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crm assignment

crm assignment. I need an explanation for this Sociology question to help me study.

Assignment: In this assignment you will learn skills needed to discern good news from bad and become a more critical consumer of news and information by analyzing how academic research is presented in the media.
The process of learning these skills is just as an important as “the right answer.” Hence, the critical reflection in prompt #10, carries as much weight as your conclusion in prompt #9.
To complete this assignment:
Step 1. Read these instructions and watch instructional video. Carefully follow the Helpful Hints below.

Step 2. Search the web for a news story in the popular media within the last 12 months that discusses a particular research study of interest to you. You are going to determine how well the media story covers the research it purports to discuss. Be sure that your media story is covering actual research. (Please do not get articles from sources like “Science Daily.”
Also be sure that you can find the corresponding original research.
Step 3. After you have read the news article, access the original, scholarly research referenced in the media story.

Step 4. Download the Module Written Project Submission template. Keep the prompts and keep my bold font. Type in your answers using regular font. Do not include my helpful hints from the instructions.


Format your submission as 1.5 space, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, one-inch margins on all sides.
Citations are in APA format.
Submit through the “Written Project” link on Canvas only. I do not accept emailed submissions.
Submit as Microsoft Word document or .pdf only.
Submit your completed assignment by 11:59 pm the day the Written Project assignment is due. Your Written Project is late and not accepted after that date and time. Submit your completed Written Project any time before the specified due date/time. I do not accept late submissions.

Recent headline (within the last 12 months)
Correct use of APA format
Working hyperlinks to both the media and scholarly publications
Media and research articles are summarized correctly pointing to methodology and findings

Spelling. I refuse submissions with two or more spelling errors or word confusion (for example, “their,” “they’re” and

Module 1 Written Project
Research the Headlines
Helpful Hints

1. Headline (5 points)What is the headline?1. Type as a hyperlink exactly as written with capitalization, bold font etc.Including capitalization and bolding are important because they emphasize the word. You will provide a brief analysis of this point in your Critical Reflection in #10 below.2. Cite using correct APA format. Review APA formatting. You can use resources such as Owl Purdue (Links to an external site.) for APA format information. You can use resources such as Owl Purdue (Links to an external site.) or the UNCW Library website for Citations and Bibliography Help (Links to an external site.) for APA format information. The UNCW Library website also contains online citation management tools for APA format such as Citation Builder (Links to an external site.) and KnightCite (Links to an external site.).

2. Identify and Describe Media Source (10 points)1. What was the source.2. Research the publication. Is this publication liberal or conservative? Is the publication geared toward young people, senior citizens? Describe any political affiliations etc.

3. Beyond the Headline (10 points)1. What if you did not read beyond the headline, what would you conclude?2. Now read beyond the headline, does the article agree with the headline? How well does the headline reflect the story? Compare headline to the contents of the media story.

4. Link to the original research was Provided (5 points)When reporting on research in the media, it is good practice to tell the reader (i) where the study was published, and (ii) who carried it out, preferably with direct links to both pieces of information (Forgan, 2014).1. Does the media article provide a link to the original work is published and the original research?2. Why do you think it important to provide the link to the original research?

5. Access the Original Research (10 points)1. Type in the title of the original scholarly book/article using correct APA format. Review APA formatting. You can use resources such as Owl Purdue (Links to an external site.) for APA format information or other sites such as Citation Builder (Links to an external site.)2. Is the original research article published in a professional, peer-reviewed publication? How do you know?

6. Identify the Central Research Question from the Original Research (10 points)1. Identify the central research question.2. Provide quote from article that identifies the central question(s) of the research.

7. Results of Original Research (10 points)1. Identify the results from the research.2. Provide quote from article that supports your determination.

8. What did the researchers conclude? (10 points)1. Identify the conclusions from the research.2. Provide quote from article that supports your determination.

9. Determine if the Headline reflects the Conclusion of the Researchers (15 points)1. Compare what is written in the media article with what is written in the original research. Was the headline accurate?2. Would you change the headline? Explain. Does the headline imply causality when only correlation was concluded?

10. Critical Reflection (15 points)1. Explain how you chose the headline. Did you do a search on your area of interest or did you search for a generic story on science? Explain.2. How you found the scientific article? What database did you search?3. What is the purpose of a headline? Is the purpose of a headline to reflect the research accurately or to motivate someone to open the article? What role do advertisements that sponsor the media platform play?4. Did your headline emphasize any word(s) with bold or capitalization? This is important because emphasizing certain words shapes our cognitive orientation before we even read the story. Were any words capitalized for emphasis, if so which? Why do you think that is? Does this emphasis create a stigma or create a stereotype? For example, are the words “Mentally Ill” capitalized in a story about excessive video game playing?5. Additional thoughts?

crm assignment

NSG 486 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Discussion.

Review the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators. This is a two part assignment.Select one leading health indicator, and research a state-level health prevention program aimed at achieving it.Locate your state’s vital statistics, census data, or other available state-level public health statistics to compare the outcomes of the selected leading health indicator.Evaluate the state-level program’s effectiveness in meeting the leading health indicator’s objectives based on your statistical findings.Determine if there is evidence in your community of alignment to the Healthy People 2020 goals for the selected topic through local programs and funding.Explain the evidence by providing links, a description, and summary of the program(s).Format your assignment as one of the following:18- to 20-slide presentation3- to 4-minute podcast875-word paperLegal-sized infographicSubmit your assignment. Must be in APA format with at least 3 scholarly resources in the past 5 years.Develop a graphical representation showing the indicators of morbidity and mortality for the leading health indicator you selected for this week’s Public Health Program Planning assignment.List a minimum of five indicators, and provide a rationale for each.Cite any gaps in programs to address the indicators.Format your assignment as one of the following:Concept/mind mapMatrixChartSubmit your assignment.
NSG 486 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Discussion

Abstract Pressure on matters concerning child negligence and abuse causes great changes on subject pertaining childcare. Globally, there is great legal protection for unsympathetic cruelty by caregivers such as lack of proper provision of basic needs. Today, administrative support against child abuse and negligence is highly supported. On the other hand, the issue continues to be of great controversy especially the obvious link towards outcome during adulthood. The problems associated with child abuse concerns its continual illegal and silent practice in addition to the effects caused on or by victims especially much later in their subsistence. Introduction Child abuse refers to behaviour originating from exerted force thus causing an imbalance of power. Good examples of the disparity include the adult-child relationships, older and younger siblings’ interactions and the adolescent to child involvement (Crosson, 2007). Abuse causes unwilling participation in various activities unwillingly such as sexually related behaviours. Usually the child is unaware of the abuse due to the naïve state of mind or innocence. In most instances, the child is not in a position to understand the state of affairs. This paper is an analysis of the effect of physical child abuse on an adult victim as well as its implication to future societal growth. The research also presents an analysis of dominant arguments and theories for the act at certain circumstances in relation to lifestyle. Types of Abuse According to Dube et al., (2001) “Child abuse and neglect consists of any act of commission or omission that results in harm, is potential for harm, or a threat of harm to a child, even if harm was unintentional.” There are various types of child abuse classified under emotional, physical, sexual and child neglect. In line with Dube et al (2001), abused children generally suffer from lack of care, love and safety. Physical abuse such as beating mainly causes body harm and often leads to emotional or psychological effects such as low self esteem or introversion (Dube et al, 2001). Physical child abuse Physical abuse involves actions that cause bodily injuries on the child. These external injuries are either intentional or unintentional but with an aim of taming certain behaviour or discipline the child through physical attacks or punishments. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Types of physical abuse The most common type of physical abuse experienced by victims is corporal punishment, slapping and pinching. Physically abusive guardians justify their actions by insisting on the need to teach and emphasize discipline. They call for attention to parenting by the “spare the rod, spoil the child’ rule, but end up physically abusing instead of correcting behaviours. The main aim of disciplining is to teach the right from wrong and not instil fear and other severe emotional effects through dictatorship. One of the major elements evident in physically abused children especially as adults is unpredictability. According to Bromfield (2010), unlike the physical form of disciplining, the child is not aware of what is inappropriate according to parental guidance. Such victims live in anxiety over possibility of committing a wrong act. They are worried of engaging in a behaviour that may trigger an offence. Secondly, abuse causes a child to agonize in anger. The intensity of abuse depends on the parent’s anger. Lastly, the abuser focuses on the need to instil behaviours through fear. The severe punishments in the aim of instilling discipline are thus physical abuse. As a result, the child learns ways of avoiding the parental abuse other than acquire good behaviours and mature as a disciplined individual through understanding. Signs of Physical Abuse There are some obvious physical signs of childhood molestation or abuse such as walking, sitting and playing difficulties due to incurred injuries. In severe cases, these injuries may cause disabilities. The abused victim gives the impression of strain during such common activities. Constant pains and physical irritation are also common long-term physical effects. Different bruises and scars marks on the victim’s body depending on the types of subjected abuse. Effects of Physical Abuse Adult victims of child abuse more prone to chronic pain and other physical health-related illness compared to the general population. Abused adult survivors of have chronic medical problems such as blood pressure, liver and heart related illnesses. In line with research carried out by Miller and Perrin (2007), abuse and neglect has major impact on the immune system thus causing higher propensity of engaging risky behaviours, during later life spans such as drugs abuse or unprotected sexual engagements. Chronic pain disorders are also present in adulthood. Physical abuse causes violent or criminal responses. The mistreatment and neglect makes a child to form cohesive dissociate from the family and high possibility of engaging physical abuse latter in life. “Children learn various activities and they might interpret physical abuse or domestic violence as appropriate methods of resolving conflicts and responding to stressful situations (Miller and Perrin, 2007).” We will write a custom Research Paper on Physical Child Abuse specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This causes them to acquire and involve in criminal activities during their adulthood. In other extreme instances, abuse causes disabilities. Abuse Intervention There are various measures of intervening to prevent maltreatment and neglect such as social support therapies or counselling sessions for those suffering from neurologically or psychologically. These cares are more efficient methods of promoting resilience especially when early abuse cases detection and mediation occurs. Conclusion Most behaviour-related problems are associable with victims of child. There are various future behavioural consequences associable with abuse such as delinquency, poor academic achievements, early pregnancy, ‘don’t-care’ attitudes, drug abuse, mental related health disorders and childhood mortality. Physical abuse also lowers the social-economic status and thus high chances of neglect or abuse due to frustrations. There are very high possibilities that abusive parent were victims of childhood neglect or abuse. Those who face abuse or neglect during childhood are likely to eventually victimize others or subject their own children to similar circumstances. This is like a system life cycle among victims. References Bromfield L. (February, 2010). Cumulative harm: the effects of chronic child maltreatment. Presentation to the Tasmanian Magistrates Conference, Hobart. Print. Crosson, C. (2007). Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. (7th Edition). Allyn

Impact of Ash Cloud on British Airways

INTRODUCTION Purpose: The purpose of this project was to analyse a current issue that has affected the current hospitality industry drastically. In the recent scenario, natural disaster has been seen to put a major impact on major hospitality industry .The main purpose of the task was to choose a situation of unavoidable circumstances, which could be either terrorism or natural calamity, that organisations have faced recently, and provide a solution of the situation recently faced. Scope: While investigating the current scenario, it was important to focus on the operation and functions of the company and how these operations got affected due these particular circumstances Method: The method used in this task, was through information gathered, mainly from the secondary sources such as business magazines and articles and some old news papers. Secondary sources came out to be very helpful in gathering the customer reviews and staff reviews who were affected by these circumstances Limitation: As every project work has some limitation. As an author, it would be imperative to mention the limitation of this task .The main limitation of the task was relying only on the secondary sources of the information as primary sources were meant to be more confidential by the company. I would consider this as a limitation as it is a belief that secondary sources always have some differences with the primary one. LITERATURE REVIEW By Peter Apps LONDON | Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:58pm EDT European fuel cost of jet marked degree of difference to ICE-traded gas oil contract went down to $ 0.50 on Thursday and $ 48 a metric ton on Friday. But forecasters said the enduring price effect would be least once flights recommence; most of the airline purchase is done through long-standing contracts. European gas, oil, gas electricity production is unexpected to be affected. Some PLANES FROM THE OIL RIGS COMMENCED ,BUT THE SOURCES SAID THAT THE IMPACT OF SOLAR POWER WOULD BE MORE RATHER THAN THE CLOUDS THAT ARE PASSING BY.ACCORDING SOURCES OF THE WIND INDUSTRY SAID THAT COLD DUST WOULD NOT CREATE PROBLEM FOR THE WIND TURBINES · IMPACT ON HELTH World Health Organization warned the ash could create problems for them, who have breathing difficulties, though it did not still had assessed this sort of specific eruption. A respiratory disease Scottish expert said to Reuters that the less poisonous DUST THOSE WER DRIFTING AROUND UK WAS LESS LIKELY TO DO ANY BIG HARM BECAUSE TO HARM PEOPLE ,THE QUANTITY SHOULD BE EXTRA AGRICULTURAL AND CLIMATE IMPACT Scientists SAID THAT THIS ERUPTION DID NOT SEEM TO HAVE CREATED ANY MASSIVE DUST THAT WOULD IMPACT PEOPLE OR FARMING,BUT THEY WER BIT CONCERNED THAT A BIGGER ERUPTION FROM KATLA VOLCANOE WOULD BE DIFFERENT THING ALTOGETHER By Andrew Torchia) By Andrew Torchia) Near about 17,000 planes were LIKELY to be STOPPED FROM FLYING on Friday, with airdromes clogged across much of subcontinent. Shares in airlines fell between 2 to 4 percent. Ryanair said it may cancel planes to and from north European countries till GMT 1200 on Monday. The interruption is costing air industry in excess of $200 million a day, (Fraport AG), that operates Germany’s major airport in Frankfurt, states its primary estimate was for the dust ash to incur it between 2.5 to 3 million Euros a day. Iceland’s position means the flare-up could prompt broader disturbances to international aeroplanes. “Iceland falls in the right on one of the crucial routes between USA and the Europe and as per meteorological circumstances it might also affect aeroplanes from Europe to Asia, that’s why there are 2 big global flows which might be affected by this,” as said by John Strickland, who is director of consultancy of air transport( JLS Consulting). “There could be still disturbances to other planes or might have to go for more indirect routes, which increases costs and maybe even require flights to land as it would not be possible to go through direct route.” ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORT’S Eurostar, that runs from London to other European continent, said railways were running at full capacity and it may lay extra trains if required. A taxi company of London Addison Lee said it took requests for travels to European cities Milan, Paris, Salzburg, Zurich and in Austria. IMPACT ON AIR CARGO Landed CARGO PLANES HAD TO STOP DELIVERY of stuffs such as microchips, vegetation and mails. Europe’s major express delivery dfirm “Deutsche” said it had to switch to roadways wherever it was possible. Clicking to sea cargoes would be an alternative for longer deliveries, though not for less life items such as flowers, but ship forecasters said it would probably take more days before companies started booking again by marine. Pharmaceutical equipment in particular is frequently transported by airway, but specialist forecasters said there were plenty stocks, therefore there should be no bigger shortages for that time. ENERGY JBC Energy’s replica for Europe jet fuel utilization puts daily expenditure at 1.17 million barrels in a day, so presuming an approximate 80 percent of Europe’s aerodromes were close for 48 hours, the interruption would have cut 1.87 mn barrels in demand “Some demands may just vanish and those who have to fly will ultimately fly, but there will certainly be some planes that just don’t take place,” as said by JBC Energy fuel forecaster David Wech. european oil prices of jet went dowm from $48 to $50.50 on thursday ,but the analyst told that future impact would only be less and as soon as the fligths will resume ,it will do fast recovery. ACCORDING TO THE SOURCES FULES AND GAS PRICES WERE LESS LIKELY TO SUFFER.ALSO THE SOURCES SAID THAT SMALL HELICOPTERS COMING AND GOING FROM THE OIL RIGS ALSO COMMENCED IMPACT ON INSURANCE Airlines are believed to have less recourse to insurance companies. Most of the airlines are nor insured next to cancellations nor commerce trouble at aerodromes. Munich Re said it might offer cessation insurance to air companies if essential. “Till now there hasn’t been any demand in market, as said by a spokeswoman.”Perhaps that will change at this time.”

POLS 302 American River College Venezuela Political Crisis Persuasive Essay

custom essay POLS 302 American River College Venezuela Political Crisis Persuasive Essay.

I’m working on a political science project and need an explanation to help me study.

I’m working on a political science project and need an explanation to help me learn.The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your ability to identify and examine a current political problem or challenge within one specific country or focused set of select counties, develop a research question, identify and use a variety of appropriate resources to gather information, engage in critical analysis, and present a clear and focused argument based on key concepts and theories and supported by evidence.The complete project consists of a progressive set of assignments that include an annotated bibliography, a written proposal, a persuasive research-based paper, and an academic poster presentation.For a full description and instructions, review the Problem-Solution Project: Description page.Supporting resources from ARC’s Library:POLS 302 Library Research Guide (Links to an external site.) created by Kate Williamson, ARC Librarian.ARC Library Resources Tutorials course in Canvas.MLA Style: 8th Edition (Links to an external site.)for help with citing sources and formatting your annotated bibliography, proposal, and paper.
POLS 302 American River College Venezuela Political Crisis Persuasive Essay

The Research Aims to Determine the Attitude of Students Towards Homework Discussion

The Research Aims to Determine the Attitude of Students Towards Homework Discussion.

SCENARIO:Adam wants to find out about students’ attitudes towards homework. He believes boys complete homework more quickly than girls. He will test this theory by carrying out a questionnaire that will ask how many minutes’ pupils at a school spend on homework. Before starting, Adam decides to test out his questionnaire on 5 pupils. They struggle to understand one of the questions, so Adam changes it before sending out the questionnaires for real. Adam sends the questionnaire out to 30 male students, and 30 female students, who all attend one school, in London.After getting the questionnaire results back, Adam looks at all of the data and finds out that boys do complete their homework quicker than girls. On reflection, Adam thinks that some of his questions could have been better, but that he found out the answer to his question.
QUESTIONS:What is the aim of Adam’s research? What is his hypothesis (educated guess)? What is his sample size? (How many subjects are in his study?) Why was his pilot study useful? Why/Why not? Are Adam’s results reliable? Explain your answer. Reliability: observations can be consistently made over time and by different people (about observation)Is Adam’s research valid? Explain your answer. Validity: theoretical/conceptual interpretation of observations is correct (about link between observation and theory)Is Adam’s research representative? (Can Adam’s findings, based on his sample, be generalized to a larger group?)Explain your answer. How would you improve Adam’s research methods?.
The Research Aims to Determine the Attitude of Students Towards Homework Discussion

Gender Studies homework help

Gender Studies homework help. I believe that the personal ideologies of each politicians can affect the decision-making and good governance because at the end, every politician is human as well and humans tend to think on their own benefit. For example, I would say that President Trump?s agenda is very biased and based on his own world views. Politicians are supposed to consider what people want and then make a decision based on what is really good for the whole society. I think that banning Muslims from entering to the United States, for example, is not a good policy, I don?t think that it really benefits people, as seen in social media and many parts of the country, people actually didn?t like this. I believe that President Trump was covering his own agenda by making this decision. Legalization of gay marriage can also be considered for this example. County Klerk, Kim Davis, did not want to give same-sex couples marriage licenses just because that wasn?t in her own personal beliefs and agenda. The truth is that it is rare to see politicians who actually leave their own bias and personal beliefs aside for the welfare of the rest. Other politicians might work with companies in order to gain money or else. Unfortunately, politics can be a very dirty world. Nevertheless, America is a democratic nation which means that people still can act and get things right, but for this people need to stand and use their voice such as when people mobilized and create the civil rights movement.Respond to this with 100-150 wordÿA political ideology are values and beliefs of an individual or a group about the purpose and role of the government in certain situation. Ideological differences among politicians I believe does have a negative effects on decision making and good governance. I believe this is so because when people have different ideologies then it means they also have different beliefs because of different reasonings. An example of ideological differences causing an affect in decision making is the whole debate on nature vs. nurture. Everyone beliefs something different in whether nature or nurture is dominant. The most prime debate in this subject is the LGBT community. Due to people?s different ideological differences especially in the government, causes this upset in the difference of laws and rules which causes an unsteady living environment for the people of the LGBT community. Some people think that it is not the fault of the people?s of the LGBT community and that it is all nature and that they are born the way they are. While the people on the other side of the debate feel that it is how they were brought up and the things they were exposed to when they were younger, that caused them to be who they are. This small little debate can go a long way in making it extremely difficult for politicians to make decisions or exceed at good governing.Respond to this with 100-150 WordGender Studies homework help

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