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CUNY College of Staten Island Media Question

CUNY College of Staten Island Media Question.

I’m working on a english case study and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I already have my sources picked I attached them in the annotated bibilography attachment now I have to pick THREE PRIMARY and TWO SECONDARY SOURCES out of the sources i already had in the bibolgraphy tat helps support what my research is about. The research prospectus is basically what am going to be talking bout in the research daft and I also attached the research daft guidelines that is what my professor is looking for. And the last attachment is what she looks for when incorporating the sources.
CUNY College of Staten Island Media Question

Do you think forced ranking is a good performance management system? Why or why not.

Read “You Manage It! 1” in Managing Human Resources (2016, p. 228). After reading the case, complete the following items:Write a summary of the case,
Answer the critical thinking questions, and
Elaborate on two key learnings from the case related to performance management, appraisals, and the validity and reliable of various methods. Be sure to clearly state the two key learnings and defend them in well-organized, scholarly responses.
A key learning is defined as significant knowledge gained from reading the case. You may choose to explain your key learnings by offering a real-world application, personal insight, your thoughts and opinions about what was stated, how it is handled at your company, etc.Arrange your summary, questions, and key learnings in a well-organized, scholarly response of 2-3 pages. Include a title page and references page which are not included in the page count. Support your observations and opinions with citations from 2-3 credible sources documented according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to search for credible and scholarly sources.
Do you think forced ranking is a good performance management system? Why or why not

Rutgers New Brunswick University Display Visual Information Dashboard Project.

You will create a dashboard to display visual information to make quick assessments about a given dataset. Your employer, a bank tasks you with creating a dashboard to determine demographics, geographics, and other information pertaining to their customers. These visualizations will help get a quick sense of who their customers are to assist marketing strategies. Tell a story of who your customers are using what you have learned so far about design, charts, typography, Tableau etc. The dashboard must contain four visualizations. The four you pick are up to you, but you cannot have duplicates. Meaning, you cannot have two bar charts, but you can have one bar chart and one stacked bar chart. The type of information you choose to use from the dataset is completely up to you. Just make sure it adheres to the principles we have covered (e.g. pie charts should be a percentage and add to 100%, bar charts should have one categorical variable on the x-axis and the numerical counts on the y-axis). Labels should be properly identified. Numbers should be formatted correctly, and it should be obvious to the viewer what the values mean. Refer to the week 5 lecture on chart fundamentals for a refresher. Your final deliverable is 4 sheets and 1 dashboard in .twbx file format. —————————————————————————————————–Please refer to the information below and get started!10 interactive map and data visualization examples: tips and tricks from the dashboard experts: how-to videos: to create a story in Tableau:—————————————————————————————————–Important! This assignment utilizes the Objective/Subjective reasoning rubric. OBJECTIVE Completed assignment per requirements All portions of the assignment, including presentations, data preparation, and visualizations were attempted and submitted. This is a pass / fail component.All or no points are awarded. Data is appropriate and sufficient for the analysis The data set chosen or used by is appropriate, correct, and sufficient to support the thesis of the analysis. Headers, directions, citations, and visual cues are given as guides Clear direction is provided. Visual cues, tooltips, and citations are consistently and correctly employed to inform and guide. Basic visualization rules and best practices are consistently applied and demonstrated Chart types are suitable and best options for the analysis.All axes and text are treated appropriately. The application of color is correct and clearly conveys meaning. The visualization allows the user to conduct the intended analysis The visualization facilitates quick cognition and leading to a fact-based conclusion or assertion. SUBJECTIVE Viz is clean, clear, concise, captivating The visualization is clear, clean, concise, and captivating. Attractiveness and attention to design and details of craft Fonts choices are conscious and consistent, proper grammar and spelling is used, and choice of position, size, and emphasis integrate elements into a visually appealing and engaging whole. The visualization is usable and actionable The visualization is targeted to the audience, the story is evident, and the conclusion or action required is clearly apparent.No additional interpretation is needed. Quality, integrity, and impact of the findings and analysis The analysis shows a level of quality, integrity, and competency that makes the viz impactful, generating a high level of trust. Overall effectiveness of communication and presentation The visualization (or presentation) is delivered in a convincing way that demonstrates confidence, competency, and thoroughness. Submit a .twbx file.
Rutgers New Brunswick University Display Visual Information Dashboard Project

ACC 202 Saint Leo University Coca Cola Company Costs Behavior Analysis.

This discussion is designed to get you to see the behavior of costs in companies with which they are familiar. You should identify and describe the company. Then, identify three different costs that behave differently. You should identify at least one fixed cost, variable cost and mixed cost and be able to justify their selections.Think of a company with which you are familiar. Describe the company and their primary product(s)/service(s). Identify a fixed cost, a variable cost, and a mixed cost that company would incur and explain how you determined that those costs would fit those behavior patterns.provide references
ACC 202 Saint Leo University Coca Cola Company Costs Behavior Analysis

Bowie State University Ethic Solutions to Small Business Pandemic Issues Paper

Bowie State University Ethic Solutions to Small Business Pandemic Issues Paper.

it’s Group Ethics Research Paper about this topic Small Business based on Pandemic my part in the group is to write about the available solution so I need you to write 350 words about the available solution and here is the group work to take look at it and take idea about what you will writeIntroductionThe nation’s small businesses are confronted with a challenging economic disturbance due to the Pandemic Covid-19 outbreak. This pandemic has greatly affected small business owners which has caused the government to shut down the economy. The government needs to realize that by shutting down local small businesses it will make it difficult for them to survive compared to large businesses or corporations that are insured to cover emergency situations. A small business owner has a small cash reserve and will not be able to support the workers or provide for business operations. This has caused an Ethical Dilemma between the government and small businesses to keep up with integrity and trust within the economy. The stakeholders are also affected in this situation, in which they have invested into the business or even employees that work for the company. It has caused concern for stakeholders ethical dilemma issues such as making payments to them. Although, there are Ethical Dilemmas and stakeholders at risk for small business being shut down by the government. There are some available solutions that we could apply and will be described in detail later in this ethics paper. Some solutions we could consider would be to cut down business costs, grant cash to the needy, and support the workers that have been unemployed due to the temporary economic shut down. Recommendations or course of actions that could be applied by the government can be to consider small business before completely shutting down the economy. By Coming up with a plan that businesses can follow to be able to survive the shut down and have some kind of a date to follow up on so that they can prepare for a course of action. The Ethical DilemmaThe government has fallen into an ethical dilemma due to the current state of our world, where many small businesses in our nation are struggling to survive because of state-issued closures that were set in place to flatten the curve of the exponentially rising Covid-19 cases. The closure initially forced businesses to completely close and to combat this the government offered a loan that smaller businesses could apply for to be able to cover the losses. After some time the government lifted restrictions and businesses were able to operate at a limited rate allowing them to further reduce losses, however the governor of California has issued another state-wide closure causing businesses to close once again. This second closure has caused many small business owners to permanently close their doors because they are no longer able to eat the losses they are facing, unlike large corporations they simply can’t wait out the pandemic because for them these small businesses are their only source of income.Because of this the government is facing the dilemma of being able to find the true neutral ground that allows citizens to be able to make a living while also containing the spread of the virus. Favoring the business aspect would help corporations and small business owners stay afloat but there is no guarantee that they will be able to survive as the pandemic continues even with the government’s Paycheck Protection Program (P.P.P.). While favoring the pandemic aspect, completely closing all businesses other than essential business allows for a faster rate at which the nation can flatten the curve. Complete closure means society will be able to return to operating at their previous rate at a sooner time, however it is unlikely that many of the smaller businesses will make it through a longer period of complete closure. As the recorded cases count continues to rise it is crucial that the government creates a plan that allows both the small businesses to survive and help flatten the curve, or otherwise a plan that allows a complete closure and will protect small businesses from permanently closing.StakeholdersStakeholders’ model include not only investors, partners and employees, but also customers, the community, government, and other groups in society affected by business. is considered as essential service which includes food and agriculture service providers, transportation service, medical supply and service providers. There are two types of stakeholder in business sectors such as internal and external. Internal stakeholders such as employees who are willing to work to support the community during or pandemic or their job are not impacted by pandemic. It also includes owners who are willing to run their business to support the community as well as their employees or their business is not affected by pandemic. The main external stakeholders are those people who do not directly work with a company but are affected in some way by the actions and outcome. It can be considered customers, government , public media. The decision making by thesee factor will affect to the business such asbuyer decision during a pandemic will play an important role in the service of business.Government enacted new laws such as social distance, wearing face masks in public, lock down, and closing businesses due to pandemic. Public media propaganda about the pandemic is dangerous, updating covid-19 cases.Applied to the effects of Pandemic to small business, the important and core value stakeholders could come from the support from government such as The United States Small Business Administration. They are offering all states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses and non-profit organizations of any size suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).…
Bowie State University Ethic Solutions to Small Business Pandemic Issues Paper

UIC Personal Branding Becomes More Important than Ever Journal Entry

custom writing service UIC Personal Branding Becomes More Important than Ever Journal Entry.

1. Select three readings from “Career-Related Readings,” attached below, and in the first paragraph of your journal entry discuss one insight you have gained from each of the three readings. Then, in your second paragraph, explain how what you have learned from each article could influence the rhetorical impact of your resume or cover letter. For example, how will what you have learned influence the tone of your resume or cover letter, or how will what you have learned affect your choice of words or the content you will include in your resume and cover letter? Another way of thinking of the rhetorical impact you will have on your reader is to think of what you will need to say in order to make a favorable impression. What will you need to emphasize and how do you need to word your texts so that your reader will see you as an ideal candidate for an internship or employment?2. From the advertisement below, write a cover letter specifically for this job. A sample cover letter is attached, you can use it as a guidance. Ad: “Job Description
We are looking for a Dental assistant to join our team.
looking for someone who is willing to learn, friendly and outgoing with great patient communication skills. we have great relationships with our patients and need someone who can get personal and show a lot of care and passion to their work.
our office is PPO/ FFS only.
looking for long term hire, a person that can grow with the practice and become part of the family.
please send full resume for a personal interview then a possible working interview before the hire.
(Previous experience as Dental Assistant is a must)
Thank you.”The address for this job: 9750 Miramar Rd STE 260, San Diego, CA 92126
UIC Personal Branding Becomes More Important than Ever Journal Entry

SOC 450 Strayer University Week 4 Effects of Population Growth Research Paper

SOC 450 Strayer University Week 4 Effects of Population Growth Research Paper.

Analysis on the Effects of Population GrowthOverviewImagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations. You have been asked to write an analysis on how global population growth has caused the following problem and how it affects a developing country of your choosing:A growing global population that consumes natural resources is partially to blame for the release of greenhouse gases since human consumption patterns lead to deforestation, soil erosion, and farming (overturned dirt releases CO2). However, the critical issue is the burning of fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) such as coal oil and natural gas to produce energy that is used for things like electricity production, and vehicle, heating, and cooking fuels.InstructionsThe U.N. has asked that you choose a developing country from the World Bank Classifications for Developing Countries list.The U.N. has also given you the following guidelines.ContentThe U.N. has asked that your paper contain three sections. It has asked that each section be one page (or approximately 300 words) in length and answer specific questions, identified in the outline below. It also asks that you use examples from your developing country when answering the questions.IntroductionProvide an introduction of half a page minimum that addresses points points 1–5 below:Explain the problem the U.N. has asked you to address in your own words.Identify the three sections your paper will cover.Identify the developing country you will consider.Telly the U.N. which causes of greenhouse gases you will explore.Provide a one-sentence statement of your solutions at the end of your introduction paragraph.Section I. BackgroundWhat are greenhouse gases?How do greenhouse gases contribute to global warming?Section II. How Emissions Causes Problems for the Developing WorldWhich countries produce the most greenhouse gases?What are the economic challenges of these emissions (include examples from your chosen country)?What are the security challenges of these emissions (include examples from your chosen country)?What are the political challenges of these emissions (include examples from your chosen country)?Section III. Causes and Solutions of Greenhouse GasesName two causes of greenhouse gases.What are potential solutions to address each of the causes you identified?What is the relationship between population control and greenhouse gases?ConclusionProvide a conclusion of half a page minimum that includes a summary of your findings that the United Nations can use to inform future policy decisions.Success TipsIn answering each question, use examples from your developing country to illustrate your points.The U.N. needs facts and objective analysis on which to base future policy decisions. Avoid personal opinion and make sure your answers are based on information you find through research.Formatting RequirementsMake sure your paper consists of 4–6 pages (1,200 words minimum, not including the cover page, reference page, and quoted material if any).Create headings for each section of your paper as follows:Section I. Background.Section II. How Emissions Causes Problems for the Developing World.Section III. Causes and Solutions for Greenhouse Gases.Use and cite at least five credible sources in your research. A list of potential resources is available below.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Potential ResourcesOpinion: The Pernicious Climate Dictum—Don’t Mention Population.The Five Mass Extinctions That Have Swept Our Planet.Does Population Growth Impact Climate Change?A Very Grim Forecast.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:Evaluate the global impacts of, and potential controls for, population growth.Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills.By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign™ services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.
SOC 450 Strayer University Week 4 Effects of Population Growth Research Paper

SOWK Improve Health Conditions Through Physical Activities Discussion

SOWK Improve Health Conditions Through Physical Activities Discussion.

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to reflect on your experience with the single case design study and how you could see implementing in your own practice.InstructionsFor this discussion, respond to each of the following prompts:Reflect on your understanding of the importance of evaluation with clients as a social worker as a result of completing the Single Case Design assignment;Briefly discuss what went well – and not so well – as you carried out your Single Case Design;Thinking about your current or a former work context, give one specific example of how you could implement a single case design with a current or former client. Describe it in detail, identify any resistance or limitations you anticipate could arise and discuss the potential benefits of such an undertaking.Initial Post Prompt:Your original, substantive post should be 300-350 words, incorporating and citing content from the text.I WILL ATTACH MY SINGLE CASE DESIGN
SOWK Improve Health Conditions Through Physical Activities Discussion