Critique a quantitative study for design elements and study validity. Use the guidelines for critiquing design elements and study Essay

Critique a quantitative study for design elements and study validity. Use the guidelines for critiquing design elements and study validity, Box 10.1 (p. 223) of your textbook. Read the Introduction and Methods section of the assigned quantitative article (refer to the entirety of the article as needed) and write a paper (no more than 4 pages) evaluating the article for critical elements for design and validity. The article may also be found in the Toolkit accompanying the Resource Manual. Be sure to read carefully, and pay attention to grammar, sentence structure, and APA guidelines. Do not be repetitive, just state the facts and be concise. Be sure to refer to the Rubric used to grade this assignment.

Schmeer, K., Tarrence, J., Browning, C., Calder, C., Ford, J.,[supanova_question]

Managing Organizational Environments

Managing Organizational Environments.

Your research should be in sufficient depth to exceed the extent to which the text covers the material. This is a research paper, not an opinion paper. Because this is a course in Organizational Theory and Behavior, you must address how the topic impacts organizations-meaning what are the major implications for application to organizations? (No more than half a page). Papers should be a 6 full pages long, concisely written in a font this size (12), grammatically correct and spell checked. You should have an additional page for bibliography (references). Use no fewer than six resources, NOT including your text, which you may also cite. The Internet should NOT be your only resource. If you are unfamiliar with the APA guidelines on plagiarism, read them on the Internet or at the library, and be careful not to plagiarize. A library/ProQuest search of periodicals containing articles relating to selected topics should be used to illustrate your understanding of each topic and show how they can effectively assist the achievement of corporate/organizational goals. Identification of operational impediments and behavioral constraints, and steps taken to resolve these issues will elevate the quality of the term paper. REMINDER: Please read the book in Chapter 8: Managing Organizational Environments: Conceptions and Chapter 9: Managing Organizational Environments: General Paradigms.

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Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation

Critique a quantitative study for design elements and study validity. Use the guidelines for critiquing design elements and study Essay Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation.

Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Topic: Healthcare Informatics Research and Innovation • 5 pages (excluding cover and reference pages) • APA format • 3 References within 5 years (1 must be course textbook) • Include intro, a currently emerging healthcare technology system, goals for the product, data supporting the product, healthcare settings (including education), conclusion

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Applying What You’ve Learned

Applying What You’ve Learned.

Instructions Think about a research question that addresses some problem or topic that interests you. Write the methods section of a hypothetical research proposal in which you identify the problem/issue to be addressed and explain how you would investigate the problem/issue using quantitative research methods. An introductory paragraph that describes both the design of the study and the organization of the methods section. State the research question, a null and alternative hypothesis, and an indication of whether the test will be one or two-tailed The Subjects (or Participants) section of the Method section describes the source and number of subjects you will be using The Instrumentation (or Measures) section of a Method section describes the particular measures you will employ and how they will measure the variables specified in your research questions and hypotheses. The Procedures section provides a detailed description of the exact steps taken to contact your research participants, obtain their cooperation, and administer your instruments. A research proposal often includes a statement that describes the statistical tests that will be used to address the hypotheses and research questions. State whether the research is correlational or experimental Specify the outcome/dependent and predictor/independent variables and their levels of measurement A final section should include a statement about how this study would contribute to the field, limitations of this study, and a few ways in which it could be expanded in the future or inspire other future research. More helpful information on how to write a methods section for a research proposal may be found by using the following link: Your assignment should be approximately 1,000 words in length (typically, four-six double-spaced pages), not counting cover page, reference list page, appendices, figures, or tables. Your assignment should include a title page and a reference list page, and be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with appropriate header, page numbers, one-inch margins, and meet all other requirements of APA Stylebook. An abstract is not required. Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading.

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Statistics : Application of the t-test

Statistics : Application of the t-test.

 The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to apply the t-test to a sample dataset. For this assignment, students will use IBM SPSS Statistics and the “Example Dataset.” Using the “Example Dataset” and SPSS, apply the t-test to assess the following statement: “Men and women have different incomes in this city.” Show your calculations and copy of the SPSS output in a Word document. In a separate 250-500 Word document, address the following questions: Describe what t-test is the most appropriate and explain why. Discuss whether you used a one-tailed or two-tailed test and explain why. Using SPSS, calculate the t-test and provide the test statistic and critical value assuming an alpha of .05. Calculate the effect size using r2. Interpret the results by (a) stating the reason the study or test was done, (b) presenting the main results, (c) explaining what the results mean, and (d) making suggestions for future research. Submit both Word documents to the instructor. APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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: Written report of the design & development of an assessment instrument

: Written report of the design & development of an assessment instrument.

**Sensation Seeking ­ Experience­seeking**

­ CLEARLY define the psychological construct.

­ The rationale/justification for designing the measure (why it is needed)

*Recognise there are 4 elements ie Thrill­ and adventure­seeking, Disinhibition, Boredom, and

Experience­seeking then narrow it down to Experience­seeking use a space limitation as a rationale.

­ Identify possible Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that could help you create and develop such a

measure Include the steps that you have taken to create the original pool of items

­ The rationale/justification (with supporting references) for decisions that you made in the

development of the measure relating to:

o Number of items in the scale

o The use of positively and/or negatively worded items

o Number of options in the response format

o Labelling of response options

• Use appendices to:

­Present the initial pool of items with clear reference to empirical evidence to support their inclusion

(e.g. similar existing measure, theoretical paper, original item generated by author on the basis of…


o Feedback from peers regarding the original questions

o A final version of the scale, including:


administration instructions




response options


scoring instructions

**Reference list. Each of the points NEED to be supported with references to the empirical


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