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-Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation about the statistical results with recommendations to health system leadership and a 2-4

-Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation about the statistical results with recommendations to health system leadership and a 2-4 page executive summary that provides additional context to the results of data analysis.
– Introduction
The ability to translate analytic results into clear, concise, and actionable results is a vital skill for health care administrators. Because decision making is increasingly data-driven and evidence-based, managers are frequently required to formally present statistical results to leadership. Sometimes, decision makers differ as to how well they comprehend the information being delivered. Your job as a health care professional is to know how to distill and synthesize data analytics and present complex concepts in the pursuit of value, quality, and safety. You must be able to clearly communicate the results of your team’s data analysis that is both insightful and informative. How much your work is valued can depend heavily on how well the results of that analysis are articulated. Effectively communicating the results so the issues and recommendations are clear and explicit can greatly enhance the value of your analytic work.

For this assessment, you will evaluate the approach of an analytics team and interpret and present statistical results to support a health care recommendation.

This assessment has two deliverables:

Prepare an 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation about the statistical results with recommendations to health system leadership.
Ensure the slides graphically communicate the findings.
Ensure your presentation is relevant to and easily understood by everyone in the audience.
Be sure your written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message
Include an APA-formatted references slide at the end of the presentation.
-Write a 2–4 page executive summary to accompany the PowerPoint presentation that provides additional context to the results of data analysis.
Include APA-formatted in-text citations where appropriate

Your executive summary should meet the following requirements:

Written communication: Write clearly, accurately, and professionally, incorporating sources appropriately.
Length: 2–4 pages.
Resources: Include sources where appropriate within the template, reference list last page.
APA format: Cite your sources using current APA format.
Font and font size: Times Roman, 10 point

Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation

Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation.

Task: You are going to build a supply chain throughout this course. To do so effectively, you have to address a number of questions and make decisions that hang together. Each week you will get a question for the topic of the week, which you will answer by creating a PowerPoint slide explaining the question and your decision, along with why that is your decision and what you believe the impact of the decision will be for your supply chain. By the end of the term, you’ll submit your accumulated deck of slides as your presentation for grading. There are going to be 12 slides total, this assignment being the first one. Each slide will be worth 30 points so the whole project is worth 360 points. Each slide again, will address 3 aspects. First, what is your answer to the question/topic of the week, Second, why you decided that. Lastly, what’s the perceived impact of the decision you’ve made. I encourage you to use the body of the PowerPoint slide to show your decision and use the notes section below the slide to show your reasoning why and the perceived impact. It makes for a better presentation, it’s easier to grade, plus if you ever need to use the PowerPoint in real life, it’s ready to go. Also, I do not add or subtract for grammar, spelling, or looks. I am just as comfortable with a simple slide presentation as I am with a fancy one. I want to see you demonstrate depth of thought. Textbook: Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation by Chopra and Meindl 7th Edition 2018, Pearson

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Analyzing Financial Statements

-Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation about the statistical results with recommendations to health system leadership and a 2-4 Analyzing Financial Statements.

Walmart a publicly traded company and found their annual report. Now that you have their financial information, perform a ratio analysis on the financial statements. Focus on the financial statement analysis You will want to compute ratios for your company for the last two years. Do not compute each ratio you learned about for your company. There may be some that are not relevant. Rather focus on those eight ratios that you feel are the most important and relevant to analyze how Walmart is doing. Make sure to justify the ratios that you choose for your analysis. Compare how Walmart has done to the industry averages. Do you notice any trends that are positive or negative? Does anything look good or bad that is notable? Do you have any suggestions on things they could be doing to improve these ratios? Please analyze what you found for each of the eight ratios. Then organize your findings into a 15-minute presentation that will be 5 slides. Be sure to include some background on Walmart in presentation. Please use PowerPoint for your presentation.

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High Risk Teenager

High Risk Teenager.

Write a paper detailing an intervention for the population that your specialty serves High risk teenagers. You will also include theory, lifespan issues, developmental issues, crisis, trauma, pathology environmental situations, and other issues related to the population described in the paper In this paper

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Objective analysis

Objective analysis.

Communication is used to inform, to persuade and to analyze. In this assignment, you will analyze both sides of an issue and then present a fair and objective analysis. You will practice looking at both sides of an issue by writing an argument, a counterargument, and rebuttal. Your introduction paragraph should include a “hook” to grab the reader’s attention. The thesis statement is typically seen in the first paragraph. To provide support for your thesis, you should use credible sources and cite them according to the style of your discipline. In this persuasive paper, you will follow this structure and include a counterargument in which you introduce and provide support for a contradictory point of view. Following the counterargument, you will provide a rebuttal, in which you explain why your initial point of view is more compelling than the counterargument. Both the counterargument and rebuttal should be integrated smoothly into your paper; no headings are needed to announce them. The conclusion should restate the strongest points from your argument and reinforce the conclusion while giving the reader something to think about

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