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Crime and provery

In your paper, take a position on whether poverty is a cause of crime.  Explain your reasoning and cite your sources, which may include our textbook.

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Assignment 1

Developing a student-centered learning is one of the roles that education technology is playing. Though this does not completely mean a disregard to the traditional teacher institution –centered type of learning, there is an increase in shift to center the learning process on the student. These developments are happening outside the traditional education system. Education has developed to become a necessity in the lifetime of a person with the need to continually study I order to keep up with the ever developing technology-based society.

Education technology facilitates the development of high levels of cognitive and non-cognitive skills. In tertiary education, greater emphasis is placed I the development of group learning techniques. Development of simulations, games and case studies based on technology have given more impetus on this role. Group learning techniques are suitable in teaching various cognitive and non-cognitive skills. For instance, skills in decision making, communication and interpretation are being developed in learners. They are considered as necessary skills in a properly rounded education.

Information technology has become a pivotal pillar of the education sector. As years go by, information technology impacts education more and more (Bulman, George and Robert, 2016). Availability and accessibility to computers and smart phones has revolutionized how people access information in the education sector. Technology gets sophisticated with new inventions coming up every day. The improvement of education has also had a great impact in education. Technology has been integrated in education to perform various roles in education to make it efficient. Technology has presented a wide range of resources that has helped in improvement of learning to the fullest potential. Improvement of Management in class work has been made simpler with incorporation of technology in education. The internet has been used extensively in developing e-learning platforms where a student can learn from any part of the world with good internet connectivity. This has enabled many people to have access to education without having to be physically present in the classroom. Technology has made accessibility to information easier and faster. Students and teachers can simply search for information about any topic in the internet, unlike traditional times where a student had to go to the library to do research.

Information technology has enhanced communication. Online chat platforms have linked students from across the globe. Students use these platforms to discuss common subjects from the comfort of their locations (Salomon and Gavriel, 2016). Mobile device and computers have enhanced the quality of education. For instance, students can present their academic papers in neat printed documents that can easily be stored in online database to provide future reference.

An education technology specialist oversees the integration of technology in education. Education specialists head the incorporation of hardware, software and computers in the education sector. The education technologist is instrumental in incorporation of technology in the curriculum. An education technology specialist sets out programs that expose students to technology. These programs are then followed by other teachers while exposing learners to various technologies. Education technology specialists ensure that the programs that expose learners to technology provide learners with skills that are handy especially in the world outside the classrooms.

Assignment 2 Part 1

Doctor of Education (EDd) is a doctoral degree that is centered in education field. EDd doctoral degree prepares a person to work in various fields such as education, administration, clinical, civil and public fields. EDd degree enables a person solve education challenges by using existing knowledge gained. I intend to specialize in education technology. The commission on Instructional Technology in the USA defined education technology is the study of how scientific knowledge about learning and learning conditions in order to promote effective and efficient learning. Education technology is instrumental in performing certain roles in the education sector. In order to gain the necessary information needed in achieving my goals, I will establish networks with people to build both personal and professional skills.

Networking is vital both for education excellence and life after learning. A person who networks meets with like-minded people and also people who share a common interest. This forms a basis to keep in touch with one another. In schools, learners have a common goal to excel. Networking enables learners come together for a common purpose of excelling in their studies (Eid, Mustafa and Ibrahim, 2016). By networking, students can form groups that can be used in discussing course topics that could be difficult to comprehend. In addition, networking with teachers and other professionals enable student get ideas on the requirements they need to develop in order to excel in their career life after school.

Networking in academic institutions can be established through joining clubs and organizations. Various clubs exist in tertiary education institutions. These clubs are diverse with various base interests. Joining clubs that are related to the course a learner studies can greatly improve their understanding as a lot of information that is shared in groups and clubs is not taught in class. However, a learner should also join other groups that can build them to be competent in their future careers. For instance, clubs that aim at building leadership skills are important to any learner. In order to advance skills in education technology, joining clubs that focus on technology and communication will provide growth in understanding of the impact of information technology in education and the society as a whole (Eid, Mustafa and Ibrahim, 2016). With advancement in technology, participation of club members can be ensured every time by joining social platforms in various chat rooms in the internet where they can keep in touch and discuss various technological topics.

Networking can also be established by attending internship programs. Internships boost networking skills that a learner has. By working in professional firms, learners have hands on experience in working in their careers of choice. For appropriate training, internships places to attend for education technology specialization include education administration offices in the country, tertiary education institutions and working in the ministry of education. In internship programs, learners meet potential employers. The skills gained through internship are unmatched to the college experience. By linking with various professionals in the firms, learners are able to get useful advice hat is crucial when they begin their career life.

Assignment 2 Part 2

My personal goal in pursuing education technology is to inspire other young people in the society to embrace their skills and strive for excellence. I strive to provide the best technological solutions to improve the quality of education in order to increase the number of competent learners that graduate and enter the job market (Waddell, 2018). Technology grows at a fast rate, and it needs a dedicated person to keep incorporating new technology into the education sector in order to provide the best education to learners. I intend to work hard to improve the quality of education in the country through technology until I become a champion of improving the quality of education through technology in the country. I personally want my success to be an inspiration to the entire youth ion the society who feels discouraged. By providing excellent work, I intend to show people that they can achieve anything they desire through dedication and excellence in everything they desire.

My professional goal is to champion for full integration of technology in the tertiary kevel of education sector. Automating the tertiary level of education fully will provide a better quality of education by harnessing the benefits of technology such as reliability and increased efficiency (Waddell, 2018). I intend to develop a platform where students from different tertiary education institutions can share ideas and hold competitions online on a regular basis. This will improve sharing of ideas between students in different learning education. I addition, students will get an opportunity to network with other students from different tertiary education institutions.

Work Cited

Bulman, George, and Robert W. Fairlie. “Technology and education: Computers, software, and the internet.” Handbook of the Economics of Education.Vol. 5.Elsevier, 2016.239-280.

Eid, Mustafa IM, and Ibrahim M. Al-Jabri. “Social networking, knowledge sharing, and student learning: The case of university students.” Computers & Education 99 (2016): 14-27.

Salomon, Gavriel. “It’s not just the tool but the educational rationale that counts.” Educational technology and polycontextual bridging.SensePublishers, Rotterdam, 2016. 149-161.

Waddell, J. (2018). The Role of Technology in the Educational Process – Green & Write. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 May 2018].

Report on nurse-patient communication in which you address types of communication, factors that influence the communication experience, and how the patient experience affects health outcomes.

Crime and provery Report on nurse-patient communication in which you address types of communication, factors that influence the communication experience, and how the patient experience affects health outcomes..

Assessment details:

Prepare a 3–4-page report on nurse-patient communication in which you address types of communication, factors that influence the communication experience, and how the patient experience affects health outcomes. Recommend evidence-based strategies to improve nurse-patient communication and explain how the strategies consider patient demographics. Nursing professionals do not only communicate with others within their organizations—often, they are also the first point of contact with patients. Thus, nursing professionals need superior communication skills to explain procedures and medication instructions, as well as to listen to what patients need to say.


Imagine that, in an effort to reduce the number of patient complaints about nursing staff, organizational leadership has asked your department to prepare some preliminary research on a number of different topics. Your topic is patient communication, such as the following: The types of communication that take place between nurses and patients. The factors that can influence both positive and negative experiences. How the experience can impact health care outcomes. Strategies that can improve the communication between nurses and patients. Preparation Search the Internet for peer-reviewed journal articles or other professional resources on the topic of effective communication with patients. You will need at least 3 resources to support your work in this assessment. Directions: Prepare a report on patient-nurse communication in which you include the following: **PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL OF THESE ARE NUMBERED ITEMS ARE ANSWERED IN THE PAPER** 1. Describe the types of communication that take place between nurses and clients/patients. 2. Do not forget to consider types of communication beyond verbal and written on paper. 3. Explain the factors that influence positive and negative experiences during the communication process. (Hint: Consider the experiences of both the client/patient and the nurse. Also, consider things such as age, gender, culture, and so on, of both the client/patient and the nurse.) 4. Explain how the client/patient experience can impact health care outcomes. Recommend evidence-based strategies for improving communication between client/patients and nurses. 5. Explain how the strategies consider different client/patient demographics.

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Medication assissed treatment

Medication assissed treatment.

I need an evaluation essay for English comp. 2 on medication assisted treatment methadone. 2 source rough draft first source “America’s Opioid Crisis (Might Be Diffrent Than You Think).” Prevention vol. 69, no. 3. Murthy, Vivek, and Sarah Klein. 2nd source Montoya, Ivan. “When it is Time to Stop Medication-Assissted Opioid Treatment” Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, vol. 22, no. 21, May 2010, pg. 3


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a person that can do my Calculus II exam. The exam consists of one chapter, which is Chapter 3 (Integration Techniques) from the textbook Calculus Volume 2 by OpenStax website. The textbook is available through the log in information that I will be giving you in order to access the textbook, the material, and the exam. You need to receive an A grade in order for the payment to be released.

You have 2 attempts for the exam. If you already failed the first attempt, then please do not do the second attempt as I do not wish to have a failing grade or even a C as a first attempt! Log out if you do end up failing or getting a C in the first attempt. (Treat this as a one attempt exam) You need to receive an A grade in order for the payment to be released. I will give you a bonus if you did end up scoring over 90 percent.

DNS ,Sub-Domain , DNSLint utility

DNS ,Sub-Domain , DNSLint utility.

Requirements: This project is a group based project with not more than 3 members in a group. Each group should select one title as shows in table 2.

Task to do:

1. Understand your title. 2. Gather all the information relevant. 3. Construct the related tasks to your selected title with the required configurations and implementations. 4. Transfer into report not more than TEN (10) pages (Exclude: cover page and table of content). Report Content: Table 1 Report content and distribution marks Elements Details Format  Cover (University’s and Faculty’s names, subject name and code, project title, your name and ID, lecturer’s name)  Table of Content with roman number (i.e: i)  Font type: Century Gothic; Font size: 12  Paper: A4  Binding: 3 stapler, left side Introduction  Introduction about the topics that your group will be discuss on  Implementation/configuration  Result of your discussion. Topics  Topic introduction  List of Sub-topic that will be discussed with the explanation each (based on title given) Conclusion  Result of discussion  Summaries the topic of discussion Idea & Suggestion List of References Give the title book and URL for the reference

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Podcast and questions

A detailed summary of the assigned episodes in your own wordsDemonstrate that you listened to the assigned episode

Strengths of the episodes / Did these episodes connect to the course content in any way? If so, how?What did you learn about criminal investigation from Ridgen’s methods?

Weaknesses / Are there any unknown questions or concerns the author should address?What don’t we know? If you were conducting this investigation, what would you have done differently?

Overall impressions / What are the key take-aways of the assigned episodes?** Please keep in mind that your analysis isn’t centered on whether you ‘liked’ the podcast or were ‘entertained’ by listening, rather how do these episodes increase your knowledge of understanding crime, criminal behavior, and the concepts in the textbook? **
The case of Melanie Ethier: Episode 1: (Links to an external site.) “The First Call”: On September 28, 1996, Melanie Ethier says goodbye to her mother Celine, and goes to a friend’s house to watch a movie. Melanie is never seen again.PODCAST WEBSITE:…

WEEK FOUR: How much as changed?

In class this week, we begin a new unit on the religious issues at the heart of colonization. How was colonization founded upon specific cosmological definitions of whom indigenous peoples were and how Europeans (Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, and Jews) should relate to them?
This week, we explore the Doctrines of Discovery and Catholic Christian approach to colonization. Next week, we explore Protestant Christian approach to colonization and begin to study how Jews approached their role in colonization.
Your Packback discussions this week How have these original colonial ideas from the Doctrines of Discovery changed or have some stayed the same?
For source type:You can build on last week’s post, depending on what your source was; or, you can branch out:
Find a new news article
Specific court cases
Mission-work promotional videos
For source topic: Try to focus on sources focusing on “Doctrine of Discovery” itself or some aspect of Catholicism in America today that relates to the Doctrines of Discovery. I know that this could be very limiting depending on your browser and search engine, but do make the effort. We will look at Protestant and Jewish engagements next week. If you find posts for those religious groups, save them for next week!
TITLE your post with an opened question about some angle related to the Doctrines of Discovery you would like to explore through conversation.
WRITE in your question’s discussion section:
State what search terms were most useful for you.
Briefly describe the types of sources in your search results.
Identify the source you are discussing.
Outline the major issues involved in the events, topic, or conflict that this news article reports on.
Are there aspects of the Doctrine of Discovery at work here; or have the issues morphed enough to have different names?
What makes this issue complex?
Thinking back to your title question, what subtopics do you think would be involved in discussing and speaking to your question?
Add anything else that would contribute to a rich discussion.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
After you finish this give two responses for two students and provide sources for your response
The post for first student:Does the Doctrine of Discovery continue to influence Native Americans?My Google search was “Native Americans and The Doctrine of Discovery”, but unfortunately I didn’t find the answer I was looking for and then Google linked me to “What was the Doctrine of Discovery and how does it apply to native people’s sovereignty? I found that I was interested, so I chose a few articles to read.One of the articles mentioned that “Indigenous and native peoples spoke out against the continued use of the internationally recognized principle of ” terra nullius” – which describes land belonging to no one but that could, in some cases, be acquired through occupation – as well as anachronistic norms, like the Regalian Doctrine, under which private land title emanates from the Spanish crown. “After a careful reading of The Doctrine of Discovery I found that this is indeed not in accordance with our laws, nor with Christian teachings. But it is also true that most of the Americas are not indigenous now. I have also watched many of these in conjunction with my previous searches. For example Prinz Three Irons hunts the face of the Big Horn Mountains at Montana and Wyoming state line in winter 2019, a place where most Crow hunters received fines from Wyoming Fish and Game officers, despite treaty rights.…I can’t help but wonder if we are still under the influence of The Doctrine of Discovery and why we still have news like this coming out to this day. Do we really feel that aggression is the right thing to do? My question is, please, in the context of the current state of Native Americans, do you think we are influenced by The Doctrine of Discovery?Source: ‘Doctrine of Discovery’, Used for Centuries to Justify Seizure of Indigenous Land, Subjugate Peoples, Must Be Repudiated by United Nations, Permanent Forum Told Columbus and the Doctrine of Discovery – 5 Things to Know…Source:
The post for the second student:
What is behind The Doctrine of Discovery? Should we as Christians accept The Doctrine of Discovery?My Google search was “The Doctrine of Discovery”, but unfortunately, I didn’t find the answer I was looking for and then I searched for “find The Doctrine of Discovery “. I looked carefully at several sources.
The Doctrine of Discovery, 1493…
James Cook and the Doctrine of Discovery – 5 Things to Know…
It seems to me that The Doctrine of Discovery is not consistent with the Christian doctrine that the Christian’s mission is to preach the gospel and bring love and truth to others, and that acts of aggression and slavery are not teachings of love, so please separate the aggressor from the Christian, and even more so separate the gospel from war.
But when we look closely you will see that in the social context of the time, even if there was no The Doctrine of Discovery, there would have been others. It is easy to see from this that The Doctrine of Discovery was not really a Christian doctrine, but a pretext for invading other countries in an open and honest manner, as required by the social environment of the time.

007A College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Assignment 2 Course Name: Student’s


College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Assignment 2

Course Name:

Student’s Name:

Course Code:

Student’s ID Number:

Semester: I


Academic Year: 1440/1441 H

For Instructor’s Use only

Instructor’s Name:

Students’ Grade: Marks Obtained/Out of

Level of Marks: High/Middle/Low


The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via an allocated folder.

Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.

Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.

Students must mention the question number clearly in their answer.

Late submission will NOT be accepted.

Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.

All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.

Learning Outcome:

Understand the concept of process selection, forecasting, capacity planning, production forecast methods, and schedule operations.

Apply knowledge and skills to optimize the production objective of maximizing profits using qualitative and quantitative techniques in related areas of operations management.

Exhibit the knowledge of the lean system, quality controls, and green systems

Assignment Question(s): (Marks 5)

Question 1:

A company that makes car accessories. The company controls its production process by periodically taking a sample of 99 units from the production line. Each product is inspected for defective features. Control limits are developed using three standard deviations from the mean as the limit. During the last 12 samples taken, the proportion of defective items per sample was recorded as follows:













a. Determine the mean proportion defective, the UCL, and the LCL? (Marks 1) (word count maximum:150)

b. Draw a control chart and plot each of the sample measurements on it? (Marks 1) (word count maximum:100)

c. Does it appear that the process for making tees is in statistical control? (Marks 0.5) (word count maximum:100)

Question 2:

A Chemical Company estimates the annual demand for a certain product as follows:















Forecast the demand for week 7 using a five-period moving average? (Marks 0.5) (word count maximum:100)

Forecast the demand for week 7 using a three-period weighted moving average. Use the following weights: W1 = .5, W2 = .3, W3 = .2.? (Marks 0.5) (word count maximum:100)

Forecast the demand for week 7 using exponential smoothing. Use an α value of .1 and assume the forecast for week 6 was 602 units? (Marks 1) (word count maximum:100)

What assumptions are made in each of the above forecasts? (Marks 0.5) (word count maximum:150)


Question 1


Total defective proportion number=0.21

Mean of defective proportion=0.21/12


Standard deviation from excel=0.0129

UCL=(m+3) sigma=0.056

LCL=(m-3) sigma=-0.151

It is visible as per the graph that in the process at no point are the control limits breached. Therefore, it is a statistical control process.

Forecast the demand for week7 = (total demand of week 2 to week 6)/5

= (524 + 561 + 738 + 511 + 600)/5


Forecast the demand for week 7 = (Week 1*D(n-1) + Week 2* D(n-2) + Week3*D(n-3))/3

= (600*0.5 + 511*0.3 + 738*0.2)/3

= 200

Exponential forecast 6 weeks = 602

Forecast for week 7 = (0.1*600) + (0.9*602)

= 601.8

The assumption made for exponential smoothing and moving average is that data is station. Besides, the mean also varies gradually.

Conflict of Interest and Self-Care

Conflict of Interest and Self-Care.

Conflict of Interest and Self-Care Description In 600 words or more, writing as from a health practitioner in the field, describe concrete examples and discuss when a conflict of interest may present itself in practice. Please provide examples of how and when to use self-care techniques when working in a mental health and wellness organization. Taking into consideration the scope of practice as outlined in the ACA, consider the following: 1.When do your own values conflict with decision making? 2.How would you use self-care strategies as a method towards prevention of burnout? You may incorporate Christian or biblical principles in the use of self-care strategies. 3.Why would self-care be considered when approaching an ethical dilemma? Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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How Does Power Come in to Play in the City

How Does Power Come in to Play in the City.

1.Paper format ASA 2. Title page 3. Abstract or reference page (detailing or exploring sociological issues involving urban sociology) 4. This assignment will be a “Turninin” Dropbox, which checks for plagiarism automatically. 5.The paper Saved in compatibility format (saved As word.doc- when Save As there should be a Word 1997-2003 Document compatibility option) 6. Have 1.25″ margins 7. 12 point, Times New Roman font 8. No extra spaces added between paragraphs. 9. Thesis statement with the first paragraph not within the abstract. 10. Then repeat the thesis statement copy and paste it after the references for the professor can see it clearly. What will include: page 1 title page 2 abstract page 3 research paper page 4 title reference (complete reference citations) alphabetical order page 5 after reference page the thesis needs to be placed there for the professor. page 6

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