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Current Global Health Concerns

Current Global Health Concerns We are all concerned about the health of our globe or rather we can say overall health of the people on this globe is one of the biggest concern. Global health is a collaborative trans-national research and action for promoting health for all (Beaglehole

Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the factors that Henry’s primary health care provider should consider. The paper also provides a brief description of Henry’s case study to use in the assignment.,The factors that Henry’s primary health care provider should consider,Case Study,Henry Brown is a 67- year old American living in the rural central United States. He is prescribed multiple medications for hypertension, depression, diabetes mellitus type 2, and a recent bacterial infection. Henry is not alone. In fact, estimates suggest at least 70% of the U.S. aging population is prescribe multiple medications due to the rapid increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. This presents a major challenge for our healthcare system. Most medications require consistent adherence to the prescribed regimen for them to achieve therapeutic effect.,Yet it is known that adherence rates remain suboptimal across populations and disease states. Because Henry uses a smartphone, his primary healthcare provider might recommend a mobile app called the Medication Tracker to help him manage his complicated medication regimen. Henry’s primary healthcare provider recognizes apps have the potential to address the specific needs of patients in a manner that is timely, cost-effective, informative, and engaging. This app can be configure to deliver automated, personalized messaging to remind Henry to take his medication; can help Henry reinforce good self-management behaviors; can provide education on his ,chronic disease,; and can provide information about his medication, such as black box warnings, side effects and contraindications.,Discussion Questions,1.      Firstly, describe the factors that Henry’s primary health care provider should consider when selecting an app for him., 2.      Secondly, identify the features most important to facilitate the primary treatment goals of Henry and his primary provider., 3.      Thirdly, describe how Henry should communicate his activities with the app to his primary health care provider., 4.      Fourthly, list some risks for Henry associated with using this app.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Psychology homework help

Fin460 UMCP Facebook Discount Cash Flow Valuation Discussion

write my term paper Fin460 UMCP Facebook Discount Cash Flow Valuation Discussion.

The company is Facebook. one page would be enough for the analysis and evaluation. 4. Now perform a fundamental valuation for your company and the intrinsic value per share using a version of the DCF analysis similar to the Steel Dynamics example from our class. a. Simply start with the assumptions, parameter estimates and policy decisions on the input page. Use 5 year historical data.On the DCF tab at the top, include a table for the assumptions with the following columns: average for the past 5 years, independent analyst forecasts, company guidance, forecast derived from fundamental factors). Next to each assumption explain briefly how it was derived( for example: Sales growth rate =10% =average for the past 5 years).b. What is your estimated WACC? Attach the real WACC spreadsheet similar to the ones we used in class.For example, the theoretical growth rate may be 10%, but all the analysts are projecting 5%. One may want to know why the analysts are projecting a much lower rate. Remember, the theoretical growth rate is based on historical data which may not be relevant going forward. Every assumption is subject to error when used as an input. The better you are in determining the value and reliability of these inputs, the more accurate you are going to be, and thus the more money you should be able to make! OBS: Comment on your values and the sensitivity analysis. Please don’t just give me a copy of the spreadsheet. Attach a tab with Notes where you will insert all the sources, references, analyst reports and screenshots of data.
Fin460 UMCP Facebook Discount Cash Flow Valuation Discussion

assignment should contain: A fictional patient with a case, history and problem identified. A table covering the theorist described in this example with relevant theory application. A brief suggestion for how needs would be met with specific attention to developmental needs addressed. Submit this in a written assignment format with 2 text pages and a title and reference page.

Create a fictional patient with a health issue, family involvement, and situate this character. Speak about the developmental stage they are in based on Freud, Erickson, and Piaget. Discuss how Vygotsky, Smilansky, Bandura and Bowlby have relevance to this case based on their theories and the story you create. Create a chart for this. Below is an example of what someone in a PMHNP track might come up with. Example and ideas taken from the 2010 film “It’s Kinda a Funny Story.” JR, who is 17 years old, is physically fit, a straight-A student, and athlete who is the starting pitcher on the Varsity baseball team at his high school, and he plays the piano. He has no siblings. His only physical conditions are seasonal allergies but has presented to the inpatient unit for a major depressive episode and suicidal ideation. His parents are highly devoted. Dad is a successful engineer and Mom is a music teacher. They are both type-A personalities who push their son toward excellence and have selected an engineering school for him to attend upon his high school graduation. His pet Lab of 12 years recently passed away, He is also home-schooling during a Covid epidemic and the baseball season was canceled. He does not have a girlfriend. He is shy and afraid to share company with females. He tells you he thinks about dying, is very frightened about the future, but does not want to hurt his parents. Theorist Table Freud Erickson Piaget Vygotsky Smilansky Bandura Bowlby Genital Stage His shyness with girls may cause tension and frustration. Identity vs. Role Diffusion Having parents choose career and college may be creating crisis as he develops his own identity. Formal Operations Cognitive development is normal. Social Cultural Constructivist Theorist Social challenges, high-achieving parents to model, social isolation during a pandemic, and loss of sports and pet may have increased stress levels. Play theory not into adolescence There is normal advancement of cooperative play as evidenced by team participation. Social cultural modeling theory High stress and geared toward excellence and high-performance role models are high achievers. Attachment theory not into adolescence Attachment to his family is appropriate for his age. He has recently experienced a loss of a close pet. In practice, I would expect the boy will be admitted and started on an antidepressant and drug screened (high-stress environments may also make one more prone to substance abuse). Involving him in group and meeting other people and possibly cognitive behavioral therapy will be helpful. Alternative social and physical outlets for him need to be planned. Getting parents involved in understanding stress-related illness and how they might be helpful to reduce stress and assist with recovery is needed.

Why Americans Began Moving West

1. Why Americans began moving west after the civil war? What the US government did to encourage these settlers and what happened to the Indians as a result of this? Americans began to move to the West immediately after the American civil war, a practice that was supported by the government of the day though most of the native Indians in these areas were not for that idea. The term ‘West’ referred to the area in western America just between the1850 or the period between the American civil war and 1900. It was also used to refer to the geographical region, people and the cultural practices of the people living in the western region of the United States before the 20th century. The term was later given a broader meaning to refer to the area beyond the Appalachian Mountains and west part of river Mississippi. Initially some of these regions were occupied by native Indians who were hunters and herders (Hamilton 116). However, immediately after the American civil war, majority of the American began moving to the west. Some of the people moved to the west to witness good news from their relatives who had gone there earlier on about better Prairie lands, low land prices and large discounts for cash. However it should be noted that there are those who had nothing good about the West and to them the area was just a home for Indian herders and dangerous snakes. Generally the main reason why Americans moved to the West was economic prosperity. There are those who moved to Western America to look for farming lands and mineral deposits to ship to Europe and Far East. However, there is a small group called Mormons who went to the West to look for a region where they could practice their religious beliefs without fear and free from persecution (Yanak

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