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Course: TLMT411 Air Transportation Discuss: In the commercial aviation industry, there are three basic types of carriers. These three Essay

Course: TLMT411 Air Transportation

Discuss: In the commercial aviation industry, there are three basic types of carriers. These three categories are defined by the total retail gross revenue a company makes in a year. The three categories are: major, national, and regional carriers. The major carrier is one that produces a gross revenue of over one billion dollars. Secondly, the national carrier is one that makes between 100 million and 1 billion dollars. Lastly, the regional carrier, which is divided into two different categories, produces ten to 99.9 million dollars for the large regional carrier and a small regional carrier makes less than ten million dollars. Also discuss the effects of COVID-19 on these three carriers.

The paper (text) must be a minimum of 1000 words and be in APA formatting. APA format requires double space, cover page, headers, and a references list. Please refer to the Course Research Center in the discussion area for help with writing.

Also, the paper must have at least 3-5 references, meeting the requirements of an academic reference (Wikipedia and similar sites do not count).

* References cannot be older than 5 years.*

Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy.

Eating Healthy


Paper details:

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you evaluate how goals, mindsets, and personal beliefs affect motivation to engage or disengage in eating healthy. Include the following: Compare the four types of mindsets, and identify which is most appropriate for the selected activity. Analyze the influence of human cognitions and other factors related to self on motivation―including self-concept, self-esteem, and self-regulation―to engage in your selected behavior. Explain self-efficacy, mastery beliefs, and learned helplessness, and their relationship to motivation. Identify and analyze relevant theories on goal setting, mindset, personal control, and the self. Include at least 2 references from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

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Anemia (Thalassemia)

Course: TLMT411 Air Transportation Discuss: In the commercial aviation industry, there are three basic types of carriers. These three Essay Anemia (Thalassemia).

Research Paper Assignment – 40 points (see rubric for details) Format Instructions:  Length – 3- 4 pages – (not including a References and Cover Page)  Double-spaced, size 12 font, margins 1” left, right, upper and lower.  Use the APA format for references, there are instructions in the College Library for your information.  Cite all borrowed language in quotations (not more than 10% of your paper)  Research must include 6 different sources – not more than 3 internet sources  Bibliography / Reference Page should be in “end note” format You are required to write a critical analysis of the disease of your choice. Included in this analysis, you will need to explain how the disease you chose affects the various body systems where relevant. The following relevant and concise information must (if pertinent) be included in your write up.  Name of disease  History of the disease  Description of disease Anatomy of the system(s) involved  Effects on other body systems  Cause of disease  Signs and symptoms  Diagnosis of the disease  Complications, if any  Treatment and side effects Conclusion should include the following:  Brief mention of current or proposed research that may significantly impact the  disease.  Prevention strategies if any  Your insight / opinion NOTE: you must focus on the anatomy & physiology of the disease/disorder. Cover the normal anatomy & physiology of the organ system affected and then state what the disease/disorder does to this organ system, and other organ systems. In other words, if you are picking tuberculosis, I do not want you to go too much in detail about the bacteria that causes it but how the bacteria escape our body’s defenses and what the bacteria do to the lungs, bones, etc. Suggested Topics for the Paper: (Obtain Instructor’s approval of your topic) CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM • Leukemia (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia) • Leukemia (Acute myelogenous leukemia) • Leukemia (Chronic myelogenous leukemia) • Leukemia (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia) • Anemia (Sickle Cell Anemia) • Anemia (Megaloblastic anemia) • Anemia (Iron deficiency anemia) • Anemia (Thalassemia) • Malaria • Hemophilia Lymphatic System • Hodgkin’s Disease • Multiple myeloma • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas • Systemic Lupus • Any autoimmune disorder • AIDS RESPIRATORY SYSTEM • Asthma • COPD • Whooping cough (pertussis) • Tuberculosis Emphysema DIGESTIVE SYSTEM • Crohn’s Disease • Cirrhosis • Gluten allergy • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • Inflammatory bowel disease • Appendicitis • Colon cancer • Effects of Alcoholism on the Digestive System URINARY SYSTEM • Kidney failure and dialysis REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM • STDs • PID •Erectile Dysfunction Infertility • Syphilis Others • cystic fibrosis • Any tropical disease You need to contact your instructor with the disease that you wish to write on for approval. ONLY ONE DISEASE PER STUDENT, so send in your requests early to get your choice. If you wish to cover a disease that is not on th

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Health Maintenance Plan for a Selected Population Paper

Health Maintenance Plan for a Selected Population Paper.

Health Maintenance Plan for a Selected Population Paper 

Goal: To develop a health maintenance plan for a selected population Your paper should: 1. Assess, develop, and recommend health maintenance plans for clients in all developmental stages of life within the primary care practice. 2. Apply evidence-based guidelines to the identification and prevention of significant healthcare problems affecting populations at risk. Submission Instructions: The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling. The paper should be formatted per current APA and 4-5 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract and references page. Incorporate a minimum of 4 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Here is the pdf link to the book used in class please let me know if you have difficulties opening it.

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Paper presentation

Paper presentation.

You need to complete a proposal paper and presentation that offers a solution to your topic/issue on a local level. You are going to show the following in your paper and presentation: A specific way to solve your topic/issue on a local level and initiate change – You have been studying your topic/issue all semester from a global perspective to how it affects our own city and state. Now is the time to propose change and persuade your audience to action. You need to argue for a specific recommendation that you believe will make a change in dealing with this topic/issue in our local community. Explain what you propose should be done about this topic/issue in our city and offer realistic recommendations. Logical reasoning and evidence that defends your recommendations – A proposal is still an argument where you need to prove that this solution can work. Your reasoning and evidence should focus on feasibility (it can be achieved with available resources) and implementation (how it should be completed). Again, you are not just stating why your solution should happen; you are explaining what is needed and how it can happen. Consider looking at what other cities and states have done to handle similar problems. You target your audience and craft the proposal using a formal to middle style- Proposals are generally targeted to a specific group of people who can help initiate change on the matter. You need to be able to identify who those people are and craft your proposal with them in mind. The writing should be formal, clear and concise. It should be your best written piece of the semester, virtually free of errors with an authoritative and confident tone. You know how to visually present your proposal to the target audience through a five-slide presentation – Most proposals are accompanied by a presentation of some sort. You need to create five-slides using either PowerPoint, Prezi or _____. You need to show that you can take the written word and present it visually to highlight major points, emphasize your overall purpose and display images, graphs, tables or infographics that help support the argument in your proposal. You understand how to properly create a full citation and in-text citation using MLA guidelines. *To complete the assignment: Write a four-page proposal paper (not including your Works Cited page) that focuses on offering a solution to your topic/issue on a local level Use MLA citation Incorporate and properly cite a minimum of 5 sources – 2 of them MUST be new sources (not used in any of the previous writing assignments) My topic is substance abuse among the elderly in Charlotte NCPa

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