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CRJS 466 American InterContinental University The Commander of the Sex Crimes Unit Paper

CRJS 466 American InterContinental University The Commander of the Sex Crimes Unit Paper.

I’m working on a criminal justice report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Scenario: You are an investigator for Child Protective Services in your community. One of the most difficult aspects of interviewing is the interview of a suspected victim of child sexual abuse. Often, the first interviewers are detectives or investigators from the police department with little or no training for interviewing child sexual abuse victims. The Commander of the Sex Crimes Unit would like to you to identify errors in interviewing by police investigators when questioning child sex crime victims about the circumstances during the alleged offense(s). The psychopathology of the suspect and the victim are very important, but the victim can be misled unintentionally by police resulting in false or inaccurate complaint information.The Commander of the Sex Crimes Unit would like you to outline and explain the specific areas to be avoided when questioning a child as a sex crime victim.Specifically, he is concerned with the following:The use of suggestive questions The implication of confirmation by other people Use of positive and negative consequences Repetitious questioning Inviting speculationIn a 3–5-page paper, address the specific concerns, and explain why it is preferable to have the child interviewed by a person with the qualifications to potentially testify as an expert witness in subsequent criminal trials.
CRJS 466 American InterContinental University The Commander of the Sex Crimes Unit Paper

teacher training course.

I’m working on a Business report and need support to help me understand better.

Scenario: You are working as a lecturer/mentor in a college where your programme manager has had no opportunity to undertake the Diploma in education and training (DET) He has recently heard of inclusive learning, legislation, roles and responsibilities relating to inclusive practice. He is interested in knowing whether the College is in line with standard Practice and has appointed you to review or develop an inclusive practice in a course on which you are lecturing and acting as a mentor also. You have the additional responsibility to prepare a comprehensive report and present it to the staff at your workplace so that everyone can gain the advantage by implementing it in their practices. You are supposed to consider your own working context or choose a working environment which you are familiar with.You should produce references from academic sources to strengthen your points of view and relate these to practice in your chosen workplace. Be sure to review current publications, journals, articles, books etc. Note: You are required to review recent articles, books and other relevant literature. The use of self- edited sites such as Wikipedia is strictly not allowed to answer any part of the task. You must reflect practical understanding of each question and are required to provide references to any evidence you have in relation to your answer. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Task 1: Report(Word count: Approximately 1000 word) In the College that you are working at, you should:1.1 Review the impect of personal, social and cultural factors on learning 1.2 Review the impact of different cognitive, physical ans sensory ability onlearning . Note: You must attach at least two recent articles with at least one page of analysis in it. You should review two publications before attempting to answer this question. Be sure to include these as part of your portfolio. Task 2: Report(Word count: Approximately 1000 word) You are required to respond to the following questions after reviewing one article in each question. You need to ensure you review recent policies at your workplace and state how this may affect the general work environment.2.1Summaries policy and regulatory frameworks relating to inclusive practice2.2Explain how policy and regulatory frameworks influence organisational policies relating to inclusive practic2.3 Explain how policy and regulatory frameworks influence your own inclusive practice Task 3: Report(Word count: Approximately 1000 word) In this task, you are required to summarise your own role in the organization where you work. You should produce your reflection on inclusive practices on your role and responsibility, motivating and devolving responsibility from lecturer to learners including recognising the need for boundaries.3.1Summarise your own role and responsibilities relating to inclusive practice3.2 Identify points of referral available to meet individual learning needs Task 4: Report(Word count: Approximately 1000 word) In this task, you need to be motivational, show a positive attitude and stress discrimination points of view and tolerance for each other. In a report format, you are required to address the following issues:4.1Review the key features and benefits of an inclusive learning environment4.2 Analyse ways to promote equality and value diversity4.3 Analyse ways to promote inclusion4.4 Review strategies for effective liaison between professionals involved in inclusive practice Task 5: Report(Word count: Approximately 1000 word) In your own workplace or placement organization, you are required to reflect on the effectiveness of inclusive learning strategies in the college, in the classroom and all learning opportunities. You are required to: 5.1 Review the effectiveness of own inclusive practice 5.2 Identify own strengths and areas for improvement in relation to inclusive practice 5.3 Plan opportunities to improve own skills in inclusive practice Guidance You are required to respond to tasks and ensure you map your response to the assessment criteria.You are allowed to choose any FE sector in the UK or use your own experience of teaching, but you must get approval from the concerned working sectorThis assessment is designed to assess your achievement of all the Learning Outcomes and associated assessment criteria in the relevant unit of the qualification you are undertaking. Your lecturer will advise you about the assignment structure, and the date when you must hand in your completed work. You should make sure that you plan your work carefully to ensure that you cover all the requirements of the assignment and complete it within the time limit specified. You must make sure that you acknowledge any sources you have used to complete this assignment, listing the reference material and the web sites that you used.You must use Harvard referencing format throughout your work.Word count for the report: Approximately 5000 word
teacher training course

Los Angeles Pierce College Racial Injustice Discussion

Los Angeles Pierce College Racial Injustice Discussion.

Posts due Thursday by 11:59 PM (must be between 200-250 words)____________________________________________________________________________________________________This week, we discussed the idea of moving toward racial democracy and multiculturalism. The authors suggest “change at the individual level” as being a critical component of the racial restructuring that could ultimately eradicate racism.However, colorblind racism presents a plausible threat to progress. This week is about garnering the tools to do our part in combating racism and racial domination by first being reflective and being intentional of our practices and actions. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________Step 1: View the video clip below for a summary of color-blind racism by one of the leading theorists on the topic, Dr. Eduardo Bonilla Silvas. Book TV at Duke University: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, “Racism without Racists” (Links to an external site.)Step 2: View the “Color Blind Racism drama script below. Consider the outcome of colorblind racism and ways that you may contribute to the practices being described.Colorblind (Links to an external site.)Step 3: This activity is meant to be reflective and informative. Use the link below to complete an Implicit Association Test (IAT). Specifically, complete the Race IAT and the Skintone IA. (Links to an external site.)Click the “Take Test” tab at the top of the screenRead the “Preliminary Information” sectionClick the “I wish to proceed” button_______________________________________________________________________________________STEP 4. Review and consider some of the viewer comments on the videos you viewConsider your response to the IAT results (report the results and discuss whether or not you agree with them, why/why not?) Be mindful of color-blind racism in your discussion.Select one of the questions below and develop a 150-200 word post that references chapter 11, the videos, and includes your responses to the two tasks above.QUESTION 2. List some ways you can work (or perhaps are working) for racial justice in your daily life. List at least one way you can change (1) yourself, (2) the people in your inner circle, (3) an institution to which you belong, and (4) your nation. As you do so, think about what kinds of resistance you might face and what you can do to overcome that resistance. (Learning Objective 2.)
Los Angeles Pierce College Racial Injustice Discussion

The Incidences in the Life of a Slave Girl Essay

java assignment help Table of Contents Introduction Slavery Experiences Racial and Gender experiences Conclusion References Introduction The Life of a slave girl is a story depicting the slavery experiences of Linda Brent. Linda Brent was born, brought up and lived under the conditions of slavery. The Whites enslaved the Colored people by making them their servants, working in plantations and taking care of their children at home, particularly women. During those times of slavery, the slaves were bought at a price and their children will inherit the slavery conditions of their parents. The slave owners have the power to dictate the slavery conditions of their slaves for instance their work, changing the masters or mistresses and even their marital status. Linda severely endured and fought for the emancipation of her slavery status by escaping from his master and her mistress, and earnestly praying for the help from God. In this essay, I am going to analyze Linda’s experiences in terms of slavery, racism, gender and compare her unique experience with the experiences of other people. Slavery Experiences Since Linda was brought up under slavery conditions, she has experienced a great deal of mistreatment where her human rights were crossly violated. Mr. and Mrs. Flint owned Linda as their slave amongst other slaves hence they had absolute powers over her life in that they can dictate her according to their selfish interests. Linda was a mother of two kids: Ellen and Benny. These kids were at the disposal of their master and mistress to be sold to any willing slave owner without the consent from the mother. The Kids have inherited the slavery conditions from their parent hence they are slaves by birth and subject to their master and mistress. Linda finds herself between the rock and the hard place when she was told that she hard to part with her children because they are to be shifted to the new masters. She cried helplessly saying that, “my poor children were between two fires: between my old master and their new master! And was powerless” (Jacobs, 1861). Linda had to endure parting with her two only kids and behave as though she never nursed any child in her life. She vowed to find ways to free her children as confesses that, “…I had no trust in thee, O Slavery! Never should I know peace until my children were emancipated with all due formalities of law” (Jacobs, 1861). She was very determined to free her children and she made a successful escape into New York in the search for her children. During her slavery, Linda experienced torture when her master imprisoned her. She bitterly recounts the experienced saying, “I affirm that I lived in that little dismal hole, almost deprived of light and air, and with no space to move my limbs, for nearly seven years. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nevertheless, it is a fact; and to me a sad one, even now; for my body still suffers from the effects of that long imprisonment, to say nothing of my soul” (Jacobs, 1861). The experience of the prison severely affects her health status and still haunts her soul because she fails to comprehend why she went through such torture. After Linda had successfully escaped from her master and mistress, she went to New York where she was faced with the great challenge of finding a job to keep her going. She said that, “The greatest difficulty in my way was that those who employ strangers required a recommendation, and in my peculiar position, I could, of course, obtain no certificates from the families I had so faithfully served” (Jacobs, 1861). Her life was going to be very hard unless she come back to her master who can recommend her. She was very lucky to be employed by a very humble and understanding woman, Mrs. Bruce who gave her a job without requesting a recommendation from her previous master or mistress. Racial and Gender experiences When Linda was traveling to New York, she experienced racial discrimination on her journey as Rev. Jeremiah Durham confessed that, “I am afraid you will have a disagreeable ride, but I could not procure tickets for the first class cars …they don’t allow colored people to go in the first-class cars” (Jacobs, 1861). Linda describes her experiences in the second- class ride, as “It was crowded with people, apparently of all nations. Every other man had a cigar or pipe in his mouth, and jugs of whiskey were handed round freely. The fumes of the whiskey and the dense tobacco smoke were sickening to my senses and the coarse jokes and ribald songs around me equally nauseated my mind” (Jacobs, 1861). Since she was a woman, it was very hard for her to endure the ride where men were smoking and drinking. During her stay with Mrs. Bruce, Linda experiences racism in the hotels whenever they board, despite the fact that both the whites and the colored pay equally for the services. At some instances, the waiters did not allow her to sit and when she persists, they refuse to serve her until Mrs. Bruce intervenes. The white waiters hate serving the colored people and they complained that, “they were not hired to wait on Negroes” (Jacobs, 1861). We will write a custom Essay on The Incidences in the Life of a Slave Girl specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The fugitive law also threatens her stay in the New York because the law requires that all fugitive slaves be identified and returned to their right masters, failure to which the person hiding a fugitive slave is liable to fine and imprisonment. The law shocked many fugitives in that, “Many a wife discovered that her husband was a fugitive, and must leave her to insure his own safety. Worse still, many a husband discovered that his wife had fled from slavery years ago, and as “the child follows the condition of its mother,” the children of his love were liable to be seized and carried into slavery. Everywhere, in those humble homes, there was consternation and anguish” (Jacobs, 1861). As child inherits the slavery conditions of her mother, Linda too was in great fear, as she was a fugitive together with her daughter Ellen but Mrs. Bruce was willing to pay the price of imprisonment and fine, so she kept her in her house secretly. Conclusion The unique experience of Linda is that she was born under slavery conditions. Her grandmother was a slave, her mother inherited the slavery, she becomes a slave, and she has passed on the slavery conditions to her kids. The problem of slavery has continually become part of their family lineage. Unlike, the free white women and free Black African- American women, her children were subject to slavery because the child inherits the conditions of her mother. In contrast to other men and women, the marriage in slavery was neither legal nor permanent because the master or the mistress dictates the aspects of marriage and divorce depending on their interests, thus Linda had no opportunity to choose the father of her kids. Thus, Linda’s slavery experiences were unique. References Jacobs, H. A. (1861). Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. The University of North Carolina. Retrieved from

Complete 4 page paper on Assessment 4 for Business Course (BRY)

Complete 4 page paper on Assessment 4 for Business Course (BRY). Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Write 4–6 pages in which you propose a policy that an organization can implement to address an ethical issue you
have identified. Also, analyze and recommend a strategy for communicating the policy and describe its potential
limitations, as well as strategies for its monitoring and compliance.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course
competencies and assessment criteria:
Competency 1: Evaluate the parameters for ethical decision-making in 21st century multicultural business
Recommend a corporate policy for resolving an ethical issue.
Evaluate the parameters of ethical decision-making models as they apply to a recommended policy.
Competency 2: Assess the impact of corporate social responsibility policy.
Assess how the recommended corporate policy is socially responsible.
Describe potential limitations of a recommended policy, and strategies for monitoring and compliance.
Competency 4: Communicate effectively.
Support a corporate policy recommendation for business ethics policies and standards with well-
reasoned analysis and specific examples.
Recommend a strategy for communicating a policy to the organization in a manner that meets the
needs of an audience.
Complete 4 page paper on Assessment 4 for Business Course (BRY)

I am part of a group who has to do a presentation on Unilever. there are four people who

I am part of a group who has to do a presentation on Unilever. there are four people who have a separate part of the presentation. My part of the presentation is: “Outline plausible conclusions regarding the financial performance of the company, using appropriate comparisons” I NEED TO DO 3-4 SLIDES. SO I NEED YOU TO WRITE SEVERAL OR MORE CONCISE POINTS ANSWER MY PART OF THE PRESENTATION, SO I CAN COPY AND PASTE THEM ON TO THE SLIDES. ITS IMPORTANT THAT EACH POINT IS CONCISE AND NOT LONG WINDED SENTENCES AS IT IS A PRESENTATION. SO I NEED ENOUGH POINTS TO ANSWER MY PART OF THE QUESTION AND TO FILL 4 POWERPOINT SLIDES I HAVE ATTACHED THE FINANCIAL RATIOS ANOTHER MEMBER HAS DONE, I DON’T KNOW IF THEY WILL HELP YOU… The other parts of the presentation are below that my colleagues have to focus on: Provide a very brief outline, not a history, of your chosen company, demonstrating your knowledge of the sector in which it operates and the scope of its business activities • Demonstrate that you have accurately calculated relevant financial ratios for your chosen company, for the most recent available years • Outline plausible conclusions regarding the financial performance of the company, using appropriate comparisons • Say whether or not you would be willing to invest in this company, justifying your answer using your ratio analysis and other appropriate research into the company’s performance and industry sector HERE IS THE CRITERIA: This task is linked in particular to the following learning outcome: LO3: Communicate an evaluation of business performance based on an analysis of financial reports In addition, it contributes to the following learning outcomes: LO1: Recognise and use accurately a range of business terminology and concepts LO4: Demonstrate an understanding of effective teamwork and working with others LO5: Engage actively with contemporary business issues