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Quality is a very important factor in restaurants because a visit in a restaurant is usually something people do to enjoy rather something that is of vital importance. Even if the prices for the meals in a restaurant are low and the delivery times short this cannot compensate for poor quality of the food, specially also because this is a health aspect. This makes it necessary to implement a quality control system to ensure that the quality of the food is always on a high level. In a restaurant, there are 6 important areas which have to be considered. •Accessibility, parking and surroundings •Reception Kitchen cleanliness and utensils •Safety measures •Dining room •Service Beside that, the good quality service in restaurants also requires understanding what the customer wants and supplying it, providing the service without much delay, serving the customer with good quality food and beverages, listening politely to customer complaints and taking proper action to redress the complaints as quickly as possible, making the customer delighted at every moment of his or her stay in the restaurant. One result of Total Quality Management is higher customer satisfaction which is also one of the most crucial aspects for restaurants.

A major part of the advertising for a restaurant is done by word-of-mouth recommendation by satisfied customers. Tarin Thai restaurant Critical Success Factors Accessibility, parking and surroundings The owner considers location being important in Melbourne. Therefore, the restaurant decided to locate in central area of the city so that it can easy to be found. The surrounding of the restaurant is shopping center so it is an advantage of the restaurant. Reception The restaurant provides sufficient reception facility which is easy to be notices such as brochure, menu at the front and business card.

In order to decrease waiting period and facilitate customer, there is at least one receptionist at the front to welcome the customers. Kitchen cleanliness and utensils The owner of the restaurant had well plan in designing at the front and the back house of the restaurant. As the restaurant itself well structured, the restaurant system run smoothly in ordering and delivering. All cooking ingredient are ordered from different suppliers but all of them are well organized and categorized. All food and ingredients are clean and meet the standard of public health department.

The restaurant has been checking the temperature of raw material to assure that there is no spoil in them. The restaurant is really aware in this issue because public health checks regularly without informing in advance. The public health has the right to close the restaurant if we cannot meet the standard regulation. Safety measures The owner has safety system in dinning and kitchen area. The safety systems are design according to the standard required by the government. All cooking facilities are well categorized so there is no dangerous surround cooking area. Dining room

The atmosphere in dining area is warm environment with informal Thai atmosphere. The owner organized enough space between tables. They provide sufficient table and chair because they estimate from average number of customer. Service Service and quality are the most important for the restaurant. To perform superior service quality, the owner employs 9 staffs. He take care staffs as his family member to create compromise environment. All of them are Thai because the restaurant offers only Thai food. Staffs have to work five days per week. The restaurant has train to work system.

For example, allowing a new staff to work for a month. If he or she could not complete, the owner would not employ as a permanent staff. The purpose of this system is to hire high quality staff to produce high quality work with friendly and polite to the customer. Financial By concerning for the quality in all mentioned above, the owner gain positive financial performance. Observation Pre process The logistics for the material transportation is done once a week. The order is separate by type of material, some could be ordered in the city, and some are delivered from Thailand. The preparation is done in the morning.

The preparation is completely made for they could be done instantly after the orders are made. Preparation table nears stove and fridges so it quite convenience. Front process (Service) An employee is always behind the cashier counter to do take orders and do the checking. Dish collecting is done by the employees to the kitchen. The table cleaning is done every time the customers leave a table. Back process Cooking is made to order, and done after an order is made. Dish collecting and washing is done as soon as the customers finish their meal for each table in dish washing machine.

Waste managing is done twice a day, once after lunch, and once after dinner. Analysis So, the overall quality of the restaurant is good because of ‘Service’, ‘Accessibility, parking and surroundings’ and ‘Kitchen cleanliness and utensils’ factors in TQM. Analysis results are evident that the restaurant success mainly comes from those three factors. ‘Accessibility, parking and surroundings’ factor have the effect in making the restaurant success in preprocess stage, ‘Service’ factor play important role to the success of restaurant in front process and ‘Kitchen cleanliness and utensil’ factor has significant effect in back process. Reception’, ‘Safety measures’ and ‘Dining room’ factors have minimum effect. In summarize, the result of the finding also shows that the restaurants set their strategies mostly in the same direction to what the Total Quality Management’s idea do, which we can conclude that if the owner of the restaurant set strategies and create improvement of the restaurant as in Total Quality Management’s idea, it would be a big component that cause the business’s success.

Identify four advertisements that work with underlying assumptions about female roles

Identify four advertisements that work with underlying assumptions about female roles.

Analyzing Advertising


Paper details:

A 750-word paper. Search Google or YouTube for “best television advertising” and find a website with online videos of TV advertising. Identify four advertisements that work with underlying assumptions about female roles. Three of these should be women from African American and Native American cultures. Write a 750-word paper that describes each ad literally (be sure to include the URL) plus what is happening below the surface. What message is being sent by the ad and where does that message come from? What is the cumulative effect of all of the ads together? Do the ads speak to ethnically diverse audience differently? Formulate an argument based on an analysis of all 4 ads together.

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