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A much taller, weathered-looking alien came by and swept the helpless up and put them back on their shelves. I never fell though, of course. Nothing could touch me at the time, until I met the day that would bring my demise as a king of my land. It was a normal day like every other. I was watching over my peers with full intention of protection when I noticed a peculiar little alien. This alien was different and very unlike all other little aliens that came through my land. He wore a frown on his round face and stomped his feet out of displeasure to the middle of the lane.

After a quick perusal, his zealous eyes threw angry glances towards me as I remained patient while enduring utmost disrespect. Before I could register in my mind what was happening to me, I was being squeezed by the fractious alien’s hands. He squeezed and pinched every part of my body: ears, nose, whiskers, tail, and paws. I was violated over and over as I was scanned and thrown into a plastic bag. Leaving my kingdom, I felt uncomfortable warmth all over my body. I couldn’t see through the translucent bag, but the bright light which passed through blinded me.

I was roughly tossed into what I now know is a transportation vehicle, hitting my head. Quickly, the vehicle turned on, made a loud noise, and began moving. It hit many bumps and I hit my head continuously leaving my entire body sore. I was being smothered by the plastic bag I was contained in and soon lost consciousness. Within moments, my life had gone from greatness to nothing. I was once the beloved king of my people, but quickly became an obsequious slave. I was thrown at walls, wailed into furniture, stomped on the floor, and dropped in dirt.

My face would be drilled into the mud many times over the years. Sticky juice and soda pop would be spilled on my once soft, clean fur. My long whiskers were cut, and my white fur was dirty. I felt more ugly than I looked. The giant family dog and the alien boy often played tug-of-war with my sore body, pulling me back and forth ripping the stitches at my limbs. Thick dog slobber would drip down my snout, further dirtying my fur. All I wanted was to be loved. All I wanted was to be cared for. It wasn’t too long until the alien boy stopped playing with me.

The dog forgot about my existence as well. The feeling was bitter-sweet. I wasn’t being mistreated anymore, and I wasn’t constantly exposed to pain and discomfort, but I felt alone more than ever. Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days, and days felt like weeks. I laid in a dusty corner for months facing the banal wall, only able to hear my surroundings. This feeling was common, common to anyone forgotten and mistreated. This is how I thought I would spend eternity. Soon life would change once more for me.

One morning I found myself in a large bag with many others like me. There were teddy bears, toy horses, dolls, and cars. I was surprised to find out that they had been treated the same way I had been by the alien boy. Just like me, they all once had good lives which were ripped away from them by the alien. They were beaten and dirtied, but eventually forgotten. We were taken to the transportation vehicle and tossed into it. It started up, and within minutes we were at our destination. After being emptied out of the bag, my eyes met the faces of many little girl aliens.

They rhapsodized over us, for their faces were filled with smiles as “oohs” and “ahhs” poured out of their mouths. They bounced up and down with excitement and anticipation. One alien gently grabbed my body and hugged me tightly to her chest. For the next several hours she swung me on the outside swings and took me everywhere she went. In the evening she would put me back on the top of my shelf – my new kingdom – for a respite and get me down again the next day. All of the new little aliens brought something to me I never had before. They brought me love that I had yearned for.

Essay [Workplace Privacy]

Essay [Workplace Privacy].

Your essay will not be based on what position you take towards the specific topic you are dealing with, but rather on how well you defend the position you adopt (regardless of what it is). You can think of your essential goal as this: [1] you can show me that you understand the issue you are addressing and [2] you can reason critically about it. Given the page limits, it is also important to recognize that you cannot address everything about these issues. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!! I WILL FIND ANY FORM COPYING OR PASTING AND OR REWORDING USED FROM ANY SITE OR BOOK!! ANY PLAGIARISM FOUND AND YOU WILL FAIL THE PAPER AND THE COURSE. The Prompt: To try an offer a little variation for this week, there will be a couple of alternatives to work with on the issue of workplace privacy. FIRST ALTERNATIVE:

This prompt will be the rather straight-forward argued critique of the readings. In the two readings for this module you encountered a good number of arguments for and against drug testing as an issue of employee privacy. Pick one of the specific arguments that were offered, explain the specific point of the argument, and offer an argued criticism of it—that is offer reasons why you think that view might well be mistaken. Some potential examples of arguments or positions you might try to explain and critique (among many) would include: DesJardins and Duska’s argument that an argument from the grounds of performance fails because it requires the assumption that the employer has a right to maximum performance; DesJardins and Duska’s argument that a utilitarian concern for harm demands that, if at all possible, we find means to prevent harm without testing; DesJardins and Duska’s argument that consent is not established by simply including drug testing as an ultimatum in the employee contract; Cranford’s argument that drug testing is analogous to other forms of testing (such as skills testing, personality testing, etc.); Cranford’s various arguments against his critics (DesJardin and Durka, Caste, or Brenkert).

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