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CRIS 608 Liberty Role of Church in Screening Assessment & Treatment of Domestic Violence Paper

CRIS 608 Liberty Role of Church in Screening Assessment & Treatment of Domestic Violence Paper.

Research Paper Instructions Write a research paper of 10–12 pages of body text (not counting your title page, abstract, and works cited pages) discussing, in current APA standard, some major aspect of spirituality/Christianity and some aspect of trauma, as described below. Please don’t provide just a secular viewpoint or just a spiritual perspective. Integrate them using journal articles or book chapters on the topics as sources. Cite everything. Balance the paper with both a biblical worldview and theoretical perspectives. Choose one of the options. Discuss traumatic effects and responses and many of its related difficulties as well as recommended treatment options, together with spirituality in general. Incorporate a biblical worldview throughout. Use current (8 years or less) research and the Bible to support your approach. Choose one or several types of traumatic event (natural disaster, domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse, motor vehicle accidents, etc.) and discuss appropriate assessment and treatment options. Use current research and the Bible to support your discussion. or The two options are similar with the exception that one is a general approach and the other applies your examination to a specific area. Length of paper: 10–12 pages – Points will be deducted if the paper is less than 10 pages or exceeds 12 pages. (Excluding title page, abstract and references.) Include at least 10 current references (within the last 8 years) – points will be deducted for each missing current reference. Follow current APA standards. Review rubric for guidance. Paper will be graded on thoroughness, content, and use of theoretical material and integration of biblical perspective. Plagiarism – Using or passing off someone else’s work as your own is a serious academic offense. Papers will be submitted through SafeAssign to check for the proper treatment of sources. You may submit a draft version to check your score and then redo and submit. Plagiarizing your paper will result minimally in failure of the assignment. Plagiarizing can also result in automatic failure of the course and academic discipline. Please make sure that all work is your own or is cited appropriately.
CRIS 608 Liberty Role of Church in Screening Assessment & Treatment of Domestic Violence Paper

Hobbes and Rawls on Justice Justice often comes out as one of the central concepts in the exploration of moral ethics. Two of the ancient philosophers who paid attention to the concept of justice and considered justice as a definitive force in ethics were Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls. Hobbes looked at justice from the perspective of the behavior and nature of human beings, which constitute the actions by man that can be either classified as ethical or unethical, depending on how these actions are weighed ethically. At this point, it could be meaningful to assert that, “justice and injustice are none of the faculties neither of the body, nor mind. If they were, they might be in a man that were alone in the world, as well as his senses and passions. They are qualities that relate to men in society, not in solitude” (Hobbes 143). This assertion points at the interplay between and among issues of the law of nature and the pursuance of justice in the society. Based on the analogy of the existence of war in the society, Hobbes opined that human nature permits a man to wage war against another man, which in turn calls for a look at the reasons that are given by a man for waging war against another man. In doing so, it becomes easy to determine rightness and wrongness in actions of people, which is again a leeway as far as the determination of ethical grounds in actions is concerned. Rawls asserts that, “in justice as fairness the original position of equality corresponds to the state of nature in the traditional theory of the social contract” (381). Perhaps, it is imperative to observe that Rawls sees justice as something that can only be ascertained out of the consideration of all people in the society. The actions of people are considered moral or immoral based on the assessment of the consequences of such acts on the people engaged in the acts and the people who are affected by the acts. However, it is worth noting that Rawls presents another exciting view to the issue of justice by bringing into attention the critical concept of social contract. While social contract seeks to determine the course of justice by virtue of awarding statuses to people in the society through the categorization of people in classes. Rawls notes that the classes do not hold water when it comes to the true principles of justice. The rationale that supports the observation is that justice is distinct in its own sense and does not pay attention to the attributes of social course developed in the society. According to Hume (154), “truth is disputable; not taste: What exists in the nature of things is the standard of our judgment; what each man feels within himself is the standard of sentiment.” Here, Hume is quite articulate on the issue of morality in regard to the judgments and actions of people. It makes sense to observe that Hume is one of philosophers who looks at morality from the broad perspective; that is, looking at morality from the sense of sentimentalism and the sense of reason or rationality that is embedded in moral justice. In making distinctions on what constitutes moral rightness and what constitutes moral wrongness, Hume reiterates on the value of open justice that comes about through the rationalization of the position of the parties involved in any development that is related to moral justice in the society. Therefore, it is imperative to point at the fact that it is important to completely pay attention to either sentimentalism or rationality in determining a just course of a given happening in the society. Based on this argument, it is worth noting that the thesis presented by Hume aligns more with the arguments by Hobbes and Rawls, who opine that the most critical thing as far as the pursuance of any moral course is concerned is the attainment of justice. Hume offers a vivid explanation of the various means through which people speculate on moral courses in the society. This is in itself an indicator that Hume is not interested in the attainment of happiness or good for human beings, but he pays a lot of attention to the manner in which such justice is attained. As such, it is worth concluding that unlike Aristotle and Epictetus who seem to be utilitarian in their theses, Hume moves away from the utilitarian principles in that he makes attempts to paint the picture of justice from the ethical stance. Aristotle (52) asserts that, “clearly, then, goods must be spoken of in two ways, and some must be good in themselves, the others by reason of these.” Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Here, it is worth noting that goodness as opined by Aristotle is, to a large extent, relative. According to Epictetus (90), “men are disturbed, not by things, but by the principles and notions which they form concerning things.” This denotes that a lot of things that happen in the environment affect the way man pursues the course for happiness, other than the embrace of the principles of justice as opined by Hume. Reply on Hume’s Post In the post, Hume seems to be very particular on the way people conceive things in the society. Giving the example of the communion water and the normal water, Hume notes that there is no difference between the two and that the only difference that prevails between the two is in the minds of the people in question. To say that Hume was inconsiderate of spirituality in his post would be a harsh judgment because a substantial number of other philosophers have theorized about the human mind and how it may be a deception to human beings when it comes to separating between what is fictions and what is real. Arguing that justice is comparable to superstition as opined by Hume in the post is something that is phenomenal and profound in that justice is something that is better said than it can actually be done. Human beings are often fond of terming “right” the actions that seems to bring pleasure to them. However, there is no guarantee that “right actions are right” in the sense that what brings pleasure to a person a certain group of people may not necessarily bring pleasure to other individuals or groups of individuals. As such, it is rational to agree with the moral stance by Hume, which points out that right actions to other people can be wrong because they might have been infringed on the right of other people to attain pleasure. The differentiation between rightness and wrongness is a subjective issue as it entails sentiments, feelings, and affections. However, there is a need for objectivity in the moral course, which can only be attained through the elimination of sentiments in pursing a moral or a just course. Works Cited Aristotle. “Nicomachean Ethics.” In Gordon Marino, D. Ethics: The Essential Writings. New York: Modern Library, 2010. Print. Epictetus. “The Enchiridion.” In Gordon Marino, D. Ethics: The Essential Writings. New York: Modern Library, 2010. Print. Hobbes, Thomas. “Leviathan: Part I. of Man.” In Gordon Marino, D. Ethics: The Essential Writings. New York: Modern Library, 2010. Print. Hume, David. “An Enquiry Concerning The Principles of Morals.” In Gordon Marino, D. Ethics: The Essential Writings. New York: Modern Library, 2010. Print. We will write a custom Assessment on Justice in Ethics: Thomas Hobbes and John Rawls specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Rawls, John. “A Theory of Justice.” In Gordon Marino, D. Ethics: The Essential Writings. New York: Modern Library, 2010. Print.
MGT 324 Saudi Electronic University Importance of Learning in Leaderships Questions.

read the file it’s all clear in the file.please don’t copy or paste anything. use the same file with the same cover page and write the answer under the questions. please attach me just one file no more. Write an essay in about 1000-1200 words on the following topic. “Success of any organization depends upon leadership skill in the organisation”. In line with this statement briefly discuss the role of leadership in the success story of any organization of your choice. With an example, critically analyse the leadership style which is suitable for the smooth decision making and effectively resolving business issues.Important: You are required to present at least three scholarly journals to support your answers
MGT 324 Saudi Electronic University Importance of Learning in Leaderships Questions

Discussion IX: Sharing Special Projects. I’m studying for my History class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

In this forum students share their Special Projects and give feedback to other students. Later on, when you do the Special Project: Final Assessment, you will be reflecting on the feedback you get in this forum and also reflecting on what you learn from reading other projects.
To share your project, please respond directly to my post. At the top, include a title that indicates who you are, what your topic is, and what you did for a project. For example, it could be “Marisa–Building the Suez Canal (sculpture)” or “Glenda–Peasant Life in Ming China (short story).” Attach your project (or some representation of it online) and also your report for Special Project: Research Report. Sometimes people have trouble getting the post to accept more than one attachment. If so, you can always add a second attachment as part of a reply to the post. If you can share a link to your project, that is often a good alternative to using an attachment.
Please write a brief description to introduce your project. Please feel free to say anything relevant that could inspire people to look at your project and read your report…you might comment on why the topic is valuable, why you chose the project you did, or what you found most interesting about doing the project.
Please give feedback to at least three other people. Please write about 5-6 sentences for each project you discuss. Address your comments to the presenter(s). Mention specific things you find interesting in the project. You can comment on strengths you see, suggestions you can make, etc. If you can relate the project to something you are doing, that is also often helpful, but please make sure you are writing primarily about their project. You may also respond to the people who give you feedback…this is a great way to show you appreciate the feedback and perhaps reinforce or extend key ideas.
The forum is officially worth 20 points, but you can get up to 30 points if you really get into it. Please note you can get 5 points for sharing your project, if you follow the directions, and up to 5 points each time you respond to another student. You may do as many responses as you like. Please make sure they are meaningful 🙂
Please share your project as soon as you can, but no later than Nov 22, so that other students will have time to give you feedback. Please keep in mind that you and the other students will need to collect feedback that you can mention when you do the Special Project: Final Assessment. I will keep the forum open through Nov 25 so that students will have additional time to give and receive feedback.
Discussion IX: Sharing Special Projects

philosophy discussion

philosophy discussion.

4 comments and you need to address something from each of the documents I will provide, that you are having difficulty figuring out. To receive full credit, be sure to describe specifically what it is you find puzzling and why you find it puzzling in each document.4 responses as well. Each response you post should address a comment posted by one of your classmates. To receive full credit, explain precisely what you think the solution is to the puzzle described by that student and the steps you took to work it out. 4 response total.I have provided 4 documents. make 1 comment for each of them. you need to say which question you’re having a problem on and why.make sure you number which is which in your comment and what document u used for that document. each comment has to be separate.
philosophy discussion

SOCW 6204 WU WeeK 6 The Debate Over the Affordable Care Act Discussion

essay order SOCW 6204 WU WeeK 6 The Debate Over the Affordable Care Act Discussion.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as ObamaCare) became law on May 23, 2010. It strives to reform the health insurance and health care industries in an effort to cut health care costs and provide Americans with affordable health insurance. The ACA also strives to expand Medicare and Medicaid to assist those Americans who cannot currently afford health insurance. As a result of the reforms, there may be a significant influx of patients into the health care system. In addition, there will be a greater focus on integrating health care services, particularly for individuals with physical and mental health conditions. It is expected that under the ACA, social workers will take a more active role in the coordination of care for existing and new members of the health care system. Social workers will also provide additional direct, frontline services to patients.To prepare for this Discussion, review this week’s resources. Consider the debate over the ACA and explore the reputable sources on the Internet for additional resources on the balanced debates over the ACA. Consider how the ACA might expand meaningful services to all Americans including children, young adults, uninsured minorities, and spouses of employed individuals. Consider one population.Post a description of the findings of your research on the debate over ACA. Explain some of the misconceptions or misunderstandings the general population might have about the ACA. Explain how the ACA may or may not increase affordability, health insurance coverage, and access to health care services for the population you selected. Explain the potential or documented influence of the ACA on medical social work practice. Describe the medical social worker’s role in clarifying the ACA to patients and families.
SOCW 6204 WU WeeK 6 The Debate Over the Affordable Care Act Discussion

ED Assesment week 2 mod 4

ED Assesment week 2 mod 4. Paper details 1. Each of the following statements describes a situation in which a teacher administers an assessment. Read each statement and decide whether a violation of professional responsibility has occurred. After deciding, write an explanation justifying your decision. a. Mr. Gordon likes to give “pop,” or surprise, quizzes to keep his students “on their toes.” These quizzes count for 50 percent of the students’ grades. b. Ms. Stravinski believed that the allotted time for the standardized test she was requested to give in reading was too brief. Consequently, she gave the students an extra 10 minutes. She did not report this to anyone. 2. What definition(s) of assessment bias is(are) implied by each of the following statements? Justify your classification and share your findings on the discussion board. a. “This performance assessment is biased because it requires doing work outside school, and the students from wealthier families have more resources to help them do it well.” b. “This performance task is biased because it requires females to be familiar with automobiles and airplanes, something they are unlikely to be in this community.” c. “This performance assessment is biased because, overall, students from African American families do better on it than students from white families.”ED Assesment week 2 mod 4

Ohio Christian University Professional Experience Promotional Message Discussion

Ohio Christian University Professional Experience Promotional Message Discussion.

For Professional Experience #5, you will develop a promotional message. This can be an email, letter, info graphic, image, or any other relevant material that answers the following question:Instructions:Step One: Choose the type of file you want to use to develop your promotional message (Word document, PowerPoint, etc.) and open a new file in that type and save to your desktop, using the following file name format:Step Two: Develop a promotional message that is no more than one page to explain why students should take a professional communications course.Step Three: Submit your completed promotional message file for your instructor’s review using the Professional Experience #5 assignment link the Week 9 in Blackboard. Check that you have saved all changes and that your file name is follows this naming convention: Your_Name_Wk9_Promotion.
Ohio Christian University Professional Experience Promotional Message Discussion