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Customer Experience Report

Many elements of business and life are being challenged; in some cases, the next normal may look very different as new ways of working are carried over into the future. Customer experience takes on a new meaning against this backdrop. Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors during these trying times.Your manager has asked you to prepare a 2500-word report which explores both the theory and reality of customer experience with the objective of measuring the service quality. Your report will describe, analyse and make recommendations on how customer experience can be enhanced in these unprecedented times, with reference to appropriate supporting theoretical frameworks. 1.    Executive summary (200 words)2.    Provide an introduction and overview of your chosen service organization. (200 words)3.    Critically evaluate the impact of Covid-19 on the service industry that your organization operates in. (500 words)4.    Critically assess the impact of Covid-19 on customer experience of your chosen service organization by applying and evaluating the Service Blueprint (Shostack,1984) (500 words)5.    Critically examine the service delivery of your chosen service organization applying and evaluating the Flower of Service Model (Lovelock, 1994). This must cover the gap between the needs and wants of customers and what they actually experience. (500 words)6.    Based on the analysis above, develop clear action oriented recommendations: o    to enhance customer experience (200 words)o    to monitor customer experience (200 words)o    to gather different types of customer experience feedback directly. (200 words)

sustainability leadership

sustainability leadership.

 Description The Leadership Term Paper should provide evidence of the student’s ability to synthesize various pieces of information, ideas, and concepts into a coherent text that clearly states the topic explored as well as the student’s informed perspective, evaluation, and conclusion regarding the topic matter. The topic should be one the student is passionate about. The paper should demonstrate the student’s ability to apply critical thinking to leadership and communication through the integration of course work, theory knowledge, skills, and experiential learning. The writing assignment should also provide evidence of effective written communication including abilities associated with context of and purpose for written communication; content development; genre and disciplinary conventions; sources and evidence; and control of syntax and mechanics. The paper will include four distinct sections: (1) introduction, (2) literature review, (3) analysis, and (4) conclusion. The final draft should be a minimum of 8 pages in length (not including title page, abstract, and references), double-spaced, 12-point font, and should follow APA style (6th ed.). The paper must offer a semi-comprehensive review of the literature on the student’s selected topic followed by a discussion that ties what was learned in the literature search with the student’s analysis and ideas. There must be a minimum of 6 sources cited within the text and references (at least two should be from scholarly

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Art & architecture: Movie “girl with a pearl earring”

Customer Experience Report Art & architecture: Movie “girl with a pearl earring”.

Write a movie review about the movie “girl with a pearl earring”. This is not a movie summary but a review. The writer should connect the movie with some art facts and real life story. the perspective should be unique

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Psychology Question

Write a reflection paper with a minimum of two pages, PLAGERISM FREE, defining race, ethnicity, and the concept of racism. Discuss the reasons for

these categorizations as well as their limitations. Note the general themes of

the article attached, then provide your reaction to what you have learned thus far. feel

free to express your thoughts and feelings honestly and appropriately. Include

proper APA format in referencing both your chosen article

Jacobson v Massachusetts

Jacobson v Massachusetts.

 Read the Case Law article posted above this drop box: Jacobson v Massachusetts (Validity of State Mandatory Vaccine Law). Use additional resources to back up your answers, but you MUST cite them within your answers and provide the full citation at the end of your paper. 1. Summarize the case, highlighting the reasons why this case was controversial. 2. Do you think the ruling was ethical? Why or why not? 3. More than one hundred years later, the ruling still plays a role in the authority of public health officials and has been stated as the most influential case for public health thus far. Describe two public health laws that the Jacobson ruling can be seen in across the nation

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