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Cultural Awareness Prompt

Working in a school such as this, what are some challengesand opportunities that you anticipate? What qualities do you possess and/or what past experiences haveprepared you to be successful in this environment?

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems.

The following is the research project for ISM 200: Management Information Systems. This is an individual project and covers key material discussed in this course. This project has four components, due in Units 2, 4, 5, 6. Each is explained below. Through this research project, you will: 1) Research information systems used by specific business/industry for strategic or operational purposes 2) Construct a model of the information systems, assessing the business value gained, the necessary components, and the methods for connecting the business to consumers or other businesses. 3) Identify potential risks associated with implementation of this system, both in terms of technical concerns as well as business concerns. Assignment Overview In this course, you will examine the benefits of implementing information systems to support business strategic and operational initiatives. You will gain an understanding of core foundations of information systems: software, hardware, networks, databases, and the personnel required to ensure successful implementation of these systems. You will also gain an understanding of the inherent risks associated with implementing information systems for both businesses and consumers. For this project, you will conduct research to identify a software solution for a specific industry. You may begin with the industry, such as healthcare, and then identify the system, or you may begin with a type of solution, such as a Supply Chain Management System, and then identify the type of business in which it is used. The solution you select must support more than one function within an organization. For example, it would be acceptable to identify a Human Resource Enterprise solution, focusing on the numerous modules for which this can comprise. Individual solutions, such as payroll solution, are too narrow of the purpose of this project. You should use all resources available to you as you begin this search. You should choose an industry in which you have some personal experience with the business, such as healthcare, retail markets such as groceries. Once you have identified the solution and industry, conduct research about why a business would implement this type of solution. You are expected to identify three (3) to five (5) strategies that this solution would support within that industry. These should be strategies and not tactical actions. Here are examples of each from the healthcare industry. An example of a strategy would be to “Create a seamless integration between all healthcare providers and the patient to ensure patient information is available at the right time, the right place, and for the right purpose.” An example of a tactical plan would be to “automate the medical record.” A strategy brings focus to the initiative; a tactical plan is one component that enables the initiative. Unit 4 Research Project Core Components Identify the key information system components required to support this product, specifically identifying any detailed hardware requirements (servers, storage, mobile or stationary devices, etc.), software requirements (operating software and other third party software), database requirements, and key network requirements (internal and external) that will ensure the system can be used by the intended audience. Identify the detailed hardware and network specifications in an Excel spreadsheet. Do NOT submit the actual detailed specifications published by the company. In addition, identify the type of human resources required to support the implementation of this system and the amount of implementation labor required. You should make an effort to quantify all costs associated with all components and implementation. Write a brief paper describing the individual components, implementation requirements, and expected capital and operating expenses to be incurred. Some vendor sites will provide the above information at a high level. You should also research sites providing testimonials by businesses that have purchased the product; sites where products are contrasted in functionality and price; and any other site that enables the student to access the requested information. Be sure to cite relevant course materials and at least two relevant scholarly or professional journal articles written in the last 5 years to support the content of this paper.

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Gender in the Music/Film/TV Industry

Cultural Awareness Prompt Gender in the Music/Film/TV Industry.

This is an essay assignment. You are to format this paper in APA-style and include at least 5 scholarly references – cited throughout the text (in APA-style in-text citations) and at the end of the paper in the form of an APA-formatted reference section. This paper should be at least 1500 words long. Here are the steps in the process of writing this paper. It is my hope that you find this paper interesting and apply it to music/movies/shows you’ve been affected by in one way or another. Step 1: Choose one (1) research finding or theory that we have covered in Weeks 1-3. Understand it well. You can use the class readings as your base of operations, but expand your understanding to include other scholarly resources as well (remember, you will need 5 sources by the end of this assignment). Define and discuss this concept in an introduction paragraph(s). Step 2: Select either 5 songs or 5 movie/tv clips or a combination of them (some songs, some clips – for a total of 5) that provide evidence for the topic you chose in Step 2. You can choose 5 songs or video clips (or a combo) that support the idea you discussed in Step 1, or you can mix it up and choose some that support it and some that show a changing or challenging attitude, perhaps. Just as long as the song or video clip bears on the topic you chose in some way that allows you to make an interesting point or observation. Step 3: Explain how each of the 5 songs and/or clips exemplifies or challenges the topic or theory you chose in Step 1 in about two paragraphs (each). Supply the reader with a link (Youtube, for instance) to the song or clip and then pull out elements of it (particular lyrics or specific bits of dialogue) in your writing to make your point. See if any academics out there have discussed this particular clip/song and what they’ve had to say about it. If you can’t find one, that’s okay. Just try as it will add support to your argument if you do. If you can’t find supporting resources, make sure you make your point clearly and with good example. This will form the body of your paper, which can be organized under subject headings (see below for example). Show your critical thinking ability  – show that you understand the topic you chose in Step 1 by thoughtfully analyzing each song/clip. Step 4: Write a thoughtful conclusion. What does all of this mean? How is media trending these days as it bears on the topic you chose? What changes still need to be made or what will/won’t happen if things don’t change/do change? Close your paper thoughtfully and with an eye toward what you would like to see in music and film/tv in the future. Here is a helpful way to organize/outline your paper. Introduction: Identify and define the topic/theory/idea from Weeks 1-3 you will be exploring. Support the existence or evidence of this topic/theory/idea with research evidence (your class readings are a place to start but branch out from there). Remember to include in-text citations for the sources you use. This does not mean you have to direct quote everything. You can summarize points you learn from your reading and cite that information (vs. the quote) with an in-text citation. This should be about 1-2 paragraphs. Maybe more. Body: Introduce what you are going to do in a short paragraph. “In this essay, Demonstrate how prevalent/pervasive this issue is….” <–you can borrow this but try to come up with your own. The body is broken down into 5 subject headings, which can be bolded and stand out (look up how to do subject headings in APA format) as a way of visually organizing your paper for both you and the reader. You wouldn’t call them this – you’d actually give the name of the song or show/movie, but just generically, your subject headings will be: Song/Movie/TV Show #1 Song/Movie/TV Show #2 Song/Movie/TV Show #3 Song/Movie/TV Show #4 Song/Movie/TV Show #5 Under each subject heading provide the reader with a link so they can hear/watch the song/clip (these do not count as your 5 references, by the way). And then begin your 2(ish) paragraph argument/discussion of how this clip exemplifies or challenges the topic you described in your introduction. See Step 3 above for more information. Conclusion: This is the last paragraph or two of your paper. See step 4 for more information. References: Reference all of your sources in APA Format

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