwanted children thus to some extent controlling the population. Immigration policy is one of the major means of controlling population, Such immigration method include quota system (this is a policy in which specific number of people from different countries would be allowed to enter the country that have adopted this policy). According to Jon C. Pevehouse, most industrialised countries try to limit immigration from the global south. Through immigration policies population to some extent can be limited and controlled. Another way in which states have been able to control population is through the introduction of family programmes in other to solve the problem of rapid population growth. For example in India, the government introduce programmes that advocate smaller families; like the use of contraceptives, educating them on the need for healthier family planning. According to Jon Pevehouse “Mexico’s strong but non coercive family planning program, adopted in 1974 cut birth rate in half over 15years, to 2.7 per woman(and 2.4 as of 2009)” when looking at the statistics it is quit agreeable that through this method of organizing family or birth control programmes population can be controlled to some extent. Another method that has been adopted by different states in order to control the growing rate of population is the promoting of worldwide sex education among youth especially in schools. This is an effective and more sensitive way of controlling population. Here, youths are educated on how to prevent unwanted pregnancy through the use of contraceptives, they are also advised and encouraged on how to abstain from early sex, this to some extent, helps reduce unwanted babies thus controlling population. Another method that have greatly been adopted and encouraged by different states; like U.S, China in order to control population is the use of sterilization. English Encarta dictionary defines sterilization as a surgical process that put a stop to reproduction by total or partial removal of the reproductive organs. This method has even been legalized in the U.S and according to an article on the control of population by William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library there have been different steps taken by different international organizations like; UN, I.P.P.F, W.HO, U.S. Aid, World Bank, and other population control groups in the effort of legalizing sterilizations all over the world. Through the use of sterilization population can be controlled. This however is a crude control measure. Another method of controlling population growth which has been encouraged of recent and some countries fighting against discrimination of these people, (even though it is traditionally against the norms of family), is homosexual activities around the world. According to Anthony Giddens homosexuality involves the attraction for persons of one’s own sex, Anthony postulate that in some non-western cultures homosexuality is practiced and even encouraged among some groups like; the Batak people of northern Sumatra. Homosexuality to some extent reduces birth rate; this is because children can only be produced by two opposite sex, thus in order to reduce population, organizations promoting homosexuality has been supported even by U.S according to an article by William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library. Monogamy is another method in which has been able to reduce or control population. Monogamy is a type of marriage practice which allows a person to be married to one other person at a time which minimum number of children they can cater for. According to Jonathan Blundell the law in Britain and in other western countries only allows someone to be married to another person at a time, and that having more than one partner is a criminal offence (this practice of having more than one partner at a time is called bigamy). To some extent these laws have been able to control population. Through all this processes mentioned above, growing population to some extent have been able to be controlled, nevertheless population have not been adequately and sufficiently controlled as intended. This is due to different factors that hinders and limit the effectiveness of all the above population control methods. These limitations are emphasized below; The one child birth control adopted by china was not successful as intended because this policy created many problems: one of the problems this policy created is an inequality or imbalance in the population, (more boys than girls) this is because most couples wanted a male child to be the heir, thus girls who were first born were given away for adoption, sold or even allowed to die. The couples could then have a second child. A second reason for the failure of this policy is because this policy was enforced more in cities than country side, thus there were more children in the country side and education was better in the city, thus as a result china were producing fewer educated people. This reason contributed to the abolishment of this policy. This policy is against fundamental human right, in fact it is seen as one of the crudest method of birth control, this is perhaps why global bodies have criticized this policy thus the Chinese policy has now diminished and china is trying to hold down population growth by encouragement rather than force. The use of contraceptives as a method of birth control is however hampered or hindered by religious believers and doctrines. According to Jonathan Blundell the catholic church, which had great influence in Latin America and other part of the world, opposes the use of contraception apart from this method is also ineffective in developing countries like Africa because of the low rate of literacy and traditional beliefs . for instance among the Yoruba and Hausa tribe in Nigeria the number of children a man posses is seen as a measure of wealth, this explains why this particular control method is not totally effective towards the growing population of the world. Abortion which became legal in 1967 in the U.S, according to Jonathan Blundell has generated controversial augment about when exactly a foetus becomes a baby. The effectiveness of this measure is however hindered by religious belief and doctrine who belief that abortion is a murderous act thus discouraging other countries of the world from adopting this “sinful” method. Immigration policy such as quote system, this method is however crude and to a large extent may not be efficient because the government cannot determine the number of people that would migrate into their country whose reasons for coming into the country are reasonable and important. It should be noted that this policy can only be adopted by the developed world because of the pull factors such as good jobs, social amenities existing in their country which attract people into their country. Another population control method is the use of sterilize have been discouraged due to religious beliefs and doctrines, this method is risky hardly practiced because it is a permanent method of controlling childbirth or it results to permanent infertility. The controlling of population through homosexuality is to a very large extent ineffective, this is because a lot of religions do not favor this view and lesbians can also produce children through the use of sperm implant in a woman’s womb. This practice is also against the traditional norm of a family. The practice of monogamy is not effective because this method is a personal decision. Some individuals may choose to engage in multiple marriages, especially when their religion and tradition permits it, for example among the Mormons in Utah in USA multiple marriages were allowed which can ultimately give rise to more children like the case of tom green who have five wives and twenty nine children as at 2007. Among the Africans multiple marriages are common even within the upper class; this probably explains why the population increase rate in Africa is higher than any other part of the world. Lastly tradition is also responsible for the failure of population control measure. For example among the Africans early marriage is encouraged for the girls there by making them produce more children thus populating the world. In conclusion, there are several population methods to control both high birth rate (in developing countries) and high immigration rate (in developed countries). These control measures to a very large extent have played their roles and reduced population because when one compares the population growth rate to that of ten years ago, one can assert their effectiveness. However, the population control measures have not been able to totally stop population growth.