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CRJS 2001 Walden Elimination of Deviance Necessary Plausible or Ethical Pursuit Ques

CRJS 2001 Walden Elimination of Deviance Necessary Plausible or Ethical Pursuit Ques.

To discuss whether certain behaviors are deviant—that is, straying from an acceptable norm—may imply that there is a clear arbiter of “normal.” But is human society that rigid? Or is society’s perception of “normal” fluid and more like a continuum? If deviant is a malleable term, then so too may be normal—so what would it mean to try to actually eliminate deviance?In this Discussion, you consider the plausibility and implications of eliminating deviance, and perhaps thereby eliminating crime.Is elimination of deviance a necessary, plausible, or ethical pursuit?Is the prevention of crime possible?
CRJS 2001 Walden Elimination of Deviance Necessary Plausible or Ethical Pursuit Ques

As an attorney for Bainbridge Borough, develop a case to support the council’s rejection of Carol Fern’s unpaid maternity leave request. As an attorney for AFSCME Local 10, develop an argument to support your client’s contention that the council’s rejection of Carol’s unpaid maternity leave request violated the collective bargaining agreement. As an arbitrator, how would you rule? Why? Write a three-page paper, (double-spaced, 12 point type, APA style, title page and reference page separate) that outlines the case for Bainbridge Borough, the case for AFSCME Local 10, and how you would rule as an arbitrator based on the facts you have for this case. Response to each question should be a page in length. Provide at least 2 academic references to support your responses. See attached for scenario

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Gender Studies homework help. SCENARIO:, On Monday morning, you arrive at work and discover you have an email from your manager, Sara, about a customer service issue. She is worried because one of the company’s most important clients did not receive their shipment.,On Monday morning, you arrive at work and discover you have an email from your manager,,SCENARIO:, On Monday morning, you arrive at work and discover you have an email from your manager, Sara, about a customer service issue. She is worried because one of the company’s most important clients did not receive their shipment. While she acknowledges it isn’t your fault, she needs you to work quickly to resolve the issue. Her email outlines some tasks that must be completed in order to address the problem and fast track the solution:,So last Friday, our client didn’t receive their ,shipment,, and now it’s Monday, making it three days late. We need this problem fixed soon. I need you to email Renee Colon, the client’s executive assistant, right away. Apologize for the delay and let her know we’re fixing this issue, but don’t overdo it. Make sure they know we appreciate their business. Then, contact Accounts Receivable. Have them issue a full refund on the customer’s delivery costs and send confirmation of the refund to them as well. Make sure the client is not charge for the new delivery either. And have Shipping expedite the new shipment and send tracking info to the customer. If you contact both departments by the end of today, Accounts Receivable should be done by Tuesday at the latest, and Shipping should have the package out the door with tracking by Wednesday.,The table below lists the relevant tasks and deadlines that need to be done to accomplish the stated goals.,Goal    Task    Due Date    Status, Inform customer    Email Renee Colon    Monday    To do, Inform relevant departments    Contact Accounts Receivable (AR)    Monday (end of day)    To do, Contact Shipping    Monday (end of day)    To do, Refund customer    AR issues refund to customer    Tuesday    To do, AR does not charge for replacement    Tuesday    To do, AR sends confirmation to customer    Tuesday    To do, Ship replacement package    Package is expedite    Wednesday    To do, Tracking info sent to customer    Wednesday    To do,ASSIGNMENT: This assignment has two parts. The first part is to prepare a clear and concise email communication (no more than two paragraphs in the body of the email) to the customer that will inform them about the new delivery date and the refund to compensate for the inconvenience.,The second part is to communicate an internal plan regarding the refunding and redelivery of the shipment. You will draft a message to your colleagues in the Accounts Receivable and Shipping departments about the time frame of each task that clearly identifies who has which task and by what time it needs to be completed. You will need to select an appropriate tool to communicate this message to your colleagues and explain why this would be an effective tool for this purpose.,For this assignment, you will:, Firstly, demonstrate your ability to craft messages for the appropriate purpose, tone, structure, and audience., Be sure to include all the important information you need to communicate., Further, select an appropriate tool for workplace communication., Edit your messages for organization and style, ensuring professionalism with respect to formatting spelling, punctuation, and grammar.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Gender Studies homework help

Information Security Standards for the Air Force Reserve Command Report

java assignment help Table of Contents Introduction Identifying ISS for AFRC Comparing ISS Contrasting ISS References Introduction The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) is a specialized force, which offers related support to the Air Force wing in the US. Preciously, this body supports communications, transportation missions, intelligence and natural disasters aftermaths such as aerial spray of mosquitoes and hurricane occurrences (Air Force Reserve Command, n.d.). Notably, AFRC has to manage its information delivery systems during their operations in order to maintain its image and confidence to the public and its joint partners. Therefore, information requires high level of security to guard against leakage to the wrong parties. For instance, some information are deemed as private such that unauthorized and unauthenticated access by the public may cause instability in the nation while other pieces of information can easily be left for public access. Private information, which are in the internet can be password protected. AFRC has outlined some of its set standards that information availability and distribution has to follow. These standards enable AFRC through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to uphold democracy in the society, accountability of leaders to the public, and monitor against vices like corruption. Identifying ISS for AFRC AFRC requires that agencies like military or government departments handling various information has to follow some well guided procedures in order to release it to the general public. For example, a given agency before publishing information on a federal register must state its content so that the public can comprehend the information. This also involves location, methods and means by which the public can access the information for further action. The public inclusion involves interpretations and channels, which information must follow to the target destination. Remarkably, the outlined issues assist AFRC in ensuring that only the required classes of persons access the information. Moreover, the agency must avail information to the public for inspection and copying before final publication (Freedom of Information Act, n.d.). The information may be that which affect a member of the forces. They do this to acquire varied and dissenting views regarding the intended publication. On the other hand, the agency can erase sensitive information that may be personal to prevent unauthorized access. The act of deleting some or all parts of the data must be explained succinctly in a written form in the published documents. The agencies must also publish and distribute supplements that are considered practicable and necessary by order in the Federal Register. Certainly, AFRC applies high security regarding the information they have to release to the public. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, AFRC follows a specified rule in regards to allowing an individual to access any information. The rule clarifies on the timing fee and location under which the body can authenticate one to view the data. Although one has a right to get access to any agency records, there is an exemption that prohibits information access by the public. If on request for information availability on a format that is already available, the agency is free to supply such information on a format that is reproducible. Availing records in electronic form is preferred if such act does not alters or interferes with the agency’s automated information systems (Freedom of Information Act, n.d.). The agency ensures that it maintains its records in line with this provision. Pieces of information are extremely guarded to enhance privacy and safety. The agencies according to the National Security Act of 1947 are not allowed to reveal or avail any record to a government body or its representative except territory or districts of the US. In line with this provision, each agency must formulate policies and regulations on how to levy a specified fee upon accepting to make such records available to the public and even establish conditions or scenarios when such fees can be removed or reduced (Freedom of Information Act, n.d.). The Directors Office of Management and Budget ensures that the fees levied on such cases are uniform to all the agencies. The uniformity of the fee charged shall specify the intention of the request; for instance, commercial use or non-commercial use such as scientific research. Alternatively, the act asserts that a minimum charge can be levied on information that attracts public interest or attention that is, it can essentially help the public to understand the operation of their government. The fee charged under this request only includes the direct cost that was incurred in the reproduction of these records. Again, a request that has more than one hundred pages attracts no fee for the first one hundred pages that is duplicated. Fee advancement is prohibited except if the requester had at one time faulted fee payment on a timely basis or the fee to be charged exceeds $250 (Freedom of Information Act., n.d.). From the above fee applications and exemptions, AFRC guards unauthorized information reproducibility. Moreover, the AFRC does not use an individual’s personal information for any other activity apart from responding to a person’s questions (The Presence of Commercial/External Links, n.d.). The body also advices people not to provide their personal details only if required by the Social Security Administration. Further, it gives the process of disabling session cookies so that statistical information collected are solely used for identifying designs of systems, network trafficking, frequency of information accessibility and performance of systems. We will write a custom Report on Information Security Standards for the Air Force Reserve Command specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Comparing ISS All these ISS are meant to avert any computer abuse and fraud. The infrastructure computers are meant to provide information to all stakeholders. These services may include communication and transport services, health and clean water supply, and banking services. Therefore, ISS helps in eliminating cases of cybercrimes in organizations; for instance, organizations will update their policies concerning cyber security. In case of such felony, the victim is imprisoned for the terms that are outlined in the National Security Section. The US Air force wing will be able to track any intruder who can be accessing the states and federal governments’ security details (The Presence of Commercial/External Links, n.d.). Likewise, these ISS help to protect privacy of people’s details. For example, details of an employee like payment rates and level of education can cause discrimination at the workplace if accessed by a third party. As a result, these records should be password protected. Both the private and public sectors are collaborating to create awareness on cyber security among the internet users. Comparing, the last information security system and that of allowing one to access data from already kept records; it is evident that AFRC aims at ensuring high security level for all the national data that it controls. In addition, in analyzing the fees levied on information releases, the US Air Force wing is trying to uphold the nation’s integrity on certain sensitive information. Besides, ISS shows that extremely sensitive pieces of information are password protected. Therefore, these ISS are maintaining the security of data or records that they keep (Freedom of Information Act., n.d.). When they do this, an unauthenticated and an unauthorized information access is denied or kept at bay. In case one is tracked to be using some data for commercial purposes he/she faces a court proceeding for the wrongful act. Contrasting ISS In analyzing the first and the third ISS outlined, information access is given a well guided procedure by the former but the latter offers a way out that people can easily access sensitive issues. Precisely, those who have funds can easily access the nation’s sensitive information at the expense of those who have no ready funds. Obviously, this shows discrimination in terms of socio-economic status. This act if not handled carefully can lead to a massive revolution that will demand for equality in service delivery to the public. Not sure if you can write a paper on Information Security Standards for the Air Force Reserve Command by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The ISS upholds privacy of data. However, the act of monitoring people as they access information in the internet shows that privacy is at the same time not upheld. This is a great contrary to the ISS that AFRC has put forward in a ‘blanket’ manner. The idea of tracking for the purpose of collecting statistical data is revoking the same provisions of information security as it results to tracking (The Presence of Commercial/External Links, n.d.). From this point of view, information in the World Wide Web seems to expose a person’s privacy such as location and computer information like internet protocol address. Although AFRC has made tremendous steps towards achieving total information protection, it still requires a leveled review that would avoid certain sensitive and contradictory scenarios that have been noticed above. References Air Force Reserve Command. (n.d.). United States Military Information. Web. Freedom of Information Act. (n.d.). Air Force Reserve Command. Web. The Presence of Commercial/External Links. (n.d.). Air Force Reserve Command. Web.



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How does their work (and perhaps their life) reflect the values and writing style associated with their literary period? Why is/he she a quintessential example of a Romantic author?(SAMPLE STUDENT THESIS STATEMENT: “Lord Byron’s poetry, and his indefatigable life search for truth and self-gratification, represent the best and worst of the qualities that defined the Romantic Era.”)Sources: at least two relevant, peer-reviewed articles to support your argument.Format: MLA, 3 page min/6 page max

The Roles And Uses Of Political Rhetoric Politics Essay

This paper discusses how Aristotle defined rhetoric and analyzes the reasoning that went into development of a persuasive speech. This paper looks at the three types of rhetoric Aristotle described as well as the explanation for the role and place of rhetoric in today’s political environment. Political Rhetoric Rhetoric as defined by Aristotle was the ability, in each particular case, to use the available means of persuasion. In general, rhetoric is the energy inherent in emotion and thought, transmitted through a system of signs, including language, to others to influence their decisions or actions(Kennedy, pp. 5-8). Aristotle introduces rhetoric as an art which focuses on persuasion and the various methods used to convince an audience of a specific point of view. Some people see rhetoric as a technique of manipulation and not a form of persuasion, however, as with everything that point is debatable. In general, rhetoric is the art of public speaking and debate. Rhetorical skills are valued in such professions as teaching, law, religion, news reporting and politics. While the purpose of rhetoric concentrates on the emotional response of sensitive topics such as religion and politics, the ultimate goal of rhetoric is to sway ones opinion. Professional rhetoricians don’t have to be honest in the speech, they do, however must show a form of entertainment and be effective. Aristotle described three major rhetorical means of persuasion; ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos uses trust to persuade the audience. A politician uses his or her respective reputation and what is perceived and said about them; however there is a close connection between reputation and reality. Credibility depends both on expertise and how this is portrayed. In order to persuade the audience, you must first believe in yourself. Pathos does not directly involve the argument itself; instead pathos relies on the emotions of the audience. An efficient way to move the audience is to appeal to their values. Logos is Greek for “logic” and is used to persuade the audience by demonstrating the truth and is based on scientific facts. Logos is also used to appeal to the intellect of the audience, and is considered an argument of logic. The use of rhetoric is very apparent in political speeches and the outcome is measured by a vote placed by each member of the audience. Aristotelian rhetoric assumes that you believe the politician, and disbelieve all other politicians that have different views. The persuasiveness or manipulation of a speech not only depends on the nature of the speech, but also on the believability of its origin and beliefs shared by the speaker and the audience. The audience is attracted to the integrity, passion and reasoning of the speaker. The speaker must find the proper balance of the aforementioned qualities in the debate in order to be effective. In the end the audience is persuaded because they sense that the speaker is an expert on the topic based on his or her substantial confidence and the amount of emotion involved. Rhetoric used in the past The foundation of the modern approach to society, including the entirety of the modern political system, is fallout from the medieval rediscovery of Aristotle’s work; during the Crusades, Europeans re-discovered Latin translations of Aristotle in various libraries throughout the Islamic world. When rhetoric is applied to political speech, therefore, it may be concluded that the politician is attempting to sway the public’s opinion in a manner that is unjust and false. Today political parties in the United States play an integral role in political elections, local, state and national. Parties have become a vehicle for exerting the ideas and agenda of large and collective groups of citizens. However, political parties in colonial American and the early Republic were viewed negatively, by both early politicians and philosophers. Even the founding fathers had issues with political parties. Parties were thought to divide Americans. Also, thinkers of the time thought that forming parties would result in spawning a winning side and a losing side in elections, which would further split Americans. People in society today are greatly influenced by what they read. The articles in the newspapers skew people’s beliefs of political affairs and current events in the same way that biased articles in popular magazines seem to shape the way the general public views different types of cultural aspects. Keeping this in mind, it is especially important to note that during the 1800s, the people lacked other forms of media and communication that people in modern times are influenced by. Instead, they relied heavily on literature to entertain themselves, most of which shaped the way they viewed culture, politics, and life itself. Consider how politicians use rhetoric to promote their policies. We focus on a particular type of rhetorical appeal-those based on emotionally charged predictions about policy consequences. For politicians, we emphasize maximizing and strategic behavior, reflecting their full-time employment in politics and large personal stakes in political outcomes. Political leaders want to win policy debates and they employ rhetoric in an effort to move public opinion to their respective sides. The very reason for public political debate between parties is to sway those preferences in one or the other direction. Politicians often try to shape citizens’ beliefs about current conditions and the likelihood that particular outcomes will occur if a policy is or is not put into law (e.g., Jerit, 2009; Lupia

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