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Criminal Justice Technology

Please provide section headings. Assignment format: (1) Summary of one Article from the reading reading list; (2) Current Research and Developments, and (3) Application of the Technology at the Local Area. Section on Current Research, please focus on one technology  (e.g,  AI, GPS , 3D imaging) used in identify theft rather than discussing about technology in general, Also, discuss the technological advancement and it’s future. What are the advantages and disadvantages/limitations of the current technology?Section on the Application of technology at the local level, focus on one technology (Artificial Intelligence, AI) that you discussed above. Please talk to a local CJ personnel to discuss about the application of the one technology that you are discussing. Provide the details of the person with whom did you talk.Please use the article attached.

Brexit Impact

Brexit Impact.

Brexit is the nickname for the British exit from the European Union. Research the impact of Brexit on cybersecurity. Consider the following in your response: 1. Does leaving the European Union make the UK more vulnerable to cyber-attacks? 2.What will be the impact on data privacy? 3.Is there a financial impact?

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Sonuga-Barke Reaction assignment

Criminal Justice Technology Sonuga-Barke Reaction assignment.

Write a concise, informative summary of the work, highlighting its main points and major finding. Don’t rehash all the specific details about number of participants per group, etc. Using the information you learned in this article, propose a follow up study to this research. 

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In veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder how does psychotherapy affect their general well-being vs. those who do not get therapy?

In veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder how does psychotherapy affect their general well-being vs. those who do not get therapy?.

PICOT QUESTION—In veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, how does psychotherapy affect their general well-being vs. those who do not get therapy?


Paper details:

P- With PTSD I-Interventions C- Veterans who get therapy vs those who do not O- General well being T- Iraq war veterans Using five reference ( articles) from CINAHL

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help anwser

help anwser a few question i a paragraph or shorter.
The Marginal Value TheoremThe Contingency Theorem model assumes that when eating a food item, energy is supplied at a constant rate. But what happens when the profitability of a food item decreases with time? For example, if you have experience picking wild blackberries in a patch, you will know that as you pick the blackberries, you have to search harder and harder and dive deeper into the thorns. When do you stop picking from this patch and start picking from another patch? If you are picking at the high season you simply take the big juicy blackberries that are in front of you face. But if blackberries are hard to find, then you’re better off picking as many as you can from each patch before moving on and searching for another. Like before, the idea is to maximize , but this time is not a fixed number (e.g., 40 calories per fruit), but instead it is a function that changes with time spent picking. Let’s call it the “energy function”: e(h). If we try to maximize the instantaneous rate of return (the rate of return being the tangent to this function) given the amount of time spent searching between patches, we will determine the optimal time to stop picking the blackberries and proceed to the next patch. To do that, you find the tangent line to the function that intersects with the amount of time spent searching (try it on the graph below–if you spend more or less time on the food source, your rate of energy gain per food item will be lower). Using the same logic, if the optimal time to switch patches is h, then extending a line from the tangent at e(h) will intersect the x axis at the search time (t). It is easiest to picture this on a graph:

The Impact of Culture on the Media (or the way the media reflects current culture)

The Impact of Culture on the Media (or the way the media reflects current culture).

Below are instructions and examples. Please don’t use any topic from below. Please add cover and reference page. Step #1 – Select a specific media that interests you and identify it’s category & channel. An example is provided below. per instructions from customer service i will receive total of 12 slides. Media Category: New Media (Select from Print, Broadcast or New media)Media Channel: The InternetSpecific Media: Instagram Step #2 – Now examine the following: The Impact of Culture on the Media (or the way the media reflects current culture)The Impact of the Media on Culture (or the way the media influences current culture) Research your chosen media for articles, quotes and images that back up your stances and provide further insight based on your findings. Include at least 3 major points, with an image or quote to support that main point. Another Example: Media Category: Print Media Media Channel: Books Specific Media: Pride & Prejudice Impact of Culture on Media (or how Pride & Prejudice reflects culture) Pride & Prejudice reflects a culture of oppression for women.Pride & Prejudice reflects the importance of social class of the time period. Impact of Media on Culture (or how Pride & Prejudice impacts or influences culture) Pride & Prejudice promotes social evolution and the changing role and upward movement of women through literature of the times.Pride & Prejudice impacts a renewed interest in British culture – Love Actually film, Downton Abbey series. Step #3: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation as if you were presenting this in person to your peers, although you will not be required to present it live. Include speaker notes for further enhancement, and make sure to source any borrowed material with an online link.

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