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cultural relativism

For each of the two (or more) ways your lens has changed do the following three things:1. Name at least one specific event or chain of events that opened your eyes to diversity and explain exactly what you learned for the first time about a different culture or subculture, for example concerning someone else’s religion, family life, work practices, philosophy or any other aspect of their way of being human.2.  Discuss what you learned about how those in another culture or subculture see the world.  This amounts to not just understanding that they have a practice that is different from what you are familiar with  (for example, a religious ritual or a way of dressing), but your perceiving some of the values, perspectives, beliefs, or philosophy that underlie that practice.  3.  For each instance of “changing your lens” that you describe, be sure to explain what your preconceptions or first impressions were of this practice, belief, or other aspect of culture and what your attitude toward it was after you became familiar with it, perhaps over a period of time.

Compare and contrast a classical fairy tale to its film version

Compare and contrast a classical fairy tale to its film version.

English Literature

Compare and contrast a classical fairy tale to its film version.

This assignment has to be an contrast essay, between a book story and same story in a video. to find the differences.

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Research Paper on mobile device attacks

cultural relativism Research Paper on mobile device attacks.

Research and prepare a report on your selected (selection made in Week 2) current trend in the area of IT Security. Prepare a 4-6 page paper in Microsoft Word using approved APA format. (1,000 word minimum) The minimum page count cannot not include your Title page and Reference list. Include a Title page,

Reference list,

introduction and concluding statement. Include a detailed description of the topic. Include information on technologies involved in your selected area of research. Include information on future trends indicated in your selected area of research. References (minimum 5 peer reviewed sources) 1″ Margins (top/bottom/sides). Times New Roman or Arial font, in size 12. Correct spelling and grammar. APA formatting: Title page, in paragraph citations, and the Reference list.

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Case analysis of John Johnson

Case analysis of John Johnson.

 For this assignment, you are required to conduct an analysis of John Johnson case (pp. 116-117 in the print version, end of chapter 5 in both print and electronic version) from the Self-Leadership: The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence textbook using the questions at the end of the case as a starting point for developing the case analysis.

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Designing the framework that can critically examine a contemporary transport plan

Designing the framework that can critically examine a contemporary transport plan.

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When undertaking your review, you may consider the following issues:

What does it identify as the main problems in the transport provision?

What change is the document aiming to achieve?

What social, environmental and economic issues do you think the transport plan should respond to?

Provide evidence to support why you think this?

What are the proposed solutions and do they meet the criteria set out in your proposed framework?

Do you think the document is designed to bring about change?

Do you find the document convincing?

What are the major gaps and flaws in the documents?

There is no particular structure required for this assignment.

Your submission will be assessed according to the following five criteria:

Quality of the evaluation framework grounded in the theory/literature;

Transport planning review

Critical evaluation of the transport planning documents; understandings of current planning approaches; quality of evidence/data

Quality of the Paragraph Structure/Expressions

Clear and precise written presentation and visual expressions.

Referencing and Acknowledgement of Sources

Proper and completed format in both bibliography and main body

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Public Service announcement/Fetal alcohol syndrome

Public Service announcement/Fetal alcohol syndrome.

Description Assignment: Prepare a Public Service Announcement on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Instructions For this task, you will use your critical thinking skills to prepare a script for a public service announcement that creates an awareness of the risk for FAS for pregnant women. Define and illustrate Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Provide current statistics on this syndrome. Mention how much alcohol intake (if any) is considered safe during pregnancy. Provide a phone number, website, or agency that can provide assistance or additional information. The PSA will be 30 seconds, so you will need to read and time the script to make sure it will fit within this time frame. Length: The script should be long enough to cover a 30-second radio spot. Resources: Support the information in your handout with at least 3 scholarly references. Your PSA should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Note: You are not required to record the PSA; however, you are encouraged to do so as a test for the length of the PSA. The script is all that is required for this assignment.

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