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Culture is the sum of the values, rituals, symbols, beliefs, and thought processes that are learned, shared by a

Culture is the sum of the values, rituals, symbols, beliefs, and thought processes that are learned, shared by a group of people, and transmitted from generation to generation. Geert Hofstede referred to culture as “software of the mind” or a problem-solving tool that guides people’s thoughts and behavior.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

“Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster.”

Use Hofstede’s cultural dimensions (see link below) to explain your view.

I would like position to be somewhat against the statement given. I believe culture may be considered of a large source of conflict, but I don’t necessarily think culture is entirely a negative trait.

I also think that models like Hofstede’s dimensions should only be used for rough predictions of a culture. Models like this do not fully capture a culture as a whole and can easily lead to assumptions.

Book Review for “Disposable People” by Kevin Bales

Book Review for “Disposable People” by Kevin Bales.

Good book review will do the five things: i. Tell what the book is about. Do not give a summary of the story, but give the topic, geographic area, and timespan that the book covers. This should take only one mid-length paragraph. ii. Give the book’s key argument/point. iii. Discuss the book’s sources and methodology: what kind of evidence and methods the author uses to make his/her point. iv. Analyze if the argument hold water. Is the point well-made and supported with solid evidence and reasoning? If you were a juror, would you buy the author’s argument/point or not? Why or why not? v. Your take. What did you think about the book? Did it interest or entertain you? Was it well written and clearly organized? This is the only openly subjective part of your review. Write your work in fluent, beautiful essay form, not as a numbered list! A good book review should be roughly two to four pages long, double-spaced, with normal margins and size 12 font.

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Case Study “Ex-Employees Allegedly Steals Micron Trade Secrets Valued at Over $400 Million”.

Culture is the sum of the values, rituals, symbols, beliefs, and thought processes that are learned, shared by a A case study analysis is an examination of a situation or institution with view towards making recommendations. Cases are usually based on real situations, although for the sake of confidentiality the names of persons and institutions may be disguised.
Analysis Method
Many methods can be used to analyze case studies. The outline below, provides a step-by-step procedure that can be applied in many situations.
1. Read the case study attentively at-least two or three times. Become familiar with the key points of the situation without adopting a position on the case. Read as carefully and objectively as you can.
2. After becoming thoroughly familiar with the case, make notes regarding the main issues as you see them.
3. Consider the question(s)assigned by your instructor. Record all information perti-nent to these in the form of case notes.
4. Decide which principles, theories, or models(usually part of the assignment) best apply to the observed facts of the case to prepare your answers. Remember that your analysis is likely to be founded on a specific theory, and avoid solutions based mainly upon personal intuition.
5. Develop your solution in consideration of the principles, theories, or models that you have selected. The assigned questions may require you to consider alternative solutions. Remember the importance of showing not merely your judgement but the basis for it. Occasionally, case studies are assigned for analysis without specific questions. The student must then devise a framework that will enable the analytical and/or synthetic treatment of strategic issues. One general approach is as follows:
1. Follow steps one and two (above).
2. Identify the key problems and their root causes.
3. Develop solutions to the identified problems. Wherever possible, specify objective or quantitative criteria to assess the solutions (qualitative indicators of success may be too subjective).
4. Follow steps four and five above to identify and apply theoretical concepts. A list of alternative solutions should emerge from this stage.
5. The final selection of a solution from alternatives is based upon how well it meets the criteria you have established. In most cases you will select an optimal approach and provide a realistic assessment of your solution’s strengths and weaknesses.
6. Present the chosen solution(s) in detail.
7. Use an appropriate format for your case study analysis. Use suitable headings and subheadings. Do not forget the value of graphics; a chart or table can present in-formation more effectively than unsupported text.
Tricks and Traps
Most comprehensive case studies contain some information that is of marginal importance to the main issues—or at least, to the issues you are directed to examine. Remember to consider the implications of your theoretical framework(s): unacknowledged assumptions can limit your thinking and your critique of alternative solutions. When you begin to prepare your “recommendations” section, stop and review the assignment yet again; many case study analyses fail to address the issues identified by the instructor.
Sample Format
Abstract/Executive Summary: single paragraph summary including recommendations.
Problem Statement: Overview of key issues arising from case analysis
Case Analysis: Theory-driven analysis of case(s)identifying factors underlying key issues
Alternative Solutions: Pros and cons of possible solutions to problems
Recommendations: Detailed description of optimal solution with rationale
For Assignment 1 read the following case study and provide an analysis as laid out above. Your case study should be a minimum of 1500 words in length.
Ex-Employees Allegedly Steals Micron Trade Secrets Valued at Over $400 Million — November 2, 2018
Three individuals who worked for DRAM maker’s Taiwan subsidiary stole Micron IP to benefit a company controlled by the China’s Government.
Like many other businesses, semiconductor manufacturer Micron Technology employs a range of physical, electronic, and policy measures to protect its trade secrets. Yet all it took for the company to allegedly lose intellectual property worth at least $400 million to a Chinese competitor, was two employees with legitimate access to the data.
The indictment alleges that Stephen Chen, former president of a Micron subsidiary in Taiwan called Micron Memory Taiwan (MMT), conspired with two other former employees to steal proprietary data on Micron’s DRAM technology. The trio is then alleged to have used the stolen data to advance China’s development of its own DRAM technology.
Chen resigned from Micron in 2015 and began working as a senior vice president at United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC), a Taiwanese semiconductor foundry with a technology-sharing agreement with Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit, a Chinese government-owned semiconductor plant.
In that role, Chen is alleged to have hired two former MMT process managers to UMC. Both of the engineers allegedly stole confidential and proprietary data before and after quitting the Micron subsidiary and used it to advance UMC and, in turn, Finjan Jinhua’s own DRAM development work.
Before leaving MMT, one of the indicted individuals, based in Taiwan at the time, allegedly downloaded over 900 confidential and proprietary files belonging to Micron from the company’s US servers. The engineer stored the downloaded files on external USB drives and in a personal Google Drive account that he later accessed while working for UMC.
A lot of the stolen trade secrets were contained in PDF documents and multi-tabbed Excel spreadsheets. Several of the PDF documents contained hundreds of pages — the biggest one had 360 pages.

Chanching color. Will Texas Become A Blue State?

Chanching color. Will Texas Become A Blue State?.

Chanching color. Will Texas Become A Blue State? Please read DESCRIPTION

DISCUSSION***** Submit a discussion in essay format describing the factors that could result in Texas transforming from a Republican Party dominate state, to a Democratic one. Further, be sure to discuss the implications at the state and national level if it were to make this transformation.

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Who Is a Feminist?

Who Is a Feminist?.

Paper details

THEME: Still getting our feet wet with the psychologies of gender. . Reading: Liss, M., Richmond, K/, & Erchull, M.J. (2019). The psychology of women and gender. 1st edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company. *You are reading pages 38-57

ASSIGNMENT: Who Is a Feminist?

In the chapter, the authors identify several psychological benefits and advantages associated with identifying as a feminist, including: Better psychological well-being, Less body shame, Increased sexual satisfaction, Greater sense of independence and purpose, High self-esteem, self-efficacy, and academic achievement. In a chapter reflection, I’d like you to generate some ideas about why identifying with feminism is associated with these benefits. Your reflection must respond to the following: What the heck is feminism (to you)? What makes a person a feminist? What is your opinion of the term(s)? What is your relationship to it? In other terms, why do you consider yourself a feminist or not? What are the reasons you might embrace or reject the label? What did you learn about feminists or feminism growing up? Who in your life has shaped your thinking of yourself as a feminist or not? (for example, my grandmother, a university janitor for 30 years, who didn’t have a high school diploma and my mama, a laundromat attendant, are THE feminist scholars I turn to more than anyone else and I personally know A LOT of famous gender scholars). In the YouTube clip AND the NY Magazine article, Cardi-B provides an interesting critique of the term (feminist). What exactly is Cardi saying? Why does feminism have her F*cked Up? What it is about feminist identified-individuals—that leads to these observed outcomes above?

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Theory of Plate Tectonics.

Theory of Plate Tectonics..

 Answer the following questions: Only for question number 1 allocate more indepth explenation. Allocate 3 paragraphs like an essay question. For 2-7 just answer the question with not going indepht. 1) Briefly, but completely, describe the Theory of Plate Tectonics. (40 points) 2) Name three types of primary coasts and give an example of each (10 points) 3) Name three secondary coasts, give an example of each, and explain how they were modified. You might want to include latitude, biological and geologic forces. (10 points) 4) Name two different events that can occur when two different plates collide( ie. plates of equal and plates of unequal densities), give an example of each and a location where each has occurred. (10 points) 5) Define weathering and erosion. Name three agents of each. (10 points) 6) Explain how longshore drift modifies a beach? Be specific.Include the swash and the backwash. (10 points) 7) Compare and contrast the topographic features found in a divergent ocean basin with those found in the convergent ocean basin. (10 points)

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REFLECTION: Electrical Systems.

REFLECTION: Electrical Systems..

 Electricity surrounds us and we use it everyday. It serves critical functions to enhance our everyday lives and to support us in emergencies. Demonstrate that you understand how electricity flows through a building. • The switch or outlet on the wall is the tip of the iceberg. Visualize the pathways that are provided for electrical wiring. • Understand what parts of the electrical system are connected together and how circuits are distributed in a space.

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Youth at risk paper- APA Style

Youth at risk paper- APA Style.

Youth At Risk Paper Assignment Icon Youth At Risk Paper For this paper you must find a youth serving agency/program that you can visit, tour and interview a member of the staff. Do not wait until the last second to do this paper. Some possible agencies/programs include: youth shelters like Covenant House, the Boys and Girls Club, LGBT programs, foster care, juvenile court programs, substance abuse programs, employment programs, etc. The purpose of this visit is to expose the student to an interesting program that deals with youth at risk. This visit must be in person. You cannot complete this assignment with information off of the Internet or a telephone call. Before making the visit, research the agency and population to inform yourself and help you decide on appropriate questions to ask. Then find FOUR articles or sources of information (website) that relate to the services for this population. You will use this information in your paper to support what you learn about the agency and population. You may also decide to search for information after you visit the agency once you know more about it. Include all sources of information AND the website for the agency in your reference page of the paper. Using the outline below, write a 6 to 8-page paper summarizing your experience in essay format. Do not use a Question and Answer format. Take at least 3 pictures during your agency visit and include it at the end of the paper. Do not take pictures of clients. The pictures can be abstract but must identify some interesting aspect of the agency. This picture will be used for your discussion board for week 7 and in the paper. Tips for interviewing: Be prepared. Make a list of questions to begin the interview. Of course, you can expand and add on during the interview. Make sure questions are mostly open-ended (not to be answered with a yes or no). This helps expand on information and improve the conversation. Ask about the services of the agency only briefly. Ask more about the clientele, their presenting problems, how they do outreach, how they receive funding, etc. These are just examples to give you an idea of what to ask. Ask the worker about his/her feelings about the work and the population. Ask about the best and hardest parts of the job. OUTLINE Population at Risk What is the name of the agency and the location? Make sure to provide a link in the references. Describe the population served by the agency. What are the demographics in terms of age, race, sexual orientation, criminal history, socioeconomic status, religion -if relevant, health issues, etc.? What are the specific needs, issues and vulnerabilities of this population? Using information from at least FOUR sources (agency website, research articles, newspapers), write 2-3 paragraphs providing statistics and more detailed information about the population in general (not just who the agency serves) and the challenges. Agency Overview In your own words, briefly state what is the history and mission of the agency? What are the main services provided? Describe the look and feel of the agency? What is the building/facility like? If you saw or interacted with clients in any way, describe that. What other observations did you make about the agency? Attach 3-5 pictures of the agency. DO NOT TAKE PICTURES OF CLIENTS or STAFF. Just the building or some interesting sign or anything of interest. Worker Interview What is the full name and title of the worker you interviewed? How long has he/she been with the agency? Describe your interview and the information you learned. DO NOT WRITE IN A Q&A FORMAT. Write this up in paragraphs-essay style. See tips below for how to prepare for the interview. What other observations did you have about the worker? Analysis What are three important takeaways you learned from visiting the agency and meeting with a worker? What was the most surprising aspect of the work or population you wrote about? What were your thoughts and feelings visiting the agency? Connect the agency to information you learned in the text. Does it line up with what you read or is it different? Explain how so. How has this assignment impacted you? Provide one way you can use this information in your personal or professional life.

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Discuss the role the Police played in lynching/Jim Crow Laws in the US

Discuss the role the Police played in lynching/Jim Crow Laws in the US.

The term paper should be at least 5 pages long, and should include the following sections:

Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Discussion and Conclusion. Your paper must be typewritten, using 1.5 line spacing, and must be properly referenced using the APA referencing style. Ensure that your work conforms to proper use of grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Your paper should read like a very well written journal article. I encourage you to discuss the research project with each other. You must however, submit a work that is truly yours. In other words, while two or more people can write on the same topic, the paper you submit must reflect individual enterprise, that is, you are not allowed to collaborate on the actual writing of the assignment. The following are suggested outlines for your term paper: a. Introduction (Problem statement)

b. Literature Review (Review of extant literature on the subject). c. Research Design (Methods applied to obtain materials for the study) d. Research Findings e. Discussion of Research Findings f. Implications of Study/Research Findings for policy/solving of real life problem. The following are good sources for data for your term paper: (The University Library will be your best place to start your inquiry. Do not also forget that I remain your other source for guidance, and I am available to assist you when you call on me. To complete a good research paper, you must give yourself time. Start now to put your materials and thoughts together. It is not possible to write a good research paper within 24 hours). a. Refereed Academic/ Professional Journals b. Books published by Academic Presses c. Magazines or Newspapers that are highly regarded d. The Mainstream Popular Press e. Internet sources (etc).

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