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Criminal Justice Question

Include the following in their paper:
1 The childhood/upbringing of the killer.
Was there abuse from parents or others? Was there a significant event that altered their behavior?
2. Their crime.
How many victims? Did they have an ideal victim type? What was their method for murder? Did they have a ritual or keep trophies?
3.Characterize their behavior.
What type of killer are they (hedonistic thrill, visionary, etc.)? Were they act or process focused?
4. Conviction
Were they caught? What was their sentence? Did they die in prison?
5. Psychology
Using what you learned, theorize why you believe they committed these crimes. Was it a social upbringing? Did they have a mental disease?
Use at least 4 different scholarly sources and you will need to cite these sources on a reference page and in text citations as per APA. You will also use your text that also needs to be cited